Trump Derangement Syndrome, Virus Edition

(April 11, 2020). Anti-Trump hatred is an example of unhinged tribalism, adorned with a large scapegoat. Those indulging in Trump bashing make us reminisce of a chimp war party going after a solitary chimp. However the chimps know what they are doing, and why they are doing it. After all, chimpanzees are owners… say of a valley, and they are would-be owners of the valley over there they would like to own too. Or at least make sure it’s not owned by potential enemies. So it is profitable, or at least precautionary, for them to go out there, and ambush some solitary chimp. Solitary chimp by solitary chimp, ganging up, they will kill them all, and secure the valley, over there. A job well done, full of deeply satisfying motivation. 

So chimps know they have interest in being full of hatred, rage and fury, they know what they are doing, and why. 

The anti-Trump media called SARS2 the “Chinese virus”. Around month later, so did Trump. Then the anti-Trump media did a 180 degree turn, and accused Trump of racism for calling the Corochinavirus “Chinese”. Trump had also been accused of anti-Chinese racism for blocking non-US travellers from China on January 31, 2020 (direct flights Wuhan-Milan is how Lombardy got infected). Nevermind that Taiwan (which has nearly no infections, 385, and nearly no death, 6) blocked flights from China in December. The corrupt WHO, who hates Taiwan, because the WHO is Xicentric, ignored this completely…

Not so the Trump haters, who have just kept the ancestral way of the chimps, but now for no good reason. They are just after someone, namely Trump, just because they were told to be by the owners of the media who program their brains. It is as if they were electric guitars, the owners play them, and their horrendous sounds fill the universe. Actually anti-Trumpers don’t even know that their media are owned by immensely wealthy entities dwarfing Trump in wealth. Nor do they know Biden invented the Weapons of mass Destruction myth which was used by Bush as a pretext to destroy Iraq and its state oil industry, to promote US fracking… Killing a few million Iraqis in the process. Anti-Trumpers don’t read those horrid truths, because their owners are well connected to US financial circles which financed US fracking…

Anti-Trumpers don’t know that NBC loves Xi, because NBC is owned by Comcast and Comcast is building the world’s largest theme park for dictator Xi in Beijing (hey, Olympics are coming!). So NBC calls the Coronachinavirus a “Trump virus” and accuses Trump of causing mass death, because it is Xi they love, as Xi gives them power, and pays the mortgages for their mansions. Meanwhile Trump, with all his rhetoric of rebuilding US industry, threatens to disrupt the tax free gravy train with dictator Xi, reminiscent of all the gravy trains US plutocrats had established with German fascism, more than twenty years before their pet Hitler came to power… And then the gravy trains with Mussolini, Franco… even Hirohito, and certainly Stalin (whose Caucasus oil fields were developed by Harriman Brothers and associates…)i

So there the plutocratically owned media go, brainwashing the sheeple, and continual repetition is key to it. The Economist (I have been a subscriber for decades) is grotesquely anti-Trump. Especially in the Corochinavirus case. They will write serious articles, and every ten lines add: “Trump is wrong.” … even if what they said before and after has only a tenuous relationship with that statement. If one reads (too) fast, as people, including me, tend to, it’s “convincing“. Not everybody is conscientious enough to stop and say:”Hmm, what?”, and re-read the context carefully… Using this sort of method, of reasoning by irrationality, recently the BBC tried to make people believe Britain had a Muslim king

Most of the anti-Trump mob have no personal interest in the matter, nothing to own, nothing material to gain by hating Trump. Their principal reward is to express their hatred, and enjoy a noble reason to join the Dark Side, which they find most satisfying… Inasmuch as, not content with giving them an admirable reason to be agitated by rage,and blind to reason, it gives a final explanation of the universe, just like the “God” their parents worshipped… For example, here is the virus.. Who invented it? Trump, that’s obvious! And the proof? Trump has invested $452 (less than five hundred dollars) in French drugmaker Sanofi, which fabricates Plaquenil, the brand name of hydroxychloroquine. So this is why Trump is pushing that drug, and he manufactures the virus so as to win the next elections and become president for life, establishing a dynasty…

Nevermind that there are six independent detailed histological mechanisms why the cocktail quinine plus azithromycin (or doxycycline) works, and many peer reviewed papers suggesting that this cures work… Besides quinine, an Inca discovery, has been used for more than 5 centuries [1].

If Trump pushes quinine plus antibiotic, both known to be antiviral in different ways, it has got to be anti-scientific and vile. Things got so far that Gavin Newsom, Democrat governor of California and tightly connected to the families ruling California (yes, there is such a thing)  has made it very clear he is happy with Trump in this Corochinavirus war.    

Tribal thinking is not just even lower than racism, it’s even dumber than racism, when it pretends to be universal. Making tribal thinking into a moral principle is making stupidity into morality. De facto, a long term contradiction! As moral means sustainable, & stupidity isn’t so!

But then, tribal thinking enables one to express the cruel passion of hatred, driven by an epistemological fascinating fascization of the universe, and that’s most satisfying. 

Rage and charge, what’s better? They seem to say.

