Extreme Vetting Of Muslim Visa Applicants

In the last few months, at least eight Muslim immigrants have engaged in lethal mass attacks in France and Germany alone. In all cases, they did what God has ordered them to do in the Qur’an. These attacks had a tremendous human, social and economic cost. Just yesterday, the German economic capital, and third largest city, Munich, was in a lock-down while an 18-year-old Muslim from an upper class family was acting up the Qur’an.  

The attack in Nice, killed 84, injured critically dozens, and injured another 300. It was conducted by a Tunisian staying in France on a visa. The Tunisian visitor was helped by an Albanian. Since then a 17-year-old Muslim refugee hacked Germans and Chinese with an axe inside a train, claiming he wanted to become a martyr for ISIS (which recognized the attack, as it did the one in Nice). Police shot him dead, and now the 17-year-old, according to Islam most sacred texts, is sitting on the right of Allah, enjoying a nice life, waiting for paradise after the Final Judgment (of the Bible).

Sacred Texts Of Islam Promote The Greatest Violence and Cruelty Imaginable. [Qur'an Surah 8, Ayah 12.]

Sacred Texts Of Islam Promote The Greatest Violence and Cruelty Imaginable. [Qur’an Surah 8, Ayah 12.]

Four would-be attackers of France on November 13, 2015, joined the Muslim refugee flows into Europe (two were intercepted by Austrian police, and imprisoned; two exploded themselves in Paris).

Some will say, who cares? Merkel, because she is threatened with Merkxit for her pro-Muslim immigration policy? Not just this. The number of  victims (killed, wounded or having suffered the loss of a close parent) in 18 months of terror in France alone, is of the order of four thousands (according to the government). These attacks are changing the nature of European society. For starters, frontiers have been re-established.

No more excuses. And please do not try meaningless distinctions between Shia and Shiites. For 13 centuries Shiites and Sunnis have hated each other, and Islam says those you hate, you kill. So they kill, day after day: today the Islamist State of Savagery killed more than 80 in a pacifist demonstration in Kabul. The large demonstration was about re-routing a power line.

The U.S. State Department issued a statement saying it “condemns in the strongest terms” the “vicious attack… The killers responsible for this bloodshed do not represent the future for Afghanistan and will not prevail… Attacks like these only strengthen our resolve to continue our mission in Afghanistan and deepen our support for the people and Government there.”

Amnesty International said the “horrific attack on the Hazara rally demonstrates the utter disregard that armed groups have for human life.” I say this statement of AI demonstrates the weasel like nature of AI. The problem is not so much “armed groups”, but Islam. 

Sunnis & Shiites Hate Each Other To Death, Because The Latter Believe That The Fourth Caliph, Ali, Should Have Been the First!

Sunnis & Shiites Hate Each Other To Death, Because The Latter Believe That The Fourth Caliph, Ali, Should Have Been the First!


Kuala Lumpur US visa office, March 17, 2017:

US Visa Officer to Muslim Visa Applicant:

Do you think homosexuals should be stoned?

Muslim Visa Applicant:

Hmm…Excuse me, Sir.  What? What did you say, Sir?

Visa Officer:

Do you think the punishment set in the Bible for homosexuals, death by stoning, and approvingly quoted in the Qur’an, should be applied to homosexuals?

Muslim Applicant:

Islam is a religion of peace, Sir.

Visa Officer:

Are you aware of Sura 9, Verse 5? Classically known as the “Verse of the Sword”?

Muslim Applicant:

Never heard of it, Sir.

Visa Officer:

So why do you call yourself a Muslim if you do not know what is in the Qur’an?

Muslim Applicant:

Islam is my religion. It is a religion of peace, Sir.

Visa Officer:

Let me quote the Qur’an for you, see what you think. Here is Surah 9, Ayah 5:”9:5 When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful.

So you, a self-defined Muslim, claim you do not know of this most important statement in the most sacred book of what you claim is ‘your religion’??

Muslim Visa Applicant:

Now that you mention it. Yes, I heard of it, Sir. But it applies to “polytheists” and “idolaters”. It does not apply to “People of the Book”: Christians and Jews.

Visa Officer:

So what do you make of Surah 9, Ayah 29: “Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the Last Day, and those who do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, and those who do not follow the religion of truth, even for those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in willing acknowledgment of superiority of Islam, and they are in a state of subjection to Islam.”

In other words, subjugate Christians and Jews, and fight them until they do. What do you say?

