Democrats Demonstrating They’re Plutos In Drags

A reporter asked Nancy Pelosi why she hated Trump so much. Incensed, she replied she didn’t hate anybody, she was a Catholic. Instead she prayed for Trump everyday (he replied he didn’t believe that). As everybody knows, back where Pelosi comes from, the Catholic Inquisition, praying every day, didn’t hate anybody. Instead it made sure the Constitution of the (notion then known as the) Christian Republic was adhered to.

Christianism was the main proximal cause of the Dark Ages. By killing intellectuals, burning libraries, executing all individuals seen as a threat to Catholicism, Pelosi’s advocated religion.

Meanwhile the New York Times informs us that :Trump’s Trade Deal Steals a Page From Democrats’ Playbook. The president has made a trade agreement that caters to his opposition — and that’s why it stands a chance of passing Congress.”

WASHINGTON — House Democrats return to Washington on Monday facing a difficult choice: Should they hand President Trump a victory in the midst of a heated impeachment battle or walk away from one of the most progressive trade pacts ever negotiated by either party?

The Trump administration forced Canada and Mexico to agree on revisions to the North American Free Trade Agreement one year ago, but the deal still needs the approval of Congress.

New York Times: “A handshake agreement with the administration in the coming days would give the Democratic caucus a tangible accomplishment on an issue that has animated its base. It could also give Democrats a chance to lock in long-sought policy changes to a trade pact they criticize as prioritizing corporations over workers, laying the groundwork for future trade agreements.

“By any standard, what we’ve already negotiated is substantially better than NAFTA,” said Representative Richard E. Neal of Massachusetts, who is heading the Democratic group negotiating with the administration. 

The deal presents a dilemma for Democrats because it contains measures they have supported for years, from requiring more of a car’s parts to be made in North America to rolling back a special system of arbitration for corporations and strengthening Mexican labor unions.

In borrowing from the Democrats’ playbook, the revised pact reflects Mr. Trump’s populist trade approach — one that has blurred party lines and appealed to many of the blue-collar workers Democrats once counted among their base. It also reflects a broader backlash to more traditional free trade deals, which have been criticized for hollowing out American manufacturing and eliminating jobs.”

Well, it’s not just “America”, it’s the entire Western civilization’s core which has been hollowed out of manufacturing and employment and power. We saw this in the Roman empire in Italy, and Greece and for the exact same reason. Hollowing Greece starting in the first century BCE enabled Rome to subjugate it better… But that Rome was made of the likes of Cassius and Brutus, dirty plutocrat-politicians, holier than thou, but even dirtier than Holier than Thou Nancy the Catholic…

Actually the New York Times has to recognize that Trump is all what Obama could have been, but was not:

New York Times: “Taken as a whole, the USMCA looks more like an agreement that would’ve been negotiated under the Obama administration,” said Senator Rob Portman, Republican of Ohio and a former trade representative during the George W. Bush administration, who supports the pact. “There are some aspects to it that Democrats have been calling for, for decades.

“In fact, it goes so far to the left of traditional Republican views on trade that some congressional Republicans only grudgingly support it — or may vote against the final deal.

While much of it simply updates NAFTA for the 21st century, it also contains changes intended to encourage manufacturing in the United States, including by raising how much of a car must be made in North America to qualify for zero tariffs.

The new agreement requires at least 70 percent of an automaker’s steel and aluminum to be bought in North America, which could help boost United States metal production. And 40 to 45 percent of a car’s content must be made by workers earning an average wage of $16 an hour. That $16 floor is an effort to force auto companies to either raise low wages in Mexico or hire more workers in the United States and Canada, an outcome Democrats have long supported.

It also rolls back a special system of arbitration for corporations that the Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has criticized as allowing companies to bypass the American legal system and Trump administration officials describe as an incentive for companies to send their factories abroad.

Just like I said: Trump is the best Democrat elected president by the Republicans since Dwight Eisenhower…

However Dems in good standing hate Trump…


Following Comment Was Censored By New York Times:

Hatred is a strong drug, and mask the real problem(s). Trump by fighting the globalization system is doing something progressive. Too much of so-called “free trade” ruined Europe and the USA, while increasing inequality. Plutocrats profit from this “globalization”: it enables them to escape local labor and taxes.  Owning the media worldwide, plutocrats hide this by hatred for Trump. 

Any legislative step reducing globalization and facilitating re-industrialization, is a step in the right direction and should be made by progressives.

French President Macron said last week to irate unemployed workers that “no man” could prevent industrial jobs to leave France. If it could be produced cheaper in China, it will be produced in China. This is of course false, irrelevant. It can be sold back in Europe or the USA, only if those consent… As Trump noticed. 

