Brexit: Keep Britain In, Under Lock and Key! Caesar’s and Charlemagne’s Dream, Not Waterloo’s Revenge!

The Roman empire succeeded a gigantic unification of Western Europe and North Africa. It was peaceful, and wealthiest, for centuries, before a sudden collapse from an invasion by Vandals (literally!) in 406 CE (after more than two centuries of military pressure from various German tribes). Now, nearly two millennia later, Britannia and Algeria are acting up. Britannia is out of sorts, after decades of anti-European hate mongering by wealthy manipulators. Whereas Algeria is acting up, for the best reasons, out of righteousness, after 57 years of FNL dictatorship engineered by a French general (however strange that may sound, that’s what happened, what I have been saying for decades; a paradox many young Algerians are daring to express at last!)

It’s another paradox that Brexit aims at unifying the continent, excluding Britain, exactly the opposite of British policy under… Napoleon. Was Waterloo, Trafalgar, for nought!… However now Brexit is turning into Brexinfinity, a malady of infinite uncertainty…

A little reminder, from a Remainer: England and Algeria were in the Roman empire for centuries. The empire was the wealthiest, most prosperous part of the world. That prosperity lasted until military decay, and then collapse, first at the hands of the Goths (mostly). In the century after the 406 CE collapse, the Franks started a long conquest of Germania Magna… Following Julius Caesar’s final message: the Republic could be made safe only under final borders. Now, in a way, the UN is the borders… As civilization in its best version so far, conquered the planet…

I am a mortal enemy of Brexit. I think the European Union as it is organized, is a disaster, but it’s less of a disaster than no Union at all. Of course, Britain should be part of the Union. However all too many British are Pluto pawns driven to madness by the deep emotional misinformation in which they bathe.

Indeed, there are lots of the problems of the present European Union, including pig-headed expansion, were caused by British bullying. The EU immigration so decried by the Brexiteers was therefore a British Pluto trick… second only to non-EU immigration to Britain… thus demonstrating in an even deeper way that massive immigration to Britain was organized by the same manipulators who are behind Brexit.

I have argued that ejecting Britain out of the EU could have unforeseen consequences, that alienation is a very bad thing, etc.

The classical case of this, I insisted, was the estrangement of Western Francia from the rest of the Roman empire in the Tenth Century (that Roman empire is often erroneously labeled by unfaithful historian “Carolingian” empire). That brought one millennium of war (all the way to Hitler). Now the Western Franks had a very good reason to split: the Roman empire had not defended them against the Vikings by eradicating the latter. Instead Western Franks had to defend themselves by their own means. So Frexit had an excellent reason.

So happy together. British press always refer to the Union as a “block”, or “club”. That’s how propaganda works, by disparaging those one wants to hate: would you like your union to be called a “bloc”? Macron and Merkel and their common republican home. Neither the Kaiser, nor Hitler would have been happy to see this, they would have been revolted, apoplectic, enraged, uncomprehending. But the Kaiser was the grandson of British queen Victoria. Republic s such as present day Germany and France, don’t need “Royal assent” (as British politicos do) Brexit, or Exit Britannia from its royal mind…

The case of Brexit is completely different from the Frexit of the Tenth Century: half of the British electorate has been rendered stupid, delusional and angry from plutocratic propaganda, and enormous lies. They have to snap out of it, they need psychiatric treatment.

However, the EU is in a maelstrom. The planet is dying, etc. Can we afford a few more years taking care of delusional Brits, at the exclusion of the needed further federalization of the European Union?


Did I change my mind?

Well, the head of (misleading called) European Research Group Jacob Rees-Mogg, changed my mind. I listened to him for a long time. The gentleman looks very calm and collected, full of certainty for his delirious absurdities, the sort of certainty many promoters of Nazism exhibited, with somewhat similar absurdities.     

Brexiters are determined to keep on sabotaging Europe, so that Europe can become a better poodle for global plutocracy and USA. Should wisdom then activate Waterloo’s revenge, and kick them out all together, or just keep them out of European Parliament?

Verified account @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: “If a long extension leaves us stuck in the EU we should be as difficult as possible. We could veto any increase in the budget, obstruct the putative EU army and block Mr Macron’s integrationist schemes.” Prominent Brexiteer MP Mark Francois, said that if the U.K. remained in the “bloc“, “then in return we will become a Trojan Horse within the EU.” In return, or will return to? Honesty requires to admitting the second formulation.

