How Fake Anglo-Saxon Mental Supremacy Was Established: Gross Lies. The Case Of Newton Turned Into God

Authorities want to make us believe that the spiritual ancestors of today’s rulers invented everything. Often they are even the genetic ancestors, but that is besides the point: by extolling imaginary predecessors, Anglo-Saxon supremacists have installed an aura of supremacy… for the systems of thought they installed and rule with, enabling them to reign effortlessly.

Now this is deep and systematic. Even Anglo-Saxon intellectuals who pretend to be against the system are part of the plot. An easy hint is who feeds and powers them: if it is the establishment, and the establishment likes them, that’s a warning sign.

Most of the world’s top historical minds who contributed to most of humanity’s mental progress got serious difficulties with the establishment, because new ideas threaten old oligarchies always: if what was always known is suddenly found to be wrong… what about the ruling establishment? Could possibly be the ruling establishment wrong too? This is why the genuine geniuses of creative thinking always smell of Lucifer, Lux-ferre, light carrying… As far as public opinion is concerned.

Socrates’ execution is famous, but just earlier Aspasia’s son had been executed (Aspasia was the philosopher telling Pericles what to say), so would be Demosthenes (fleeing Macedonian henchmen), Archimedes assassinated by a Roman soldier (for doing geometry in the sand), Hypatia (raped, flayed and dragged alive until dead, courtesy of the local Christians), or Boetius… And so were executed or terrified most Muslim intellectuals… Not to mention countless French intellectuals in the early Sixteenth Century, Bruno (burned alive in 1600 CE for suggesting exoplanets and solar systems around stars), Kepler (his mom was tried for witchcraft), Galileo and Descartes fleeing France (just for reasoning in public, after inventing algebraic geometry), and so on. Yes, the examples extend all the way to the Twentieth Century.

Most of these top thinkers had this in common: they had unusual careers, typically outside of the mainstream, and they lived dangerously. Because of this, they are often belittled to this day: little thinkers paid by the establishment tend to have resentment towards the great minds who had the courage to discover the bulk of human knowledge, because great minds are not small employees.


Kepler’s work was necessary for Newton to contribute to human understanding. But Kepler’s work, on the face of it, was much harder than Newton’s. By the way, Kepler thought gravitation went as the inverse of the distance. The true law is the square of that. That was found by Bullaldius. All astronomers had an intuitive understanding, originating with Buridan’s explicit texts, that the gravitational force, in combination with the laws of motion, gave planetary orbits. The idea was published by 1350 CE. Newton proved most of the detailed mathematical reasoning (but arguably not all, he missed what came to be known as “Gauss theorem”… Although he tried to prove it). Great, but not the end all be all, as White Anglo-Saxon Supremacists pretend…

Richard Dawkins FRS (Fellow Royal Society), FRSL is a British ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and author. He is an emeritus fellow of New College, Oxford, and was the University of Oxford’s Professor for Public Understanding of Science from 1995 until 2008. Dawkins first came to prominence with his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, which popularised the gene-centred view of evolution and introduced the term meme. He just penned the following opinion, typical of white Anglo-Saxon supremacists:

Richard Dawkins, @RichardDawkins

“In 1665 Cambridge University closed because of plague. Isaac Newton retreated to rural Lincolnshire. During his 2 years in lockdown he worked out calculus, the true meaning of colour, gravitation, planetary orbits & the 3 Laws of Motion. Will 2020 be someone’s Annus Mirabilis?”

That statement of Dawkins sounds innocent enough: everybody agrees Newton invented everything he is famous for, and that’s a lot, as described by Dawkins. Yeah, except that most of what is attributed to Newton was actually not discovered by Newton. It is propaganda, to make us believe a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) was this unfathomable genius. That is done by attributing to him centuries of discoveries, and turning the history of humanity into systemic racism.

Indeed, Newton didn’t invent calculus: Fermat did. (at most Newton invented a geometric way to solve some problems of calculus pertaining to orbits; using geometry to solve calculus problems was inaugurated by Buridan’s students… in the 1300s…).

And Newton didn’t find the second law of motion (which implies the first): Buridan did, three centuries before Newton (nowadays some Anglo-Saxons recognize that the law was known before Newton). The gravitation law was from French astronomer Bullaldius/Boulliau, Newton said it himself. And planetary orbits were Kepler’s great work, with his three law of planetary orbits!

