Subtlety Pertains To Civilization

Subtlety of thought is one, not many. It’s not possible to be an old fashioned brute in all ways but one. It’s not possible to become an angel of thinking among one-liner brutes.

This is why revolutions of knowledge and wisdom always happen in the revolutionary polis. A revolution is when an entire society reconsiders its system of mind. So, fundamentally, it’s a mental reconsideration, country-wide, a country-wide growth of subtlety. This is very clear from history.

Crete, Athens, and much of Europe, when they contributed to civilization markedly, were in pre-, post-, or outright revolutionary stages; France and Britain, in particular proved capable of sustaining quasi-revolution on a rather permanent basis for centuries.

Some pretend otherwise, and periodically come to sing the praises of a particular religion, which is supposedly a civilization. Never mind that this religion, “God Is Great”, has more than 100 variants which want to kill each other, more than anything else.

By singing the praises of “God Is Great” religion, what is implicitly done is to sing the praises of the Christian religion, a superstition which nearly destroyed civilization around 400 CE. Christianism in turn became the God is Great religion, when it adapted to the sands of Arabia (closest family members of the “God Is Great” founder were Christian, one of them a professional monk).

Christianism was established by a succession of Roman emperors who imposed a god made in the image of the (already divinized) Roman emperor. A bone was thrown to intellectuals by claiming the “LOGOS”, logic, was “god”.

However, when one man rules, considering that men rule with ideas, nothing but the ideas of that man should rule. Thus

The brand new Canadian government’s Foreign Minister, Stephane Dion, is déçu” (= more than disappointed) by Obama’s decision to reject the Keystone Pipeline. So much for subtlety. Canadians still like it dirty.

Obama talked about “dirty oil”, and perfidiously, but completely correctly, remarked that “dirty oil was not in the best interest of the USA”. Indeed. Go Barry, go, just when we thought we had lost you, Obama is coming on his own, literally. Too little, too late, but always good to take.

That was not so subtle, but that lack of subtlety is exactly the subtlety needed to impose the crucial view: fossil fuels are what the Twentieth Century was about, and they are killing the biosphere.

The effect is subtle, it’s called “CO2 forcing”, and it was discovered by a number of (European) scientists looking at a number of distinct effects (and some are still alive today, including the discoverer of CO2 in fossil ice, Claude Lorius (Grenoble)). At this point, the science is certain, and action is needed: one talks of two degrees Celsius. But that, by itself is a catastrophe (as the poles would melt). Yet, the truth, is that we are presently on a trajectory bringing a minimum of THREE degree Celsius (same catastrophe as with two degrees, just faster).

Yes, 2 Degree Is Too Much, as I said in 2009, but now, to my satisfaction, many are discovering this to be true (six years later).


War Can Be Subtle:

Considering that the climate catastrophe is upon us, how come the West is dragging its feet so much. Indeed, one could transit to a carbon free energy: the technology exists.

Superficially, it’s all the fault of the fossil fuel industry, and all those who profit from the six TRILLION dollars of subsidies, each year. Also mental inertia.

But there is more. War can profit immensely a few, or even entire nations. Countries such as Britain, France, the USA were created by war. Actually point at a country, and I could pretty much tell you about the wars which created it.

The tribe which by far profited the most of the greatest wars of the Twentieth Century was the USA. It turns out, I have pointed out with relish countless times, that the USA help instigate these wars with enough subtlety, that it gave an excuse for official historians in plutocratic universities to claim they saw nothing there.

A subtlety now is that the same sort of reasoning could be contemplated: extreme wars, the sort we are heading towards, from exploding populations while the biosphere is imploding, could only profit some of those closest to the world’s decision circles.

