Armenian Holocaust Versus The Empire of Goodness

If the empire of goodness does not rule, the empire of badness will.

If children have been exposed, when young, to the empire of badness, the habit is hard to kick.

If acts of mass murdering horror are not punished, but, instead, make a state live long and posper, it is to be feared that the horror will be emulated.

It is no accident that the Armenian genocide happened in the presence of German officers. It is likely that the Armenian genocide (1.5 million dead, just for the 1914-1918 period), inspired the Nazis.

At some period of its history, Turkey became a so-called “Caliphate”, a type of dictatorship justified by a reading of Islam (Caliph means successor… of Muhammad, a famous war chieftain).

Turks Crucified Thousands Of Armenian Women. Here Arab Bedouins Are Rescuing Some Crucified Armenian Women

Turks Crucified Thousands Of Armenian Women. Here Arab Bedouins Are Rescuing Some Crucified Armenian Women

[In interviews, Turkish soldiers justified at the time the crucifixions of women and girls as young as 16, by claiming they had not been “submissive”. An inside joke on Islam (“Submission”)]

The full story of the state called “Turkey” is amusing, and instructive: the Turks are from Central Asia, not far from Mongolia. They are old Indo-European stock. Peoples from Central Asia always find reproduction easier to achieve than production: the steppe is deprived of much resources.

Thus Central Asian populations tend to explode (as those of several other deserts). Should such a population grow beyond the land carrying capacity, should the natives stop killing each other (as the Mongols, under Genghis Khan’s firm hand, or the Arabs of Muhammad, for that matter), then they have to invade (or die in the attempt).

So the Turkish army, 300,000 strong, decided to invade richer areas, as Central Asian peoples periodically do: just ask those who decided to build the Great Wall of China. They equipped themselves with the deadliest weapon: Islam, literally interpreted.

Within a generation, the Turks reached the Mediterranean, and had the Oriental Roman empire on the ropes (this empire was the so-called Byzantium; however the people from Constantinople called themselves “Romans”, and they were, although they spoke Greek… As did Julius Caesar as a baby).

The Romans of Constantinople called the Franks to the rescue.

The Romans had helped the Franks to throw out the Saracens terrifying Europe from their basis in Provence during the Tenth Century, a century earlier. The Romans dispatched a fleet with Grecian Fire spitting ships at the battle of Saint Tropez.

The cry for help from Constantinople launched the Crusades. After all, both the Franks and the Romans in the Orient were all part of the Roman Empire (although the French King asserted his superiority by claiming to be “emperor in his own kingdom“).

Fast forward eight centuries.

By 1900 CE, the Caliphate had long become a disaster, because, not just a dictatorship, it fought ideas and terribly destabilizing high tech such as printing.

The “Young Turks” decided to seize power. They had some great and modern ideas. Enough to hate Islam. But still, Islam is what they had learned young. Islamist logic may not have ruled their minds, but Islamist emotions still did.

Whatever their reasons, the Young Turks conducted a xenophobic policy.

The Young Turks dared to finish what the Turkish invaders had started, centuries earlier: the Young Turks kicked out, and otherwise destroyed, Greeks and Armenians.

The Greeks had lived in Anatolia for more than three millennia. The Armenians had founded the first Christian state (yes, two generations before the Roman Empire became de facto Christian under emperor Theodosius).

At the hands of the “Young Turks” several millions died or were thrown out of their country. Sometimes full war was used, sieging Greek cities for months, burning them to a crisp.

The “Young Turks” proclaimed a republic in “Turkey”.

The “Young Turks” said they committed no genocide, no holocaust, no ethnic cleansing. They were lying, and their successors (Caliphs?) are lying. Not just that, but their successors profit from, and still exploit the Holocausts against Armenians (and Greeks).

Barack Obama, when he ran for president, pretended that he would recognize the Armenian genocide. Now Obama does not use the word “genocide” about Armenia.

What is Obama afraid of?

Obama is not just afraid of making accusations. Obama is afraid of Turkey.

