Abstract: Some of what is below will shock Americans. But most people, worldwide, are aware of these facts, or are penetrated by the only mood compatible with these facts. If the USA wants to fight the world, it will not win, especially if it starts from a counterfactual logic.

I have documented this assault many times, for example in “Obama Commemorates 9/11 His Way.” But the USA, as a propaganda machine keeps on whining it was the very definition of innocence, and that an unfathomably cruel, unexplainable attack came to them on 9/11/01. Other nations which committed crimes, have explored them with more enthusiasm, in the last century. But of course, that was after the crimes stopped, and their instigators were put out of power.

The answer to 9/11 by the USA, turned into an attack on the world and civilization. It was entirely inappropriate. Many crimes against humankind were committed, in the name of vengeance, by the USA. “Dead Or Alive”, “If Not With US, Against Us!”, “Geneva Conventions Are Quaint” as Bush and his co-conspirators put it, and acted accordingly. Nearly none of these crimes were prosecuted (except for a few dimwit soldiers caught with video tapes).

The appropriate answer to 9/11 would have been a massive police action to redress a criminal act by a gang of a few people. It was certainly criminal, on the scale of an attack against human rights, to go destroy Iraq, a natural enemy of bin Laden, and make Americans so stupid that they would support that insanity enthusiastically. It was also criminal, on the scale of crimes against mankind, to create a mess in Afghanistan, and use the country mostly as a shooting gallery to test all sort of new weapons and justify a gargantuan military budget.

As it was, 9/11 could be viewed as a shameful attack for the modern apologists of socio-political Islam, which showed its true colors. However, 9/11 turned into something worse, and that was not the work of the Muslim Fundamentalists. 9/11 became an even more shameful event, a reply by the Western powers denying the superiority of Western civilization.

Let me explain. Attacking countless countries for no good reason, made, and is making, a bad situation much worse (the hyperlink I gave above is to Scientific American: we are talking about a scientific phenomenon here). The USA replied to a gang of criminals by war, a massive attack, ongoing, against hundreds of millions of people. A gang got criminal, a country outdid them, on an enormous scale.

(Yes, Iraq + Afghanistan + Pakistan is already well above 220 million people. And now war is made with robots, worldwide, just like in science fiction horror movies; the U.S. government conducts attacks with robots against entire countries, without even a semblance of democratic process, and its usage of thousands of non uniformed private mercenaries to do so is deeply troubling: the uniformed SS were judicially found to constitute a criminal organization after WWII).

When one dollar is spent in Afghanistan or Iraq, 85 cents is spent on the military-industrial complex in the USA. Much of the rest goes into corruption. A cause well worth dying for, indeed, and the American policy led to the death of millions. Is that what the Americans are celebrating on 9/11 when their leaders quote Allah’s psalms? Do I misunderstand something? 1,300 governmental organizations and 2,000 private companies are part of the state police in the USA (exercise: translate “state police” into German…) Of course it cost money, a trillion dollar a year, two-third of the primary budget of the USA, hence the American deficit.

Is the USA turning into old fashion Assyria? All military, no brainy?

Criminally insane societies have existed before, and only rarely do they succeed to transmogrify into higher, more sustainable types. Generally they get lethally entangled in their own lies, delusions and evil ways.




Interesting what you can watch on French TV: a long documentary from inside Al Qaeda, including extensive revealing interviews with bin Laden closest confident and bodyguard, Abu Jandal (that is, “Father of Death“), who considered bin Laden his uncle, and thus his father. Although he turned FBI informant in the meantime, his heart is still with Osama. He presently lives in Yemen. His heart is still with bin Laden, but he is wondering if it is all morally correct, and he remembers asking hard questions to bin Laden about the killing of hundreds of innocent Muslims, and wounding 5,000 Kenyans.

The most revealing part of the documentary was the interview of the CIA officer, Mike Scheuer, who directed the hunt against bin Laden under Clinton (and thereafter). From 1985 to 1992, Scheuer had worked in the jihad against the socialist regime in Afghanistan and its Soviet allies. He admits that bin Laden killed Russians, that was all what counted for most American officials, and so that was good enough to make him a close ally of the USA, as far as they were concerned.

