Obama’s Fault

For eight years, I have been writing that it was Obama’s fault. I had seen Obama go “work” at a “Hedge Fund”, on November 5, 2008 (Did Obama EVER work, let alone think?) You may be elected to be a Saint to fight evil, and, next day, go work for Satan, for all to see.

I have been writing about this for eight lonely years, but now, finally, the Main Stream Thinking is catching up:

Obama Is A Financial Plutocracy Agent. Just Look At The Facts

Obama Is A Financial Plutocracy Agent. Just Look At The Facts

[Obama had also control of the Congress. Or, more exactly, the Democratic Party, truly the Demoncratic Party, had control of Congress. Congress was headed by Nancy Pelosi, a woman who made a colossal fortune from politics, and was head of Congress since 2006. Congress is truly the National Assembly, and passes laws. So Obama and his Demoncrats controlled all, so what did the do? They did what Demons do: they lied. Donald Trump is already demonstrating that a US president with a simple majority can govern (or, at least, govern the EU). Obama had a supermajority.]

Yannis Varoufakis is a university professor in economics who taught in the UK, Australia (where he became a citizen!), Belgium Sweden, and of course, Greece. By 2004, he started to advise the Greek government on how to get out of the crushing debt engineered by the crafty lying plutocrats (Goldman-Sachs, etc.) When the extreme left took control of the Greek government, Varoufakis became the finance minister of Greece. Varoufakis confronted the European Central Bank, the devilish instrument of the obdurate right-wing Merkel and the crooked semi-fascist French President, Sarkozy. Varoufakis won, and saved Greece, in no small part because he went directly to Greek and European public opinion, and shamed the financial fascists to do the decent thing (besides winning a plebisciste).

However, the resentful plutocrats asked for Varoufakis’ head in exchange for giving the far-left (present) Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, was he needed. There is much more on this, and for the better, now that the Trump Revolution is launched in the USA: suddenly everybody is thinking like Varoufakis. Varoufakis first, then Tsipras, then France running deficits in violation of Brussels’ orders, then the Brexit vote, then Trump. Varoufakis was a hero, because, alone against all, having all to lose, but for the glory of being right, he dared. Compare to Obama’s mental frailty. (To put it politely…)

I have made for years, and most recently in: Obama is a (stealth) regressive, not a progressive, the remark that net investment by governments of the G7 is the lowest in at least 60 years.

I called TARP, Transferring Assets To Rich People. Crooked Hillary and the misinforming Obama administration then pretended that TARP had been fully reimbursed. Maybe it was, but what was reimbursed was reimbursed thanks to Quantitative Easing (where the Federal Reserve bought at inflated prices assets of the richest).

Meanwhile Trump is concentrating on interesting change. No more talk about Mexicans, Wall, even Obamacare… And Trump does not “wish” to “prosecute Hillary” as the Clintons “have suffered a lot already in many ways“… “I want to move forward,” Trump said. “I don’t want to move back. I don’t want to hurt the Clintons, I really don’t.”

Yes, OK, but history is prologue, as the other one said.

Why did I say that Trump presided over Europe already?

The European Commission suddenly wants Eurozone countries to boost spending by 0.5 percent of GDP next year. It’s, at the very least, a belated gesture to counter Trump-style anti-establishment revolts on the continent. Or maybe there is a more sinister explanation: the European leaders in Brussels have suddenly understood that their masters in Washington, the Goldman-Sachs government of Clinton-Obama, have lost (momentary) control. So, suddenly they do what is right.

The European Commission’s wishful proposal is an acknowledgment that Eurozone spending restraints don’t work for the European continent as a whole (the UK engaged in massive deficit spending around 5%, year after year, while doing ultra massive immigration of the order of .5% of the population, year after year; that brought a boom, except for little Englanders, who got even at the voting booths…)

To make a sustainable difference, however, wealthy countries (mostly Germany) would have to help struggling ones.

Rules that require the 18 countries of the Eurozone to limit deficits make overall policy way too tight. The Eurozone’s combined budget deficit should be just 1.6 percent of GDP next year, even though unemployment remains above 10 percent. Lack of transfers exacerbates the divergence between the member states. Countries like Italy, where youth unemployment is nearly 40 percent, are forced to keep skimping on investment… to the point that Italy cannot even have a sustainable economy (crucial repairs are not done, from antique monuments to recently ravaged earthquake zones). Meanwhile wealthy Germany is still bathing in absurd surpluses, which, instead of being directed at helping to make plenty of little Germans, serve in part to shelter migrants (just because Germanydid not join the France, yet, in re-establishing a Republics in Syria and all over Africa…)

Whatever happens next, don’t forget it was all Obama’s fault. Or the fault of those who pulled his strings (and are now scrambling to pull Trump’s!) Next a more interesting subject: can we have, as NASA claims, propulsion without fuel? Classical Physics says that  question is insane. But conventional wisdom also says Obama did great, and is a friend of the small fry.