Tomorrow one remembers the 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide, a holocaust at the hands of Turks, and an emotional interpretation of the Islamist ideology.

The Turks, most Turks, say such a thing, the Armenian holocaust, did not happen. When the Pope mentioned it a few days ago, Turkey recalled its ambassador. (I doubt Turkey will recall the ambassador to France, though… France has more Special Forces than the Pope.)

A substantial part of present Turkey rests on Armenian territory. Turkey would have to regurgitate the land it stole, should Turkey recognize history for what it is.

Don’t bet on it.

Tomorrow president Francois Hollande of France and his homologue Vladimir Putin of Russia travel to Armenia, to express the importance they attach to reality and holocaust. This is unusually courageous for Putin, who wants to make nice with Turkey’s semi-dictator, Erdogan (a question of fossil fuels in part as major pipe-lines are being built, to avoid Ukraine).

Putin and Hollande will be very much alone in Armenia, commemorating. No other significant heads of state are coming. Hollande announced they will talk about Ukraine (while Obama hides from reality on golf courses; worrying even China, which is starting to get worried by North Korea’ s huge nuclear arsenal: soon 40 nukes, says the PRC, and capable to reach the USA ).

Why are France and Russia less afraid of Turkey than the USA?

Maybe, and certainly just a question of character of the leaders.

And how does one fight an empire of badness?

By an empire of goodness.

Time for Europe to man up, and stop the causes of the massive unlawful immigration into Europe.

Last year, Italy caught more than 171,000 unlawful immigrants from Africa. And more than 50,000, from the Middle East. Thousands died at sea.

If nobody uses force for goodness, if goodness has no force, evil will win.

Time for force. Even be it just the force of ideas and representation. So kudos to the French and Russian Presidents tomorrow in Yerevan, Armenia. And shame onto the others. Those despicable characters are not just cowards. They are accomplices. And not just of what happened in Armenia, or under the Nazis. The cowards are accomplices of holocausts to come.

If Obama cannot confront Turkey, how can he confront North Korea and its 40 nuclear weapons?

Patrice Ayme’

Note: 43 states of the USA have recognized the Armenian genocide (Obama is “leading from behind”). 20 nations recognize the Armenian genocide. The German president just used the word. On April 25, while Putin and Hollande were presenting their respects in Yerevan, Armenia, front and center, the German parliament overwhelmingly approved on Friday a resolution branding the mass killings of up to 1.5 million Armenians by Young Turkish forces a century ago as “genocide”. The Austrian Republic did so a few days ago, and received the appropriate threats from Ankara in return.

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21 Responses to “Armenian Holocaust Versus The Empire of Goodness”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    You are certainly correct that something has to be done about the causes of mass immigration to Europe. Looks like you need another post to explain what you think should be done 🙂


  2. gmax Says:

    Obama is disgusting. I really regret having voted and campaigned for him.

    That Obama does not condemn the Armenian Holocaust shows well what kind of man he is. He became president not for the causes he claimed, but just bcs he wanted to be the C in C, the First Man in Rome.


  3. gmax Says:

    I support Ian’s request, and also what’s that Korean nuke story?


  4. stevedude Says:

    “of holocausts to come” = humankind not learning from history and therefore doomed to repeat it, with an assist from: all the help evil needs is for good men/women to do nothing. And there/then you have it.

    I’m looking forward to hugging my kids when I get home.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      hello Steve, and welcome to the comments.
      To learn from history, one should learn from the REAL history, and not just what is in the textbooks. A problem has been that there are lots of conspiracies in history. A principle to reconstitute REAL history, is that “Leaders” generally act some ways, because it makes sense TO THEM, at the time.

      For example, the REAL history of Nazism I depicted in various, actually a great many essays (I have more than 1,000 of them out!), is VERY different on some important theoretical elements from normal, textbook history…

      You are lucky to have kids. I think when one loves children, life is full of enough meaning to make sense, and then we become vehicles to this meaning.


  5. dominique deux Says:

    The silver lining on the cloud is that Turkey’s surrealistic entry in the EU now is extremely unlikely to happen, despite the (now muted) entreaties of those for whom bean counting is an excellent substitute for thinking.