To prevent Europeans from buying from China ever more products which used to be made in Europe, one has just to rise the EU made content of such products, and force measures pertaining to minimum wage, as found in the new USMCA.  

Should one fail to implement measures as found in USMCA, the economy of the 99% in the USA and Europe will keep on collapsing. The impoverishment in Europe is blatant, from all the jobs gone to China, it’s approaching “apocalyptic” levels (said Macron). In the USA, the “great sucking sound” Ross Perot talked about when Clinton signed NAFTA, brought an impoverishment of the middle class, and now a decrease of life expectancy.


Trump got wealthy by leveraging the wealth from his father thanks in great part thanks to banks and government subsidized. I wrote against this sort of scheme in the past, which are ubiquitous. How did Pelosi become wealthy? And how much wealth does she have? In 2015 she declared being worth 26 million dollars, net. Then her worth went down, by more than ten million, as she took giant mortgages: crafty maneuver to claim she is not that rich… something hard to explain on a US Congress salary… However Open Secrets considered she was worth really 100 million dollars. Ah, yes, she is married, and her husband, Paul Pelosi, is worth at least three hundreds of millions.

Yes, in a sense Trump was doing politics, getting money from banks (because the financial plutocracy controls who gets, or will get money). But Pelosi is actually an elected representative, and in her district thousands are going through the streets, homeless, drugged out, full of feces, sleeping under overpasses in lashing storms… The Pelosis are, from the outset, at long range a family which made tremendous money from peddling influence in elected politics. If it were only these few individuals, it would be OK, but that exemplifies what’s wrong with representative democracy uncompensated by check and balances (like direct democracy, and drawing supervisors by lots, etc.)


When so-called Democrats refuse to pass Trump’s progressive legislation, in socio-economy and health they are in fundamental breach of basic ethics. The law is the law, it’s not the person.

Patrice Ayme



P/S: Dems passed a victory for Trump on immigration.

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9 Responses to “Democrats Demonstrating They’re Plutos In Drags”

  1. Gmax Says:

    What enlighted drug and health policies of Trump are you alluding to? Is it about the hospitalls lawsuit against Trump forcing them to reveal their prices?


  2. SDM Says:

    Progressive legislation in .. health- Haven’t seen any of that- unless you are tying revamped trade deal to health policy?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      OK, I had no time to detail. They actually have a pending deal on drug prices… with the Dems.
      As I hope to have said in the essay (I’m writing this on the go), the last impeachment attempt followed, within days, an accord between Congress and White House to prosecute the GAFAM for violations of various laws… From my point of view, that was the real aim: Impeachment will fail, that’ s 100% sure… But it’s also 100% sure that, for the next year, the GAFAM will not get prosecuted, precisely because of impeachment.
      That hospitals are suing so as not to reveal their prices schemes as Trump is forcing them is all over the news. I know people, including me, who got surprises “facility” charges… just bcs of change of venue with same doctor… Prices also vary by a factor of 50 in for profit hospitals…


  3. aldariontelcontar Says:

    Republicans are nationalist plutocrats, Democrats are globalist plutocrats, therefore Democrats are far worse.

    “Any legislative step reducing globalization and facilitating re-industrialization, is a step in the right direction and should be made by progressives.”

    It never will be. Progressivism is an ideology based on “past is shit, future is good” mentality. It thus aims at destroying anything and everything traditional: family, religion, ethnicity, nation… everything that formed the basis and structure of society for millenia. Ethnicentrism is old (even if nationalism as such is not), whereas globalism is young – mere few centuries, from the beginning of colonial era. Therefore, progressivism is fundamentally globalist, anti-industrialist, anti-intellectual ideology.

    You have to understand that both Republicans and Democrats are both Leftist – the only difference is where their leftism expresses itself. Republicans tend to be to the right on social issues (-> political and cultural nationalism), but to the left on trade issues (-> economic and trade globalism). Democrats are the opposite.

    Trump is no Democrat. He is no Republican either. He is something that both Democrats and Republicans are not – he is a conservative.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Progressivism wants to conserve nature in good state. That, actually, should be everybody’s mission number one… More later, I have to run, and welcome, next comment should go through without “moderation”…


      • aldariontelcontar Says:

        I do not agree with that statement (well, the first sentence of it). The only way to conserve nature in good state is to not progress at all, especially technologically. If leaving nature well off was the primary goal, we ought to have gone back to early Middle Ages technology and social levels.

        Right now, nuclear power is the only way to cut down on general polution, yet IIRC most progressives are against nuclear powerplants. So saying that they want to conserve nature is kinda hypocritical. Even so-called “green” energy sources produce require a ton of pollution and fossil fuel emissions to be produced.


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