A Lying “Left” Is No Left: the Case of Venezuela, In Historical Context

Maybe alerted by the grave Trump Derangement Syndrome about the collusion-delusion claiming that Trump was an agent of Putin, the New York Times is suddenly sensitive to the “Hands Off” campaign about Venezuela from the likes of Chomsky. In “What My Fellow Liberals Don’t Get About Venezuela, Stop sanitizing a tyrannical dictator. My country deserves change,”

in the New York Times, April 1, 2019, and not a joke, Joanna Hausmann, a Venezuelan-American writer and comedian observes a few basic truths:.

“From Noam Chomsky to Ilhan Omar, there is a growing movement on the American left known as “Hands Off Venezuela,” protesting America’s backing of the opposition leader Juan Guaido. Some of them even chant, “Maduro, friend, the people are with you.” In this video Op-Ed, a Venezuelan-American comic argues that these people are living on another planet and ignoring a dire humanitarian crisis.”


My comment (published!):

The European Union, allied to most Latin America, also wants to get rid of the Venezuelan dictator Maduro. It’s not just Trump. The EU has long understood that the safest bulwark against war is democracy. Right now more than 10% of Venezuela’s population has fled.

That tyranny helps We The People is a delusion which profits only the oligarchic system that this idea pretends to criticize. And this is what the plutocratic system the pro-dictatorial (pseudo-)left pretends to criticize promotes

The “left’ has long been adorned with clowns who pretend to defend We the People by pushing tyranny (as a way for We the People to impose itself). The notion dates back to Aristotle who thought monarchy was the best political system. Marx, furious that his wealthy family’s Rhine vineyards had been made less valuable by price competition with more productive vineyards from southern Germany, elaborated a theory that dictatorship was best, as long as it was made by individuals like him. After an alliance with the Kaiser, Lenin, a century later, did just that, ruining Russia and Ukraine in the process, and killing dozens of millions in the Gulag (according to Stalin himself).

Enormous Anti-Maduro Crowd, one of many….

Many self-declared intellectuals in Europe, when they didn’t follow Hitler, embraced Adolf’s ally, Stalin (until June 23, 1941). Later Mao, Castro and their ilk enabled said pseudo-intellectuals to express their resentment to the full.

This sort of “leftism” only help the wealthiest capitalists. As I said, that’s why it keeps on being promoted by the likes of the Kaiser.

Progress doesn’t come that way, but by compromising with capitalism, and indicating better ways. French MP Proudhon and Lasalle did just this, and Marx hated them (while stealing their ideas). In long conversations, Lasalle persuaded Bismarck to institute universal health care in Germany.


For an Australian perspective (spiced at the end with ill-informed TDS, but never mind…):

I invented, and named, the notion of TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome (even Trump uses it). It is part of Moral Displacement Syndrome (a vast generalization of Scapegoat Theory, Girard, a French Stanford professor became famous from), itself a particular case of Cognitive Displacement Syndrome.

In other words people think and feel what’s more convenient to them. Once one has determined Trump invented evil, one is led to believe the Venezuelan electric grid fails because of Trump… And thus one can proceed in one’s own bad ways, without any culpability.

Granted, believing what’s convenient does happen to everybody, but one should try to put limits to it. It was pretty clear that Trump was saying, in the 1980s, the exact same things he says now, although, then, it was directed against Reagan… establishment’s democrats best friend (said Obama himself). Trump, a decade older than Putin and world-famous already when Putin was an obscure, low-level KGB agent in Germany, never took any lessons from Russia (it’s rather the exact opposite: Putin is a Russian Trumpist…)

Maduro is clearly a dictator. Allende, not a dictator, was thrown out by US maneuvers and various interventions, including military. Actually, since 1900 CE, the USA intervened many times to serve itself in Central and South America. But present day Venezuela is not one of them.

Instead of saying stupid stuff about Venezuela, US progressives should ask the European Union to take the lead: the EU succeeded to resolve many conflicts, through patient diplomacy (as I just suggested it should use with Great Britain, by the way). Trump has enough on his plate with North Korea and Pakistan (both nuclear states), it should let the EU lead.

Real progress is always founded on truth. And posing, or fake progress, doesn’t foster truth.

Patrice Ayme



Note: As I have explained in the past, if this backing of tyranny by the (pseudo) left advantages the ruling oligarchy, why do they do it? Precisely because it’s their job, in the oligarchic order! Double agents are not a new notion. All the more as, in this case, being deeply delusional, they are sincere… So they don’t even know they serve the oligarchy. Not anymore than busy bees know they are serving the apiculturist….