What to do? Throwing the UK out may be reasonable, at first sight, considering such a mindset from prominent UK politicos.

E U solidarity with the Republic of Ireland has been total. The EC chief negotiator, Michel Barnier confirmed that, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the EU would make solving the Irish Border issue a prerequisite for any re-starting of trade talks with the UK. That’s the so-called “backstop”: the EU will enforce it. As things stand, the UK is due to leave the EU on Friday, April 12th, midnight, Franco-German time. As decided by the last EU summit. The rhetoric is escalating, as the EU is threatening to use some sort of force.

Tough? Yes. But we can’t Brexinfinity forever… So what should Macron do? Without Britain to sabotage in the name of global plutocracy, France has only to deal with Germany. And much can, and should be done.

Meanwhile, a number of EU states want the British government signed up to conditions that would bring “sincere cooperation” from the UK during its extended membership, including restraining from involvement in budget discussions or agreeing to go without a European commissioner (each full member gets one).

It is crucial that an extension of Article 50 and Brexit limbo, would not allow British politicians, and in particular, a Brexiteer prime minister, to damage EU interests. (I proposed that the UK would not sit on the European Parliament.)

If independence from British meddling, while the UK keeps on saying it wants out, but is still in, can’t be insured, Britain should be kicked out.


Trump Accuses Airbus To Have Sabotaged the 737 MAX with negative vibes, punishment coming:

Meanwhile, indeed, the most imperial Trump is acting up. As I exposed, Boeing’s 737 MAX is misshapen and shouldn’t be allowed to fly (if they correct the software which makes the plane plunge towards the ground, it will tend to stall…). That’s an immense disaster: more than 5,000 of the type were ordered, worth up to $130 million each.  So what does Trump do to come to the rescue? Accuse and punish Airbus with 11 billion dollars of sanctions on things like… cheese. That’s imperial logics at its best. Already French cheese sold in the US is mangled by the authorities in such a way, that’s it turns disgusting pretty quickly. But that’s not enough, Boeing designed a plane in the 1960s, tries to sell it in 2020s, doesn’t work, it’s the fault of Airbus!


Not to take those things lightly, the tit and the tat, the French Republic’s Parliament passed a GAFA law:

The law now goes to the French Senate (which is controlled by the opposition).

I have advocated to pass such a law for a decade. Tax according to revenues, not profits. The French GAFA law taxes 3% of revenues in companies with worldwide revenues above 750 million Euros. The rest of Europe, apparently paralyzed by terror, watches the French with the fascination of prey species seeing forces they can’t comprehend counterattack American predators.

US pawns and minnows, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and Denmark blocked a draft EU-wide GAFA tax proposal over the weekend. In the last World War, when Hitler killed himself as the coward he had become, Ireland sent condolences to his successor, war criminal Doenitz. Ireland had refused to help the Allies in WWII, to the point that it preferred being at Hitler’s (implicit) side rather than accept Churchill offer of Irish reunification! So now Ireland is Apple’s tax evasion agent, worldwide. Always going for the strongest, baddest empire around.

Whereas Ireland was passively pro-Hitler. Sweden was so pro-actively pro-Hitler that, had Sweden not been around, Hitler’s war effort would have been stunted from the start: Sweden provided Hitler with raw materials and weapons necessary to the Nazi war machine. Had not France fallen suddenly after 10 May 1940, the French Foreign Legion would have cut Sweden in two, as it was poised to do (that’s why the Legion was not in France during the battle of France). Finland was outright allied with Hitler (and stayed at war technically with Britain until 1948). And Denmark? Denmark fought six hours in World War Two, before surrendering… (Whereas the French ceasefire of 26 June 1940 turned into the Bir Hakeim battle 23 months later, where the Italian and the Afrika Korps suffered a strategic defeat they didn’t recover from…

See the note on Bir Hakeim at the end of: New Thinking Always A Combat.