    My solution to the mass drowning issue (short of Africa’s benevolent re-colonization, an oxymore not about to happen): speed up the downsizing of Europe’s fishing fleets, whose impact on oceanic life is on a par with global warming’s; hand over hunderd of seaworthy, reconditioned trawlers to the passers, along with striped-wool suits and ties to make them look like respectable businessmen; grant them free passage through the Gibraltar Strait (its Southern part anyway); see them steam towards the true destination of their dreams, which is, daft as it may sound, the UK; relax.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      UK is a destination because they speak Frenglish there, have no identification papers, and needs lots of servants for their legions of worldwide plutocrats.
      Re-colonization of Africa (“empire”) is the way, lest we want China to do it. But China, even China, counts on us… Or at least on the French Army. Notice the so-called rainbow nation (SA) is also full of expanding colors, like a beautiful explosion…
      Re-colonization is de facto on the way (EU accountants watching over Congo, etc.) Nothing wrong with it: true globalization, where the Republic, rather than the Plutocracy, leads the way…


  6. Amna Shiekh Says:

    Amna Shiekh: The world is overpopulated. Find meaning somewhere else.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Amna Friend: This is not correct. It depends upon the countries. Maybe half are overpopulated, sometimes grotesquely so. Consider Bangladesh, Pakistan, even India, parts of Indonesia: all ridiculously overpopulated.

      However many European countries are threatened by UNDERpopulation, not overpopulation. This creates its own problem as there are not enough young people to protect and take care of the old. The ultimate example that way is Japan, whose population could soon be cut in half. But even China, with its 1.325 billion people will have a problem, because of its one child policy.

      The main problem right now is the CO2 emissions which vary in the rich world from 20 tons of CO2 per person per year (Australia, Canada, and nearly so USA) down to 5 tons (parts of France, Switzerland). Something wrong about people finding meaning in jet skiing in Fidji… I advocate a severe carbon tax. Bangladesh, BTW, will have to be evacuated soon…

      I did not mention Africa, where in some countries (Niger, Kenya) women still get around 8 children. Much of Africa is lethally overpopulated, and the Rwandan Civil War happened in what was then the most densely populated country in Africa.


  7. Amna Shiekh Says:

    Amna Shiekh overpopulation is a global issue – you can try and separate it out into different regions and countries and square kilometers all you want, the fact remains that we all share the same planet, and the same limited resources. the only thing you’re really pointing out by listing all these countries is that those resources are unevenly distributed. it’s the same pool, Patrice. and as a species we are taking too much.

    By the way, i’d like to commend u on not taking my first comment personally. it was certainly not meant to be taken that way, but i fear most parents take the word “overpopulation” as a personal insult. on the contrary, i love children and have nothing but support for parents and kids and those that are pregnant. however, for those who are “still thinking about it,” i am a huge proponent of, well, finding meaning elsewhere.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Amna: But it’s not the same resources! Even inside the USA, California (say) is quite independent upon Texas (say)… Although New York depends a lot agriculturally upon California… California could be an independent country, even with its apocalyptic drought. At this point, most Asian countries produce enough food for their own consumption. BTW, one has more than HALF of humanity in a small radius in Asia. That’s where the overpopulation is. It’s not in Siberia (which has a grand total of 38 million over a territory much larger than the USA!) That’s why the Chinese want to invade Siberia. They could plant enough potatoes there to feed 5 billion Chinese. At least.


  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Amna: Children represent the essence of humanity. Those who don’t love children, don’t love humanity.

    Now I understand completely that, in the wrong circumstances, one will not want children. Even simple animals are of this persuasion. Precisely because they are the essence, children are a serious matter. In particular, a correct parent changes from a particular mental model, doing whatever, to one where one is much more directed, directing, commending command, and giving.


