Tyrant Putin Genocidal Propaganda, September 16, 2022. One Man, One Bomb, No More Problem!

People living in democracy are empowered to express intelligence and initiative, so they are smarter than the vile subjects of base tyrannies.

Ukraine defense, in a long disinformation campaign, made the Russian army believe that all its effort was on liberating the city of Kherson, in southern Ukraine. The Russian dictatorship is not very smart, and finally, bleating like a flock of murderous carnivorous sheep, moved troops away from the most dangerous point of the very long frontline… This most dangerous point, for the Russian orcs, was where four Russian Ground Lines Of Communication, GLOCs, came together in Kupiansk.

Ukraine then succeed to put powerful mechanized units in ambush, and pierced through in a concentrated attack, routing the fascists (the attack had been in preparation since April, from what I could see on the map, as the Ukrainian saillant in the area, quite dangerous for Putin’s gangsters was left… apparently… unattended).

Dashing forward in a style they already revealed in 2014, Ukrainian units advanced 70 kilometers in a few days, and crossed here and there the next natural line of defense, the Oskyl river. What is the nuclear tyrant going to do now? Well his reply was to attack civilian infrastructure, de facto a war crime (see his declarations in the P/S), and destroy a dam, a de jure war crime (the dam was probably destroyed to hinder the Ukrainian pontoons over the Inhulets river).

So now there is a shift in rhetoric of the Russian tyranny owned talk shows. Here are some of the statements made on said talk shows the last day. First one of Putin’s personal squeeze ball, the famous mental and moral disaster named Olga:

Media criminal Olga Skabejeva said : “We have been humane far too long. Now that ends.” I have been waiting far too long for Olga to do hard labor in Siberia, after a detour at the Crime Against Humanity tribunal in La Hague… or then maybe she does like her cultural ancestor, Dr. Goebbels…

Igor Korotsjenko pitches in: “The time has come for Russia to take the silk gloves off. Now we must destroy Ukraine. We must act swiftly, without compromise and with brutality. We must bring darkness to all of Ukraine, region by region and drive all Ukrainians out as refugees so we can liberate Ukraine

Those who read the top Nazis’ declarations in WWII will not be surprised by the apparent contradiction, such as finding destruction liberating. The Nazis made plenty of these, because hatred knows no logical bounds. Igor tells “Rossija-1″ that “Now the real war begins. Everybody is attacking us left and right. We have no choice but to defend ourself with all we got against the west that is trying to destroy us.

Actually, 99.99% of the destruction, so far, has been on the national territory of Ukraine which Igor’s Czar invaded, a country which was independent 100 years ago, and joined the USSR as supposedly an independent republic. becoming a founding member of the United Nations 23 years later…

Konstantin Zatulin, a Russian politician, adds “We must take out all civilian infrastructure in Ukraine. We should have done this from the start!” That is indeed the theme of the Russian “milbloggers”, right wing ultra-Russia nationalists, fanatics with a military background, many of whom have millions of followers on Telegram in Russia. Milbloggers could never understand why Putin did not destroy all Ukrainian infrastructure to start with. However, easier said than done: Ukraine has been at war with Russia for 8 years, and in 2014, much of the action was total armored war, with great feats on Ukraine’s side. Ukraine has great expertise in war and military high tech, and Russia could not establish air supremacy over Ukraine.

Bogdan Bezpalko, member of the Kremlin’s Council for Interethnic Relations, says : “At this point we can not seperate civilian infrastructure from military infrastructure. We must destroy everything and make the Ukrainians freeze and starve to death”. A good Ukrainian is a dead Ukrainian, such are the best genocidal interethnic relations, as the USA demonstrated over the course of the three centuries in which it exterminated Indigenous Americans. Bezpalko stated that military officials who had failed to see the concentration of Ukrainian troops and equipment and disregarded Telegram channels that warned of the imminent Ukrainian counter-offensive in Kharkiv Oblast should have their heads ”lying on Putin’s desk.” Yes, killing Russian military is a better idea.

Senator Igor Morozov adds : “Why does Kyiv still exist? Dont we have rockets to flatten them? Shouldnt we start doing bombing Kyiv?”

Vladimir Solovyov, out to grab the entire globe, comes with a suggestion , “Why dont we recruit our friends from Cuba, North-Korea, Iran , Syria and Venezuela to replenish our army ranks? They can fight for us”. Actuallly Putin has been recruiting Chechens, Syrians, Tuvans, and various other Siberian ethnicities… For the first six month of the war, Moscovites were not recruited. Poor Vladimir Solovyov,  his villa on Lake Como, Italy, valued at more than 8 million Euros, was seized by Italian authorities, after the EU sanctioned him. Such properties should be sold, and the proceeds send to a fund compensating those hurt by the attack on Ukraine (seizing and freezing means nothing much, per se).

