We Are Scared, Thus We Are British Versus We Are French, And Why We Are Revolutionaries


And Why Islands Such As England, Are More Peaceful, Thus More Tyrannical:

Afraid of their own establishment, all too established, the British are. That made them obedient, sometimes even obsequiously, to their plutocratic masters (hence the polite goofing off below and around “Royals”). Hence the British world empire, now a world empire of the English language, a form of poorly pronounced French, and Anglo-Saxonia (understand plutocracy friendly, or more, precisely, the spirit of the West Country Men, see below, for this ignominy which has metastasized, worldwide). 

The right way to make Brexit: change the EU, tearing it out of the clutches of a corrupt establishment, using force . To riot or not to riot? French violence, over the last millennium was the icebreaker English trade and society meekly followed behind… To great profit. English tyranny, more stealthy and efficient, tended to use what worked best to exploit better. See the note about Philippe IV with Henry VIII as consequence…

This is exactly why the Revolution of Human Rights of 1789 happened in France, not Great Britain. In France, peasants owned their land (however small). In Britain plutocrats, the top ones elected to Parliament, owned all the land, and controlled the country so thoroughly, including the legal and justice system, revolution was impossible.

Thus plutocrats made the laws in Britain. In practice, it meant that landless, unemployed rural denizens flocking to cities could be arrested, and condemned to death for vagrancy… Except, of course, if they asked the judge to be deported as slave to North America (exact title was “endured servant”) Hence England was able to stuff North America with colonists, and make the colonies profitable (especially adding slaves and tobacco).

By the 18th century, a British admiral was famously hanged “to encourage the others” as Voltaire put it. He had been culprit of lacking enthusiasm in battle. Only a deeply inhuman, fascist system ruled by mighty Plutos could engage in such violence.

Revolutions in France: they started by the 12th century with the Cathars, and arguably even earlier by 1026 CE, when the Vatican used the first mass burning of revolutionaries to repress the nascent rebellion against Catholic fascism! When the French army got to England in 1066 CE, it outlawed slavery, as per Frankish law, seducing the 20% of the English population which was enslaved.

One may wonder why France was always that icebreaker, jumping from revolution to revolution… of all these revolutions, the only pacific one was that of “Amour Courtois”, in the middle of the Middle Ages, when influential ladies started, successfully, a “me too” movement for the times…

The answer is simple: England is an island. England suffered only one invasion since 1066 CE (and that one was pretty much an insider affair, the so-called “Glorious Revolution” when Orange took power… “Orange” itself being revealing of his true origin, Orange, in France…)

Whereas France, in the Middle Of Western Europe, was always a war country, exposed to invasions, and keen to engage in counterattacks… all the way to Algiers or Moscow… Being armed to the teeth, and culturally friendly to war, the French apply those principles inside. All the more as the military leadership of France had to depend upon We The People to engage in all these wars, so We The People of France is always more or less on a war footing.

So both the French leadership and the French people have always been bellicose, and being bellicose is a fundamental property of France which enables the existence of France as a polity. Thus bellicosity is perceived deep down inside in French mentality, as a positive.

War also had a huge scientific effect. The “100 year war” (part of the nearly 5 centuries war) between France and England finished when French engineers, the Bureau brothers, introduced field guns, a world first. At the battle of Castillon, French guns obliterated the English army (which suffered 4,000 killed, while the French had only one hundred dead).

Gallic military engineering supremacy dated all the way back to the Roman Republic, when the Celts provided superior metallic military equipment to… the Roman army.

An example is the Grenade GLI F4, an instantaneously explosive tear gas which makes an explosion of 170 decibels to render We The People deaf (Grenade lacrymogène instantanée) fabricated by SAE Alsetex (groupe Étienne Lacroix). The grenade contains a TNT charge, and explodes so violently, it has torn hands of French gilet jaune demonstrators, more than a meter away.

The World Financial Order explodes contradictors, because violence works, always had. Here a French demonstrator torn, one of many, in 2018, by explosive TNT grenade , made in France (not China!) Even Foreigners and Belgians get exploded.

