How Does Plutocracy Reproduce? Imprinting, Selection. The Guard, Lagarde, and Von Leyen, As Examples

The two esteemed ladies, Lagarde and Von Leyen, are going to be the executive leaders of the EU, Lagarde at the Central Bank and Von Leyen at the Commission. They were selected by the European Council (the elected leaders of the EU, operating together as a presidency) and approved by the European Parliament. Now, make no mistake: this is all very plutocratic. How do plutocracies go on and on and on?

We know how viruses, bacteria, and rats reproduce. What about pluto-rats? Those undeniably reproduce, in first approximation, as rats do, through breeding (Ursula Von Leyen’s impressive pedigree would be an example). And like rats, they breed sometimes with strangers so anxious to join the oligarchy that their desire reinforce the high opinion the Pluto rats have of themselves and their all-encompassing greed. 

The background of Ursula Von Leyen, nee in the famous Albrecht family,  is positively ridiculously laden with all the privileges and nobility one can imagine, all the way to American slave masters! This is not an anecdote: Ursula adopted, for at least a year, the name of her slave master ancestors… Ursula’s father was a major EU administrator, and then a German politician, before becoming a CEO.  Ursula spent 4 years at Stanford as a wife and breeder to her tremendous noble husband who himself became a CEO. Her doctoral thesis was analyzed, finding more than 43% of it pure plagiarism (but an official finding of plagiarism was less than that, as she knew the authority who determined that…) She was Macron’s candidate, and naturally, plutocracy can’t view the ascent of one of their own, confirmed by so many generations, as a big worry.  

See where knowing how to synchronize your swimming leads to? The world we have. No bad isn’it? We have it, because we are everything, and we proved it and you are not much so we help you, because we love men. Lagarde on top of French Finance ministry, 2007, waiting for her helicopter… because above the worms she flies… This way, maybe, w

Let’s look at another example: Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, IMF, who will resign September 12, 2019, to become head of the European Central Bank, ECB. For 20 years, the 63 year old Lagarde has been at the pinnacle of global society. Her birth name is Lalouette, reminiscent of a French bird which is submitted to ridicule in a well-known, ancient song (L’alouette: Alouette, je te plumerai… Alouette I will pluck your feathers…). No wonder she switched to Lagarde, La Garde, The Guard… guarding, no doubt, the plutocratic order she has long been one of the top officers, for two decades.

Lagarde’s dad was just an English teacher (explaining her crisp English). Her mom taught Greco-Roman language and ways. When May 68 came around, Lagarde, instead of taking part in the turmoil and contestation (she was 13), took synchronized swimming. A team in which she was won major competitions later. The ability to swim with the (plutocratic) flow and in a way synchronized with others, showed all that Lagarde wanted to become a human robot serving established order ordained by higher-ups. 

Now, before I get rolling with more scathing innuendos and ominous implications, let me point out that I used to sneer about Lagarde for more than a decade… But I changed my mind because of her IMF leadership, which has been excellent. At the IMF, Lagarde insisted that, as bankrupt countries such as Argentina get IMF money, they do not cut crucial social programs (whether Lagarde acted from orders by hidden superiors is another subject). Moreover, Lagarde is obviously extremely smart, even philosophically so. We agree on feminism. A lawyer, Lagarde was told she would never make it as partner in a French Law Firm, so she joined the international firm Baker & McKenzie, where she rose to chairman of the board. She used the same title she took at the IMF: Madame Chairman. “Syntax” (sophisticated, but wrong word!), she explained at the time, is not the battleground on which the feminist cause will be gained or lost: “I didn’t want to find a feminine equivalent to chairman. Insisting on marking femininity by the gender of words is ridiculous.” Indeed. One of the thousands of non PC points I have been making too.


I am very happy Lagarde will head the ECB (considering the proposed alternatives). She can go further in the easy money route timidly inaugurated by Draghi. From my point of view, the value of the Euro should be cut enormously (something that makes Trump howl, even before it happens). 

Graduating from high school in France, Lagarde travelled to the United States on an exchange programme of plutocratic origin, chameleonically claiming to be pro-French, called the (then called) American Field Service (as chameleons change colors, it changed its name since).  Lagarde was sent to spend a year at Holton-Arms, an elite private college preparatory school for girls in Bethesda, Maryland… to check for pluto compatibility and proceeding with further imprinting, no doubt. The synchronized swimmer was Pluto synchronized.

There, the awesome Alouette would make friends – and Pluto contacts – for life (she said it herself, may times). Other distinguished alumnae of the school include Jacqueline ­Kennedy Onassis, the “philanthropist”, that is plutocrat, Brooke Astor and Lagarde’s contemporary, Susan Ford, the daughter of the former, doubly non-elected US president, Gerald Ford.

