Transatlantic Sadism

Transatlantic Secret Plot:

A transatlantic accord is negotiated in the greatest secrecy. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP, or Transatlantic Tragedy and Irreversible Plutocracy. In the USA, TIPS are highly valued. TIPS represent the moment when the power of money, the mastery of the rich over the poor, and even of deciding if the poor served well enough to deserve to eat, comes into play. It is a sacred moment: the worth of American man is determined by tipping, both as a receiver, and a donor. Thus no doubt smart propagandists in the USA thought that “TTIP” the stumbling sound of the beggar who has served, was, no doubt, alluring.

What does TTIP’s secrecy mean? Well, remember my essay on corruption: “Plutocracy Causes Cancer“? I proposed to consider that the USA was 15 times more corrupt than the Congo, because the cancer rate in the USA was 15 times that of Congo. Certainly, a corrupt body is worse than a corrupt mind, at least in the matter of survival, if not that of the matter of the honor of the human spirit. One of the main reason for the high cancer rate is food and the environment are corrupted deliberately, by adding 80,000 untested additives which cause cancer (and probably autism).

Trade Yes, Slavery No. And The Hell With Secrecy. Gangrene Should Not Be Hidden

Trade Yes, Slavery No. And The Hell With Secrecy. Gangrene Should Not Be Hidden

Thus, Plutocracy Kills. The more global trade without global laws (passed by We The People!), the more plutocratization eschewing local legislation.

Adding disease causing additives in food augments the profits of those whose burning desire and highest value, is to own the world.

Such metaphysically driven by greed individuals guide the USA, including President and Congress. How do they guide? They guide through reasoning. Satanic reasoning, that is. It is the satanic nature of this reasons that has to remain hidden. This is why Pluto can make itself invisible, according to Greek mythology. If Pluto’s vicious ways were in plain sight, people would not vote for them.

(One of the engines of violent Jihadism is the confused feeling, among much of youth, that Satan (Shaitan in Arabic, is in power)

Viciousness can be useful, and even recommended, say, to defeat… evil.  But here what we have is viciousness in the service of the few, to make the few… even more vicious. Thus, instead of viciousness fighting a greater viciousness, we have viciousness to augment viciousness.

French laws on foods have served as a model for European Union laws on food. They forbid, among other things, the systematic use of antibiotics in food (even so-called organic vegetarian food in the USA can be treated by antibiotics; in the EU, that’s forbidden even on regular foods). Overall, they favor traditional ways of preparing food.

As Bloomberg puts it in “German Scorn Could Kill the Transatlantic Trade Deal”:

“Two years ago, when negotiations for a new transatlantic trade deal were announced (it was Germany that pushed for an agreement then, by the way), more than half of Germans favored the deal. A survey released last week showed only one in five Germans want it now. To Germans, TTIP reflects a capitalism that is too finance-driven, dominated by large multinationals, cavalier about privacy and not as serious about product standards.”

In this, as in most matters political, the Germans have been contaminated by the French (I watch TV of either countries, so I observe an increasing convergence).

TTIP focuses (it seems) on “non-conventional trade barriers” like cutting the regulations around fracking. Fracking is not regulated in the US states where it is massively practiced: nobody worries about destroying those states’ ecology, same as ever was. TTIP wants to open the floodgates of Genetic Modification and Unbounded Finance whilst tightening laws that harm innovation and culture like copyright (as has just happened under Obama in the USA). The agreement could also foster the ‘Investor State Dispute Settlement‘ (ISDS) making it harder for governments to protect the interests of citizens and legislate to protect environment, workers, and all what makes life worth living for those not obsessed by private jets. Alongside the harm of TTIP, the benefits seem much lower than suggested by the MSM.