Muslim Visa Applicant:

There is no compulsion in religion, said the Prophet, Sir.

Visa Officer: That Ayah you just quoted was said many years before the two I quoted. The former is therefore abrogated by the latter. Did you know this? Did you know of the Abrogation Principle in the Qur’an?

Muslim Applicant:

No. Sorry. Never heard of it.

Visa Officer:

So if a Muslim preacher tells you to obey God and go kill some ‘unbelievers’ to go to paradise, what do you say?

Muslim Applicant:

Beats me. Sorry. Never thought of it.

Visa Officer:

Your request for a US Visa is therefore abrogated. For not knowing what to say when you are asked to obey orders to kill or to subjugate others as found in the Qur’an. You are thereupon forbidden to re-apply for the next five years. Please do not bother to do so, if you have not passed the standard de-radicalization class. Have a good day.


A little flower of evil says it best in French:

Que faire , que dire ?
Sous la pierre se trouve le cafard
Et son ressentiment.
Chaque fois que le héros passe
Il s’appuie sur la pierre, et le cafard souffre.
Souffre de penser qu’il n’ est rien,
Et que l’ Autre est tout.
A ce mal, nul reméde:
L’ homme,  même primitif,

N’ est pas fait pour etre dominé
Et la stupidité n’est d’aucun secours
Sous un ciel de pierre.


Patrice Ayme’



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34 Responses to “Extreme Vetting Of Muslim Visa Applicants”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    Regarding the Munich attack, the BBC reported it just under an hour ago as:

    “The 18-year-old gunman who killed nine people in Munich was obsessed with mass shootings but had no known links to the Islamic State group, German police say.

    Written material on such attacks was found in his room, and Munich’s police chief spoke of links to the massacre by Norway’s Anders Behring Breivik.

    The gunman, who had dual German-Iranian nationality, later killed himself.

    His name has not been officially released but he is being named locally as David Ali Sonboly.”

    That is slightly at odds with your assertion that it was an “18-year-old Muslim from an upper class family was acting up the Qur’an.”

    Curious as to your source?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My source? The Qur’an. I read it hundreds of time, including in original Arabic. Did you read it once?

      To avoid Merkxit, the exit of Merkel, Merkel’s government would say anything.
      Of course, he was acting up the Qur’an. The Qur’an, again and again and again, recommends to kill people of all sorts of categories.
      I propose that you read the Qur’an.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The gunman, being of Shiite culture, cannot have anything to do with the Islamist State of wanton violence. ISIS is Sunni, and views Shiites as apostates. Thus, they have to be killed, as the sacred Islamist texts advocate.
      However, the Sunni and Shiite have in common the basic extremely lethaL violence permeating the Qur’an.

      • Paul Handover Says:

        You misunderstood my question. That was where did you read that the gunman was a follower of the Qur’an?

        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Paul: I read it in a number of places. And then I read what I expected in the PC outfits. I am becoming familiar with the PC pattern at this point. Several of the recent Islamist attacks were claimed to be acts of crazed maniacs who were depressed, and had nothing to do with Islamism. For example in Nice.

          In the end, the Nice calamity turns out to have been an ISIS attack planned more than a year ago by a number of non-French, non-French resident aliens.

          In the Munich attack, some statements made by witnesses initially indicated Islamism, and I also listened to the German smartphone document where the gunman himself asserted a number of familiar exploited-Muslim discourse. Merkel is in very bad posture at this point and in particular the Party (she is associated with) in Bavaria. So officials named by her and her subordinates, are anxious to claim things are not what they are.

          Technicalities should not get in the way that the Qur’an is presently humanity most hate-filled propaganda piece (and I measure my words carefully). Kill unbelievers, go to paradise: what could go wrong?

          Techicalities should stay in the way that the Qur’an in the raw

          • Paul Handover Says:

            I wasn’t pushing back against your overall message; far from it! It was just that hitherto I had regarded the BBC as pretty objective when it came to news reporting.

          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Clearly the police chief himself is biased (and tied in to the CDU). Although the killer hated “Turks” (who are Sunnis), that does not make him a partisan of white Nazi supremacists who hated all Muslims… So the BBC may be both accurate in its reporting and so uncritical as to be viewed as lying, since it reported an obviously self-serving absurdity factually…

  2. oatmealactivist Says:

    Straussian endorsement of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Insults steam away over the mighty river of incandescent thought. I endorse neither the corrupt lying Clinton, nor Trump, whom I used to consider, before the Clintons to be the poster boy of the abuse of banking. However, as I just said, that was before the Clintons, demolished the BANKING ACT OF 1933 (so-called Glass-Steagal).

