Elect Ideas, Not Clowns

Obama Versus Brown. Obama’s  Inexistence Made Blatant. Last Twitches Coming?

Obama, the Resident of the White House, said something particularly deep and clever today:”… to the two-thirds of Americans who did not take part in the process yesterday, I hear you too!”

Which process is Obama alluding to? Voting. Two-thirds of eligible Americans did not vote. American citizens are voting out the conventional electoral process. Although I always voted, and although I spent two years, and a fortune, in effort and treasure, to get Obama elected, eight years ago, this time I did not vote.

Your humble servant, and We The People have had enough of electing little dictators.

Antares Rocket, One Of Obama's Pluto Pet, Goes The Way Of His Presidency

Antares Rocket, One Of Obama’s Pluto Pet, Goes The Way Of His Presidency

If one wants democracy, We The People has got to vote on (most) laws. Politicians ought not to be called “legislators”. Instead, they should be just in charge of the details.

In the meantime, refusing to vote is a king of sitting in the middle of the street.

Brown is Obama’s skin: it turned out that color of the skin did not bring change. Duh. Brown is also the name of the governor of California, re-elected in a triumph, for the FOURTH time.

Brown did two terms as California governor, three decade ago. When he was re-elected 4 years ago, the situation was abysmal. Several governors could do anything to the California deficit. To raise taxes required 2/3 majority (66% for).

What did Brown do? He said: ”I’m raising taxes on the rich. You better vote for it. If you, Californians do not vote at more than 66% for that, I will close all your state parks.”

Californians love their parks. They screamed, and then voted as told. Plutocrats had said they would flee California. Guess what? They found they had nowhere else to go.

(BTW, had a referendum about taxing the plutocrats been proposed, I would have gone to vote.)

Brown spent 4 years training as a Jesuit for priesthood, in silence, prayer, and Latin. Later he went to UCB, became a lawyer, and worked, and studied (including Zen) in many countries (including Mexico and Japan).

He was not born yesterday.

Obama looked condemned to me the day after he got elected, 6 years ago: he went to work at a hedge fund. Hedge Fund: money changers, as president Roosevelt called them contemptuously (and FDR was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and basically brought up by Teddy Roosevelt, himself president of the USA).

That Obama went to work at a hedge fund told me he had understood nothing. Or, rather, strong supporters such as me, had understood nothing: Obama was the plutocrats’ candidate.

(That Obama was facing the wealthy Senator McCain, who did not even know how many mansions he had, does not make him any less the plutocrats’ candidate. Passing remark: Seneca, the philosopher, and Nero’s teacher, chuckled that he had no idea how many giant agribusinesses and properties he had on the various continents. Those who partake in the Stoic Religion, worship Seneca. And that’s a basic problem with the (hypocrisy of) stoicism.)

The leader of the Republicans, McConnell, Senior Senator of Kentucky, just said the Senate needed to be fixed. “We have an obligation to change the Senate”. He said he was going to fix the Senate, making it work on Fridays, even at midnight, and also Saturday, if need be.

McConnell’s head is entirely white: he has been elected to the Senate continuously, for 30 years. Hardly not an insider.

Question: what happened to the Tea Party? Well, it never really existed. It was one of the tricks used by Obama’s political allies to do nothing.

McConnell was asked whether he was afraid of Obama’s veto. He smiled: “the president vetoed 2 little bills in 6 years. In the first 2 years, he loved everything he saw.”

And nothing happened.

(Obama would say Obamacare happened. Or, as he calls it, proudly, in a marked cognitive dissonance, Romneycare. Even November 4, 2014, Obama gave a whole lesson to the press corps on how much Obamacare was actually his “former opponent” creation. That Obamacare was actually Romneycare should have told progressives something. In truth, Obamacare is an excellent deal for health care plutocrats. Everybody else? Not that much: the deductible on my health insurance is something like $9,000. So my family has to spent $9,000 from our pockets, before reimbursements kick in. That means if I spend $9,000 in the next 7 weeks in a hospital, I have to pay the whole thing. The clock restarts January 1. That, by the way, is on an expensive plan, $1,500/month.)

Nothing could happen under Obama, because he was, whether he realized it, or not, an agent of Wall Street, and various other plutocrats. Same problem with the Clinton. The Clintons’ “Global Initiative” has offices a rock throw from Wall Street.

Obama showed this in a telling way, supporting short term tweak to existing and past technologies, calling this support for Research (support for private entrepreneurs to get to orbit, such as the Antares rocket which exploded a week ago, is exhibit number one; the government of the USA ought to support only fundamental research, such as for thermonuclear fusion, or through schools).