While the plutocratic French monarchy is busy exploding and terrifying French contradictors of the established Rothschild order…


… the People Republic of China launched a rover to the Far Side of the Moon, a world first. (It required to put in orbit another satellite around the Moon, first, for communications.)


Thus, thanks to Manu the First and Last of His Name, unpopular King of France, allied to the plutocratic globalocracy, and the most repugnant philosophy, French military technology against We The People of France, is progressing by leaps and bounds… While several other nations plan to further technology in more productive ways, by establishing bases on the Moon.

We don’t need solitary, arrogant clown brainwashed by Heideggerian (that is, Nazi) philosophers, programmed by the French Republic Inspectorate of Finance and its sponsor, Banque Rothschild, to lead us into oblivion, so as the present version of the “West Country Men” can profit so much, they will forget. their own ignominy. What we need is progress, that is, revolution. It starts with more equality.

There is no steady state. Never was, but now, less than ever. Civilization is an ongoing revolution. The Ship of Civilization is propelled by revolutions. And it better be right away, or the humanely sustainable biosphere will die.

Patrice Ayme



England, institutionally speaking, was mostly created by Frenchmen:

starting with the Franco-Norman colonization. According to Frankish law, slavery was immediately outlawed (so 20% of the population loved William). William then introduced the sort of oath and direct relationship between king and people characteristic of that between Roman imperator and soldier. Clovis had done the same, but only in the Frankish army, as it was, after all, a Roman army (this was enforced by the famous Soissons Vase incident, where Clovis executed a Frankish warrior, for disobedience, as if he were a vulgar Roman soldier… which he was… unbeknownst to him).

Frenchmen launched reforms kept on coming: the Magna Carta, the puffed-up role of Parliament (Duke of Lancastre/Lancaster).


French Revolt Against Papacy Led To The English One:

Around 1300 CE, Philippe IV Le Bel, “emperor in his own kingdom”, in concert with his English vassal, the King of England, waged war against the Pope. The Pope surrendered, agreeing to taxation. Still Philippe got him arrested, and dead.

After that, it was easy to do what Henry VIII did, 240 years later, creating a reformed church in England.


Then came the “West Country Men”… Top English investors who terrorized Ireland, before establishing a highly profitable, slave driven colony in America… When evil works, nothing else can do as well:


The Revolution in France is a revolt against the West Country Men spirit (which amusingly was best exploited by German Jews, the immigrants who adopted the name “Rothschild”…)

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30 Responses to “We Are Scared, Thus We Are British Versus We Are French, And Why We Are Revolutionaries”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    This is so true and something this Englishman needs reminding of. But your last sentence is the most telling one, it puts everything else into the shade. The time for this last revolution, of changing society in order to reduce CO2 emissions by a long way, is now! Not tomorrow but today!


  2. brodix Says:

    The essential dynamic is still energy pushing out, as form/information coalesces in. Galaxies are energy radiating out, as mass gravitates in. England is an island and thus a function of form, while France has to sustain its form, by always pushing out.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Had there be a land bridge, the 4 British divisions left in June 1940 (including one armored which never made it to France, causing French defeat, as it was where the Nazi tanks broke through)… would not have stopped 150 nazi divisions…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You don’t seem to have integrated my Dark Matter theory is this meta poetical description… 😉


      • brodix Says:

        🙂 My DMT is that any quantization is a collapse function and it goes from photons collapsing out of light as fields and waves, to black holes as the eye of the storm. So gravity is not so much a property of mass, as mass is part of this overall spectrum. Dark Matter being the premise to explain the collapse occurring on the parts of the spectrum that are not dense enough to be mass.
        Then the expansion of energy/radiation is balanced by this collapse, in an overall cosmic convection cycle.
        Consider we have a central nervous system designed to collect information/form, out of the oceans of information carrying energy, along with the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems to collect and process the energy propelling this information, as the information organizes the collection of energy, in a cycle.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Hmmm… Reminds me of SQPR…. I have an incoming computation of mine mixing all these concepts. I just need the time to publish it and check the CW about this in the physics literature (as I remember, it’s different) But presently travelling….