      I do not subscribe to Leo Strauss. He is a scholar obsessed by the Bible, which, he thinks defined the concept of “progress”. Not that all what he says is worthless, I am sure. But I don’t know him. When I am quoting the Qur’an, which, said Muhammad, is a growth out of the Bible (including Jesus’ New Testament; Jesus is a Muslim prophet), I am quoting the Qur’an. I don’t follow Muhammad anymore than I follow Strauss, Hitler, Stalin, Trump, or whoever.

      I agree that some people love to follow other people who are their gurus. I have not guru. I refute the concept of guru.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am aghast about the presidential choice in November. My only recommendation, at this point, is to vote for neither Clinton, nor Trump (there are two other candidates, including an ecologist woman). BTW, I was for Gore, not Nader (although I esteem Nader, he cost Gore Florida… or, let’s say, a clear win in Florida for Gore).

  3. dominique deux Says:

    Entertaining tale.

    But it would be a failsafe means to bar entry of mainstream, mostly clueless Muslims, while allowing in terrorist operatives trained in taqiya.

    Like the ridiculous US immigration forms where you’re required to state you’re not a Communist and do not plan to engage in subversive activities.

    • Gmax Says:

      I think Patrice’s approach is smarter than it looks to the untrained Euro eye. It’ s a question of US legalese. People who lie on immigration forms go in front of special judges. Procedures are expeditious, without appeal.

      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Yes. And more. Making Literal Islam a crime, would work wonders. Actually one of the reasons Islamist crimes are rarer in the USA has to do with taking the oath against “all enemies, foreign or domestic“.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It’s less ridiculous than it looks. It works. Read what Gmax said. It’s true. Immigrants in the USA have to be careful, they are NOT standard US citizens… but under watch, judicial watch.

      • Gmax Says:

        Yes, Europeans have no idea of the might of imperial repression in the US. When there was Occupy Wall Street, there was a bunch of unexplained deaths, like 40 of them, and that was it. No more OWS…

        Immigration judges do whatever they want, no appeals

  4. Kevin Berger Says:

    Heh, great timing.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Obama read my site. Maybe Trump will, too…
      To fight Islamism, the number one maneuver is to make Islamism less respectable. As simple as that. Criminalizing it, in the empire, the USA, would be enough.

  5. Kevin Berger Says:

    Jean-Philippe Immarigeon
    (sur FB, à propos de http://www.lefigaro.fr/vox/societe/2015/11/16/31003-20151116ARTFIG00173-islamisme-les-propositions-choc-d-un-groupe-de-hauts-fonctionnaires.php)
    Du bon, du moins bon et du franchement mauvais. Faisons court : la haine anti-française, réelle, n’est pas liée uniquement à l’islamisation de jeunes, on la trouve également par exemple chez les Africains qui, soixante ans après les indépendances, font porter le chapeau de leur échec sur l’ancienne puissance tutélaire, tandis que dans le même temps ils supplient l’armée française de venir compenser leur incapacité à se prendre en charge. Nos gouvernants, par inculture, ont laissé également passer des discours historiquement faux qui sont devenus maintenant la doxa de nombre de nos compatriotes, du genre “les soldats français ont violé, égorgé et éventré au Rwanda”, ou bien “ce sont les Africains qui ont libéré la France en 1944” (voir un post précédent : 10 % de l’armée de Lattre et un seul dans la 2ème DB, mais en revanche une majorité d’Africains dans les troupes qui font les massacres de Sétif le 8 mai 1945). Autre bêtise : les âneries racontées sur le Code noir, ou plutôt le fait de laisser dire qu’il y aurait eu des esclaves en France alors que les Parlements du XVIIIème ont toujours été scrupuleux sur cette question et ont systématiquement appliqué le vieux principe franc de liberté de l’Edit de 1315 formalisé par l’arrêt de règlement de Bordeaux de 1571 (première mouture de notre droit du sol), l’Edit de Colbert étant une dérogation territoriale pour les seules colonies et qui, donc, tombait dès qu’un “esclave” touchait le sol de France.

