How And Why The Rebellion In France Is Depicted As Nasty And Venomous, By Its Enemy, Global Plutocracy


The rebels  in France call themselves “gilets jaunes”. A “gilet jaune” is the sort of reflecting yellow vest used by personnel rescuing or repairing, and is also worn, in France, by automobilists in distress (it’s mandatory to have one in each car in France). So the feeling conveyed by “gilet jaune” in France, and in French, is care, distress, accident, rescue.

Amusingly, “gilet jaune” got mistranslated in English as “yellow jacket”, true on the face of it, but also the common descriptive of wasps. So the feeling conveyed when considering “gilet jaune” in English is that of a venomous insect potentially deadly (by 12/13/18, after 4 weeks of the rebellion, 6 “yellow jackets” have been killed, typically in collision with irate automobilists).

The symbolism of gilet jaune is about care and love, the symbolism of yellow jackets is about venom and hatred.

A revolution led by those who usually never rebel: elder, lower middle class citizens with jobs… and senior citizens who had voted for the traitor.

Amusing to call “gilet jaunes” “yellow jackets”? Not only: also viciously underhanded. English speaking media plutocracy wants to emotionally paint the “gilet jaunes” as nasty (‘emergency jackets’ would have been more correct and reflective of the intended meaning). Why the hostility?

Do I need to ask? Global plutocracy wants slaves everywhere. A big country with an attitude like France, where We The People has not realize it should shut up and work ever harder, for ever less, is a major problem. So such a rebellious country needs to be completely unpowered. Here comes Macron, thereafter to be named according to the way he acted, Manu I, elected king of France. Manu I was central to this (although he is probably not aware of what he is exactly doing; I give him that). Manu I was brought to the finance and economy ministry to do this, unpowering France (Manu, a merger banker, replaced the social-nationalist Montebourg, a lawyer). There Manu didn’t disappoint the global financial establishment which had sent him, and he became the enabler of global plutocracy, in France.

The violence was not started by the rebels, but by the traitors who lead France in the name of global plutocracy.

Well, Manu I, the elected French dictator, was well on his way to destroy the French social model: said French social model is the great fear of the global plutocracy… Is there anything more frightening to global plutocrats than “Medicare For ALL” spreading to the USA?

When Macron was savagely interrupted by those “yellow jackets”, his work of destruction met an unexpected resistance. In the USA, starting during the last years in care of Obama, the social decomposition was so deep, that US life expectancy started to go down. The controlling class was all for it, just as the “Occupy Wall Street” movement died innocuously, this decrease of life expectancy stayed hidden by lots of talk about grotesque Obamacare.

Destroying the French social model is a must for the global plutocracy. Should social models survive in France or the USA, historically the two leading republics, it would be a terrible example for the rest of the world.

Trump, although he said he would do so, is not taxing the GAFAM much… For US leaders, taxing the GAFAM is taxing a US world superiority tool. It’s taxing a US comparative advantage. No wonder there is no motivation to do so. Trump is forced to be nice to Bezos, head of Amazon, because Trump is a US nationalist, and US nationalism has no weapon more formidable than Amazon. 

However France, as a nation, gets no advantage from being submitted to the GAFAM: it’s the opposite, France gets a comparative disadvantage. As French engineering built, industrially the first transistors, the first CPU and the first personal computer (in two ways, as Pascal did so already in the 17th Century!), France is perfectly capable of fabricating, inside France,, everything that the GAFAM does. France is still capable (but maybe for not much longer… if things keep on heading where they are…) But France doesn’t anymore have the will to be at the forefront of technological progress. Or at least its leaders don’t. 

Why? Because the elite has been sold on the global plutocracy dream, an attempt to build a new world “aristocracy”, centered around said “elite”. Thus Manu I, elected king of France, burnished his credentials relative to the global plutocracy, prior to his election, when he gave Alstom, a unique heavy industry company in France, to its US competitor, General Electric. General Electric used US public money (previously given by Obama) to “buy” Alstom: the US generates public money at will, whereas France doesn’t anymore (thanks to the EU plutocratic system).   