An opportunity naturally opened up to serve in this satanic world of so-called politics. In 1974, Lagarde was given access to William Cohen, a lawyer from bread company owning parents, who became a Maine US Republican congressman. Cohen was gathering the evidence that would lead to the impeachment of Richard Nixon (supposedly) for his involvement in the ­Watergate affair (truly Nixon, having founded the HMO system, was past his expiration date, and made an excellent scapegoat to show the purity of the plutocratic system; Nixon ended the Vietnam war, and is unlikely to have started the Afghan war as his elected successor Carter did). Twenty years later, Cohen was Secretary of Defense of Bill Clinton: small world of plutocracy…

Lagarde, supposedly hired for her ability to communicate with Cohen’s French-speaking constituents in Maine, and officially not particularly so because she was a strapping swimmer with “nice shoulder”, who has shown ability to go from man to man, joined him as an ­intern.

During that year, at Holton-Arms, with my host family and interning in Washington,” Lagarde told The Washington Post in 2011, “I learnt more, and it mattered more to me, probably, than any year of my life.” Could one be clearer on the importance of imprinting among, and by, the elite?

Revelations of the Nixon era, she said, “made me think about checks and balances. It was my first injection of political life, and to get that at age 18 leaves a mark on you.” No doubt being imprinted on the might and splendor of plutocracy at 18, forges you in a mighty instrument of the establishment. And Lagarde could see checks and balances were all about who gave the orders (she put that to good use, when, in recent months she told the wealthiest guy in Argentina, Macri, also president, that he couldn’t cut social programs as he got IMF money…) 

In 2005, domestic politics, called and she moved back to France to become the then prime minister Dominique de Villepin’s trade minister. Two years later, under Sarkozy, she became the first female finance minister in the G8 group of nations.

Lagarde has been married twice – in 1982 to the financial analyst Wilfred Lagarde, with whom she had two sons; and after their divorce in 1982, to businessman Eachran ­Gilmour. Divorced for a second time, her partner since 2006 has been the French businessman Xavier Giocanti.


So now Lagarde heads the ECB. We will see if she can make it so that the European economy gets enough money for Europe to keep its rank and a future. By rank, I am very general. I write this in Paris, as the temperature is climbing, and is expected to shatter the old record (from 1947) by no less than two degrees (Centigrades; 4 Fahrenheit!) I talked yesterday with an African from the Congo, who found the heat in Paris unbearable… and it was… I went running, as I used to grow up in the hottest part of Africa… I had to stop and remove my shoes: it was that hot, my feet were burning.

Civilization is confronted to the most acute biosphere crisis in 66 million years… Then (most probably) the driver of extinction was CO2: CO2 kills the oceans, by turning into carbonic acid (something asteroids or comets can do only under contrived circumstances). Consider:

We are getting closer, everyday, to a runaway CO2 crisis (where giant quantities of CO2 and CH4 are released by the global heating itself…) We have lots of weapons against the CO2 crisis… but they are not being deployed: plutocracy enjoy crises, as then it needs no more excuse to deploy its satanic means…

The way out of the crisis is industry. Being industrious. The technological means to get out of the enormous, gathering ecological crisis exist. They have not been deployed. In particular, they have not been deployed by the Europeans… Who should have been the first to do so, had they learned as much about history as basic morality requires.

Instead, the political establishment are just pawns of the established plutocratic order, which has only one idea in mind: extent its power, and finding robots to further that aim. The carefully selected pawns in place have no scientific formation (except for Merkel… who is on her way out, and didn’t react well to the Fukushima tsunami, turning it into a trick to please the fossil fuel establishment; others, from Trump, to Johnson, to Macron… make Putin look like a scientist…)

This is complicated by the fact that the establishment is made, in part, of the Deep State… which itself came up with grand ideas as turning the Internet into a giant spying mechanism to control the plebs, and imprint, or spy upon it, accordingly. This is why the wealthiest companies in the world were not just encouraged to trample the Republican constitution, but even to go tax-free… just as their plutocratic sponsors…

Sallust, a Roman historian close to Caesar, and a member of the Populares (aka “Yellow Jackets”, Gilets jaunes), depicted, 2050 years ago, the ravages of oligarchy, that he saw in his time, and which, just as yours truly, he traced to more than a century prior…

What is amusing, fascinating, but also a reason for hope… Is that we have seen it all before, as the Roman Republic crumbled. We have seen it all before, because the Christians, those instruments of rabid Roman plutocracy, didn’t destroy all the books (they destroyed all of Sallust’s books, but for two we have today)…

So we can still learn in time to save the highest values. But it shouldn’t rest on just the shoulders of two connected women, however nice…

Patrice Ayme

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8 Responses to “How Does Plutocracy Reproduce? Imprinting, Selection. The Guard, Lagarde, and Von Leyen, As Examples”

  1. Gmax Says:

    All corrupt, all powerful, the rats hold the cheese, female or not, doesn’t matter


  2. pshakkottai Says:

    Hi Patrice: An old blog.