12 Responses to “A Lying “Left” Is No Left: the Case of Venezuela, In Historical Context”

  1. SDM Says:

    If Maduro is such a dictator why were there elections and no bashing of protests? And why is Guaido not in jail already? Trump already set his sights on the oil (he is all about fossil fuel) and wants to bring “democracy” there. Politically, Trump is for voter suppression, and also a base plutocrat. That he wants to send US troops to “help the people” is a bad joke. Same old story as usual in Latin America – US imposes sanctions that cripple Venezuela then blames Maduro for economic troubles.

    Meanwhile, trump gushes over the brutal theocratic Saudis and Bibi with his apartheid regime tactics against the Palestinians. If EU wants to go that route to shame on them. Let Venezuelans work it out. Guaido is an IMF protege stooge sent there to do plutocratic dirty work. Whatever happened to your anti-plutocratic stance?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Independent observers (there are professionals from the UN and EU) agree the last presidential elections were fake. No such allegations with Chavez. As Maduro and the army didn’t control the national assembly (which Guaido leads), they created a fake one…
      There have been bashing of protests, but people have fought back, and police suffered death as they got bombed, etc. There are plenty of videos…

      The oil thing is disputable: plenty of pro-Trump oilocrats, and certainly the frackers, don’t want massive Venezuelan production. Moreover, oil has changed: states control it, the majors have become minor. There would be such a major, unsurmountable outcry if Trump invaded Venezuela to try to give the oil to US oilocrats… that it will not happen, this side of a world war… Frackers are happy with Venezuela the way it is, and so are their investors in Wall Street…

      I would be very surprised Trump would send troops before a consensus surfaces with OAS, EU, UN… Latter unlikely as Russia and China loves it the way it is… But the refugees crisis is so enormous it’s creating major trouble in Brazil, Columbia…

      I am totally anti-plutocratic, but I am also discriminative. Maduro and his ilk ARE plutocrats. Until the end of 2018, US took basically no measures against the Maduro gang.

      This entire subject, like what happened in Brazil (Lula), or in Ecuador, has me in uncomfortable situation. I am 100% for many “populist” policies. I didn’t disagree with Chavez and totally agreed with Lula. However, Lula now sits in jail (for what I view as very minor, highly understandable corruption), and Chavez wrecked the Venezuelan oil industry, if not its economy. Lula though, didn’t… But the corruption became so enormous, his successor found herself all englued in it,,, she was not jailed , but her conservative successor, who had attacked her so much, was known to be corrupt… and has now been arrested (last week). He is in jail.

      It’s precisely because I am anti-plutocratic that I am against Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, etc… And also Biden and Maduro… But I am FOR Alexandria Ocasio Cortez New Green Deal… As long as funds for thermonuclear fusion are multiplied by ten (just kidding, 5 or 6 times would satisfy me…) The crimes of Biden are many, and I have an essay ready to trash him… Actually she is just doing what I advocated to Obama 12 years ago… Obama himself did the green thing, but decreeing immediately HUGE mistakes, such as cutting off research funds on HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS (which enabled the USA to land on the Moon). That was actually a Pluto trick: we can’t have massive renewables without hydrogen. In particular hydrogen would enable clean planes right away… Otherwise, way things are going 25% of CO2 pollution will be from planes in 2050…

      Also batteries are suitable for cars, and will improve a lot, they fall short for going to the Moon…

      Much of “left” has been a fifth column: stridently justifying plutocratic rule in the guise of destroying it. Generally, at this point, fascists mention the French Revolution… But that one had plenty of justifications: the French Republic was attacked by all of European plutocracy, even before the Republic was created. I have written many essays on this.

      Read in particular the 3,000+ words essay: How Genocide Starts…
      That was written during the painful and depressing Obama years. I find lies very depressing, especially from a friend one thought more noble than that… Trump doesn’t depress me, as he didn’t change since he opposed Reagan, and, as an anti-plutocrat, I appreciated that at the time (I always found Reagan disgustingly retarded… A drunkard, a B series chimp…)



  2. benign Says:

    According to Democracy Now, the refineries of the Koch brothers on the Texas coast can only handle dirty crude, which is what the Venezuelans have, and the Venezuelans have been over-charging the Kochs, so the brothers have corralled the neo-cons in Washington to stage a coup, which appears to be failing.

    It is only a matter of time before Maduro falls. Then it might be a competition between the IMF and Russian and Chinese money to scoop up positions in V’s oil production. If it doesn’t come to blows. The Russians and Chinese, who have taken positions in V oil, have troops and ships in the area. It is not likely any of the parties will look to the EU for conciliation, IMHO.