In other words, small countries such as Sweden, ireland, Denmark, Finland refuse a EU wide GAFA tax, because they are US agents… And why that? Because they fear the USA more than they fear France, and they fear the European Union, not at all. Britain, of course, aspire to the same level of prostitution, forgetting reality in the process…

Confronted to the French GAFA tax, the American imperialists howled to high heavens, but skeptics pointed out that the French GAFA tax is probably not even a third of what should be the fair amount. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned last week that the tax would hurt both the American firms and the French citizens who use the platforms. Fortunately, the French are sadomasochists, so it should be alright.

The USA is an empire, China is an empire, Russia is an empire, Brazil is an empire, Indonesia, Japan, are clearly empire, India is an empire… And Pakistan (population 200 million) put a fatwa on yours truly.  

What is Europe in all of this? Throwing Britain out, as amply deserved, would make Europe into an empire, something that gives out orders (imperium, even lethal ones). But, at this point, it would not be the smartest thing. Better to let England fully experience the folly of taking one’s orders, hearts, facts and souls from global plutocratic media.

Meanwhile, those who don’t like a European empire as either Putin gas dependent (Germany), aspiring prostitutes (UK), and, in general, lovers of all empires, but for one leading European destinies optimally. This tendency in Europe is fundamentally a laziness, a lethargy, an infantilism. It was vastly behind the so-called decolonization movement… which was, all too often, a plutocratization movement. The best example there is Algeria, which, at last, is understanding that De Gaulle was the head of the FNL…  Hey, I must admit, a slightly harder notion to understand than the fact that PM May is a Remainer, a Remainer of the Machiavellian type, vastly underestimated by the enraged Brexiters she outmaneuvers at every turn and twist…

So let the European Union give a gigantic Article 50 extension to a defanged UK: the rights of the UK as a full EU member will be restored after its third EU referendum, the one when the UK will decide to Remain, in a year or so… Meanwhile there is a lot of empire to build…

Patrice Ayme


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9 Responses to “Brexit: Keep Britain In, Under Lock and Key! Caesar’s and Charlemagne’s Dream, Not Waterloo’s Revenge!”

  1. ianmillerblog Says:

    Patrice, if nothing else, I admire your certainty as to what is going to happen. In my case, I have no idea at all. The situation is simply chaotic, the UK politicians say one thing and do the opposite, and I fear there has been no real analysis. However, I disagree with you on one point. If I follow correctly, you seem to think the plutocrats want the UK to exit. I do not think so, as only too many have relocated to Frankfurt. Anyway, by early next week some more clarity might be present.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Ian: There are basically two types of plutocrats for the consideration at hand: the financial types, and the others. The financial types, aka bankers (shadow bankers seem on their way out, displaced by the real sort). Now the EU, in its generosity, especially the Franco-Germans, enabled the Brits in general, or, more exactly the “City” [of london] to be market makers for all sorts of EURO denominated species, bonds, stocks, futures, etc.
      With Brexit, that can’t be sustained anymore.
      So the bankers are going to Dublin, hyper-expensive Paris, and Frankfurt, the Fort of the Franks, in the middle of vast pastures, and mild rolling hills, where the ECB is located…
      They are not happy, because under the eyes of the French and German central banks, seriousness will have to be embraced.

      The global non-bankers plutocrats want to conserve England as they landing strip and tax haven. They are the ones behind Brexit. It’s a fact.

      The number one force for Brexit now is the French state, which can’t say it outright… Also Macron said as much (“on ne veut pas enfermer la Grande Bretagne dans l’adhesion”). With the UK out, European integration could advance again… Germany can’t say no to France. Macron forced everybody in the October 31 deadline, and the Germans were “infuriated”… They know very well that, differing by a year would kill Brexit… As it is, in spite of Tusk’s warning (“do not waste this time”… in English), Macron will probably not hesitate to throw the UK out in October… As soon as he gathers some new evidence of UK malfeasance…


  2. benign Says:

    The Plutos love chaos, as it means the people cannot get it together to raise their taxes. The Plutos already own the elected representatives in US and EU, so their position is, “What can they do? Nada.”

    The Plutos are perfectly happy with decreasing life expectancy, lower birth rates, and, I have come to believe, war, famine, plague, and pestilence, because they think they can avoid all of them.