  9. Kathleen Hawes Watkins Says:

    Kathleen Hawes Watkins: And as you get older/wiser, all humanity is viewed as children. Both parents and non-parents know the human connection is essence. But overpopulation rends this connection/essence asunder.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Kathleen: Thanks for supporting my view, and putting it well. Loving childhood is loving the essence of what is good about humanity. Overpopulation is a disease, but it is happening only to a number of populations. Other populations are suffering from the opposite disease, depopulation.


  10. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Amna: You apparently failed to read what I wrote. Let me repeat. Overpopulation, at this point is essentially a South East Asia, South Asia, and African problem. Yes, there are way too many Pakistani children, I agree with you.

    However, there are not enough Estonian children. As you know a lot of people of Pakistanu descent, you no doubt see that there are too many of them. OK, right, 100%. South Asia is in severe overpopulation danger, and it would not be surprising this all ends up in terrible wars

    As far as California and CO2, California could go nearly completely electric, with existing technology. It’s just a matter of will and investment. And, as I said, well above ten million people with the world’s richest way of life, between France and Switzerland live on only 5 tons of CO2 emissions a year… With a growing population. A fourth of the CO2 emissions of Canada, Australia, USA.

    What you are doing is throwing the few clean white babies with the dirty South Asian bath. I am not accusing you of racism, but of producing a self defeating ideology:maybe a third of the world’s nations are suffering from morbid depopulation… …
    At this point, really, too many pure Caucasian babies is not a problem. The tragedy is too many babies in places that are either under an evil ideology, and, or, incapable of producing enough food, and, or, energy for them.

    That the Americans, Australians, and Canadians are CO2 pigs who encouraged China to follow their delusional, criminal way, is another matter entirely.


  11. Amna Shiekh Says:

    Patrice, do you have any idea why poor countries have overpopulation problems? and why they are still poor?

    have you considered that it’s because these supposed “morbidly depopulated” first world countries are continuing to rape third world nations for resources and child/slave labor?

    the rich get to have all the resources they want, at the expense of the poor. pakistan is one of the leading textile exporters in the world, along with china, and india (see a pattern?).

    that’s hundreds of thousands, likely millions, of kids working for 10 cents a day so us first world nations can have our stuffed animals and waterproof pants. this violent cycle for survival is how things like basic education get ignored in places like pakistan.

    it is incredibly ignorant to suggest it’s simply “their problem” when we are all contributing to it. it’s a GLOBAL problem, as i’ve been continuing to say over…and over…and over again.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I see, I am confronted to a revolt from the downthrodden masses… Maybe you should read my essay today… Not quite all that way, but a bit… I may answer you in a full essay…


  12. Genocidal Turkey? | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] German officers took part in planning and executing the Holocaust (confirming what I wrote in a simultaneous essay; the next day, overwhelmingly, the German Parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide). Clearly, as […]


  13. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT, May 3 2015.]

    According to Chinese experts, North Korea is quickly making dozens of nuclear weapons. In Pakistan an even greater number of nuclear warheads could fall into the hands of fanatics.
    And so on.

    I was stridently against the wars with Iraq, for a number of reasons which have proven sadly true. Saddam Hussein was pretty much manipulated by the West, and then made into an excuse to invade Iraq.

    However, there is a more general situation to address.

    The power of weapons, the ease with which they are made, keep going up. The only way to control all this is force, conversation, and the empire of goodness.
    If more rogue countries and terrorist organizations are allowed to grow and prosper, war, a war of the worst kind, can’t be avoided. The choice is between war(s) of prevention, and what may turn out into war(s) of annihilation. Not much of a choice.

    And very few nations have the capacity of waging war at a distance, for goodness, at this point. It’s mostly down to the USA and France at this point. Even the UK has given up…

    Yes, it’s grim. However, this morass is per mitigating the evil nature of the world we presently have. Running away from badness only encourages it to pounce.

    A message loud pacifists reject with horror and consternation. Yet, one cannot fight evil with flowers, indifference, or ignorance.


  14. Genocidal Turkey? - NewsCream Says:

    […] German officers took part in planning and executing the Holocaust (confirming what I wrote in a simultaneous essay; the next day, overwhelmingly, the German Parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide). Clearly, as […]


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