Degradation Of Civilization: Biden Calls Trump An “Arsonist” While Forests Burn From Mismanagement

Plutocratic media has claimed that the Federal government did nothing against the fires in California… After Trump spent years threatening to cut funding if California didn’t clean its forests (it didn’t and he didn’t).

In the ongoing Creek Fire, which burned more than 300,000 acres, the Federal Fire management authority has determined that the fuel was 80% to 90% beetle killed trees. Fuel loads are 2,000 (two-thousand) tons per acre (so 2 billion tons of CO2 were created by that particular fire alone… and Creek Fire is not extinguished, but still advancing! It is apparently trying to go across the entire Sierra Nevada, and is choking the other side!) Yes the drought and the beetle killing of the forests are caused by rising temperatures from man-made climate change. However these calamitous changes have got to be MITIGATED. I have pointed out that preciously nothing was done… to mitigate. 

A grant of a million dollars to make the local forest fire resistant was made to the town of Bear Creek. The idea was to remove brush and too many small trees over 125 acres… The grant was stopped by red tape, requests such as evaluating the impact on some birds, various plants, etc.

When I write this, making an aspect of Trump look objectively correct, some Trump Derangement Syndrome characters are sure to call me biased. So I got a reference from Trump hating, plutocratic NBC (NBC Universal is a joint venture between Comcast and GE, with Comcast holding a 51% majority stake. It is now a wholly psychologically owned subsidiary of the Chinese dictator Xi… Because of major common investments…)

Berry Creek Fire-Prevention Project Stymied by Red Tape. The Butte County community was leveled by the Bear Fire

[Associated Press • Published September 18, 2020 • Updated on September 18, 2020]  

BERRY CREEK, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 14: Cars destroyed by the Bear Fire sit in front of a burned home on September 14, 2020 in Berry Creek, California. The North Complex Fire, which includes the Bear Fire, has burned over 300,000 acres and has killed at least 15 people. Notice the ridiculous overabundance of trees, especially small ones. The area was choked by brush too. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The fire also destroyed around 2,000 structures… Associated Press: Two years before a deadly fire leveled Berry Creek and killed at least 11 people, the community was selected to receive an $836,000 state grant for pruning vegetation and clearing fuel from potential fire spots.

But the forest management project was never completed because of red tape, said local officials, who now wonder whether clearing the area of potential fuel might have changed the fortunes of Berry Creek, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday.

“I can’t guarantee that it would’ve stopped the fire, but it would have given them a place to fight it,” said Bill Connelly, a Butte County supervisor representing the district that includes Berry Creek.

Of course plutocratic media accused Trump of everything. Trump is like this big cat which prevent plutocratic mice to play… So I sent the following comment to Krystoff of the New York Times, who had the decency to publish it. Of course not many of the Trump haters reading the New York Times approved it:

  The Federal government is actually sending Marines to deal with some of the fires, such as the Creek Fire. The Marines have been in training for a while. So it’s not correct to say the Federal Government does nothing. 

The Feds wanted to do more, they were stopped by the ignorant. At Point Reyes National Seashore, the National Park Service proposed to make prescribed burns in the cold and wet season. Marin County Politically Correct associations threatened to sue… Over air quality. 

Ironically, and tragically, prescribed burns, by doing away with brush up to thirty feet high would have prevented the ignition of trees thousands of years old… something terrible. What I called the Cathedral Forest, above the sea, burned, with its trees ten feet across… And it is entirely attributable to the Politically Correct types who think they have an education because they have a postgraduate degree and read biased media owned, or influenced, by the wealthiest families in the world (as all media are). 

In Yosemite national Park, prescribed burning has been used for thirty years, to protect giant sequoias and human structures, with great success. 

The “Democratic” candidate to the presidency accused President Trump to be an “arsonist”, who sets America “ablaze”. “If you give a climate arsonist four more years in the White House, why would anyone be surprised if we have more of America ablaze?” Biden said. This is not just the sort of talk which should be avoided, but it is also surreal, in light of the fact the Obama-Biden administration made the USA the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world.


It is a case of the arsonist (fracking Biden) accusing another to have caused the fire. I detest many of the positions Trump has to take to get votes from climate deniers. However closer inspection, as in the case of Obama, reveals the opposite of the discourse. The usage of coal has been decreasing at a faster rate under Trump than Obama-BidenObama and Biden increased fracking deliberately to make the US number one in fossil fuels

Meanwhile most, four fifths (⅘), of the “profits” of the famous electric car company Tesla are actually Federal financial transfers… yes, under Trump… This is why Tesla, although by far the largest market capitalization car company in the world, was not integrated in the SP500 index of the largest companies, yet, because most of its money is given by Trump, so to speak… So much for the climate arsonist… Watch what they really did, not what they said. You can’t watch what they said. The preceding is science based, and also rests on my personal observations.

As the famous technology known as MIT just wrote: “Suppressing fires has failed. Here’s what California needs to do instead.
It’s time to reverse a century of fire-management policy. That will require sweeping regulatory reforms, and tons of money.” [1]

The world is complicated, insects are simple…  All too simple.

And all this environmental red tape, the birds, etc, California “Democratic” red tape was worrying about? All up in smoke. Actually sometimes the smoke smelled of bacon, from all the wildlife burned, including threatened species…

Patrice Ayme



[1] Here is more of what MIT just wrote:

Five of California’s 10 largest fires in modern history are all burning at once. Together, this year’s wildfires have already destroyed 4,200 buildings, forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes, and scorched more than 3.2 million acres across the state.