    “Knowledge@Wharton: Of all the things that you do here, what are you most passionate about? What would you really like to make sure happens? It could be a small thing, it could be a large thing. What is it that really has your heart?

    Lagarde: That’s complicated. I think it’s this issue of relevance … that is of real concern to me. You see, this is a very fascinating institution because it’s completely counter-cyclical. When the world around the IMF goes downhill, we thrive. We become extremely active because we lend money, we earn interest and charges and all the rest of it, and the institution does well. When the world goes well and we’ve had years of growth, as was the case back in 2006 and 2007, the IMF doesn’t do so well both financially and otherwise.

    Translation: My job is to screw up the world as much as possible so that my employer, the IMF does well. How am I doing so far?

    Rodger Malcolm Mitchell” from

    She gets an A+ for truth.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Excellent! Yes, Lagarde, The Guard, is a lawyer, just a lawyer, and a shark top lawyer as she was head of the world’s largest law firm, and probably just supposed to fire who she was told to fire (I have extensive inside knowledge of top law firms)… Lawyers, the good ones, are expert at using the truth as a club with which to destroy the opposition.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. question everything Says:

    hello, oh my! I am feeling impressed while reading some posts:) I just found out your Blog and noticed many and various topics of Interest. Thank you Patrice! 🙂
    et… étant française comme vous, j’aimerais vous demander…comment envisagez-vous notre proche avenir dans ce pays tant corrompu depuis des décennies? c’est intenable, une calamité pour beaucoup d’entre nous…Un grand nombre de citoyens, du peuple français n’en peut vraiment plus…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I was travelling, no WIFI in TGV, just saw your comment just now, your comments should now go through without “moderation” (except if they have links). The question of France will be broached, including in a funny TGV post…

      Basic story though is this: only massive hard core research, at Israeli level, could save France… Instad, France doesn’t even invest in R & D at US percentage level. For example France should have a national HTS fusion program (or in collaboration with Germany, etc.) Instead, it’s happening… in the USA, where fracking fills up all energy needs, and more… Let alone wind, PV, etc…. The central corruption is at the Grande Ecoles level. They suck money, power, talent…. but are not research (with possible exception Normale Sup). Grandes Ecoles rot the heads….


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      What’s your site? I looked at “question everything“, there are lots of these….


      • question everything Says:

        bonjour Patrice, >”The central corruption is at the Grande Ecoles level. They suck money, power, talent…. but are not research (with possible exception Normale Sup). Grandes Ecoles rot the heads….” well, Yes! …I am not sure, we think the same way on overall though 😉 …depending on our respective social & economic background, you and I have our own opinion 🙂
        Sure, many citizens have what I do consider the ‘Grace’ to… ‘make up their own Mind!’ while so many others are quite or completely ‘brainwashed’ for years now. (>decadence, decline)
        Let’s face it! wide portion of people of France is suffering a lot! For many, they are getting involved in the YV Movement, actually, People going out in the streets are also named: ‘Angry Citizens’.
        I am part of this group of French People 🙂
        The key to the ‘democratic’ (demokratia comes from kratos, “rule,” and demos, “people.” Hence the definition, “the rule of the people.” ;-)) process is “the people.”
        To appreciate the future of REAL and expected ‘democratization’, we, they need to understand some fundamental aspects of the human mind from which the will of the people originates.
        Nowadays, in France, and for decades now! the so-called ‘Elected’ see themselves as presiding over democracies in that they have been brought to power by the ‘people’ (??), yet once in office they rule as dictators! yesss! that’s the way it is.
        To a growing number of citizens, we do NOT want globalization anymore! we do NOT want ‘bread and circuses’ proposal, we do NOT want their ‘freebies’ …
        we want to get the legitimate Right to live with Dignity in our rich Country.
        Note: I don’t have website in particular. However, You can contact me via *email you were *notified from ‘subscription’ form.
        Enjoy your day Patrice. thank you for your neat posts 🙂


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The French Grande Ecoles system is. de facto, a class system characterized by a Mandarin ingurgitation of rigid knowledge… Differently from US universities which, being research oriented, teach how to find different ways and know-how (that starts early with Senior Thesis. Grande Ecoles graduates then steer the French socio-economy (my dad, Chirac, Hollande, Macron did ENA; Giscard did X; Macron, Pompidou did Rothschild, hahaha, and Mitterand, Petain…)

          France should vote, that’s called PEOPLE POWER (Demos Kratia). California, Suisse, vote. In November 2019, Californians will vote on up to dozens of referendums (some are local, city-scale)… Same in June 2020: another dozens of referendums. Same in November 2020, coincident with US presidential election, Congress and 1/3 Senate. … And how many referendums in France in the last twenty years? ONE… And Senate is not directly elected, MPs elected for 5 years (2 in the US), etc….


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