So what did Newton do? Mostly he tried to prove that the law of motions plus the gravitation force as the inverse square of the distance implied Kepler’s laws. That’s great, but not of the order of Descartes’ Algebraic Geometry, or Fermat’s Calculus. To add insult to injury the notation of Leibnitz for calculus is used to this day… while Newton’s geometric calculus is ignored (that may be a mistake…) Newton and Leibnitz had a quarrel about this…

To establish their model of civilization, the English  propaganda has know no bounds: Sir Francis Drake, a great explorer, savior of England when confronting the Great Armada, was also a corsair mandated by the Queen, and a slave trader operating slave ships for profit. Not just that, but that plutocrat was one of the original “West Country men” who devastated Ireland. That mood and methods were then exported to America, where they established systemic racism as jurisprudence.

And central to propaganda was to establish English mental supremacy, for the entire planet to be awed by. As the great rival was France, the other Western superpower of the Middle Ages, many French discoveries were attributed to Englishmen. An example is Emilie Du Chatelet, who discovered and demonstrated energy… thus rising above Newton, who confused energy and momentum (discovered circa 1340 CE by Buridan; momentum is mv, energy is 1/2 mvv). This is a case of sexism hobbling civilization.

Another case is Denis Papin. Papin, who was a French physicist who trained with the best minds of his day, was a university professor of engineering. Papin fabricated the first powerful steam engine, and one capable of propelling a boat. After Papin’s death, Watt was born, and Watt, an inventor out of many, perfected the steam engine. So the unit of power is called a Watt because many people in England spent a lot of time trying (and succeeding) to steal Papin’s invention: the efforts of thieves should not go to waste. In the latest twist, British propaganda now calls Papin a British scientist… in truth Papin’s boat was built in Germany where he was professor, and, after steaming a hundred miles was destroyed by monks, who are professionals in fighting Lucifer…

An even more spectacular case is Lamarck, who published his establishment of the theory of evolution (from studying mollusk fossils with a microscope, for decades), before Darwin was born. Napoleon, and the Christian churches hated Lamarck, who was outlawed in english universities (Lyell and Darwin had to go to Scotland to be taught Lamarck’s discoveries). To this day, the disdain for Lamarck is a duty shared by those who want to teach in Anglo-Saxon universities, otherwise one would be called a charlatan.

Those who want to fight systemic racism have learned recently that they are made to revere false idols. Yes, and it did not happen by accident, but by intelligent design.

Simplicius: OK, as usual, you evoked some of the great minds and things we Anglo-Saxons tend to have never heard of: Buridan, Fermat, Papin, Du Châtelet, Lamarck… All French. And then Algebraic Geometry, Energy…

PA: Descartes invented how to describe geometry algebraically. Then Fermat developed Calculus, all the way to showing differentiation and integration were inverse to each other… As far as so many of the deepest thinkers being French, that comes from two things: First, France, or more exactly the Francia of the Franks was the creator of Europe (named by the Franks). Both Germany (by 800 CE) and Britain (1066) were Frankish creations. In either case, slavery was made unlawful. Second, France had three times the population of England. 

The case of Du Châtelet should be famous: here is a woman and she establishes what is perhaps the most important concept in physics. Buridan: momentum. Du Châtelet: energy. Sorry, but Newton’s discoveries pale in comparison (by the way, she died young, from childbirth; had she lived longer her contributions may have been even more amazing; she was an excellent philosopher of science).

Simplicius: Why would we, simple folks, care about who established the great scientific advances? Somebody did. So what?

PA: Which societies advance human understanding is crucial. Most do not, most of the time. We want to save humanity, going forward, and that means discovering what makes us more intelligent. Moreover in the case of England versus France, I detailed the fact that their colonization models in America were different. The French approach was governmental, and determined not to force the Natives. The English model was that of the “West Country Men”, as refined in England: exterminate, maximize profits.

Simplicius: What does who invented what have to do with how colonization was performed?