Scheuer revealed to French TV that his team had localized bin Laden and top Saudi princes, in March 1999, in Kandahar province, Afghanistan. The Princes set-up a landing strip for their huge C130 planes. Out of them came immensely expensive carpets, a lavish camp, complete with huge tents and a 30 meters communication mast. Those worthies were hunting fauna with falcons in the desert.  At the time, bin Laden, having engaged in massive bombings against American embassies, was already American public enemy number one. The satellite showed exactly where bin Laden’s tent was, on the side, far away, with just one or two bodyguards, and his very regular comings and going to join the others in prayer and other events.

Scheuer asked Clinton for the authorization to strike, and Clinton did nothing, for a full month. The CIA became much more insistent, and suddenly the camp was evacuated in a hurry, between two passages of the satellite. A few days later, Saudi Arabia announced the purchase of eight billion dollars worth of F16s fighter planes. Mike Scheuer cooly said, on French TV, that Clinton warned the Saudi Crown Prince, through Richard Clarke.

Scheuer added that it “appeared obvious”  that the purchase came in exchange for the warning. Some would say that, in the USA, one does not need traitors: the president himself commits high treason. But that would be considered anti-American by many, so I will abstain from drawing such a conclusion publicly (I want to thank a partner at an international law firm for advising me about a typo in an earlier version of these remarks).



Are the Middle Ages descending some more above New York? The Caliph went there, and spoke on September 11, 2011. The Caliph is a very serious person, venerated by all, at least formally so. The Caliph intoned psalm 46 of his sacred book:

God is our refuge and strength! A very present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not fear.” (Read more.) He will not fear, especially because he was talking behind armored glass. So it is in plutocracy: trust God, and back it up with brute force.

So it goes with Osama, or whatever the particular spelling of his name at this point. Hope you don’t fear my more advanced philosophy, oh primitive Caliph from before the Middle Ages!Philosophy goes through bullet proof glass.

God is for us a refuge and a force!”  is how Osama talked, how Osama thought, and apparently it is still the way he talks, and the way he thinks. In other words, assassinate Osama, and he is still here, preaching with the same words, from the same book, in the name of God, refuge and force. Not only Osama was made into a martyr, but he talks louder than ever.

God as refuge and force: It is clearly the same idea, and the same sense of justice. Be dumb if you want, but philosophers will notice that you laud the very psychological mechanism, and the very same God which allowed 19 fanatics to crash planes into buildings. So do you disapprove of that act, crashing planes in the name of psalm 46, or do you keep on preaching that psalm, the reason for that act, as far as most, or all, of the 19 assassins were concerned?

Americans may revere Obama, as Egyptians used to revere Mubarak, and the Soviets, Stalin, and the jihadists, Osama. It’s not just in the USA that the established order is clinging to its metaphysics. In Morocco, Mohammed VI (yes, six!) has rolled forward a “new” constitution, but Islam is still what it is based on (besides having all the powers in the hands of that plutocrat, Mohammed VI). That means: women not to inherit as men do, among other things.

As Muhammad Atta and is 18 accomplices crashed their planes, no doubt they screamed in their heads: “God is for us a refuge and a force!” The force was with them! What is the difference with bin Bush and Bushama? Same language, same ideas. (“bin”, or “ben”, means “son”, I point out for those who don’t get the joke, that Bush was the son of Bush, himself the son of still another Bush, that one a pal of Adolf Hitler, another strident lover of “God”, and also of the Qur’an.) Of course, some will cynically observe that Muhammad Atta and his co-criminals killed much fewer people, and have carried war to just one country.

If one loves the reasoning and reject its products only when inconvenient, one ought to be the object of spite. At least from philosophers.

Stupidity has to be reinforced, in the USA, on every September 11. Upon stupidity does leadership as the Americans know it, strongly depends, with its force and its “God”.

Bin Laden was killed in the very center of the center of Pakistani military power. Yes, Pakistan and its Inter Service Intelligence, which the USA used already forty years ago, to attack Afghanistan. And Americans still don’t understand that they are manipulated, or, do not want to understand the various evil conspiracies that their own government set-up, because they are still persuaded they profit from it, and they can just hate the pawn, bin Laden who turned against them, so that hopefully no other pawn will turn again.

