The Conspiracy Against The Public Schools Educating Non-Elite Children By The West’s Evil Leaders

Con-spirare: breathing together, what the elite does. Example: private business jets emit 2.5% of the United States CO2. The average passenger in one of these jets emits twenty times more CO2 than the average passenger in commercial jets. Still, business aviation directly employs 1.2 million people in the USA, and has never been bigger. It profits from all sorts of subsidies, from being… free for the wealthy, to not paying taxes on fuel to using air traffic control for free [1]. And what are the so-called climate conscious “Democrats” led by Joe Biden and plutocrat Pelosi doing about it? Nothing, because their future salaries depend upon pleasing the ultra wealthy business jet class. They have breathed together in all too many get-togethers…

Look at Netanyahu, the ex-Israeli PM, still leader of the opposition in Israel: in September Netanyahu was vacationing in Lanai, a gigantic island in Hawaii… the private property of Larry Ellison from Oracle… Who paid 350 million dollars (in the past) for the island from borrowed money (so banks offered Ellison the island with public money, because plutocrats never have enough money and subsidies…).  Ellison also offered Benjamin a fortune to sit on the board of Oracle. I have nothing particularly against Israel and Netanyahu, and we know this because the Israeli media are more aggressive than their US or EU equivalent. Right now if one search engine news about Trump, one finds only news about Trump from his dedicated enemies: the media has been cleansed of anything positive to say about Trump.

Which brings us to the question of public schools, and how public schools got devastated: attendance is down everywhere. Why? Because of the dehumanization.. and pandemic (!) brought by the masks. In the US, at least California, also because of the dehumanization and general stupidification brought by “woke” propaganda.. It got so bad a friend of my daughter since pre-school observed she was learning nothing in seventh grade public school. She was just submitted to kindergarten stuff and propaganda, and she refused to go to school. Her parents had to pull her out and find an online charter school.

Human beings and other advanced animals communicate through facial expression and voice: masks alter both, and dramatically so in the new and fresh human children, therefore malforming their growing brains. 

Some will say the masks could not be avoided. This is a lie: High Efficiency Particle Air HEPA filters, remove viruses (and pollen and bacteria, and PM 2.5 micron particles, from the air… MASKS DO NOT. The virus is too small (less than 100 nanometers) to be stopped by woven plastic only stopping 95% of 300 microns particles. Whereas a HEPA filters achieve lowest efficiency around 300 microns. HEPA filters have a minimum particle collective efficiency of 99.975% for particles of 0.3 µm diameter or more, 150 times more… on the first pass. Pass the air in the HEPA again, and one gets to (150)^2, more than 20,000 times the efficiency of one N95 masks…

Pass air three times through a HEPA filter: at least three million times the efficiency at extracting COVID virus from the air in HEPA filtering relative to a N95 mask!  By choosing masks over HEPA filters, our evil and corrupt leaders have chosen disease over freedom.  

The MASK TRAP: Masks are completely ineffective in closed rooms after a few hours: more people died from COVID under the masked Biden, than under the mostly maskless Trump, in the US, in spite of the Trump vaccines… and because of the Biden obsession with masks.  Biden claims he follows the science, but all he did was attend a masquerade of science. This masked failure is quite clear when one analyzes the first (no masks) versus the second wave of COVID (mandatory masks).

In a school full of masks, my daughter was submitted to two quarantines in her classroom, in just one month, because of COVID cases within her class (she personally did not get it, continual tests showed). COVID was rampant and generalized in that (top) public school, in spite, or rather because, of the stupid masks, in conjunction with the neglect of air quality by the stupid and arrogant administrators…. whom had not enough brains to realize COVID is transmitted by bad air, mask or no mask…

Elite scientist talked about masks as if they were efficient prevention… What about the eyes? Where are the masks to cover the eyes? The virus can also come in, through the eyes… We need to cover those eyes…

So why so much insistence to put the masks on the faces? To dehumanize society, ruin the schools and public education, creating a hateful, sheep-like, resenting, stupid, uneducated populace, growing from children with deformed brains, the way the masters like it… 

And it is working: in my city young people wear mask to jog in the wilderness… especially if they are ethnically Asian (as ⅓ of the children are). Masks have become the new crosses: stupid symbols  one must exhibitto show to the Inquisition that one is good… 

Making people stupid is the number one top priority of truly evil leaders, the sort we have now, facing the greatest potential calamity humanity has ever createdTheir job destroying public schools in the USA is a testimony to their diabolical expertise

Notice that China has applied a different… much more effective policy: children have been going to school, and the science is pushed more as Xi wants tech giants to practice “Deep Science” and stop driving young people crazy with games and silly smartphones (I approve both aims). I do not approve of Xi’s methods, I prefer HEPA filters… But Xi is sure is getting children educated in science and technology… US leaders’ children do not go to public schools. As Harvard explained, the private schools are training the elite… for fired forests, melting ice, and their business class, ruling over the world….

Patrice Ayme 


 P/S: My daughter now enjoys a superlative school… Not a public one, though..


[1] Private jets are horribly polluting, 20 times more CO2 per passenger on average. Second, they are outrageously subsidised…

In Europe firms and individuals can avoid paying value-added tax on imported private jets by routing purchases through the Isle of Man. This scheme has cut tax bills by billions of dollars for imports of hundreds of private jets into the European Union since 2011. In the USA individuals and companies write off 100% of the cost of a new or used private jet against their federal taxes. It has made buying a jet extraordinarily cheap for plutocrats… wiping out the entire year’s tax bill, for some. And what is Pelosi doing about it? Well, using private jets, of course…

Users of private jets are also more likely to commit fraud: a careless attitude to the stewardship of the Earth, and common decency extends into outright criminality. That’s an intriguing twist, as world leaders fly private all over: so they get corrupted by this flying. Why would an Israeli MP such as Netanyahu need to leave Israel to go all around the world in a place not that much more south?

Propaganda outfits (New York Times, etc…) have claimed that the SARS 2 CoV19 was the size of a giant virus, to claim it could be stopped by N95 masks at 5% efficiency. Well, that’s a lie. COVID virus is no more than 100 nanometers across… Particles 10 micron across, like forest fire particles, can stay up in the air for months, let alove COVID viruses, 100 times smaller… .

One Response to “The Conspiracy Against The Public Schools Educating Non-Elite Children By The West’s Evil Leaders”

  1. Vikki Stefans: Says:

    “Making people stupid is the number one top priority of truly evil leaders, the sort we have now, facing the greatest potential calamity humanity has ever created… Their job destroying public schools is a testimony to their diabolical expertise…”

    Vikki Stefans:
    Either stupid or terrified, or both.


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