When the US owns the major French heavy industry, that can be dismantled, weakening French power, hence the French social model, by as much. Now the Manu’s government minsters go around saying France can’t afford Chinese made solar panels… Why not French made? What happened to import taxes on strategic materials? Why not 25% importation tax, as the USA is doing?

Because it would reinforce France, hence her social model, hence be a violence against global plutocracy, the unsaid emotions looming in the backgrounds of the souls of our corrupt “leaders”?

Weakening the French social model goes with calling French rebels nasty names, such as “yellow jackets”. Thus it makes the rebellion in France an object of fear and spite. Emotionally speaking, that is, at the deepest logical level.

Well, let’s embrace the notion. You want us nasty? Let’s welcome the notion. As US president Roosevelt said of banks:”I welcome their hatred!

Revolutions are there, they exist to kill old worlds, old establishments, old emotions. Yellow jackets can kill, indeed. What needs to be killed, is the social model proposed to us by global plutocracy: slaves everywhere, plutocrats to the stars…

Patrice Ayme.



P/S: [By 2019, eight weeks into the movement, much Anglo-Saxon media switched to “Yellow Vests” instead of the more picturesque “Yellow Jackets”… Making one of the themes above obsolete… Yet the nasty sting against the amply justified French rebellion should persist…]








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7 Responses to “How And Why The Rebellion In France Is Depicted As Nasty And Venomous, By Its Enemy, Global Plutocracy”

  1. G Max Says:

    Hey you! I was wondering how long it would take you to pick up that notion. Can you further elaborate on the connection between Islam and yellow jackets? Should they suspend the protests?


  2. brodix Says:

    It is a brilliantly effective symbol, as it turns an ubiquitous state regulation against the state. What is also needed, is a simple, easily stated argument against the current system. My suggestion is;

    1) Money is a voucher system.
    2) As such, it is the social contract enabling mass societies to function. It is not simply a commodity to be mined from society.
    3) As a medium of exchange, it is public property, like a road. We own money like we own the section of road we are using, as it’s functionality is in its fungibility.
    4) As a medium, it is not also a store. For example, in the body, blood is the medium and fat is the store. Or for cars, roads are the medium and parking lots are the store.
    5) Consequently large excesses of money are toxic to the larger economy and value should be stored as valuable, tangible assets, including strong communities and healthy environments. Not as abstractions with little backing, other than other abstractions. Which only enables the financial system to be used as a gambling emporium. Let them print their own chips.
    6) Private property is fundamental to a healthy society and environment, but rights have to generally correspond to responsibilities.
    7) Civilization had private government once, but we really don’t want to go back to monarchy. Government, the executive and regulatory function of society, is analogous to the central nervous system. Banking, as the economic circulation system, is analogous to the body’s circulation system. They both serve the entire body, but entirely different functions and society needs to keep that distinction in mind. Politicians make lousy bankers.
    8) What we have now are the bankers having their, “Let them eat cake.” moment. Basically the heart telling the rest of the body to go suck dirt.

    How could a simple statement like that go viral? There is certainly a market for it. Know anyone in the Gilets Jaunes movement?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Let me answer the last question deviously. Yes I know gilets jaunes…

      The CRUX request of the movement, from MY perspective is RIP or RIC (REFERENDUM INITIATIVE CITOYENNE). Citizens vote laws DIRECTLY, as in ATHENS…

      Thereupon, you will recognize the philosophical signature of yours truly…


      • brodix Says:


        The difference of our views is that you are a very forward and direct person, but I am very passive, because it allows me to see more, like standing back from the issues. The system is designed to co-opt those who want to confront it directly. Voting is no longer sufficient. Now it is time to take control of the narrative.


  3. Benign Brodwicz Says:

    Must read:

    and HG Wells “Anticipations,” the blueprint for the new world order, free on Kindle (today at least):

    It is believable to me that the global plutocratic cabal centered on the Rothschilds was instrumental in designing the international financial system based on central banks that is instrumental in pluto-control. Allegedly, Trump is going to restructure the US Fed.

    The first reference details how FDR was really playing on the Plutos’ team with compelling details during the Great Depression.


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