Genocidal Turkey?

A (good) philosopher ought to tell the truth, a (good) politician, how to sell it. Maybe Obama is acting behind the scene to persuade Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide (hope springs, eternal!) The Wall Street Journal talked only of “Armenian Slaughter” (not “Genocide”) on its front page’s cover story with a picture of the French and Russian presidents, commemorating the Holocaust in Armenia. The New York Times, apparently friendlier to mass-murder, completely ignored the Armenian Genocide. Not just that, but the Times’ front page article, instead, celebrated the success of Obama’s drone campaign. Eerie. I guess the meta-idea is that it’s OK to kill civilians when pursuing a higher purpose.

So Times says: holocausts not important, while assassination by CIA drones works splendidly. That is emotionally clear.

Turkey Ought To Regurgitate What’s Inside The Red Circles

Turkey Ought To Regurgitate What’s Inside The Red Circles

[Cilicia used to be known as “Little Armenia”. Historically, the ancient Armenian empire joined both Cilicia and Armenia proper in one ensemble.]

As long as it does not recognize what happened, Turkey is a genocidal country. This means that today’s Turkish state is an accomplice of its direct predecessor of 1915. At the very least, Turkish gendarmes cordoned off Armenians in 1915, so that they could be massacred in peace.

Turkey is still engaging in genocidal policies, and not just against the Kurds. Turkey has been facilitating Daesh (“Islamist State”) and other Islamists.

The dismantlement of Turkey had been decided by the Treaty of Sèvres (10 August 1920). That was one of the treaties to dismantle the Central Fascist Empires which had attacked the entire world in 1914. In a similar vein, in 2014, Daesh, the “Islamist State”, declared war against the entire world and its inheritance.

Turkey got only partly dismantled: the “Young Turks’”army resisted the Franco-Greco-Armenian military assault. It helped that Armenia had been so enormously genocidized before (one cannot have an army when one’s population has been halved, or more).


Genocides Amplify, and Propagate:

Within three months of the Armenian Genocide, German Consuls in Turkey had unanimously officially declared to their government that the government of Turkey had decided the total eradication of Armenian population in Turkey.

Joachim Gauk, the German president just admitted, not just that there was a genocide, but that German officers took part in planning and executing the Holocaust (confirming what I wrote in a simultaneous essay; the next day, overwhelmingly, the German Parliament recognized the Armenian Genocide). Clearly, as I said, for years, World War One was the inception of Nazism. That’s when Hitler and company learned their ethics. The ethics of genocide.

If enough countries recognize the Armenian Genocide, it will have consequences for Turkey. This is why Obama’s cowardly behavior is unforgivable. Humanity has to learn to look at genocides, past and future, in the eye.

Personally, I am for the partial dismantlement of Turkey. Without calling for the full restitution of historical Armenian, part of it ought to be returned. I have met young “Turks” who were livid that their children had to convert to Islam, and deny their cultural heritage. (They are now living in the USA, driving taxis, wondering how to handle their Islamized children.)

Another piece of Turkey ought to go to the Kurds. There are precedent: Singapore separating from Malaysia, Timor from Indonesia, South Sudan from North Sudan.


Charles The Evil Ruler:

Prince Charles and one of his sons went to pay their respect to Erdogan, the ruler of Turkey, on the very same day as the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Holocaust was commemorated. There they were, saluting crisply Erdogan. One must admit that the evil Charles and his evil son wear grand uniforms.

But why the official denial that the Armenian genocide happened?

Everybody knows that Erdogan moved the Gallipoli victory celebration to the same day, as the beginning of the Armenian genocide.

Gallipoli was also a defeat of France, Britain, Australia and New Zealand against the evil regime in Ankara allied to the evil, world war mongering regime in Berlin.

Are the evil Charles and his evil son going to put grand uniforms next and briskly salute the commemoration of the defeat of the British Army at Toulon in 1793, at the hands of Napoleon? Hey, that was another bloody defeat! (Which launched Napoleon’s ill-fated career.)

The behaviors of the leaders of Great Britain and the USA shows that they value their power over the present Turkish government, more than the empire of goodness. Not by coincidence, the USA has been the greatest obstacle to fixing the CO2 problem. Not by coincidence, the USA was built on genocides and related cover-ups, as I related in Quake In Nepal, Or Why Exploitation Does Not Help Natives.

However, for goodness to rule, it has to be coherent. If one ignores Turkey for a holocaust, one may as well ignore North Korea, say, for planned nuclear blackmail, the threat of a nuclear holocaust. And this is exactly what is happening.

Patrice Ayme’

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8 Responses to “Genocidal Turkey?”

  1. gmax Says:

    It’s totally weird, and f…ing crazy that the two bejewelled royals from England go celebrate against Armenia. Remind me, when is Britain becoming a democracy?


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent To TE.]
    Apr 25th

    It is more than a disgrace for Prince Charles to celebrate with those who deny genocide. It was reminiscent of when Great Britain made a Naval Treaty with Adolf Hitler in 1935? (It was truly a sort of alliance.)

    What was Prince Charles thinking?

    Because Armenia was a genocide:

    In a drastic contrast, the German president not only recognized the Armenian genocide, but the German president advanced the correct theory that German officers were accomplices of it (through planning and execution).

    Recommended 9


    • leonmen Says:

      in reply to Tyranosopher

      Hitler even noted the apathy of the West to this event which no doubt influenced his planning for the mother of genocides.

      He was of course correct. The West refused to believe that this could happen until they saw the death camps.
      The RAF even refused to bomb Auschwitz although Churchill had ordered them to do so – most of Hungary’s Jewry would have been saved by this action. No doubt the Colonial Office thought that this Jewish ‘excess’ would be problematic for them after the war.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Indeed. Scholars have not focused enough on the influences, complicities and collaborations Hitler benefited from.

        The refusal to bomb the railway lines into the extermination camps is indeed clear. Horrendously, it was relatively minor comparatively to much more drastic collaborations in the extermination of the Jews and the blossoming of the Nazis. The governments of the UK and USA KNEW, although they did not want to know. And they had to have known, fully, by 1935, at the latest, that the Nazis were horrendous enough against the Jews to justify a casus belli…

        Eichmann had proposed one million Jews against 10,000 trucks, to the Brits (and Begin!). That was refused.

        In any case, digging carefully in the history, it’s clear that, without its collaborators and accomplices in the UK and USA, the Nazi adventure would not have happened.


        • John Rogers Says:

          “. . .without its collaborators and accomplices in the UK and USA . . .”

          The name Prescott Bush ring a bell with anybody?


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            If it were just Prescott… Head of the American-Silesian, Hitler’s most important company in all of Germany, said Hitler… American-Silesian was part of the 38 camps comprising the archipelago centered on Auschwitz.
            Then there were the Harrimans, the Warburgs, the Dulles, etc…. Ford, GM, Texaco, Standard Oil, Rockefellers, etc… I was going to forget Watson, IBM. Ethyl Corporation of America caused literally the 1940 defeat of Britain and France… UND SO WEITER….

            The “A” in NAZI, probably stands for AMERIKA….
            (Making more friends! ;-))


  3. Kevin Berger Says:

    Since I can’t comment intelligently, and to lighten the mood, obligatory polandball link (“Tout est pardonné”) :


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