Patrice Ayme’

23 Responses to “Subtlety Pertains To Civilization”

  1. EugenR Says:

    Even if the founding fathers of US just adopted the French-English political philosophy, and did not develop it, they were the first who fully implemented these ideas. The French failed, and the British were to self-posesed with themselves, to make a revolution. When WWI broke out, and no-one can blame US for this madness, they were already a major political, military and economic force, that the crazy Europeans had to consider. Unfortunately Wilson, when trying to establish sustainable peace in Europe after the war, was already a dying man, as Roosevelt was 25 years later (never trust dying presidents). So the post war arrangements became disastrous, since the Europeans by themselves since pax Romana could never create peace without America. But unfortunately, since the fiasco of Vietnam and tricky Nixon, America lost its moral position in the world, and if it applied political-military activism it was followed mainly by bad decision process. So is its anty leadership


    • Gmax Says:

      You mean the French failed to implement slavery? And I guess you never heard of the Glorious Revolution. Patrice has explained many times that the USA helped the Kaiser in the first world war. Also the fight between France and America started in 1934 about Germany


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        The French Revolution gave the right of vote to all citizens. It nearly gave the same right to women (it was close). As we can see, this got generalized. So did the principle of EQUALITY: France 1789, USA sometimes after the 1950s. So, I am afraid, indeed, that the French Revolution worked, and the American one (votes only for a few homeowners), failed.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      So I need to start a book:

      Dramatic Conspiracies of History:
      How The USA Got WWI Started:
      1) Colonel House, right arm of USA president Wilson met with Kaiser Wilhelm II. June 1, 1914.
      2) House proposed a sort of USA-Germany=Britain world government excluding what he named the “racially inferior French”.
      3) War, launched by the Kaiser, started 2 months later.
      4) USA send for years materials essential for pursuing war to the German fascists, such as primaries to make explosives.

      How the USA Got World War 2 Started:
      To start with, by instigating and supporting Nazism. (Even the “stab in the back” theory was created by a British general… OK he was sarcastic, but his interlocutor, the war criminal Ludendorff, carried the idea back to his fellow Nazis, circa 1919…)


      • EugenR Says:

        I have in mind to write about the psychologicaly disturbed phenomenons of German-Austrian military and civilian leadership and of course of the Kaiser himself. Pity i know so little about Freud. I would for sure find lot of paranoia and egomania there. By the way, didn’t have the old bureaucrat Franz Joseph II Alzheimer at 1914?


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The Austrians were played by the top four generals at the Prussian General Staff (a total of 600 generals there). I know the period super well. I view the USA as the Deus Ex Machina. House did entertain the Kaiser ‘s racial folly and did promise aid, which was delivered for three years. Otherwise the French and British high sea embargo would have starved fascist racist holocaust prone Germany out of thee war in JUST ONE YEAR.

          The USA’s corrupt plutocracy did it, and was going to do it again around 1939. So here we are.

          Freud won’t help. As most Jews, he was played.

          BTW, look at the chronology” after fascist racist holocaustic barbarian robotic thoroughly despicable Germany had attacked, Austria refused to declare war, for several days, in spite of huge pressure form Berlin. The slain Archiduke was the only friend of the Kaiser. Although a grim figure, he had good reasons for that, turned out, he was a determined pacifist. With him alive, the Prussian General Staff would have had to make a coup (which they nearly made, BTW).

          Write about it, you may have some angles I don’t… We can debate. However, I have the main ones (hahaha)


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The Germans had it coming (and the Jews too): Nietzsche said as much in 1880s, with a wealth of profundity about the characters at work…


  2. EugenR Says:

    So its anti leadership in the environmental issues.


  3. brodix Says:


    I’m thinking you haven’t followed the news closely enough. The Keystone pipeline company sought to withdraw its application last week, I suppose because oil prices would no longer support it and the administration rejected the request, so that the president could turn around and reject building it, in order to claim credit.

    Yes, the two ancient examples of public government, democracy in Athens and the Republic in Rome, were founded by pantheistic cultures. If you have a religion of many voices and views, than a similar government is logical. In modern times, with monotheism being the default model, even for those who are atheistic, religion and government have to be explicitly separated. Even Israel is starting to find them incompatible.

