Drug Usage For Mental Obliteration: A Win-Win Situation

The USA is the most greedy of all advanced societies. Want a proof? Want to know why it drives the country crazy? Want to know why such crazy, increasing drug usage?

Look at the US healthcare system: it is arguably the most barbarian in the world. In the sense that it’s headed by barbarians. US healthcare uses 18% of US GDP, yet performs, overall, at a level corresponding to below 8% of GDP. The USA performs in “causes of death amenable to healthcare“, that is, avoidable deaths, at the exact same level as Estonia and Montenegro.


So, just from healthcare, one gets an amount equal to 10% of GDP in sheer corruption (10 = 18 – 8). (No other country in the world spends more than 12% of its GDP on healthcare; and some of these countries also do remarkable, massive, groundbreaking medical research; for example France, where, besides pasteurization,  metformin was found in the 1930s, psychiatric drugs were discovered in the 1950s (chlorpromazine, etc.), and deep brain stimulation, more recently, among hundreds of other major discoveries.)   

My brother-in-law just died from said corruption of the US healthcare system: after a heart attack, five stents were put inside his heart’s coronary arteries. Right. However, that’s a very delicate operation: anticoagulants and anti inflammatories have to be used in large amounts, under constant supervision, in the first few weeks. His heart attack and operation happened December 1, 2017. However, my unfortunate relative, who lived in Alaska, had no health insurance (because of the colossal “deductibles” of Obamacare; they made Obamacare “insurance” useless, he said; those “deductibles” can be above 15% of the median family income!) An appointment was made for him to see a cardiologist on January 29, 2018. In other words, my brother-in-law didn’t get proper care, he had to wait eight weeks. And this lack of care was deliberate: the doctors or the system, whatever you want to call it, were not interested in taking care of someone who was not going to bring them (considerable) income. He was in great pain for weeks. His heart stopped forever on December 30, 2017, in a parking lot. He was 45 (forty-five) years old.

Considerable income? A friend of mine, an engineer and MD, who spends his time singing the praises of Google and Tesla, consulted by the former, driven by the second, had a cold. He went to Stanford Medical Center. The MD listened to his lungs, told him he was OK, he could just take some over-the-counter standard painkillers. He was charged $5,600 (a rounding error for him, or more exactly his health insurance). That’s like $1,000 per minute…

Faced with such a monstrous system, all over the greed fest known as the USA, US citizens are driven insane and desperate by ambient propaganda. The citizens are told that, if they don’t do well, it’s because they didn’t work hard enough, or they ain’t “leaders”, can’t be trusted, are not smart, and, or should be put in prison, made homeless in the streets. Or then, simply, they are not educated enough. And they tend to believe, deep inside, like good Lutherans and other Calvinists used to believe, that, indeed, their infortune is caused by their ineptitude, just like they believe that, if they want not to be viewed a sore losers, they have to say that there are no conspiracies (in particular no conspiracies of US billionaires against low US lives). And they have to reiterate that the system of greed unchained is most fair.

Illicit drug use death rate: orange is highest, green is less, greyish and grey are best

So they do drugs. Indeed, what’s left to those US citizens who belong to the non-winners, the lamentable 90%, if they don’t want to feel crazy? Or rebellious? So what’s left to them, to optimize what’s left of their minds and happiness?

Mental obliteration, hence drugs to effect that.

Already in 2012 study in the Lancet showed US Americans were more than three times more drugged out than Western Europeans.


At the end of Obama’s reign, inequality in the USA was the highest ever (yes, higher than under G. W. Bush). Infuriatingly, though, voters were told they lived in the best of all possible worlds. As the plutocracy has augmented, always more crushing, so has the addiction, ever more the only way to forget reality. Under the last year of Obama the make believer, 63,000 US citizens died of opiate addiction. Anything to not see his face again?

The rate of death for 100,000 inhabitants by illicit drugs in the USA is now 6.96. It’s the third in the world, and significantly higher than Iran (6.28) which is fourth. By contrast equalitarian France, which has Medicare For All, has a death rate from illicit drugs of 1.08 (and marijuana is not legal in France).