When the snake bites its own tail, has it learned anything? Apparently not, and the venom is going to its head.



Meanwhile I visited one of these new museums where one can walk through a rain forest, complete with live parrots, birds, and tropical butterflies, with my little 23 months old well of wisdom leading the way. At the bottom of that particular installation, there was only water, with enormous fishes, some up to 2 meters long. And pretty butterflies were flying all over. A friend saw a fish trying to swallow one.

Butterflies are all wings, antennas, and bellies.  Their heads are not prominent, they are barely visible. Still, none of the butterflies fell in the water. If we think about it, this is quite remarkable:  the only explanation is that butterflies make a theory that it would be very bad to fall in the water, so they don’t try it.

How come butterflies are so clever and American leaders are so stupid? The only plausible explanation is that American leaders are paid to be stupid, and are deliberately stupid, as when Obama insists that the USA was attacked out of the blue on 9/11, as if the USA had not been making war in Afghanistan for 21 years, and in Iraq for more than a decade, killing millions in various ways (many of them children).

But how come individual Americans do not see that they are falling in the drink? How come the butterflies themselves are more clever than Americans?

How come it’s only individual Arabs who are trying for spring? How come only individual Arabs have stopped listening to leaders who speak in the name of so called “god”?

It is well known that G. W. Bush intended to invade Iraq well before 9/11. Iraq had nothing to do, whatsoever, with 9/11, except as the later provided with a convenient excuse for invading the former, by telling all the needed lies, however enormous, just like the friend of the grandfather of Bush recommended to do.

The first meeting to plot the invasion of Iraq by the resident of the White House was on September 17, six days after 9/11. It is as if Bush needed 9/11, and was ready for it, his way. Does that explain the coolness Bush affected towards reports on his desk about Al Qaeda plotting an attack on the USA?

Reminder: no aerial defenses were ready in the USA, whatsoever, in anticipation of 9/11.

9/11 had been tried on Paris in 1994, seven years earlier, and was prevented by the usage of French lethal force. The French Air Force and missile forces had been ready for decades. Intervention times are in minutes, or even, when specifics attacks were feared, in seconds. Same in Israel, of course.

The USA is the land of conspiracies. There is a well paid plot against undermining those who think the climate is changing. Some climate scientists even get death threats. The reason? American fossil fuel plutocrats are used to kill to stay rich. If they are running out of Arabs to kill, they can always threaten to kill Americans.

In the USA, there is even a plot against the theory of evolution. As Obama says:”God is refuge and a force!” Stupidity is a force which gives plutocracy meaning.   

After the attack on a few buildings by a gang of criminals, the USA reacted by attacking many countries. It was entirely appropriate: it was more of the same criminal insanity which, precisely, led to 9/11.

Reminder: only a few thousand Americans have died from the Middle East war the USA engaged in, so far. By adding the dead on 9/11 plus the dead soldiers and mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan, one does not reach 10,000 Americans dead. Yet (but trust Obama to make it so). By contrast, ever since the USA attacked Afghanistan on July 3, 1979, yes, in 1979, the USA has visited 9/11 everyday on the Middle East, so to speak, or, at least once a month,  on millions of people.

The Americans may have the oil to burn, and 9/11 to celebrate, as they do, but Middle Easterners count their dead at the hands of the USA, by millions. Indeed. That is what Americans ought to try to understand.

Besides, the dead on 9/11 is not all the work of bin laden and his co-conspirators. The World Trade Center towers were very poorly designed: they collapsed from a fire. The Empire State Building was hit by a bomber decades earlier, and there was a very important fire, and the elevators fell down, their cables melted. But the architectural design of the 1930s, in distributed load bearing, was careful, and far from the silly tent like structure of the World Trade Center.

Why a tent like design for the WTC? Because the plutocrats attached a lot of importance to an open floor plan. Trading floors, ladies and gentlemen, it’s all about trading things one did not create oneself. Osama Bin Laden, a structural engineer, expected only the upper floors to burn, and the steel to melt:”It’s all we had hoped” said Bin Laden in a taped discussion. Bin Laden never expected the towers to come down (and he was the most optimistic of his fellow plotters; the others had no idea how vulnerable the New York skyline was; perhaps, had they know, they would have arranged things to strike a bit later, causing much more deaths, as up to 50,000 people worked in the towers… By the way my own spouse nearly worked for a few weeks in the WTC towers a few months earlier, and I did visit the WTC, so I am not completely disconnected from the whole thing in another universe.)