    This is not the fault of the religious, who simply want to believe in something, whether it is the Buddha, or Jesus, but the philosophers, who cannot distinguish between the absolute, as universal state and ideal, as perfect form. Logically a spiritual absolute would be the raw essence of consciousness expressed through biology, from which humanity rises, not an ideal form of wisdom and judgement from which it fell. It is because it is a useful political tool to claim the source is an all-knowing father figure, that monotheism is inculcated from the pulpits. It facilitates the divine right of kings. Even George Bush claimed it was God’s Will to make him president, rather than the inertia of a stagnating political system.

    Maybe the coming crisis will prove so traumatic that even the religions are displaced. Along with the privatized financial medium.

    It is like forest fire prevention, where the little fires are prevented, consequently the big fires burn so hot that it destroys more of the older trees that would have withstood smaller fires.


  4. Gmax Says:

    Patrice: you have to write a history book, a compendium of your main points. Then no need to repeat always the same things, just send the ignorant to the book! 😉


  5. EugenR Says:

    I remember reading once the protocols of German and Austrian head of stuff. They sound to me totally paranoid about their situation and the bleak future, when the inevitable confrontation with the Russians and the French will come. Cooperation among states was not considered as an option, in spite of interwoven economic interests and ruling elites. Of course US with it’s focusing on economic wealth creation was happy to cooperate with the biggest economy in Europe. Yet blaming Wilson for outbreak of WWI, can’t be serious. I wonder about other question many times, was the US support of GB in WWI because of cultural acquaintance, or because of pure economic interest. Were the submarines the reason why US entered the war or some other reason?


  6. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    Real history was hidden by those who profited from it, Patrice said once. Patrice mentioned many times the devious incitation and help the government of the USA, its White House, Congress and capitalists brought to Mittel Europa fascism, In particular to German fascists, Mussolini, Franco and Stalin. Indeed, she should write a book, at least devote a blog to that.


  7. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    EugenR: Patrice called attention to Colonel House, who went to see the Kaiser, days before the Prussian General Staff decided upon war , and at the exact time when the conspirators of December 11 1912 (read Patrice for the details) had decided to make war (they had given themselves 18 months).

    Then the American capitalists broke the embargo of Germany, through the Netherlands. You say these capitalists are not the American government?

    An American president said:’The business of America is business’ Are you saying business is above the law. Business can do whatever, like selling or stealing Jewish stuff, and it’s OK? If it’s American, it’s OK, and it has nothing to do with America?


  8. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    For your edification, Eugen, IBM managed all the thousands of Nazi extermination camps. During the entire war. France tried to arrest IBM directors after the end of the war, but the OSS exfiltrated them out of Europe and Switzerland.

    There is a book: IBM and the Holocaust. Written by some Jew (?) called Black.


    • EugenR Says:

      As you probably noticed, i am a second generation of Auschwitz survival and am well aware about all what you write about IBM, and you can add Ford, GM who was the owner of Opel and many others. I also agree that the US government, (and lately more than ever) is hold in a grip of economic and financial barons. The whole political system is based on donations of hundred of millions of dollars with each election, so it can’t be otherwise. What i am saying is that the immoral act of US corporations was an opportunistic exploitation of German pre war obsession with their national identity and of course the uniqueness of german race. The German leaders were not capable to accept the historical fact, that they missed the opportunity to become a colonial power. The world was divided among other European powers by 1872. If the colonial power like France and Brittany and even Russia understood colonialism as more than just a opportunity for exploitation of the lands they rule, Germans never understood it. As colonialist they were worse even than the Belgians, and made the first genocide in Namibia against civil population, who uprised against their methods of exploitation.
      It was not accident that the Nazi regime was created in Germany. And all those who helped them, be it in Europe or US, had only a secondary role in the crimes Germany committed to the world.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        I am also a sort of Auschwitz/Extermination Camp survivor, as my teenage mother and her family had to flee the Gestapo through the woods (for having saved more than one hundred Jews). My father saw combat against Nazi jets…
        Many others in my family fell to fascism and Nazism, and some of the closest, in combat. All the way to the 1960s, BTW…
        Hence my ferocity.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      All you said, DBA, was explored on this site earlier, or on the Tyranosopher site…As you seem to know. Best.


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