To Understand Nazi Germany Well, Understand Twentieth Century USA

Why did the German army fight to the bitter end in World War 2?

Patrice Ayme

Truly the world war launched by Germany in 1914 (and plotted in a conspiracy as early as 1912), finished in May 1945. As soon as WWI was put in limbo (“armistice” of November 11, 1918), Germany prepared the next round, training its tanks secretly in… the USSR, of all places (hence the German delusion of knowing the Soviets well enough to defeat them).

One has to realize that Germany was at war again by 1936… In Spain… where its engagement was crucial to enable the fascists to win (the Luftwaffe carried the rebel army to Spain from Africa, among other things… thanks to US oil, from Texaco…) That is 18 years after the defeat of 1914–1918, Germany was at war again, with full US plutocratic help (the rebel army in Spain was completely US equipped, the equipment generously lent by crafty US plutocrats). (This Nazi war started in 1936 made the Wehrmacht fully trained, and thus it gave it a huge advantage for the crucial week after May 10, in 1940: by the time the French and British learned to sort out the crucial details, it was too late… The Battle of France, and its three million casualties had been lost. )

World War One, started by the fascist German Second Reich, nearly finished in tragedy for the invaders, after the tremendous French counterattack of the First Battle of Marne (5 weeks after the initial invasion). Then the Western front stayed static and hopeless, until the Second Battle of the Marne. By then the US had stopped sending ammunition material to Germany (the US had broken the Franco-British blockade, through the Netherlands!) By 1918, the French were outgunning the Germans something like one German shell to thirty French shells. The Germans were rolled back under tremendous French artillery fire… And then US troops got engaged, soon even accompanied by French tanks… 

French city of Saint Lo, Destroyed by US Bombardment, night of June 6 to 7, 1944. There were much more US bombardments in WWII destroying France than the Nazis ever did. By orders of magnitude. Some of those bombardments clearly targeted the French industrial base… and the presence of Nazis was just a pretext! (Not exactly the case of Saint Lo which suffered more than 11,000 US casualties: those Nazis could be hard to kill…)

By November 1918, the German army was finished, overwhelmed by tanks, shells and even Allied planes. All it could do was destroy and devastate north-east France as it retreated. Then came the armistice. The Germans had fought in the lands they had invaded… not in Germany itself.

The Kaiser quit, the German Fleet self-destroyed at Scapa Flow, but otherwise little changed. Germany was not invaded. Germany refused to pay French reparations (parts of France are still destroyed and forbidden, a century later!)

Germany even formally stayed the “Second Reich” (“Weimar Republic” was not the official term). The Germans behind the 1914 attack became partisans of what became the Nazi Party, and they invented the Nazi spirit: all what happened to Germany was other people’s fault (the “Slavs”, the French, the Jews, Versailles, Communists, and others who “stabbed the German army in the back”…)

The “stabbing in the back” myth was particularly strong. The theme was that the German army had not been defeated by the Allies, but by traitors inside Germany: so traitors were shot, starting in 1919. “Stabbing in the back” was scathingly suggested by a British general in jest to generalissimo Ludendorff (Ludendorff had claimed as much, that victory had been around the corner… but those pesky German traitors). Ludendorff, who was in the Nazi Party before Hitler, ran away with the concept.

German corpse at Toulon, August 1944. 16,000 French troops attacked, 17,000 Germans surrendered… And 8,000 Germans were killed… In total, more than 5.3 million German soldiers (including SS) died in combat. Most of them after, clearly, the war was certain to be lost, and the cause abominable…

So come 1945, no decent German wanted to surrender. The notion of decency in Germany had become indecent. All the more as the Germans knew, deep down inside, that they had committed crimes against humanity against Soviets and Jews, and others.

In 1919, German crimes against humanity had been ignored, because the USA wanted to own Germany, not punish it.

Instead, the French Republic, under no illusion that the German racist mass homicidal madness had been cured, wanted to defang Germany, rendering it incapable of another attack against the world and civilization…

However, another indecent, racist, mass homicidal German attack is exactly what the smartest, racist and most cruel Anglosphere influencers wanted. Hence top diplomat Lord Keynes (British) wrote that racist pamphlet: “The Economic Consequences of Peace…”… which inspired the Nazis in turn, one more reason to make them believe that the Anglo-Saxon elite had their back… just as their predecessors had believed the same about the USA in June 1914… Or they themselves had believed in 1933–1940… when the US favored the Nazis and opposed the French.

Hitler and a few others remembered that Frederick II of Prussia, faced by an enormous coalition of superpowers (France, Austria, Russia) was miraculously saved from extinction at the last moment…

First Bombing of Berlin Was By The French in 1940 (in retaliation for bombing of French cities…). Thereafter British Night Bombing started. This is how it looked in 1945…

In the end, Hitler, maybe realizing he had been a pawn of “US plutocrats” (a notion he used) hoped that, at the last moment, the Western Allies would regain their senses, make a unilateral ceasefire with the Nazis, and sweep away the Stalinian Soviets. That’s indeed what Patton obviously thought… So he pointed out his Third Army could be in Berlin before the Soviets.