So the USA is becoming insane, quoting with approval the very idea it claims to be the victim of, psalm 46. In its latest “stimulus” proposal, Obama, the pseudo democrat, proposes tax cuts to the funding of Social Security and Medicare. He finds that stimulating, and it is the largest part of his “stimulus”, and also the only part which his bipartisan partner, the Tea Party, will pass. More insanity. Or maybe not: if he pleases his masters enough, Obama will vacation in Bali much more. What is truly insane is that the American People does not seem to notice the manipulations.

OK, Israel, a would be democracy without a constitution, is also going insane, thinking it can steal land and water forever, and nobody will notice, because it has some understandings with the dictators around. Meanwhile the dictators are going, and French diplomats are helping the Palestinians prepare their case for a state (which will open all sorts of help, finance and trade for them; it’s not all about annoying Israel).

Let’s step a little backward: how does insanity arise in nations (example Germany a century ago), or even in multinational empires (example Achaemenid Persia)?

Assyria was nation with its own language which founded a giant empire which reigned over many other nations. It lasted about a thousand years. It became ever more successful with successive waves of increasingly demented, or let’s say, over ambitious militarism. It even invaded and occupied distant Egypt. In the end, Mesopotamia to its south, and all the rebellious national powers, all around, revolted. They could not defeat the Assyrian army, so they destroyed the Assyrian population first, to starve the hated enemy. Nowadays very few people call themselves descendants of that Assyrian super power. Although there are still plenty of Egyptian, and they seem to remember that they come from a super power which lasted millennia, and which, differently from Assyria, founded its power more on the mind, and less on the fist. A lot of what is called Greek mathematics originated in Egypt, Egypt is a co-developer of the alphabet, and it had a very long and friendly close cooperation with Crete, Europe’s master civilization. Moreover, a lot of what is called Jewish civilization evolved in Egypt much earlier, including monotheism. Plus Egypt had some very powerful female Pharaos. Assyria stays only famous for terrorizing Egypt, and the entire world, with its military-industrial rampage.

Another example of deep insanity was Rome. Both the top Greek cities and Rome rested their socio-economy on slavery. Unsurprisingly, those enslaving republics turned into enslaving  plutocracy. It was a pathology: superior Crete did not rest on slavery and its associated exaggerated plutocracy. Neither did the Celto-Germans rested their social organization on slavery. And it is indeed how the Greco-Roman slave society finished: the Germans, namely the Franks, took over and outlawed slavery (Jesus Christ, a supporter of Caesar, had nothing against slavery, although he complained about the rich, and, one could say, plutocracy.) Thus evil Greco-Roman society transmogrified into a newer version of the advanced Western civilization, closer to the much older Cretan model.

The Aztecs practiced industrial cannibalism. That was their undoing: Cortez was able to recruit enormous native armies made of the potential dinners of the Aztecs. Without native help, the Aztecs would not have been defeated. Cannibalism was also the God, the refuge, the strength, of the Aztecs, as their economy would have been otherwise incapable of producing enough proteins to support an army of 250,000 professional killers (I mean: soldiers).

Nazism was another example of criminally insane society. As with the Aztecs, the insanity was central to their power: mass murdering racism allowed Hitler to provide his supporters with wealth. For a few years.

In all the preceding cases, the pathologies which affected them led to the destruction of the societies. Sometimes a pathological society reforms itself under a less virulent form. Stalinism provides an example, the North American English colony and its ensuing enslaving, genocidal racism, is another: both societies reformed themselves.

However cases such as Assyria show that a society can relapse under virulent form over centuries, until it gets finally destroyed. This sort of precedent is most troubling for the USA, which does not seem to have reached a sustainable morality, or even the proclivity to generate enough curiosity to elucidate the causality at work in what ails it so deeply.



