NO ISEGORIA, NO PARRHESIA: Why The US Election Was Fraudulent

The recent US elections were deeply fraudulent in a way which should worry even the left (and the rumor has it that Chinese president Xi, a dedicated socialist, was upset by the way the billionaires treated the elected US president, Trump). To see the problem one has to understand on which pillars democracy has to stand. In the run-up to the 2020 US election, the ownership or dominance of all the US media (including pseudo-public media) by the US plutocracy caused the following:

1) There was no isegoria. 2) There was no parrhesia. 3) Global Deep Plutocracy owns all the media, thus most minds, and the parrots know nothing else. 4) Early voting happened before even the first debate. Many people changed their minds, they had already voted. Even worse, in California, anonymity of voting was forsaken, as there were no double envelopes, when voting by mail. Rabid partisans are conditioned to claim none of this is of any consequence: that, per se, is an even deeper sort of fraud, the inability to understand the concepts of freedom and equity.

Those who do not know isegoria and parrhesia, those pillars of democracy, are condemned to read until the end of this article… As a civic duty.

In the last 15 years, many US states used voting machines leaving no paper trace (Georgia just switched back to leaving a paper trace, so can make, and is making, a recount, because the presidential vote was so close, it’s the law). That the elections were fraudulent in spirit is beyond a challenge: when I voted, my identification was not asked. That was in California, the most populous US state. I could have been anybody voting in my supposed name. An extension of this idea is “vote harvesting”… votes considered as some harvest workers can pick up. So a “Democrat” goes to a place and pick up the vote of someone else, for example in a nursing home. That “vote harvesting” enabled “Democrats” to capture most Congressional seats of Orange County in 2018 (a traditionally “Republican place). All this is done by volunteers right now, and many are complete fanatics at this point. “Democrats” applaud frantically, not considering for an instant that fascist methods, once established, have been successfully used by the right: consider the history of Italy and Germany after 1918… Swings and dubious methods on the left helped justify the right to do exactly the same in retaliation. The left attempted to seize the government, the Freikorps reacted by killing the left: Rosa Luxemburg led to Hitler. Just as the right wing (claiming to be left wing) crackdown on Trump by billionaires will lead Xi, or Putin to crackdown against their own opposition, real or potential, using similar methods.

Vote harvesting should be allowed only if done by government officials following strict regulations, and under oath that they would not influence the votes they “harvest”. Public observers should be required for all and any vote counting. Mail-in voting should not be allowed until debates are completed. Future elections at play! And voting machines should never be connected to the Internet!


It is an abbreviation from the Greek, meaning same (iso) right to address an assembly (agora). Basically it means all and any citizen has a right to talk to any assembly (without being considered to be disrupting the peace).

What are modern “assemblies”? Any social networks and all and any media (how the transition from private to public is made is often easy to determine: any organization getting public help, or public shareholding, is public, not private; that means in particular “private” universities are actually public; also any organization viewed of “public utility”).

When Main Stream Media, what I call plutocratic media, blocks comments, it is violating isegoria. There should be a governmental organization, the department of isegoria, related to the TRUTH & RECONCILIATION BRANCH of government, but also under legislative and judicial advisory, in charge of receiving complaints and administrating punishment.


It is what the French call “Franc Parler”… The ability to speak… frankly, candidly. The Franks were known to say it as it was… because they feared nothing, except for the sky to fall on their heads as the old Gallic proverb has it… Foucault: “It consists in saying – without dissimulation or reserve or rhetorical ornaments that could codify it and hide it – the truth. The saying it all (“le tout dire”)  is at that moment: saying the truth without hiding anything, without hiding it in any way at all”.

Today I talked with my plumber. He is afraid that his wife, a nurse, would catch COVID. So I gave him the last good news from the RNA vaccines of Trump’s Operation Warp Speed… The Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. He took a secretive look and told me: “This has got to stay between us. Don’t tell anyone I said this. The Democrats could never have done it. We have these vaccines thanks to Trump.

The one on the left owes much to the one on the right. Diogenes was the ultimate representative of parrhesia: he spoke truth to power. When Alexander (“The Great”) asked him what he could do for him, Diogenes replied that he could stop casting a shadow (something which had both a literal, and metaphorical sense). prehistoric women, though had parrhesia, because it turns out that, from South America to Eurasia, prehistoric women were BIG GAME hunters… Thus knew how to use poisoned arrows. In other words, they packed heat, and could dress whichever way they liked, and talked as they wished.

So my plumber is afraid to say what he thinks, although he is big, strong and fully grown. Even if the truth is as simple and obvious as observing Trump promised nearly four billion dollars to Pfizer and Moderna for producing 50 million doses of a COVID vaccine by the end of the year 2020 (the help from Operation Warp Speed to Moderna was more than two billion dollars).

In other news, recently the punks who rule the streets nowadays the “caravans of criminals” (Oakland PD dixit) have got in the habit of burning people alive. Hey why not, who is going to inquire?

The NYT asks rhetorically, in its colossal stupidity: Who Would Firebomb a Homeless Encampment? California’s fire threat is colliding with its homelessness crisis.” Well, the answer is very simple: those the NYT has falsely claimed were discriminated against, and those who pull the strings, and should not be discouraged anymore to engage in their criminal activities, according to the NYT. I am not saying that discrimination does not exist, or that there is no systemic discrimination. Far from it. I am saying, instead, that it is the criminals who ask to defund the police: they have to profit most. And so really down and out people are burned alive, while criminals feel on top of the world.

Actually a dear friend of mine, who had lived in his truck for 45 years, has just been burned to death… inside his truck. More about this some other time (I’m a bit shocked). When a country is led by criminals, criminality prowls the streets…

This should not last though: Kamala Harris wants to become president, and she knows what she needs to do to get there. Being the way she is: pretty tough… with the weak and disposable…

Without isegoria and parrhesia, the powerful, the world’s wealthiest families, who won all the world’s media, mold minds as they wish. There is then no democracy, because minds molded by the most powerful have no power of their own. The Global Deep Plutocracy correctly viewed Trump as an existential threat. But Trump was just a vehicle for one idea: down with the GDP cult.

And Trump won, by the way. Asked today by a (selected, tame) reporter about joining the Paris (pseudo) Climate Accord (about all countries polluting as they wished, except Europe and US will have to give money) Joe Biden said: “This… like other things… WILL REQUIRE NEGOTIATIONS“. Joe has become a follower of Trump. Good. And Trump himself was a follower of the revolt against the GDP. And that will go on. Hopefully…

Patrice Ayme


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