All too Many Hyper Wealthy Law Firms Stole From We The People

They scream about “systemic racism”. Actually, it’s systemic plutocracy. De facto racism ensues. naturally A key to plutocratism, the power of evil systematized, is inequality: some eat, others get eaten. In modern society, as in Roman society, the power of evil shows up with giant income inequality. And just as in Rome, the power of magistrates and lawyers is key to systemic abuse… As they impose it (example in modern US, “Jim Crow laws” and “New Jim Crow” of 1994, authored by no less than Joe Biden).

To put it simply, some of those firms supposed to uphold the law, are made of thieves… And it is the case of the firm most tied to the Democratic Party, Boeis. Thieves? Indeed these “loans” are “FORGIVABLE”.

[The following comment was censored by the New York Times: it criticized law firms most of which support the so-called “Democratic Party. For example the firm Boies, supported (half-heartedly; actually, faking it…) Gore against Bush…]

Law firms and lawyers are not supposed to be around mostly for money. They are supposed, primarily, to uphold the law. Upholding the law starts with upholding its spirit. In particular, the spirit of equality of all to the law. When Congress passed a stimulus law and the president signed it, the idea, the spirit, was to preserve the employment and livelihood of dozens of millions of small earners: the government, through banks, would enable somebody earning $30,000 to keep on supporting a family, by keeping that income.

To start with, the bail system got to go… (NYC did this, but then is releasing nearly everybody, falling into anarchy the other way…)

Instead, owners of large law firms, in some cases law firms where each partner earns more than three million dollars a year, decided to add stimulus money to their firms’ revenues… instead of reducing their enormous incomes to pay their own employees. This demonstrates how greedy and corrupt those supposed defenders of the law have become. It is alarming to see that those supposed to defend justice have no idea that it is unjust for them to make even more money than they used to, by diverting money which was meant for the poor, people earning 1% of what they earn. I heard a top law firm partner earning millions, say of the stimulus:”It’s free money!”
More than 40 law firms with more than 100 million in revenues last year received loans between 5 and 10 million dollars.
At Boies, partners made an average of 3 millions: owners should have redistributed some of their colossal incomes of 200 times the minimum wage, to employees. Instead of stealing it from We The People.

Patrice Ayme



After the NYT published an article on the corruption in stimulus money distribution, higher ups obviously realized many of people connected to prominent democrats were involved. So the comment section was closed in a rush…

Lobbyists, Law Firms and Trade Groups Took Small-Business Loans
The Trump administration began releasing details of which businesses received Paycheck Protection Program aid.

…”More than 100 law firms received loans ranging from $1 million to $10 million, the data showed. The list included well-known names like Boies Schiller Flexner, the high-priced law firm run by David Boies, which received between $5 million and $10 million. “We don’t comment on our financials,” the firm said…

Several firms that advise companies on how to deal with the government, but are not officially registered to lobby, were also said to have received loans. They include companies run by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who served in the Clinton administration.

David Boies, another pillar of the Democratic Party who loves to steal We The People, so he can make even more millions. Pelosi-Feinstein ethical school. OK, Booies is small potatoes comparative to Feinstein who made more than a billion, a thousand million dollars betraying with China…


The following comment sent to the NYT after a Krugman editorial accusing Trump of the virus (he literally called him a virus!) was not censored, but just delayed to the next day (that boils down to the same)

Agreed that some of Trump moves were beyond silly and he should have shown the correct example by wearing a mask. However, one should not ignore the local democratic structure of the US, which blocked a national response.
For example, all the Turks have been systematically given the hydroxychloroquine + macrolide antibiotic (AZT) treatment at the first symptoms, and households were ordered to make masks (some families made thousands). Conclusion: less than 5,300 dead, even with several hundred thousands cases. Of course the recent uptick has nothing to do with Colored Lives Matter style demonstrations, because Trump is to modern day “liberals” what the devil used to be to old fashion Puritans.

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2 Responses to “All too Many Hyper Wealthy Law Firms Stole From We The People”

  1. SDM Says:

    The covid disaster spending has been called by some to be the largest appropriation (theft) by the wealthy of public funds ever in US history. Trillions of dollars to be leveraged by the politically connected corporate “elites” under the guise of dire need when in fact most corporate recipients either didn’t need it or should not have needed it if they had adhered to prudent business practices instead of engaging in stock by backs or outrageous CEO pay, etc. Meanwhile crumbs to the general population. The whole process revealed many so called progressives to be captive to the establishment- Sen. Sanders could have used his power to stop it but instead bowed down and voted for it and then babbled about what is needed. The “squad” voted for it -except for perhaps one (and it was not AOC despite her protestations).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I was totally disgusted by Sanders (I have voted and campaigned for him in the past). He could have destroyed Biden. Twice in the debate with Biden, a journalist gave him a golden opportunity to mention Biden’s campaigning for invading Iraq… He won’t even say Biden voted for it. His defense? Oh, Sanders “doesn’t do negative in politics”… So why does he trash Trump with lies all the time?

      Clearly, the fix was in. Whatever Sanders was promised, it’s not what they are trying to make us believe he was promised. . Now Pluto propagandists are trying to make us believe that Biden has embraced the far left program… And Sanders, and AOC, etc., are trying to make us believe they believe that… They are lying. Biden was supported mostly, over the decades by the credit card industry…

      I did believe in the Obama thingie… And all I saw was something which made trump look like a leftist… OK, Trump was not an active politician at the time… Anyway I was very very very depressed as soon as the Obama presidency started and Obama was actually told to discontinue his relation with yours truly…

      My essay yesterday on the Stock Market explained precisely that what you complain about is so real, it’s the main driver of investors right now. Also expect a real estate crash… (I forgot to mention that…) BTW, a country which didn’t quite go that way is Germany… Where industry has been preserved… even through COVID…


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