A number of very deep mistakes, of the exploitative and hubristic type, led the USA to 9/11. Since then, even worse mistakes have been committed, by the USA, such as acting out of vengeance, rather than justice, throwing civilization to the war dogs, and showing no inclination to learn anything important, as the assassination of bin Laden by a small man, and the hysteria with which it was welcomed, showed.

When the president of a major country acts like a mafioso, a capo di capi, silencing an encumbering accomplice, a stray soldier, justice has a problem. Arresting criminals is important, be it only because we have to analyze their exact reasons, so that they can be addressed, and neutralized in the future.

One will never repeat enough the following. Operatives of the USA’s “intelligence” agencies taught bin Laden to terrorize by attacking civilian objectives (schools!), in Afghanistan. American “intelligence” operatives thought that was smart, just as the USA thought it was smart to create a war in Afghanistan. By July 1979, the American intervention in Afghanistan was direct (instead of just through Pakistani intelligence). Why cannot Americans focus on those facts? Because they can only vote for the bipartisan party, and his bipartisan president?

Reading the preceding, the reaction of normal, well educated Americans will be intense disgust against the misfit who wrote these lines. It does not matter if the message may be correct, it is just an anti-American insanity to utter it. Such insanity has to be rejected by upright Americans with the single mindedness of ancient Germans rejecting entirely the suggestion that something like Auschwitz could even exist. Not such an insane comparison: Amnesty International knows of 70,000 cases of individuals processed in American torture centers, worldwide, outside of any legal set-up. In truth, it’s most certainly hundreds of thousands who have been treated unlawfully.

Van Jones, the green energy Czar of Obama had to resign just because he signed a petition in 2004 asking to make a congressional commission about a possible role of the government of the USA in 9/11. It depends what “government” means, and what “role” meant.

Historically, it’s the USA which attacked Afghanistan in cold blood in 1979, causing the death of MILLIONS of Afghans. Historically, the USA and Saudi intelligence recruited the pious bin Laden and turned that son of a plutocratic family worth more than 40 billion dollars into a fierce jihadist attack dog. Historically too, outside of the USA, it is well known that the CIA had figured out that some particularly dangerous associates of bin Laden had moved to the USA, and did not tell the FBI (this was finally reported on “60 minutes” on 9/11/11, by Lara Logan, after the first version of this essay came out on Greenwitch Meridian Times!)

Islam, like its mentors, Christianity and Judaism, are war like terror religions. So that fanatics rediscovers this periodically is no wonder. Maybe it’s time to understand that the West rose higher, because Christ was just a device, a crowbar… for a higher purpose.

The worst thing for the highest civilization is to make a shrine to insanity, on the ground of multiculturalism. Multiculturalist respect was not extended to Aztecs, so why should we extend it to fanatics of other religions who also practice human sacrifices? Because 9/11 was just a big human sacrifice. Where the Celts would regularly burn 100 inside a mooing metallic bull, bin Laden and company burned 3,000, once. I love beautiful mosques and cathedrals. However I hate it when people are reduced to mooing.

Multiculturalism is intolerable, says transculturalism.

Disrespecting civilization destroying insanity ought to be a moral principle against demented interpretations of Americanism, or Islamism, or any ism of the lowest type. And the more millions practice them, the more disrespect we should flaunt for these inferior forms of intellectual fascism.

To put it clearly, if crudely: if the solution to the problem of cannibalism, or sacrifice, is to kill the cannibals, or human sacrificers, once and for all, so be it. This is basically what the Romans did with the Celts and Carthage.  To warm up, we can kill the respect directed to them. One should also kill all respect for those who have decided to devolve, as the USA did with the Patriot Act, torture, summary imprisonment, executions, and a thorough refusal to examine why their boy Osama, whom the CIA lovingly trained went berserk.



Why such stupid policy of replying to religiously inspired crime with global war? Well, just look at the budget of the military-‘intelligence’-industrial complex: it became gigantic in the USA, leaving the rest of the planet, the economy, and common sense far behind. The pseudo democratic resident of the white House made the situation worse (his specialty).