PA: The “West Country Men” model weaponized systemic racism. Racism is the idea that some human beings are biologically superior to others. By attributing all the discoveries to Englishmen, the Englishman is established as a higher species, or at least one which invents everything. In particular, the British plutocracy invented the most superior system of thought pertaining to civilization. So the “West Country Men” mentality, keen to line alleyways with Irish skulls, came to rule America. A practical consequence was the eradication of the Indians. 

Simplicius: Is not that all so yesterday? 

PA: Far from it. The mentality that greed and higher profits should rule is itself ruling, because it has ruled for four centuries, and penetrated the institutions. Trump came along and said: ‘Down with profits in China, bring back the jobs!’ The establishment, which uses the maximization of profits as its most superior moral principle, hated him for it. They hated him for it to the point they started to degrade the political process. An example is Biden calling Trump an “arsonist”, while it is the Obama-Biden administration which developed fracking, and was very loud about it. 

Claiming England had a superior model of civilization in its civilization relative to France (let alone Spain or Portugal) is claiming that the world should go on with that system of civilization… which is the dominant system of civilization, worldwide. The real situation is of course very complex. For example at this point the Brexiter Boris Johnson is applying old French like methods… While the European Union is officially led by greed is right, that is the “West Country Men” way… with the caveat that the COVID pandemic has proven that old fashion governmentalism, the French way, as practiced successfully by China… saves lives. So maybe then, Trump was right all along, and both France and Germany have decided to operate the same U turn towards more industrialization, planning and self sufficiency. 

Simplicius: OK, please, I have a headache! Let’s stop here! So then your point is that, by extolling Englishmen as great geniuses, when in fact they are not as great as that, one extolls English plutocracy and its systems of thought, moods and mentality, and that this is bad for civilization and the planet, promoting systemic racism, among other things. Got it.   

PA: It also distorts the refined history of systems of thought. And that’s not neglectable, because it teaches us how humanity learned to think better.  

Simplicius: Once again I don’t understand why correct attribution of the origins of systems of thought are relevant to the common person.

PA: It works this way: thinkers such as Dawkins go to school and are conditioned to believe the greatest minds are Anglo-Saxon. So they are naturally inclined to believe anything Anglo-Saxon is mentally superior, and this is what they teach in turn to the intellectual class of reporters, lawyers, doctors, engineers, CEOs, boards of directors, etc.

Those who want to fight systemic racism have learned recently that they are made to revere false idols. Yes, and it did not happen by accident, but by intelligent design. And yes it starts with the apparently innocent divinization of  Sir Francis Drake, Isaac Newton, or James Watt…

There is no innocence in the world of logic, contrarily to repute…

Patrice Ayme


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7 Responses to “How Fake Anglo-Saxon Mental Supremacy Was Established: Gross Lies. The Case Of Newton Turned Into God”

  1. Stephen Jones Says:

    Takes some serious work for Anglo-Saxons to do what they do.


  2. Don Kemerling Says:

    Are you connecting them with the ancient Greeks, Patrice? I think of them as at the root of western civilization, because of philosophy and democratic roots. I don’t really know much about Anglo-Saxon history.


  3. D'Ambiallet Says:

    You are saying Descartes did much more. What of the switch from Descartes to Newton? Was not that a big progress?


  4. SDM Says:

    Somewhere along the way, it appears that the Franks became derailed by the Anglo-Saxons- Hence the current state of affairs? What led to the rise of Anglo-Saxon mentality prevailing such as rise of USA, neoliberal capitalism, systemic racism, etc?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The Franks conquered the Anglo-Saxons first under Charlemagne, in northern Germany, then conquered the Danish-Viking-Anglo-Saxon state in England under the Normandia Dux, William. William and his Frankish barons created a remarkable state, the world’s most advanced. It found itself in symbiosis, yet competition with Francia proper, pretty fast.

      The great change was under Elizabeth. Building on the mentality of her father, Henry VIII, she went completely cynical, and created the “West Country Men”… Sir Francis Drake the most famous of them (but not the most terrible). Her successor, Jame I, was himself a West Country Man… The basic idea was to use genocide for profits as state policy, implemented by pirates (they would call themselves Corsairs, their official status…) or governors (in Ireland, America)…

      As I explained, the French would have gained to do more of the same, and civilization would have gained: that would have enabled the French civilization model in America and India to resist the WCM model… (East India company had embraced the WCM mentality in India…)

      That was the theme of:


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