    I believe the deep state has compromised Trump somehow, and he is towing the old party line, which suggests the American people will want to throw out the entire government before not too long.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The problem is that more than 10% of the Venezuelan population has fled, that’s the world’s number one refugee crisis… Trump is more prominent than he should be because the EU is terminally distracted by the antics of Brexit… Some French politicians I like are loudly pro-Maduro (LFI)… And that hurts them inside France… Spain is also distracted by a political crisis (and tangentially Brexit too)…

      This European paralysis, felt all the way to Venezuela, is one reason why Macron feels like cutting the crap about brexit by imposing a NO DEAL. And why he is sending Merkel to Dublin Thursday to sort out the details…Today, Tuesday, April 2, Leo Eric Varadkar Irish Taoiseach (PM and de facto head of state, although there is a president nominally above), Minister for Defence, and Leader of Fine Gael since June 2017 visited Macron in Paris… who loudly declared France was by Ireland’s side, come hell and high water…


  3. Gmax Says:

    What u call the pseudo left loves dictators for the same reason as the right does they love top dogs bcs it’s easier to follow than to lead. I know u don’ t like Chomski yet you read his books.
    Maduro is toast anyway, just a matter of time. Nice videos, BTW…


  4. Lovell Says:

    While Maduro is not a saint, he’s not your worst brutal dictator either.

    There is undoubtedly an ongoing power struggle between the nation’s oligarchy and their sycophants on the one hand and the poor mostly indigenous population on the other. It’s the forces of greedy parasitic neo liberalism vs.
    the proletarian mass movement of Chavismo.

    In any case, whatever internal struggles or problems Venezuela have do not justify meddling to initiate regime change especially coming from neocon agents who have criminal histories in foreign interventions.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Lovell: I am not advocating US intervention to change the regime in Venezuela.
      Nor am I advocating military intervention to change the regime in Algeria. There the Algerian military intervened today to save the regime by dishing out the president. My family is half from Algeria… The present regime was put in place by French dictator-president De Gaulle, in 1962… So oil dictatorships can last a long time…

      What I am advocating is calling a dictatorship a dictatorship.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. oatmealactivist Says:

    This post could easily have been named: “Wherein Patrice blogs to describe the hypocrisies of the pseudo-left and the extent of their infection with Trump Derangement Syndrome, and is swiftly demonstrated to be correct by her commenters.”

    Cognitive dissonance in an adversary is always a sign you’ve punctured the enamel of their ideology.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Oatmealactivist! Keenly observed and thoroughly appreciated!
      As I pointed out in a comment, I have a vested interest in comparing what is going on in Venezuela with the ongoing Revolution in Algeria…. Or even Brexit, where quite a few of the contradictions have risen to the surface, like dying fishes bloated with nonsense. In all cases completely dysfunctional cognitive systems generated by plutocratic control are experiencing a catastrophic encounter with reality… My meta point is that many of the most vehement or grandiloquent pseudo-critiques are there to further weaken the opposition, with more Cognitive Dissonance… So they actually work for the enemy.

      On the vehemence side we have Marx, Lenin, Stalin, or Chomski. On the grandiloquent side, Clinton, Biden, or Obama… in this order, as Biden was thoroughly virulent in 1990s as one of the greatest pillar of the plutocratic order; he did more for the system than Obama, overall… Bush *just* invaded Iraq, but Biden reversed Roosevelt 1933, and passed a crime bill that sent all the agitated *colored* (there is no better word describing what happened) to the slammer…


  6. ianmillerblog Says:

    Maduro is an incompetent economic manager rather than a dictator, but if anyone thinks Venezuela will be much better off in the short run with Guaido, I believe they are deluded. Guaido and his associates will simply sell off the oil and mineral wealth to rich multis, and the average Venezuelan will see no difference. This spat is all about money, not about fixing tings for the poor. Who do you think actually cares about the poor there? Enough to do something about it? Because doing something would involve the new government intervening heavily on the economy and that would eb the dreaded socialism. Can’t see that happening.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I am not a Guaido enthusiast, but he is courageous.
      Using the multis is the only way to multiply oil production by ten…. But a honest gov can control them. They don’t even have to be US (although of course some of them should; but giant TOTAL can be brought back…)

      Notice that I say oil is good for Venezuela… That doesn’t mean it is suddenly good for the planet. But really bringing back the multis is the only reasonable way there (won’t last as fossil fuel will be outlawed as soon as fusion is made to work commercially with promised formidable efficiency…)

      As i view all countries as more or less socialist (even Monaco), I’m not scared of socialism… It’s actually fun to see brexiters, those pawns of the most global financial plutocracy bellow they need out of Europe, to make Britain more socialist…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The point now in Venezuela is mass starvation, and mass exodus (12% of the population has fled). Guaido didn’t cause those. Poverty is taking a backseat to starvation and exodus.


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