Thus it turns out that stupidity was clever, from the point of view of military industrial devils and their plutocratic supports. The same applies for the assassination of bin Laden: it turned him into a martyr, into the one who had to be silenced, because he was so right (what else?). That, too, was very stupid, except, of course if the goal was to extend the war for decades to come. And so it is that as Osama is dead, Obama quotes exactly the psalm that Osama would have wanted to quote for the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

The plutocracy loving government of the USA, by creating war situations all over, and then engage in combat, has created a mechanism to justify the enormous existence of the trillion dollar military-“intelligence”-industrial complex. Should one sees 9/11 part, in some sense of a vast conspiracy to keep the USA on a war footing? I expose, you decide. Remember Clinton tipping off the Saudi Crown Prince about the danger bin Laden was in, though. But, right, you won’t hear it on American TV. When a tree falls in a forest, and no American is there to hear it, it probably did not happen. It’s only when big towers fall in the niddle of New York that Americans notice something is up, or rather down. In other words, not kosher. Wait until Israel implodes. But I am getting ahead of the facts…

So what do we hear now? A French citizen has just claimed that he brought millions of dollars, in cash, from African presidents to Chirac (before he became president) and Villepin. Both men are going to sue, they have to, so we should learn more. Hopefully the rot, in Europe will not stink to the same high heavens.

The war between plutocracy and democracy is ongoing. Pluto manipulates underground, makes itself invisible, enlightenment and openness fight back, as the Babylonians knew this already so much, 4,000 years ago, that they made a religion out of it. Times to embrace that more advanced wisdom, and forget Osama-Obama’s psalm 46, and its Biblical sense of vengeance as justice.  

A good start would be to start an investigation upon the accusation of high treason proffered by one of the highest officers at the CIA against a former president of the USA. In a much older society such as France, investigation of former head of states is nearly routine. Actually Chirac is not just under investigation, but on trial, for corruption. Accusations against Bush and Clinton are much more serious.


Patrice Ayme


The same sort of attack as 9/11 attempted against Paris in 1994. The four air pirates were killed by French Special Forces. In following years, both France and Israel had constant air patrols ready to intervene in less than two minutes against captured jetliners. Everybody knew about it. During the 1998 soccer world cup, French air patrol above the main stadium, the Stade de France, was continual, as the stadium was only five minutes from Roissy Charles de Gaulle, one of the world’s busiest international airports (and it was impossible to make sure each crew and passenger complement was kosher, so to speak). But of course it is un-American to know too much about France.

On 9/11the USA was entirely unprepared. Fully terrorized, the American president was flown all the way to… Alaska. That is what happens when hubris collides with reality: the chicken flies without a head.

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10 Responses to “CALLING 9/11”

  1. multumnonmulta Says:

    “Americans still don’t understand that they are manipulated, or, do not want to understand the various evil conspiracies that their own government set-up, because they are still persuaded they profit from it, and they can just hate the pawn, bin Laden who turned against them, so that hopefully no other pawn will turn again.”

    And so goes the story of many an empire, till the bitter end.


  2. Celine Says:

    Many Americans understand full well manipulation, and know they have been and may be now and may yet be in the future it’s victim. Some may not. Some may grasp that it goes on but are not fully aware of some particular details, details out of a vast universe of details.

    Whatever, what troubles you, and anyone else who continues to complain forever of shattered illusions as great personal injustices, is the general confrontation with ‘The Absurd.’

    There may very well be no sought-for human clarity, regard, meaning, justice, fair-play and meaning in an essentially hostile, cold and impersonal universe.

    What you speak of is one detail of this larger human confrontation. The one with the essential Absurdity he or she must face.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hello Celine: Thanks for the interesting viewpoint. However as I pointed out long ago, shortly after Obama became president and immediately collaborated with the economic criminals, it was time for RICO. See:

      Confronted to a serial murderer, do I feel the absurdity? No, not at all. I don’t think crime is absurd. I think it is tempting, especially for the liars who are anxious to be elected to lie further. A fundamental element of my philosophy is that human beings are fundamentally potentially extremely vicious, cruel, semi demented, etc. Civilization, what philosophy produces, keeps most of them in check, most of the time.