    Pour revenir à cet article, fortement marqué à droite et qui veut qu’on ouvre une brèche dans la loi de 1905 (ce qui est débile, la France est entré dans un processus de sécularisation avec Philippe-le-Bel et s’est édifiée ainsi), il est exact que ladite loi a confirmé que la religion était exclue de l’horizon politique des Français (mais les Lumières l’avaient déjà fait) mais également de la représentation que les Français se font du monde. D’où leur incompréhension devant des tarés qui s’imaginent que la terre est plate ou que c’est un Dieu qui a créé la femme à partir de l’os qui manque chez l’homme par rapport aux autres mammifères (l’os pénien, soit dit en passant, ce qui explique certainement, Docteur Freud, le problème que les islamistes ont avec leur bite). Mais pour rester dans les élucubrations sectaires, nous avons bien en Occident des imbéciles qui croient justement à une psychanalyse uniquement basée sur la théorie de la récapitulation de Lamarck et Haeckel, théorie démolie depuis Darwin et anti-scientifique et qui vaut bien celle de la terre plate : nous avons donc du ménage à faire également à la maison, des imbéciles à éduquer, et sans doute 35.000 psychanalystes à ficher S 🙂 .

    Enfin, dans cet article, deux propositions évidentes et qui devraient être mises en œuvre immédiatement, la une et la trois, et que je reformule : expulser les ambassadeur du Qatar et d’Arabie et rompre les contrats saoudiens, je me répète et je ne suis pas le seul mais on en s’en sortira pas si on ne commence pas par là ; ensuite mettre l’islam de France sous Concordat pendant dix ou vingt ans, autrement dit lui étendre provisoirement le régime d’Alsace-Lorraine à l’ensemble du territoire – et en profiter, au terme de cette période, pour le supprimer également dans ces trois départements pour les autres obédiences. On m’a objecté à plusieurs reprises que nos compatriotes musulmans ne le voulaient pas. Mais il ne me semble pas que le Premier Consul Bonaparte ait laissé le choix aux évêques lorsqu’il les menaça de proscription, de fermeture de toutes les églises et de se convertir au calvinisme, lui qui ne croyait pas, si l’église catholique ne signait pas sous 24 heures… ce qu’elle fit. Mais la République semble ne plus savoir faire ce que les rois, un futur empereur et plusieurs présidents du conseil surent faire plusieurs siècles durant.

    Gabriel xxxx
    Commentaire très pertinent, à deux réserves près. 1) En préconisant un concordat à la Bonaparte avec l’Islam de France, vous ouvrez vous aussi une brèche (et même un cratère) dans la loi de 1905, qui n’est donc plus un absolu intouchable. 2) Votre critique de l’emprise du religieux et de la psychanalyse s’inscrit bien en effet dans la tradition des Lumières françaises, mais précisément peut-être dans ce qu’elles ont d’un peu rapide et de clignotant quant à l’intensité de la lueur des éclairs qu’elles diffusent : une Eglise (chrétienne ou freudienne) ne tire pas tant sa légitimité de la véracité – scientifique – dont sont porteurs ses dogmes, que de la médiation symbolique et communautaire qu’elles instituent sur plusieurs générations et par la vertu de laquelle un peuple ou un individu s’insèrent dans l’opacité du réel (Burke et même Nietzsche en savaient un peu plus là-dessus que Voltaire et Diderot). La raison individuelle et la méthode géométrique galiléenne ont certes beaucoup de mérites mais elles n’ont jamais été des véhicules efficaces pour bâtir un universel concret et commun. La prégnance nouvelle de l’Islam vient certainement et précisément du fait que l’inscription communautaire qu’il propose ne se veut pas fondée sur la science, contrairement à l’universel dont se veut porteur la mondialisation américaine (qui, elle, comme vous le savez mieux que personne, joue Darwin contre Lamarck ou Haeckel). Libre aux esprits éclairés d’y voir le retour d’une barbarie obscurantiste (ce que l’islam est indéniablement dans sa version salafiste, qu’elle soit révolutionnaire ou conservatrice), mais ils ont tort de croire qu’il suffirait d’un discours rationaliste et scientifique pour le vaincre ou même endiguer sa propagation. Je pense même qu’Ibn Wahhab, qui voulait la destruction de l’empire ottoman, aurait compris assez bien la pensée de Diderot et sa critique (relative) de l’absolutisme, alors que Diderot n’aurait pas saisi grand chose à celle d’Ibn Wahhab. Et c’est toujours délicat, de vaincre un ennemi que l’on ne parvient pas à comprendre.