Similar considerations, less detailled, can be found in a Norwegian newspaper, which redeveloped arguments and analogies with the Nazis which I have long given:

Russiske politikere: – Nå er det slutt på å vise nåde

Etter den ukrainske motoffensiven har ordbruken om krigen blitt stadig tøffere på russiske TV-kanaler. En ekspert sier til VG at det er fascistiske tankeganger som kommer fram.
The Norse article adds that experts find the rhetoric in Russian talk-shows to be racist, fascist and similar to the arguments that Adolf Hitler used to justify his wars to reunite and liberate the Germanic people supposedly the object of abominable treatment throughout Eastern Europe: Putin and his goons, some of them above, have claimed that Russians are the object of a genocide in Ukraine. That’s their casus belli.

So the Slavic people must be “liberated and united” so that the Slavic people cannot be exterminated anymore. Similarly, Hitler falsely pretended that German minorities were abused in Eastern Europe. Hitler never dare to say that Germany had to be a master, or a slave. However, Putin pointed out, that Russia has to be sovereign, or will be a colony…. and somehow Ukraine, a Russian borderland controlled by Nazis (according to Putin) prevented this sovereignty.

Putin and his henchmen are afraid of a full war mobilization. The Russian milbloggers ask for it. However, sending the white ethnic Slavic Russians to the killing fields could lead to a major uprising. So right now it’s mostly outlying colonies of Moscow which are sent to war.

But that policey is failing. So now prisoners, murderers, are now  extracted from detention and offered a lot of money to go kill Ukrainians. But that’s not enough. So Putin ordered to destroy Ukrainian infrastructure. But many of his missiles get intercepted. So Putin launched hypersonic missiles at dams and thermal and power plants inside several major Ukrainian cities.

The talkshow hosts advocate for the destruction and genocide of the entire people of Ukraine and its culture , language and nation. Norwegian journalists asked Russian experts: “Does Putin agree with these horrific sentiments made on those Russian talkshows?”. The experts replied “These are all state approved talkshows where everything that will be said has been pre-approved by the government before the show is aired, so most likely yes.” The reason is simple: Putin is stuck: Modi, a supposed friend of the deranged Kremlin autocrat, openly criticized his war on Ukraine as harking from another age, on Friday, Sep. 16.

I know that today’s era is not the era for war,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Putin at a meeting in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. “We’ve spoken to you many times on the phone before on this, that democracy, diplomacy and dialogue — these things help the world.  In the coming days, we will get the chance to talk about how to move on to the road to peace…”

Putin approved talkshows portray the war is that Putin engaged in as a defensive war against the full might of the West world that is attacking Mother Russia  on all fronts, a western world that is ruled by a secret cabal of jews that wants to start a new holocaust and commit genocide against slavic people. First it was nazis that russian elite called ukrainians, now it’s zionists and jews. “The Kremlin falsely claims the worst Nazis were actually Jews, and seeks to downplay the role of antisemitism in Nazi ideology.”…Hitler may, or may not, have been a Jew, according to the Nazi definition of “Jewish”, invented by… Hitler himself, we don’t know, and he didn’t know. But Putin’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said: “wise Jewish people say that the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews.” … Thus the fact that Ukrainian president Zelinskiy is Jewish definitively proves that he is a Nazi, according to the Kremlin’s logic against all odds

When the PM of Israel officially protested, the Russia’s Foreign Ministry doubled down, accusing Israel of making “anti-historical statements” and alleging Israel supports a “neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv.” Solovyov, the top Russian pundit with Olga above, and their colleagues on Russia’s state television asserted Nazism does not necessarily imply antisemitism, but can instead reflect so-called “Russophobia.”

No nation attacked Russia. In 1939, gigantic Russia, then allied with Hitler, attacked tiny Finland. In 1940, Nazi tanks were fueled with Russian oil when Nazi tanks rolled into France. The Nazi-Kremlin alliance was greatly the cause of the French defeat, because the Kremlin had given orders to collaborate with the Nazis to the Communists, which it paid, just as Putin deimbiursed in excess of $300 million to influence the influencers in the West (it does more than that, as many Wesrern influencers are so much pro-Putin, they should be arrested… I read and listen to them, and prison is where they belong…)

Russia sent 200 000 troops to Ukraine’s borders promising not to invade, claiming it was just a regular military exercise. Fortunately Biden, not as naive as the professionally naive Obama, revealed the intelligence. Now Putin has a serious problem because the whole world will turn against him if he uses nuclear of chemical weapons… And Ukrainian air defenses are getting better all the time…

A western world that really didn’t want a conflict with Russia, to the point it accepted to become hostage of Putin in matter of energy, driven by the pseudo-ecologists and their hatred for technology and growth.