Plutocracy flies from success to success. In the 2008 crisis, half the plutocrats stole the other half, and then they were all replenished by We The People of clueless turkeys led by their great turkey leaders, gloating the all way. How is this achieved? With brazen propaganda, which goes even further, in some important respects, than the Nazis ever dare to go: Nazis were for the “Fuerer Principle” (Obey the Leader , Qur’an Sura 4, verse 59); but they also conducted plebiscites. American university professors think that, having more than a few taking the decisions is obsolete. After all they teach in places made for the wealthiest:


“Philosophy” American Style, Another Word For Plutocracy & The Destruction Of Democracy:

The New York Times “philosophy” series, called “The Stone”, probably because it’s bone-headed, has an answer to the question: “Should Everybody Vote?” The same answer as usual: off with We The People, long live the oligarchy: …”we rarely question… or objectively consider whether everyone who can vote ought to vote,“ entunes professor Gory Gutting (OK, I modified just one letter). This is American philosophy at its most original same question which ever was: ‘we rarely, objectively consider whether everyone who can wear a scalp ough to wear one.’ The City Of Boston objectively considered scalps, found them worthy, and paid for them. (As this was too enlightening about the American condition, scalps have been removed from public view, including in the mother ship of correct American plutocratic thinking, Harvard).

It is astounding how gross, and blatant that “philosophical” series can be. It is, of course, much admired by the individuals who, as “philosophy” professors, are endowed with chairs at the most “prestigious” American universities. Most of what they know is to determine what those who pay them, want to hear.

The author proposes to replace the present universal vote by denying the right of vote to most, 99.999% of people. This would be going all the way down the absurdity of the present system, where very few decide of everything. It goes exactly against historical and logical examples in two ways: first the Direct Democracy system, as practiced in ancient Athens and contemporary Switzerland goes exactly the other way in spirit: it makes everybody vote on the laws.

In Direct Democracy all citizens are concerned, and mobilize their minds to learn what they need to take an informed decision.

Professor Gutting guts democracy by arguing that the American jury system should be imitated. However, the American judicial system is arguably the world’s worst judiciary. US “justice” has eight million people under supervision, making the US the state with the most police repression in the world (with the Seychelles, another plutocrat friendly redoubt). In a country such as France, a jury summons is extremely rare in a citizen’s lifetime , in the US, it’s common.

In ancient Athens, a direct democracy, juries could have 2,000 members, that is 2.5% of the citizenry. A quora of 6,000 (7.5% of citizens) had to be maintained for passing important laws.

With the Internet, it should be easy to make the citizens vote on all laws. Many countries have started to use the Internet for voting (including France, a country where 50 million people vote; France at this point uses the Internet for hard to reach voters… but it is obviously a trial run).

The myth is that our great leaders know everything, and they are best at taking decisions. The reality is the exact opposite: they know very little, and because they spend most of the day like savant dogs at a circus, showing off their tricks for all to admire, they actually don’t have much brain power, let alone time to cultivate it.

It is high time to replace this circus act with real thinking before passing laws.

The present secret decision making is shrouded by is a, thus far successful, strategy to hide the stupidity of those who decide and the cupidity of those who pull their strings. In the reign of Obama, Dark, Untraceable Money, which used to be neglectable, even under Bush II, has become the norm. Don’t expect Obama to explain you that: it’s probably a secret, dearly guarded… And something that TTIP wants to augment, just as the “Treaty to Promote Trade” with Panama fostered tax evasion towards US-UK controlled tax havens.

Remember the Transatlantic Slave Trade? It was justified by the best, and if you say this to American (pseudo) “philosophers, you will be banned, you, your transparency and your honesty, let alone intelligence, all together.

Patrice Ayme’

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15 Responses to “Transatlantic Sadism”

  1. brodix Says:

    The higher and steeper the wave, the greater and faster the crash.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well… I have known US universities for a long time, and I see mediocrity flourish… Witness the little episode of last week…


      • brodix Says:

        The uneasy alliance of knowledge and indoctrination.

        Raising questions, without asking questions.

        It takes some getting used to.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The alliance of some knowledge with certain indoctrination. In the service of one’s puny self…


          • brodix Says:

            Actually in the service of money, since it is the umbilical cord connecting most people to the larger society.
            Take the blue pill.


          • brodix Says:

            Or the red. It doesn’t matter.
            We are going to be treated to a choice between the Wizard of Oz and the Wicked Witch of the West and all her flying monkey banker buddies.