I don’t know for sure, looking at these people, but thinking deep is more human.

Patrice Ayme



Twitter fights, a public war of words, sixty-eight lawsuits— there used to be no love lost between President Trump and California Gov. Gavin Newsom. But, the coronavirus pandemic has prompted a change in their tunes, now they sing in unison. 

I must tell you, Gavin Newsom has been gracious – Los Angeles, California, the job we’ve done, and all of California,” said President Trump. Newsom and Trump, and his medical team have consistently praised each other and their partnership during their daily updates.

The relationship has been strong and I’m not doing it to kiss the ring,” said Newsom during an appearance on ABC’s “The View.” Adding, “I’m just being forthright with the president, he returns calls, reaches out. He’s been proactive… We’re involved in 68 lawsuits with the Trump administration… I haven’t been timid. He certainly hasn’t been timid. But I got to say this. It’s just a fact. I’d be lying to you. I’d be lying to the American people. Every single direct request that he [Trump] was capable of meeting, he has met,” Newsom said. “This has been a remarkable moment where at least we have been able to rise above that partisanship… We have the USNS Mercy in California because of [Trump’s] direct intervention and support, 2,000 of these federal medical stations because of his direct support,” Newsom said on CNN. “So I can only speak for myself, but I have to be complementary. Otherwise, I would be simply lying to you, misleading you, and that is a wonderful thing to be able to say, and I hope that continues.”


[1] The drug hydroxychloroquine and it silk are more than 70 years old. As a child in Africa I took hydroxychloroquine 400 mg/day. For malaria prevention, and more for cure.

It was given to dozens of millions. Suddenly, in January 2020, just when the Coronavirus explodes, the French health minister declares it to be “poisonous”…. However, peer reviewed papers showing in vitro and in vivo action of hydroxychloroquine against coronaviruses (in mice) are more than 12 years old.

Right, if taken for cramps for years, it can damage the heart. That may have happen to my mom, and that’s why it was excluded from that usage by the US FDA in the 2000s… But here we are talking about taking it for a short while…

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4 Responses to “Trump Derangement Syndrome, Virus Edition”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Not convinced Trump needs anyone else to defend him as he has many who will gladly do so. Not all Trump critics have TDS but rather offer valid criticisms of his failings and malfeasance. Certainly the neoliberal and corporate establishment (mainstream) media will vilify him but mostly just as a means to direct eyes away from their own mischief and for “ratings”-advertisement dollars. Trump has been mostly a disaster on the virus (ignoring early danger signs and reports, downplaying it to the public, etc.) and played a huge role in the trillions bailout to industries undeserving of the money while waiving about the one-time payment of a measly $1,200 to individuals who will need much more to weather the storm. Yet his core supporters think he is a genius.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, “Anonymous”, I am NOT “defending” Trump. He is a big boy, he can do it very well himself. I am defending TRUTH. An example are the De Blasio-Cuomo quarrels… I like Cuomo, and don’t particularly like De Blasio (both Democrats). However, the TRUTH is, it’s the latter who has been systematically right, and Cuomo’s positions have killed thousands in New York…

      Similarly, I don’t like Newsom, mostly because he is silver spoon, fully family inside the top CA plutocracy, and PC… However, in the housing crisis and the virus crisis, the TRUTH is, he has acted extremely well… That extends to him saying what he said about Trump…

      We will see what happens with the bail out. The TRUTH is, Europe is doing its usual stupidity… I was against the Obama bailouts because they just replenished the financial industry without nationalizations, contrarily to what Reagan and Bush had done in the Savings and Loans crisis (thousands of banks nationalized) This means Obama was more sold out to Wall Street than Reagan or Bush Sr. But the average sheeple has no idea of any of this. It’s like talking philosophy to baboons.

      I agree 100% with the bail outs… Pelosi and Trump are preparing the “Phase Four”…. Although preceding phases are not fully in…

      At this point, it’s pretty much Pelosi-Trump USA against the unholy, hypocritical alliance of The Netherlands and Germany. Now they have a good chance to break Europe for good, because I don’t see why France and her allies would/should take it any longer…


  2. Richard Benish Says:

    Why does anyone think Trump has any redeeming qualities at all? He suggests injecting bleach, he cages children, he treats meat-packers as his disposable slaves, and he craves putting his head waaaay up Putin’s anal sphincter.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Injecting bleach? Wow. Really? Is he that stupid? I have not notice such a level of stupidity after listening to Trump’s impromptu conversations, for hundreds of hours. Do you have a quote of the president saying something that stupid?
      I saw Trump on TV suggesting to use UV internally… Now, Trump didn’t not know this, but it turns out that’s a subject of research both by universities and companies. In France using infrared deep in the brain is tested… by the professor who invented Deep Brain Stimulation (now used worldwide)
      What’s the connection of Trump with Putin?
      When Ukraine was invaded by Putin, Obama was president.
      Trump sent lethal weapons to Ukraine, so that Ukraine could defend itself. Obama sent no weapons whatsoever, but Meals Ready To Eat….
      Trump sent the anti-tank weapons secretly initially. Hard to see how that would please Putin…


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