And Patton was right. Zhukov and his armies around Berlin had only 200 tanks still functioning by May 1, 1945. Moreover, Zhukov, had he wanted to do so, could have easily made a coup against Stalin.

Many in the Nazi elite had been more than chummy with the Americans: Henry Ford financed Hitler massively, even before 1923. US plutocrats, through their ownership of the Hamburg Amerika Line armed the Nazis with contraband weapons in 1932. The civil war then allowed the nazis to kill 10,000 of their enemies inside Germany. A Nazi minister commented a bit later:”When I hear the word “culture” I pull out my Browning.” Indeed, the Nazis were armed with contraband US Browning pistols… The Nazi economic miracle was a US economic miracle. The Nazi economy and society was entangled with the USA (from IBM, which had a Nazi monopoly, to Harvard songs, recycled by the Nazis…)

Thus, in top Nazi circles, the hope was strong that the USA would turn around at the last moment. The Nazis had understood nothing, and in particular they had not understood why the USA had let them be.

What the top Nazis didn’t realize is that they had been played, all along: US plutocrats wanted the world, and the Nazis, and the Soviets, were their tools. That meant US plutocrats and their servants wanted half of Europe occupied by the Soviets.

General Eisenhower was on the plot. Patton, his old professor, who finished WWI as a colonel wounded in a tank attack, was not. So Patton went to the press, saying the five million men strong, superbly equipped Allied army, with its air dominance, could occupy all of Germany. In retort, Eisenhower wrote directly to Stalin, to reassure the latter that he would have half of Europe. (Notice that Eisenhower was far from the top: there were supposedly two layers of command between him and the heads of states of the West… Clearly Eisenhower knew something not yet in history books!)

Stalin occupying half of Europe justified the occupation of the other half of Europe by US forces…. Thus the USA was quickly able to seize all European empires, worldwide (so-called “decolonization” and the triumph of the “American Century” and “Neoliberalism”).

Trying to understand Nazism without understanding the racist, greedy US elite, which suggested, enabled and financed it, is like hoping to understand a world conquering carriage by interviewing the ass pulling it… instead of the driver directing it.

Patrice Ayme


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13 Responses to “To Understand Nazi Germany Well, Understand Twentieth Century USA”

  1. SDM Says:

    So what does this tells us about the status quo? Is Germany a threat to Europe now, and if so, how besides its banks? The US military presence worldwide would appear to be the more imminent problem – even now there are rumblings for war with Iran. The US establishment is reliably pro war and with Iraq now in the rear view mirror, where to next?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Germany is a threat, because of its banks subsidizing… while other countries are FORBIDDEN (by Germany, and France to some extent) to subsidize… This has got to stop. However the affected governments (even the Greek one) have NOT made the argument I make… So they are culprit too. Things will change in May, when the “populists” become majority in European Parliament…


  2. Benign Brodwicz Says:

    It is good to remember that Hitler was elected as a populist.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hitler had the support of Dr. Schacht, head of the German Central Bank, pawn of JP Morgan, and of US plutocrats, who made him look presentable to Germans powers that be… including the army.
      Hitler presented himself as a Marxist (!!!), to a great extent (I wrote the quote somewhere)…
      In France the Front Populaire, headed by the Jewish origin Leon Blum (PM) got to power in 1936. The FP made tremendous reforms, which propagated worldwide (like mandatory paid vacations). So being of the populari, as Julius Caesar was, who drained the swamps, is not necessarily a bad thing…


    • G Max Says:

      Whatever populist means
      Was Obama populist?


  3. G Max Says:

    Not a message those with Trump Derangement Syndrome want to read, or put in their any which way.

    The involvement of the US with Hitler is not welcome with PC crowd, either. Used to be when one mentioned Nazism Americans walked out. Now they call everybody a Nazi when they need a safe space


  4. Lew Says:

    You’re a pathologic anti-German. Seek help.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hey Lew: What you wrote is what is called an insult. You call me pathological and anti-German, both of which are false. That would be a constructive opinion, and not just an insult if you tried to justify your opinion with a quote of what you object to. But you don’t. That makes you like a Nazi, something you probably are, considering the subject, namely the attacks of Germany against civilization and humanity in 1914-1945…
      All facts I evoked, to my knowledge were true, and the essay was more unconventional in accusing US plutocrats to have manipulated those dumb brutish Germans…


    • G Max Says:

      Heil Hitler, Lew!
      Glad to see there are still some of you, unreconstructed Nazis, around. The genuine article equating Nazis and Germans


      • Lew Says:

        You both have the emotional maturity of five year olds. Don’t you recognize how you resentment-laden invectives make you look like idiots? Well, obviously you don’t.


  5. Gloucon X Says:

    The US government has seldom been a force for good even for its own people. Other countries should prepare for it to do the worst thing it every situation. In virturally every country, you can count on the US government to side with the evilest, most retrograde, most plutocratic forces and against any movement for democracy or reform.


  6. SDM Says:

    Is there any indication that US plutocrats are actively seeking to undermine Europe again? Brexit, austerity, neoliberal capitlaism, currency issues and other recent events appear to be tearing apart any semblance of unity and democracy.


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