      I have been attacked with lethal force more than once, and a long practice of very dangerous sports has exposed me at least once to what ought to have been certain death. By miracle, literally, one chance out of a billion, I survived. So I am not “complaining” about “shattered illusions” and “great personal injustices”. I feel that Obama and people associated to him have injured me, but I am in a combative mood, and I play a civilizational game. It’s a war, and war is not absurd, far from it. Look at Libya.

      I also believe that criminals ought to be in jail. I know the universe is cold and impersonal. But civilization is not, and that is why it has jails.

      I am the exact opposite of a nihilistic philosopher, and I despise the pseudo philosophers of the “Absurd”… Who were living very well, by the way. So, the theme you give above, that of Mr. Sartre, was contradicted by his own life.

      Go tell a lioness her life is essentially absurd. See what happens. Well, when I lived in Africa, lionesses used to be afraid of me, and rightly so.

      Far from being devoid of value, and full of absurdity, I have sky high values. For example, as I show in my next essay, I view people who deliberately lie in their opinions, even as Paul Krugman profers opinions he should know to be erroneous, as engaging in a type of criminality I carefully avoids. Criminals everywhere: a target rich environment. Absurdity? Nowhere. It all makes sense, for example when Obama grovels by the feet of the rich: he has a much more comfortable life than me (although I would argue that my life is actually much more interesting).


    • multumnonmulta Says:

      Celine, I’m not sure I fully get what you mean, but do not think it is all absurd unless you either limit your perspective at the commoners’ level or take it to the absolute. No, it’s a perfectly rational game whereby the few extract a certain kind of benefits by leveraging the world as is. Patrice suggests an antidote, philosophy, that is. I happen to think that scrutinized life (aka philosophy) exposes the scam for what it is. Do not fall for it, yet I know how difficult it must be, for so many around feel, and confess about being, lost. Come to websites like this and get engaged! After a while, it may start making sense.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Multumnonmulta: With all due respect for her and kind regards, Celine seems to me to have adopted, as I said, Sartre’s line, around the 1940s. Of course it was absurd that he played his advanced theater for Nazi officers in Paris. Or maybe not. After all, the German Wehrmacht revolted in July 1944 against Hitler!
        Later Sartre switched to Stalinism. After being called by those fascists a “dactilographic hyena“, he switched to complaining about Africa (a most-at-a-distance way to look at his strident “Algerie Francaise” whining), and then sartrebecame a Maoist, during the cultural revolution (soon Nixon was making friends with Mao). In other words, Sartre, with all due respect, was pretty absurd himself… His “philosophy of the absurd” came naturally to him…


      • multumnonmulta Says:

        Before and even more eloquently than Sartre had been the writers who sensed the absurdity of the world. And, for most people, the absurd literature is all there is when one graduates from CSI-like night drama.

        However, the internet allows for what Monsieur Sartre could not grasp even if he wanted, though his ideological slalom indicates a weakness of character rather than of the mind. On the internet, one can can philosophize without being held captive to some programme benefiting few while affecting most.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dostoievski was the leader of the everything-is-permitted-since-God-is-dead movement, not Sartre (as a university salaried philosopher erroneously said in the NYT a few days ago). Nietzsche found in him a fellow soul… Sade, a century earlier, had pointed out that it was not so simple, but that essential universe has been lost so far.
          The good side of the Dark Side, or the dark side of the Good Side, that is the real question.


  3. J McG Says:


    You might just get your wish. In Europe, a Greek default is beginning to become a fait accompli.

    If you’ve read how Greek bond prices and credit default swaps are handicapping it, they’re already assumed it has to happen. So the ECB is not winning the hearts and minds of private investors. German voters have begun to make clear, in 6 elections this year Merkel’s party has lost some power to challengers (noting that the voter turnout in the latest one in her home state was only 51% of registered voters in her party), there are limits to the price of the Greek bailout they are willing to hazard.

    Merkel, then, defends the European Union and the single currency at some risk to her leadership, whether or not the cause be noble. A noble cause without a leader to advocate for it adds up to no advocacy.

    If one assumes that Greece will default, the next question becomes what will be the fate of Italy,
    Portugal and Spain. One of these leaving the EU would certainly be more damaging than merely Greece bowing out.