    Jean-Philippe Immarigeon
    Oui, avec à mon tour deux réserves : 1° le Concordat gère les relations des imams (comme des pasteurs, des rabbins et des curés) avec l’Etat dans l’est de la France, sans que cela n’y neutralise, à ce que je sache, la loi de 1905 (par exemple la sanction pénale du blasphème y a disparu alors qu’elle reste formellement dans le texte applicable) : il s’agit simplement de l’étendre à l’ensemble du territoire à titre transitoire, pour organiser l’islam comme l’ont été les autres obédiences. 2° car, et je me réclame alors de la récapitulation, la loi de 1905 n’est possible que parce qu’il y a eu auparavant le Concordat, autrement dit une mise sous tutelle qui ne disait pas son nom, c’est cette succession qui fait la spécificité française. Ceci dit, autre sujet, je vois les Américains comme des Lamarckiens et non des Darwiniens, dans leur hubris d’accumulation de puissance (ils faut être les plus forts pour toujours vaincre), leur tropisme d’adaptation à toutes les situations possibles (quand on veut on peut) et en retour leur incompréhension d’un évolutionnisme historique qui, comme l’est celui de la nature, est amoral et purement contingent.

    Gabriel xxxx Oui, en effet, vu comme ça, les Américains sont de vrais Lamarckiens.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Merci de ces extraits tres interessants, Kevin. Je vais les lire tres attentivement.

      I share many of these observations: slavery has been UNLAWFUL in France since 655 CE!!!!! French idiotic leaders from their own crass ignorance and bottomless arrogance have not answered the lowest, basest, most erroneous charges against France, and thus have diminished France in all ways, including safety and economics.

      This site in part tried to correct this. Not just because of France, Europe, or Western Civilization, or even not just to protect civilization against the savages, but to protect mental sanity, progress and rationality, themselves.

  6. picard578 Says:

    Reblogged this on Defense Issues and commented:
    Muhammad was a highly functional psychopath. For this reason, Islam itself is a mental condition promoting psychopathy and sociopathy. And since self-control is hard, psychopathic ideologies are naturally addictive. They make people drunk with power and cruelty. This means that Islam is a danger for society for as long as it exists.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Picard for reblogging my essay. I am travelling and under the weather, so I am reacting only now. I learned that there is 13,000 “Fichier S” (Islamists ready to endanger the Security of the state), in France alone, according to the French government (there are 11 levels therein “Fichier S”). A chuerch was attacked, a 86 year old priests had his throat cut, just yesterday.

      Muhammad had neurological troubles (epilepsy, and not considered capable of learning to read, which was a blemish in the ruling Quraish tribe of Mecca). But I would not call him a psychopath. He improved both his own state, that of his family and that of all of Arabia.

      Islam, though, is a malady, a variant of a more general disease, intellectual fascism, which affects a civilization readily, the more stressed it gets. I have an essay coming up on this, where I mention the Moche civilization of Peru (a first for me). In a way, Islam was Moche and the Maya in reverse (they were all near-simultaneous!)… And Islam eradicated at the same time the two millennia old Zoroastrian religion/civilization, when it took out in a few months the four centuries old Sassanid empire…

      Islam was partly a progress for Arabia, at the time… Yet, civil society would have been better off with Judeo-Christianism (which was spreading all over, including Yemen)… But not the military society: Islam is an incomparable war religion!

      This is why all nations which wanted to win, adopted Islam… Except for the Franks, who knew how to win already… Using a much smarter way.

      • picard578 Says:

        Actually, he did not really improve anything. Yes, he did improve his wealth and that of his followers. But civilizationally speaking, Islamic Arabia was a giant step backwards compared to pre-Islamic one. Muhammad would have been nobody without his rich wife, and he was painfully aware of that fact. His hate of women can be partly attributed to that fact. And Islam is a reflection of Muhammad’s own mental state, in which I can say he was worse than Hitler. And Islam itself is far more lethal than Nazism, or even Communism.

  7. Kevin Berger Says:

    Well, well…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      An essay is coming, partly addressing this… The ultimate solution would be to send all the “Fichier S”… camping, where we could concentrate them. There are 13,000 of them now. Deep analogies with Guantanamo and the Nazis don’t work at all…

  8. Altanmain Says:

    Altandmain said, July 27, 2016 at 11:45 pm:

    I’m not against immigration (perhaps it is because I myself am an immigrant), and I have seen cases of successes, especially here in Canada. It has its ups and downs like everything else. The US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are basically immigrant nations, so perhaps our views are different. We are also younger nations and that may play a role.