          • brodix Says:

            The most clear cut problem I have with current cosmology is that when they discovered the redshift is proportional in all directions, making us appear to be at the center, it was switched from an expansion in space, to an expansion of space, on the premise of “spacetime,” but that totally ignores the central premise of GR, that the speed of light remains Constant to any frame. If the light is redshifted, obviously it is not constant to the intergalactic space, but a different metric. Since this expansion is relative to the speed of light, that makes light speed the denominator.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            The difference between Special Relativity and General Relativity is that, in the former the speed of light is found to be constant locally, whereas in the latter the speed of light is allowed to vary… Not locally (that would contradict SR), but globally…

            Minkowsky, who had called his student Einstein a “lazy dog”, introduced “spacetime”… But Einstein didn’t like the concept. And it looks like Quantum Physics likes it even less. Mathematically, in Quantum Physics, space and time are treated very differently, the later being a “one parameter transformation group”….


          • brodix Says:

            It still remains that two metrics of space are based on the same intergalactic light. One based on the spectrum and one based on the speed. Given the speed is being used as the denominator, so the redshift is the numerator. Which gets back to to normal doppler effect. Increasing distance, as measured in light speed. We are the center of our point, of view, so an optical effect would seem to be a logical consideration.
            Presumably one that compounds on itself, creating the parabolic curve in the rate, going outward, currently assigned to dark energy. Keep in mind that BBT cannot be falsified, as any discrepancy between prediction and observation is automatically patched by some otherwise invisible force.
            As for time and QM, it still operates on one clock, assuming a universal time, but the reality is that every action is its own clock.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Confused about what this (numerator/denominator) is supposed to be…
            The distances in astronomy are measured by a number of scales
            Short distances: parallax. Nothing to do with light speed.
            Further: Cepheid stars come in. Cepheids are an interesting class of star which change their brightness over time in a predictable, repeating pattern. And, very usefully for distance measurements, that repeating pattern changes depending on how intrinsically bright the star is, a discovery made by Henrietta Swan Leavitt in 1902. We can therefore use the speed of the Cepheid’s pulse to tell if it’s faint in our skies because it’s intrinsically dim, or because it’s faint because it’s far away.

            We know how bright the Cepheid should be, because of its pulse, so any fainter means it’s farther away. We know how brightness fades with distance – twice as far away means eight times as faint. The mismatch between how bright the Cepheid appears in the sky, and how bright it should be gives us this distance. This method works well throughout our galaxy and out to the nearest galaxies beyond us. To go even farther out in the universe, we need an even brighter marker of intrinsic luminosity – Type 1A supernovae.

            The latter enabled the discovery of DARK ENERGY.

            Nothing to do with light speed…. However LIGHT FATIGUE (a potential consequence of my SQPR) has to be considered….


          • brodix Says:

            For some reason the Safari on my desktop has ceased to load and I wrote a long reply on this phone, but WordPress erased it, so trying again.
            There is a simple analogy of redshift. That of an inchworm crawling across an expanding balloon. Both the inchworm,as the speed of light and the balloon, as the redshifted spectrum, are based on the same intergalactic light.
            As it is being argued the light is redshifted because it is taking longer to cross the universe, that makes the speed of light the unit this expansion is denominated in. So the expansion is the numerator, the amount of these units.
            The reason for dark energy is that redshift increases with distance, until the source appears to be receding at the speed of light. The original assumption was this rate dropped off at a steady rate, but what was observed was it drops off rapidly and then flattens out. To use a ballistics analogy, it was like the universe had been shot out of a cannon and after slowing down a rocket kicked in to sustain a steady rate.
            From our point of view, the rate starts slowly and compounds. Which would be reasonable, if it was an optical effect, compounding on itself. Then the background radiation would be the solution to Olber’s paradox. The light of infinite stars, shifted off the visible spectrum.
            Not assuming 70% of the universe is invisible to everything but this gap between prediction and observation.