    With so many betting on a Greek default, one has to ask the question, can central bankers still

    make a difference when they are so outgunned by what private capital wants? This is not new. In fact, it has been true at least since Soros made 1.5 billion from a $10 billion bet the Pound Sterling would be devalued (this at a time when currency pegs in Europe were a favored tool of central bankers).

    Notwithstanding your criticism, in fact, Obama made a very good speech and well delivered, without the so-called “eloquence” that has marked many of his speeches, but instead in plain language what he thinks will bring down stubbornly high unemployment (persuasive political speech in contemporary

    America is after all not Tolstoy expounding in “War and Peace”, but commonsense prescriptions that have obvious punch lines and an obvious rhetorical retort for its intended audience.) Today he proposed how it would be paid for, a short list of tax increases* the GOP will in all likelihood refuse to support but which are fairer ways to the vast majority of Americans than anything the Republicans themselves might advocate. (I don’t know if anyone, much less Republicans would be in favor of spending $5 billion to rehab abandoned properties.)

    But if, after listening to his speech (I invite you to then read Forbes magazine’s retort that Obama is completely clueless about how to reduce unemployment) you still feel his proposal is worse than what Forbes might prescribe (preserving all the tax breaks for the rich and the oil companies, asserting that job creation is not important at home – why should it be when you can invest in China, India, etc where wages are so much lower than in the West?), then the people in your reader audience should shake hands with a Tea Party member and one can argue Obama has not used his “bully pulpit” effectively to address the needs of average Americans (that includes the unemployed unless you think they should all be sent to gulags for being lazy), that he allowed bankers who helped cause the financial crisis to collect undeserved bonuses instead of doing more to help homeowners who lost the equity in their homes that represented the majority of their savings.

    If you believe as some do that Obama, in trying to be “the adult in the room” when dealing with factions of Congress that have vowed to dismantle any major initiative he puts forth, is guilty of weak execution, this does not make him contemptible in a society where no mea culpas are heard from those who employed the politics of fear to stifle confidence in an already weak economic recovery as seen during this summer’s debate over raising the debt ceiling.

    Europeans may still be as naively infatuated with Obama as they were offended by Bush’s unilateralism, but America is not going to become Europe, nor vice-versa.


    • Jo Says:

      “Merkel, then, defends the European Union and the single currency at some risk to her leadership, whether or not the cause be noble. A noble cause without a leader to advocate for it adds up to no advocacy.”

      All opposition (social democrats, greens, the “left”-party) parties in Germany are 100% pro EU / Euro. As a matter of fact, the social democrats are even in favour of *gasp* eurobonds. There simply is no Euro-sceptic party in Germany (for now), which is not surprising as polls show that – even now – a constant 65-70% of Germans are in favor of more European integration.

      Merkel is loosing votes largely because her coalition government appears to act like a headless chicken. The liberal democrats (her coalition partner) in particular are perceived as being totally useless and not fit for government. People do not believe that she has a masterplan neither for Germany (no major reform has been enacted by her government so far) nor for Europe (all of her actions look piecemeal at best).

      Her problem is not that she defends the single currency, but that she appears to be rubbish at defending it. As usual Germans are looking for a final solution and Merkel does not seem able to deliever it.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear Jo:
        I agree 100% with you. I did not agree with JMcG (a kind American gentleman who has lived in Germany for a few years).
        I do not fully understand why Merkozy is such a disaster in European matters. They spew stuff, and then do nothing. OK, let me try. They are conservatives, so they want to do like Obama and make people pay for the banks (which is basically the plan they are presently unfolding).

        But if they do that, the European streets will explode. So they don’t do it too fast. But, being conservatives, they can’t go the other route, and let the banks fail, and then nationalize them. So they are reduced to doing something useful, the sideshow of playing the heavies in Greece.

        Although the Greeks work a lot, as I said, their plutocrats don’t pay enough, if at all. I saw one one them, claiming he should pay no tax because he was the best friend of the poor, as he provides job to them.he should go to the USA: they speak his language there.

        However squeezing Greece has no future: Greece will certainly have to partly default (which is already happening, in plain sight).

        This said, Merkozy wants something important, the financial transaction tax. So we are back to Oblabla’s usual obstructionism, as the main obstacle to reason unbound.


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