And now here we are: Putin will attempt to destroy Ukrainian infrastructure… and the Ukrainian know this, and have hardened it considerably. Fortunately, Putin has been trying to accuse the Russian military of incompetence… Whereas Putin has been in power for 23 years, and he is the one who has created an incompetent Russia. Putin keeps on changing the top generals… Putin may believ that the Russian elite military has been so wounded and killed by Ukrainians that it is incapable of a coup. We will see… But I believe a bloody military coup is getting increasingly plausible… After all, it’s a question of killing just one man. Hitler had made the entire Wehrmacht take an oath to him and make a deal, when he became Kanzler-President at the death of Hindenburg. Hitler, even after the Night of the Long Knives, had an impressive number of murderous goons around him: Goering (an authentic ace, war hero from WWI, and son of a genocider), Goebbels, Himmler, Heydrich, etc…  Putin? Not so much.

One man, one bomb…

Patrice Ayme


As the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) puts it, September 16, 2022:

The revelations of mass graves of civilians and torture chambers in newly liberated Izyum confirm Institute for the Study of War’s previous assessments that the Bucha atrocities were not isolated war crimes but rather a microcosm of Russian atrocities throughout Russian-occupied areas. The Ukrainian General Staff published images on September 16 showing a mass burial site in Izyum, Kharkiv Oblast and noting that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the site contained more than 400 bodies showing signs of torture and brutality.[1] The Ukrainian Ministry of Reintegration reported that the number of war crimes victims in Izyum may exceed those of Bucha.[2] The head of Ukraine’s National Police, Ihor Klymenko, stated that Ukrainian officials have found 10 Russian torture chambers in Vovchansk, Kupyansk, Balaklia, and Izyum.[3] One torture chamber was reportedly located in the Balakliya police department, where “Russians wore masks and tortured civilians with bare electric wires,” according to Andriy Nebytov, the head of the National Police Main Directorate in the Kyiv region…

Russian President Vladimir Putin appeared to threaten increased attacks on Ukrainian civilian infrastructure if reported Ukrainian attacks on Russian military positions in Russian Federation territory continue. Putin said that Russia has been “rather restrained in our response” to Ukrainian “terrorist acts [and] attempts to damage our civilian [sic] infrastructure” in a question-and-answer session with reporters following the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting on September 16.[6] He continued “more recently, the Russian armed forces have dealt a couple of sensitive blows” that are “warning shots,” and threatened that more serious attacks could follow

5 Responses to “Tyrant Putin Genocidal Propaganda, September 16, 2022. One Man, One Bomb, No More Problem!”

  1. Gmax Says:

    You really think a coup could work?


  2. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    …. or one radioactive handshake.
    correct spelling is Zelenski – zelen means ‘green’, another nice detail (green v. petrol is the real war).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wikipedia: Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy[a] (born 25 January 1978), also transliterated as Zelensky or Zelenskiy,[b] is a Ukrainian politician and former comedian and actor[5] who has served as the sixth and current president of Ukraine since 2019.

      Twitter, from Zelenskiy’s account:
      See new Tweets
      Володимир Зеленський

      Ukraine government official
      Провів телефонну розмову з Президентом Туреччини
      . Обговорили актуальні безпекові питання.
      Translated from Ukrainian :
      Had a telephone conversation with the President of Turkey
      . Current security issues were discussed.

      Zelen’ [ukr: зелень] is an old Slavic word for green or forest or herbs… So literally: from the greenish….
      Anyway, thanks for that point…


  3. ianmillerblog Says:

    Patrice, I am afraid your analysis of the initial advance is misleading. From the Ukrainian point of view, they have top US Generals advising them and they have the US surveillance so they knew more or less where the Russians were. From the Russian point of view, they have too few troops for this sort of war. If you are going to opt for a semi-static defence, and maintain sufficient reserves, according to my calculation the front line could only manage one platoon per km. The reserves were too few. They could manage with concentrated units using highly mobile warfare, but US weapons makes that dangerous. The attack in Kherson was not a feint; it is still ongoing. The problem for the Russians is they are outnumbered and do not have sufficient sophisticated weapons.

    Notwithstanding that the Russian field command is not exactly inspired. If we look at that rapid Kharkiv oblast Ukrainian advance, that was the opportunity for prepared Russians to carve the Ukrainians, oddly enough in a similar way to how von Manstein carved the Russians 9: 1 against in the third battle of Kharkov. Same place, less inspired field commander.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      OK, will try to think about this later.
      What I tried to say is that I noticed the Ukrainian saillant north of Izyum for months. I understood why the Russians didn’t reduce it: they were trying to invade other places, in particular, SOUTH of Izyum, to build a caldron. But I found strange the Ukrainians didn’t exploit it, as it threatened 4 Russian GLOCS. Well, the Ukrainians were just waiting until they faced fewer Russian troops, and then made a magnificent armored thrust, same as they made in 2014…
      Which US generals?

      Biden thought Ukraine was going to be crushed on Feb 24, 2022… US generals underestimated Ukrainians. There were long articles in WSJ and Figaro at rag tag, civilians getting togehter, Azov style in 2014, to defend against the orcs of Putin.


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