Some will scoff. Ponder what’s the big deal. Question my motivations. 

Yet, it is now clear that the Third Reich was fully addicted on methamphetamines. This changes much of what we know about the second world war. Between May 10, 1940 and May 15, 1940, the German Panzerdivisionen advanced like a torrent inside France, a lava flow of steel, and the French commanders couldn’t believe it. What they didn’t know, and didn’t foresee, is that the entire Nazi army was high on amphetamines, and just won’t sleep, advancing all day and then all night, day after day, night after night. They had been at it three days before that and would go on for several more days afterwards.

Actually, it is likely that the general addiction of Nazi Germany to hard drugs was an important factor of its murderous insanity. It enabled it, incited it, and fostered this folly. Germany had become literally mentally criminally insane, not just culturally, but from mind obliterating hard drug addiction! One can consult “High Hitler: how Nazi drug abuse steered the course of history” by German writer Norman Ohler. 

Now the French and US armies use methamphetamines systematically. (Coffee creates jitters, and is much less effective.)

Sick countries get high on drugs: this is what the plutocrats and tyrants who own them want. Hard drugs decerebrate (and so do alcohol and marijuana). Decerebrated people are easier to dominate, subjugate and exploit. Hence the subjugated dream of electric sheep, while their exploiters jet set around the world, watching the sun rise, as if they owned it, and all planets were for them to do as they please.

If they go low, we shouldn’t get high. When they go low, we should get smarter, more knowledgeable and subtle, and this means keep our mental faculties as best as they can be. The most fundamental human right is not to have to lose our mind, to keep on living.

Patrice Ayme’

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7 Responses to “Drug Usage For Mental Obliteration: A Win-Win Situation”

  1. Gmax Says:

    The more drugged out the less capable of revolt


  2. Andrej Dekleva Says:

    Running into mountains in the winter alone is a form of addiction as well, live threatening…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Absolutely. However, it’s so scary and painful when it happens, that it is hard to sustain the addiction. I did two terrible runs in the last few weeks. Extremely dangerous. However, just like the time I ended doing dangerous solo climbing, it happened by accident. Once I was desperately trying to reach the Tahoe Rim Trail I was persuaded had human tracks. And I did find, going that way, toward the TRT, some tracks, buried under a thinnish layer of fresher snow. However, after a mile, gaining elevation, it became obvious these were bear tracks (they were everywhere). So I armed myself, seriously wondering what in the hell were bears doing holding Congress in vast numbers at 9,000 feet. When I reached the TRT, hopping in snow up to mid thighs, there were no human tracks, they started at Mount Martis, still at 8,200 feet, and 4.5 miles from the road… Only then could I put the turbo…

      The next horror run, fifteen miles away, there again, I found deeper and deeper snow. I was hoping for an escape trail down… But I missed it, because of the snow (ha! An old problem…). Instead I had to forge ahead along the TRT (I’m addicted!) to another trail I knew. I ended at night, with the supermoon… A bit worried, because on the preceding night run, I had seen something that looked like a giant hyena (it was a bear)


  3. SDM Says:

    Perceptive assessment of the US health care “system” that is killing off the population with denial of care and overdoses of narcotics. But of course many die believing they are “free”! Tragic.


  4. David Says:

    Reading about the loss of your brother- you have my sincere condolences. I’m a mere two years younger than him. It is very special that you write what you do from a personal place, and from personal experiences (of our diseased culture, vapid political shitsem, bankrupt education, etc.). You speak my mind in So many ways. There’s no argument, lesson, or “talking points” that can possibly match or pierce to the heart of one’s moral code like earning it all through real experience (whether it’s being censored, shut down, shouted down, made to pay, made to suffer, or you name it). You’re the real deal & an oasis in the digital desert. Keep up the great work, you make a real impact.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the fine compliments, David… All the more appreciated as I was (viciously) censored three times today (by vicious I mean the censors knew what they were doing, and probably censored me not because I sound crazy, but just the opposite… I will waste some time explaining this in the next essay… Because I think the problem of “fake news” cannot be disjointed from censorship and propaganda…)


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