Obama goes around, suggesting he will play a sort of philosophical role after his presidency. Assuredly an ambitious goal for a puppet of financial vultures. Well, real philosophers are introspection experts. Since when do puppets acquire introspection? That, surely, would be new physics.

Patrice Ayme’

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16 Responses to “Obama’s Fault”

  1. SDM Says:

    Well said. Corporate MSM media overlooked the valid criticism of Obama from the left. Rather, the media dwelt on the attacks from the right wingers, tea party, GOP, etc. It did not serve their purpose to publish or promote the left’s highlighting of Obama’s regressive leanings.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks SDM! That is indeed a succint way to put it. A propaganda was organized, saying any critique of Obama could only come from the right. Truly amazing, when Obama is actually on the right of Reagan for most important things. Today he gave the Medal of Freedom to major Plutos, including Murdoch, Australian born of an Australian tycoon, the greatest force behind Brexit. The Gates were also honored. Jokes were cracked.


    • SDM Says:

      I must be missing something as I did not see Murdoch listed as a recipient. Many sports and entertainment folks got awarded though.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Yes, he is not listed. Still a look-alike of Murdoch was there… I have the impression most who got awarded were hysterical Hillary supports… Plus the Gates’ award would be considered with hatred in some parts of Africa (where Gates forked out his conflict-of-interest Monsanto GMO cotton, destroying the agriculture in some countries…)


  2. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Democratic Senator Byrd, who was one excuse for not having a supermajority, sometimes, under Obama, was long the leader of Senate Democrats, great friend with Harry Read (who succeeded him). Byrd was also a “KEAGLE”, an Eagle of the KKK, a recruiter of the KKK.


  3. indravaruna Says:


    Hey Patrice, is better France don’t ever make business with the Polacks again.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hmmm… Interesting, but to be confirmed…It’s Saudi Arabia which paid for the ships. Now Putin is allied to Assad, which “fights” (sort of) the Islamist State, which Saudi Arabia supports…It’s all very intricate, but it works great to kill lots of people…


      • indravaruna Says:

        The Polacks Just shitted on France with helicopter deals and they kept shitting even after France cancelled the mistral deal with Russia.

        French are cucks.


        • Kevin Says:

          Honestly, one day, after the end of the anglo-empire, whenever it comes, and assuming there still will be enough trace of civilization left to bother about such matters, scholars really will have to try and deal with all that weird psycho-sexual insecurity at the very core of the “anglo mind”.
          “Cucks”, my, my.
          I shouldn’t laugh, because the_donald basement dwellers and the rabidly anti-French, anti-Europeans “alt-rightists” (IE the GOP rejects that form 27% of the party base, with a fresh coat of paint) are all agitated about bringing the revolution to France, by “supporting” MLP. Clearly a case of “Guys, America is leaking again”. IV, je pense que tu est français (tu as déjà posté des liens chez les petits-bourgeois d’airfrance, après tout, ça et le “polacks” au dessus), question stupide : pourquoi assimile-tu les codes (“cucks”) de gens qui te détestent de manière raciste, au fond de leur susbstrat culturel?

          But then again, beyond the “cucks” thingie, all the other anglo sexual hang-ups have become normative forces in the “western world”, from their hollow-at-the core “virilism” (“badass” and all that shit) to the LGBT fiasco, so, that’s to be expected I think.

          OT : speaking of the two examples above, this reminds me of an interesting article I’ve read a few months ago, alluding about a widespread, but absolutely on the “down-low” habit of happy homosexual cohabitation between US and Australian troops in the Pacific WWII front – with, and that’s IMHO very telling, the US men usually as “bottoms”, and the Bogans as “tops”; makes one wonder.


  4. Michael K. Riley Says:

    Very true … Obama (and Clintons) have Wall Street everything they ever dreamed of …. and more.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, thanks Michael. I worked hard to get Obama elected. However, I saw the sudden change, eight years ago (I know Obama personally, like tight). This happened because pseudo-lefitists and pseudo-democrats refused to see what was going on. They needed to take to the streets, as soon as Summers’ name was rolled out. Instead I had heated arguments among a select few, and they pointed out I was the only one in the whole USA to be upset…


  5. Gmax Says:

    Obama took progressives for a ride. He is still at it, with FOX News insisting that he is a ‘leftist’. Left for doing what? Giving the world’s richest man and his wife the medal of freedom?


  6. Kevin Says:

    Was it Tsipras or Varoufakis who said that, given his “insider assessment” of the situation, Greece was a sprint run, a trial effort, and that the real austerity target (of Germany and German-aligned countries IIUC) was France?


  7. Gloucon X Says:

    Varoufakis is a hero and so are the Greeks for fighting back. Even though they lost the battle, they inspired others to keep the war going. Europeans must wake up and embrace their noble traditions of battle against plutocracy before they too find themselves under the American model of total immiseration.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Varoufakis and Tsipras, and other greeks who refused to cooperate with fascist plutocracy were like Leonidas and company at Thermopylae, to some extent. But, so far, they won.


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