We are still waiting for the reform of the financial system. It was not difficult: president Roosevelt’s system had to be dismantled. But then that would have dismantled Clinton Global Financial Initiative (I’m ironical).

And this is not just a USA problem. The European Central Bank just mentioned hundreds of billions of “financial derivatives” that European banks hold. Well, that cancer which spread form Chicago ought to be unlawful: banks ought to invest in the real economy, not in a parallel universe.

In case you wonder why financial derivatives billionaires give multi-million dollar prices for the Multiverse in physics, I just gave you the reason.

Is there anything to save from this Obama shipwreck?

Well, and this is what the colossal abstention vote is suggesting, we have to change the Constitution (all over; not just the USA and France, or Britain). No need to scream in my face, as a very busy San Francisco’s architect once did, and pontificate that this is not serious, and nobody would take me seriously, if I persist with my folly. It is. The best way is to do as Switzerland is doing, that is sensibly, and insensibly.

The Swiss Constitution was not designed for direct democracy, it’s just growing into one, with ever more referenda of We The People, on all important issues.

Interestingly (one of the) the “votation” coming in three weeks has to do with limiting immigration. It will not pass, but it has furthered an even more sophisticated reflection on the subject (a Swiss referendum against immigration from (the rest of) the European Union passed last year; negotiations Swiss-EU on it are intense).

Referenda are healthy. In Great Britain, immigration is a burning hot subject (people hate it). But because We The British People cannot vote directly on the issue, they have made the European Union (which has little to do with it) into the scapegoat.

We have to ask more from politics. This starts by voting out the conventional electoral process.

Elect grand ideas, not clowns.

Patrice Ayme’

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8 Responses to “Elect Ideas, Not Clowns”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    I wasn’t eligible to vote, not being an American citizen yet. ‘Green card’ holders have to be resident for 5 years before they can apply for citizenship.

    But, as an ex-Brit, I did want to challenge your point about the British concern at the current high levels of immigration. About it not being a direct result of EU membership. My understanding is that it is the EU’s charter of free movement for all EU citizens that is at the heart of the British issue. Ergo, too many want to abandon other parts of Europe for the United Kingdom.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hello Paul! As most Americans did not vote, welcome! Methinks, as I said, that they are on strike. And they should be.

      Why would other Europeans want to abandon other parts of Europe? Is it the sun? Or the floods?

      There is a notion called disinformation: telling something that sounds plausible, but is actually not correct. Great Britain, thanks to plutocratic propaganda, is swimming in a sea of misinformation… and misunderstandings, and mis-emotions, not to say ill emotions… Against Europe. It’s pretty pathetic. (And what led Scotland to try to flee!)

      4.2% of German citizens were born in another EU country. 3.6% in the UK, 3.3%, in France. By comparison, it’s 6.5% in Belgium, 6.1% in Austria, 5.1% in Sweden, 5.1% in Spain…

      The real problem is that, for years, the UK has let fanatical religious preachers of the hatred of democracy thrive there. Another problem has been lack of ID control in the UK. Illegal immigrants try desperately to enter the UK, because they can work there, and certainly not in most other EU countries, where controls are stricter (plus they speak English, often).


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    A comment in Aviation Week I completely approve of, related to the Antares explosion above, which illustrates Obama’s naïve (to stay polite) subsidy of “private” (ie political cronies) space (I have said this many times, and a long time ago):

    chills@bham.lib… on Nov 5, 2014
    The Musk/Space X fairy tale is appealing, but it is a fantasy that could have been made into a Disney movie. US taxpayers have carried a great deal of the financial burden required to make Space X what it is. They don’t call it a bribe when it’s a campaign contribution, but Mr, Musk bought the right friends in the right places so that his companies could receive tax credit breaks, federal loans, no-bid contracts, use of NASA facilities, and the other types of favors that political cronies typically receive,


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    The Virgin Galactic rocket Crash (happened at the same time as Antares above) was caused by the co-pilot (who died) deploying the feathering mechanism minutes too early:

    The problem was not the speed at which it was deployed inasmuch as the density of the air at that altitude. At Mach 1, 15 kilometers up, the craft would have been around what is called “maximum aerodynamics stress”. The feathers can be deployed safely only at very high altitude (low air density), or lower speed (in dense air).

    Human beings in free fall can themselves become supersonic at 20 miles altitude. Then they slow down from air resistance. At low altitude a human being going supersonic, even in a specially designed ejection seat, will suffer extensive damage.


  4. Tax Power Absolutely | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] Elect ideas, not people. And use the right of answer to do so. That right of answer, by any citizen, was viewed as fundamental for Athenian democracy, in the National Assemblies. It even had its own name. […]


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