    Can Trump control his Neo-Cons? That is the question. It is believed among the Q-Anon community that the Deep State has threatened his family.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. During the Black Plague, no aristocrat I know of, died. (1348 CE)
      War has generally been good to those who have power. After Ali defeated Aisha, he forgave her… That’s typical. Rare is the king who, like the Richard Lion Hearted, dies in combat.

      QAnon? How did JFK get killed? What is sure is that he had infuriated the head, and founder, of the CIA (Dulles)… Because of the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Do we have something similar here? Obama used the CIA to conduct drones strikes

      The question is how deep the CIA types and their various accomplices in the Deep State felt sullied by these ethically condemnable strikes, assimilable to a new sort of crime against humanity.
      I do think that Trump took the threat of a coup very seriously, and that’s why he surrounded himself with generals, many of them in activity, just prior, or known, powerful enemies of Obama and Al. With the top generals in his employ, a coup became impossible… Actually the Deep State tried to organize a sort of legal coup, using Pence… That’s also on the record now… Pence had no interest to go down that route, so he didn’t…


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT, April 11…]
    Brexit makes no sense whatsoever, except to make Britain a vassal state of global plutocracy (which wants to go on with the advantages Britain provided it with, like tax havens)… and a vassal state of the European UNION. I put UNION in capital letters, because contrarily to Pluto propaganda, the EU is not just a “bloc” or a “club”.

    The EU is an Union, as its name indicates. Yes, a superstate, with a Supreme Court, and a Parliament, among many other institutions. And no, “Brussels” and its European Commission don’t rule: they mostly execute the decisions of the European Council constituted of the elected heads of the EU nation-states (or their foreign ministers for minor decisions).

    I used to look down on Theresa May. Now I recognize her genius. She made it so that Brexit became impossible, as she worked apparently very hard to make it happen. Her “deal” was a joke, as it said there would be a default to a Custom Union if the Irish border couldn’t stay open… European negotiators “couldn’t believe the British government signed this”. It means that may is not the only one Remainer playing the role of Brexiter…

    At this point the last Brexiteer of significant power is Macron, the French president. He is the one who insisted on the early deadline date (the other 26 countries wanted to give the UK a year). As Macron said he didn’t want to force the UK into adhesion to the EU…

    Macron would prefer the UK inside a Custom Union, taking orders as Norway, Switzerland, do.


  4. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Do REMAINERS REALLY want to be ruled from Brussels? THAT IS THE CHOICE.

    What the dinosaur-parties have done for Britain since 1950 because of FPTP.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The European Union is how to avoid European wars (Irish “Troubles” killed 4,000+). Brussels refines laws of the European Council of democratically elected governments, then passed by European Parliament. Local government can, and do refuse them. Example: the EU passed a law banning neonicotinoid insecticides, 18 April 2018. The Danish Parliament then counteracted by passing a law allowing them on beets. Neonicotinoids kill bees, and give Brexiteers Alzheimer’s disease.


      • Chris Snuggs Says:

        The way to avoid European wars is to have proper democracy in each sovereign state. The wars were caused by a LACK of democracy. The NEXT war will be when the EU sends imperial troops to quell a rebellion in Catalunya, or indeed Britain.

        BEES have nothing to do with the EU seeking to create a federal state.
        NOBODY IN THE ENTIRE CONTINENT has voted to abandon his country’s sovereignty. The attempt to create a federal state without the people’s consent is FASCISM, previously tried by the Romans, Napoleon and Hitler. The EU is a worthy successor.

        The UK will NEVER ABANDON its sovereignty without a fight. The French of course, will not be asked by its fascist President who thinks that Europe needs a European army to defend it self against the Americans, that there is no such thing as “French culture” and that opposing ISLAM is treason.
        You are welcome to your Continental lunatics; we have enough of our own to deal with. I hope that one day you will elect sane, democratic and patriotic leaders, but I am not holding my breath.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Chris: As you say, we need “proper democracy”. That means We The People decide, not oligarchs. Even “elected” oligarchs, called “representatives” are still oligarchs. Half a dozen states have Referendum Initiative Citizens, including Suisse, California, Oregon… That is direct democracy. That is needed and it represents real sovereignty. It is in no way incompatible with the existing EU. Any European state of the EU could duplicate what is done in Switzerland, or California. California, in particular, makes its own laws and regulations, and has proven not only capable of resisting Washington, but have Washington follows it.


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