  3. Benign Brodwicz Says:

    L’homme moyen raisonnable does not believe a tax paid to unelected bureaucrats will solve any problem but the insolvency of the aforementioned bureaucrats’ pensions….

    Vive la revolution! Vive l’humanité qui peut survivre parce que le gouvernement échoue! C’est toujours comme ça à la fin de l’époque capitaliste… Et pour le gouvernement, généralement la guerre est la solution, pathétiquement….

    on espère pas. à votre santé, b


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Macron est droit dans ses bottes. Excellent. La fin de la Cinquième République peut être envisagée….
      As I have said, and will reiterate, in an incoming essay, RIP or RIC, REFERENDUMS, is the way out, la fameuse sortie par le haut… And the 6th Republic, the real McCoy….


  4. Jo Liana King Says:

    ‘There is no steady state. Never was, but now, less than ever. Civilization is an ongoing revolution. The Ship of Civilization is propelled by revolutions. And it better be right away, or the humanely sustainable biosphere will die. Idiocy came from a few, thinking for all. Enough’

    Revolution, like architecture, mathematics, and lots of other human endeavors, is a mode of adaptation. Failing to adapt and change is what gets us into trouble with Mother Nature.


  5. John Cooke Says:

    I get protesting fuel prices but the violence makes it all look bad.


  6. Gloucon X Says:

    Macron, who took office last year, also said he was declaring “an economic and social state of emergency.”

    “I know I’ve hurt some of you with my words,” he said during a televised address Monday night. “I want tonight to be very clear with you: I’ve fought to shake up the system that we have in place. This is because I want to serve our country, which I love.”

    What he really means is I’m sorry you complained when I tried to impoverish you. I fight to shake up the system, but only the parts of it that help the poor or the middle class, not the parts the that help the globalist banker plutocrats. I did this because I want to serve the globalist bankers who hired me.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. Thanks for that analysis, Gloucon X… Next day, he had to establish “etat d’urgence”, “Vigipirate” maximal… Just short of State of Siege…. Islamism brought the Yellow Jackets, both coming from plutocracy (bankers, etc.) More or less writing an essay on that… The story has been going on for 26 centuries….


  7. SDM Says:

    Macron has been trying to appease the German bankers with austerity for the French working and middle classes. The taxes were not raised on fuel for any reason but to pay debts to the bankers. Hence the outrage!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Exactly. It’s not just outrage, people can see they have been had: Macron’s new order of hope has revealed itself to be more of the same ongoing destitution… just as in the USA….


  8. G Max Says:

    Islands, or why Anglo-Saxons don’t like revolutions: they are owned more than the French. Something to remember


  9. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [To Quora…]
    I wrote several essays on this… Over the last decade and more. So it was highly predictable: so-called “representative democracy” is neither. We The French People has finally seen through the intellectual fog produced to dissimulate that drastic fact.
    Time for real, that is direct, democracy! Time to partly legislate through RIC: Referendum Initiative Citoyenne… Instead of having a corrupt banker who used to be Inspector of Finance, before using his government connections at Banque Rothschild, in charge of dismantling the French social system….
    We Are Scared, Thus We Are British Versus We Are French, And Why We Are Revolutionaries (https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2018/12/09/we-are-scared-thus-we-are-british-versus-we-are-french-and-why-we-are-revolutionaries/)


    • brodix Says:

      It was when the Rothschild’s took over the royal treasury from Charles 1 and started the Bank of England that was the birth of modern capitalism and the British Everything. Banking is the circulation mechanism of society, as government is the nervous system. That distinction has to be made. Politicians cannot be in control of the banking system, because they invariably inflate the money supply whenever there are no other easy solutions.
      Trying to get the politicians to take on a corrupt banking system is impossible, because the banks own all of them. Any solution has to recognize the functions and differences of both.

      Liked by 1 person

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