  2. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    Americans sterilize French cheese, so that it rots. Sneaky discrimination


  3. dominique deux Says:

    A recent radio debate on TTIP, which included the Secretary of State (Sub-Minister) in charge of the issue for France, was (remarkably for any French debate) in agreement about the secrecy: it is an US demand, enforced by extremely brutal US diktat.

    French Parliament members AND the abovementioned worthy were “allowed” to read (not copy or disclose) the current negotiation papers (which the French Govt was not privy to). Not in the European Parliament strongroom where Eurodeputies “enjoy” similar “rights” under jail term threats, but… at the US Embassy. Enough said!

    “Secrecy is meant to hide what should be, therefore, made public” they agreed.

    The Secretary of State listed several areas where France had set tripping wires: transparency, the preponderance of law over private interests, the strengthening of environmental and consumer product norms, the support for local products (“appellations d’origine”), and indicated that in all those areas, no progress was reported, so that France was contemplating withdrawing from the process entirely. He stressed German-French daily cooperation and understanding on the issue; the two countries issued a proposal for an international trade court, to do away with the US demand of corporate-driven “arbitration”.

    Remember, this was not among wild-eyed alter-mondialists on a media rampage, but among staid people who all agreed that in principle, a free trade area covering most of the West would be a good thing. Just not the way it is being shoved down our throats.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wow. I was not aware of how insane this has all become. Far out. Funny thing is that people (supposedly) fear Trump (who is supposed to very bad, because, because, because, well, he does not like, loud and clear, this kind of treaties…)

      The situation is increasingly strange: in Luxembourg, 4 Frenchmen who revealed that Luxembourg was tax cheating, are on trial. What is exactly the French army for? I thought it was to fight terror and injustice.

      Last week the European Parliament voted for plutocratic secrecy… The problem with representatives, is that they can be bought. There is roughly 40 times more lobbyists in Brussels to court said “representatives” than the representatives themselves…

      France and Germany, together, can block Washington/Wall Street imperialism. Maybe I should not use the word “imperialism”. Imperium can be good. It’s rather greed, avarice and exploitationism… The union (in spirit and more) between France and Germany has been won modulo more than 100 million killed… So, having paid the price, for said union, one should not being punished again by the same Satanism…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I used to be for TTIP, too. For years. And much more.

      But the way it’s rammed down in the service of Pluto is completely unacceptable. It’s the exact opposite of what it should be.


  4. brodix Says:

    It took us a million years to really learn how to carve stone.

    This is just one, large, but just one, peak of mostly technological advance. Our viable limits really are just this planet and maybe a few colonies on the Moon and Mars. We are going to collide with that limit in a very convincing way in the not too distant future, within the next hundred years, if not much sooner.

    For all our linear ambition, nature works in cycles and eventually those left will have to accept that. Then they will know the earth is our only home and we have to be its steward. The central nervous system of a planetary organism.

    The people alive today can be as hardheaded and egotistical as they are going to be. Every dog has its day. The lessons learned will not be forgotten soon.

    If you know your goal, then you steer around the obstacles in your path, not waste time trying to beat them all.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Technologically, we are clearly in a singularity: consider some of the information in my latest, “The Quantum Puzzle”. The Quantum Computer would be more than 100 orders of magnitude more performing. Even if that does not work, we are clearly proximal to massive progress.

      The question of the solar system conquest is one of energy. Any domestication, even modest, of thermonuclear fusion would be the needed breakthrough… And much rests on computation (see the German H machine, the result of heavy computing)…

      My path is wisdom, differently from the careerists we can observe… especially in philosophy (although string theory has been the record madness…)


  5. Gmax Says:

    So your message is that the Transatlantic Pact pushed by Obama is just a sadistic act?


  6. Higher Civilization: Ideas Rule | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] related news, the French Republic is threatening to withdraw from the TTIP (Trans Atlantic Infamous Plutocratic) negotiations:”Europe gives a lot, and receives very little in exchange”. French president […]


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