Big Tech, Big Thieves! Demolition of Patent Law By Big Tech Thieves

One could call me a technology fanatic: I believe that only the most advanced technology will save humanity, the planet, not to say the cosmos (from its otherwise boring state). High education is the greatest wealth there is… after love. In my case, much of this cognitive wealth is the fruit of a mood I inherited from generations of my ancestors, on both sides of the Mediterranean.

I am fully aware that science and philosophy is nothing without tech. We have enslaved the planet, so we don’t need to put Homo on the menu on a regular basis. 

Higher education is never the fruit of greed, because it costs too much. Many of the titans of Big Tech are rather uneducated, they tend to be like leeches, critters which think barely enough to be experts at bloodsucking.  Tech titans tend to be rather uneducated, because they were conferred by the big imperial US racist government huge powers to spy on, and manipulate the minds of We The People, worldwide.

An illustration of the brutish force of plutocracy, is Bill Gates; born wealthy, this college drop-out got his big breakthrough from his mom, an IBM director, and doubles his power with the Gates Foundation, a deceiving and defeating outfit which demonstrated its nocivity during the recent pandemic: while Bill Gates was getting love letter from his collaborator, Xi, the Chinese dictator, millions got sick and brain damaged. Gates Foundation steals tax dollars not going to serious biomedical research, instead it interferes with government and serves Gates (be it just by investing in Gates’ investments).
Gates extends his power all over media, propagandizing for China’s dictator. He is evil-power (pluto-kratia) personified. NBC loves Gates: it is controlled by Comcast, itself controlled by the Roberts plutocratic family, small potatoes relative to Gates, thus anxious to please him.

Big Tech, in a coordinated action, censored Medical Doctors on 7/27/2020 (the videos were “removed for violating community guidelines”). The presentation of some treatments used massively in countries where the ratio of deaths relative to the number of COVID cases is very low was blocked as “unscientific” (Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc.). Donald Trump Junior and the lawyer of Flynn (a former Federal Prosecutor) were also banned from Twitter… For having mentioned Hydroxychloroquine. There is direct evidence that Big Tech hates Trump and will do anything to not get him re-elected. 

The following was also censored by Big Tech: the (scientifically established, and scientifically understood) fact that children are little at risk to get or transmit the disease when they are in elementary school (this is due to the low density of ACE2 receptors in little children). 

This is a dramatic demonstration of the Big Power of so-called Big Tech: although many of its leaders have not even a college degree, it can decide what medical science is. 

Things are not what common people think they are. By attacking Trump in the most grotesque and racist fashion, corrupt democrats (not all democrats are corrupt), prevented Trump to destroy the tech monopolies. In that picture, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey (a billionaire made up by Wall Street, not profits), and receiver of the Medal of Freedom Gates are missing… More than 80 giant US multinationals are suspected of using Chinese slave labor

Zuckerberg, Mr. Sugar (Zucker) mountain (Berg), said he employs 35,000 censors (“content moderators”), or maybe more… plus 70 “fact checker” companies around the world.  Sugar Mountain also claims that there is no bias. However, Google employs a “fringe ranking”, and censors the fringe automatically. That is tantamount to censoring progress, as all and any progress starts as “fringe”.

On July 29, 2020, Congressman Gaetz brought up Google’s “fringe ranking”: “Who gets to decide what’s ‘fringe?’” Gaetz posited. “You said, ‘We don’t manually intervene on any particular search result,‘” Gaetz said in reference to a Dec. 11 hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee. “But leaked memos obtained by the Daily Caller show that that isn’t true. In fact, those memos were altered Dec. 3 just a week before your testimony and they describe a ‘deceptive news blacklist.’” Gaetz was talking to Pichai, the CEO of Google/Alphabet… who has Pichai’s compensation for 2019 was more than $280 million, topping the $200 million he received in 2016.

Some of my ideas about racism, now made mainstream by Black Lives Matter, were considered as “fringe”, or even “unique”, and censored accordingly (I actually exchanged with censors… more than a decade ago!). 


Under the preceding two US administrations, Big Tech was able to modify Patent Law to its advantage. Now plaintiffs have to demonstrate first they suffered economically before asking for legal relief, when Big Tech steals their inventions; thus new inventions have little economic value for individuals in the US nowadays. Obama was so ill informed, he thought he was helping “practicing entities” when he righteously pushed for that.

These plutocratic corporations led by plutocrats know only one thing: power. They use an armada of tax avoiding “foundations”, “initiatives”, “not-for-profits”, to increase their power. And they leverage their power with politicians anxious for future income. Who needs money when one can have absolute power?