    But at the same time, there has to be a willingness for immigrants to assimilate into the culture. I think that the polls here in Canada reflect that now:

    That and immigration cannot be used as a weapon of class warfare by the very rich to drive wages down, which is often the case.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Altandmian: So we agree. I am pretty much an immigrant, wherever I go, too, so… And I am 100% FOR immigration and mixing… precisely because, and as long, as the best ideas survive and procreate. However, the blossoming of Literal/Salafist/Wahhabist/Fundamentalist Islam is anything but…
      I was brought up among forms of Islam, some pretty “rigorous”… while really tolerant! These forms have been extinguished, thanks to Oil Money/Wall Street Money/rabid Plutocracy.

      The latter point is one of Trump’s main warhorses, and it’s not just about wages. It is about driving down the entire social contract.

      It does not have to do just with Islam, dark skins, emerging countries, third world. In the last three years, Ireland GDP has progressed roughly 25% each year. Why? Mass tax evasion, and now “inversions” (officially bemoaned by Obama the whiner… But actually encouraged: they pay his prodigious income, within seven months…)

  9. Kevin Berger Says:



    Et la question, à laquelle je ne saurais répondre et qui ne me concerne pas au fond, ayant déjà gagné le “death bet” quelque part (pas d’avenir, ni personnel, ni collectif pour moi) : la France existe-t-elle encore, ou n’y-t-il plus qu’un rien appelé “la République”, qui a fini par phagocyter la Nation?
    En fait, je pense plus au peuple qu’aux institutions, pas dans ce sens de recours à la violence communautaire privée contre les nègres au sens large (des indigènes aux immigrés du début du 20è Siècle trop syndicalisés), toujours rapide et déplaisant de pas mal d’américains, mais plutôt en tant que communauté vivante et consciente. La France réelle vit-elle toujours? Guérit-on du cancer?
    Vous ne pouvez pas y répondre non plus, d’ailleurs, l’interrogation est plus “spirituelle” qu’autre chose, et moins ridicule et absurde qu’il n’y parait. Vos Francs et leur cheminement philosophique et civilisationnel sont-ils d’ors et déjà relégués aux poubelles de l’Histoire, avec la France déchue et dissoute en image d’Epinal de cette défaite crapoteuse, not with a bang, but with a whimper?

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Kevin: We are all star dust, in a sense, so whether Obama or the Pope, our little powers don’t matter.
      The only power we have which may matter forever, whatever “ever” means, is the power of thought. Those who, like Obama, have not used their mental powers creatively (except to please the plutocrats) don’t matter much that way.

      The Franks and that philosophical path called civilization the Middle Earth has followed does matter more than ever as far as “forever” is concerned. Because that relatively poorly meditated history is full of still unrevealed revelations. (Most Frankish writings in old Latin from around the crucial Sixth Century is untranslated, unread, un-meditated.)

      Whereas the history is un-analyzed, the consequences are now domineering the world. There is really one civilization, and it’s Frankish derived rather than (say) American or Chinese derived. Just contemplate outlawing slavery, mandatory education, nationalizations for national defense (against the ISLAMIST STATE!), subjugating the fanatical priests, etc.

      Another thing: France may have existed as a united spirit when the fascist Prussian military tried to take over. But the union, and strength, of France was always her disunion in thought, and love for the debate: Je t’aime, moi non plus.

  10. Altandmain Says:

    Altandmain said

    July 30, 2016 at 4:07 pm
    Yes, this neoliberalism and corruption has destroyed society.

    Economic mismanagement combined with austerity was going to have a predictable result. I don’t see how people of our generation (I was born in 1990) can possibly afford children. Wages go down, while the costs of living keep going up. The rise too of politicians like Trump was predictable. In France, the Front national, has gained popularity, mostly due to the failures and corruption of François Hollande.

    I just hope that it is a person like Sanders someday. Sadly the rigged system has denied that … for now.

    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      We are in for 4 years of Trump/Pence (the alternative perhaps worse, whatever the extremely well paid pseudo liberal pundits and their sponsors, such as the Bloombergs and Kochs say). That’s not going to be funny, except of the mad scrambling of the clas favored by Clinton-Obama…

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