Pluto-kratia is evil-power. Big tech has been violating the spirit, if not the letter, many laws. It can keep on doing this only by exercising its power in even more evil ways. That’s a vicious circle. Rockefeller controlled too much oil, so his company was broken up. Today’s plutocrats do not control oil, but minds. It’s worse. 


The first thing to do to fight Big Tech’s ever increasing monopoly powers, is to revert Patent Law to what it is supposed to be: a monopoly granted by the state in exchange for making one’s invention available to the world. As it is, US Patent Law has been changed, in a process started in 2006, but expanded under Obama, in something where the inventor has to show “economic injury” if her invention is stolen (that is, the invention is used, while not compensating the inventor for usage). Big Tech can immediately argue that no “economic injury” has been sustained by its usage of others’ inventions… as the inventor didn’t make money from it… since Big Tech did. So no inventor can go see a lawyer to ask for remedy: both the inventor and the lawyer would lose time and energy, to no avail: they were not previously injured economically. This has enabled Big Tech to steal others’ invention with complete impunity… especially when an invention has been patented, that is, published with full explanations on how to make the invention (patenting is itself a long and costly process involving specialized agents and, or attorneys).  



Who can resist five million dollars? Well, I personally know the case of a federal judge who did not resist…

Indeed, another strategy Big Tech uses is to systematically sue into extinction small companies and inventors who don’t submit. I know of the case of a tiny company who was sued frivolously by a large tech company (it was basically sued for using its own inventions!) The tiny company won a jury trial, but the (Federal) magistrate did not force the tech giant to pay for the lawyers’ fees. That was a Friday morning. Friday afternoon, the ex-judge, who had just resigned, accepted a five million dollar compensation package from another tech giant. 

The highly innovative electronic CPU engineering company was pushed into bankruptcy. To this day its engineers, who were ruined, have been unable to invent as they used to. They live in Colorado, but fed crucial electronic know-how to Silicon Valley (the federal magistrate who got bought was in San Jose). Such engineers are not greedy college drop-outs such as Gates of Hell and the Sugar Mountain: they have done years of studies after college, they have Masters, PhDs… The judge’s corruption reduced many professionals crucial for the survival of civilization to destitution. They suffered, and are still suffering: some have still basically no income, and reduced savings. But even more, civilization suffered, because innovation got struck to the core (full disclosure: I was directly involved, that’s why I know the case so well; I did not write any names yet, but I remember them well; the five million dollar bribe was given by one of the companies dragged to the US Congress, 7/30/2020… But Congress has no idea that US judges can be bought, and have been bought… Hopefully this writing will help it get on the radar…)


The last way Big Tech rules, is simply by swallowing small companies whole… after various threats… That was covered in Congress 7/30/2020… But common people go to jail for much less than that: remember George Floyd, and his fake twenty dollar bill? So how come the Tech titans, having stolen billions are not arrested and stomped on too? Systemic plutocracy!   

Mind control by Big Tech monopolies is proceeding apace. 

Plutocratic monopolization is how civilizations get destroyed: look at Rome… In the end Rome was unable to think out of the oligarchic box it was stuck into. And the oligarchs prefer to negotiate with the barbarian invaders rather than doing the right thing, and restore the powers of the Roman Republic.

Patrice Ayme

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2 Responses to “Big Tech, Big Thieves! Demolition of Patent Law By Big Tech Thieves”

  1. Stephen Jones Says:

    “Under the preceding two US administrations, Big Tech was able to modify Patent Law to its advantage. Now plaintiffs have to demonstrate first they suffered economically before asking for legal relief, when Big Tech steals their inventions; thus new inventions have little economic value for individuals in the US nowadays. Obama was so ill informed, he thought he was helping “practicing entities” when he righteously pushed for that.”

    Stephen Jones: As a pretty good legal mind, I suspect he [Obama] was not “ill informed” about patent law.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I know Obama personally, and my spouse was one of his best friends, starting 48 years ago. Obama is not as knowledgeable as he leads the commons to believe he is. He is, I think in awe with tech billionaires, and believes that, to some extent, they have the science (they don’t). Then Obama was told, by the powers that be, that he absolutely had to confine patents to “practicing entities”.

      I was personally involved at the time, and met big time lawyers, etc, who were completely hysterical about conferring all imaginable powers to the Tech Giants. BTW, the movement towards destroying Patent Law started before Obama, in 2006. My PhD spouse (who is admitted US Supreme Court Bar) was there when it started to happen, and was unable to stop it… But Barry made things worse…


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