That’s larger than Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks combined, and nearly half the area of Massachusetts…

To anyone who lives here, or anyone who’s watching, the situation is maddening and seems utterly unsustainable. So what’s the solution?

There’s an overwhelming to-do list. But one of the clearest conclusions, as experts have been saying for years, is that California must begin to work with fires, not just fight them. That means reversing a century of US fire suppression policies and relying far more on deliberate, prescribed burns to clear out the vegetation that builds up into giant piles of fuel…

As much as 20 million acres of federal, state, or private land across California needs “fuel reduction treatment to reduce the risk of wildfire,” according to earlier assessments by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and other state agencies. That’s nearly two-thirds of the state’s 33 million acres of forests and trees, and six times the area that has burned so far this year…

If the goal is to burn up excess fuel, why not just let the wildfires rage? The problem is that runaway fires in overgrown forests don’t achieve the same results as controlled burns. These intense blazes can level vast stretches of the forest rather than simply clearing out the undergrowth and leaving the big trees standing, says Scott Stephens, a professor of fire science at UC Berkeley. Instead of restoring the health of the forests, large, uncontrolled fires often transform them into shrub land, where vegetation grows quickly and severe fires can rapidly return.

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10 Responses to “Degradation Of Civilization: Biden Calls Trump An “Arsonist” While Forests Burn From Mismanagement”

  1. D'Ambiallet Says:

    Insects are simple, hey?
    Well i am learning lots from you about the mess in America. We have a completely distorted picture here. The press calls Trump by various unflattering names. Not president. That tells you something right there


  2. Gmax Says:

    Well the PC crowd which goes to Bali for a week will call you a climate denier because you say the forests are dying from mismanagement. We live in simple times with simpletons. Look at Biden, he is obviously senile, but democrats can’t see it. I am like you, I am a democrat. How come they selected a mental retard?

    He said yesterday 200 million Americans will be dead before he finished talking. And it’s all Trump’s fault


  3. SDM Says:

    Getting back to your previous post. Your boy Trump is advocating “patriotic” history be taught in US schools- don’t be surprised if such lessons glorify and cover-up rather than give a candid story of the US. Exactly the sort of thinking you despise. You seem to ignore his fascistic leanings lately.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear SDM: Calling Trump “my boy” is inflammatory, but not enough, as it’s clear I need another cup of coffee.

      Look, as Obama would say, when I helped Obama, I was not cynical enough. Had I to remake history, I would have gone to Washington DC and play the influence game from the WH. Instead I focused on reproduction and related problems in SF.

      I thought excellent advice was enough. That was naive. But politics… Both Obama and Trump found themselves at some point with their entire cabinet against them: Obama about Medicare For All (my terminology, AFAIK), Trump about barring many people from China in January. Trump barrelled ahead, from high self opinion and long experience… Obama caved in, because he was basically half the age of Donald, and less arrogant from inception. So we ended up with Obamacare, which has revealed itself to be an objective disaster (look at mortality curves immediately after inception, and poor performance during COVID).

      I know perfectly well that if Trump was less Machiavellian, or “fascist”, if he would not be re-elected. Of course he believes in the GHG man-made climate disaster… And even people who vote for him because of denying that also know the said disaster is happening… They just cling to the dream… Meanwhile, coal is disappearing faster under Trump than Obama….

      After Trump rolled a (long existing) law on destruction of Federal properties, the taking down of statues stopped. Some of these statues were of anti-racist lions, BTW.

      “Fasces” I long pointed out, a symbol from Etruria, was central to the idea of a Republic. Fasces are central to the semiotics of the FRENCH and US Republics. Fascism is pretty much the difference between monarchy and Republic. So I am pretty unruffled by the concept of fascism. I have met fascism thousands of times… Infuriating me quite often, even when I saw the necessity… I mean once I was stopped by the heavily armed, thorough native Bolivian police in Bolivian tundra. Ruined my day, my mom was furious, but then, well, I could understand why they needed to do whatever they were doing with their heavy weapons…

      As far as the teaching of history is concerned, the present situation is disastrous, be it in Europe or America. Much of the teaching of the fundamental causes is false and fake. I have written hundreds of essay revisiting history in a more truth-correct way. My daughter, ten year old had to sit for hours of CNN propaganda through her school, and a full discourse of the racist, rabidly anti-Jew father of the sex assault convicted Mr. Jacob…

      Historically, being transnational from birth, basically, I am anti-nationalist… HOWEVER global plutocracy has become expert at using the anti-nationalist inclinations for its own much more evil effects.


      • SDM Says:

        No inflammation intended, just a pinprick perhaps. Sometimes to me your words blur your intentions rather than clarify what you are trying to say. It is difficult to get accurate info on most of what happens within present pluto controlled governments. You have made an effort to take the stain off the word “fascism” be alluding to its original concept from the Roman republic, yet the “fascism” of the 1930s has redefined it to most minds. Fascism in the original sense to save a republic from monarchy/feudalism seems worthy enough! Trump does not appear to have that in mind from what I have seen though.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Big reply posted separately.
          It’s hard to tell what Trump intents to do, quite often. He is not used to be controlled, and erroneously believe he can get away with doing whatever. That’s his main personally generated difficulty in getting re-elected.

          Obama and Biden are much more careful doing exactly what the masters want. To this day Obama keeps on acting like the little kenyan boy serving the big white masters. Sad.


  4. ianmillerblog Says:

    As for red tape, you must recognise this is universal and it arises through the hiring of too many bureaucrats. The original idea was presumably there are valuable things they can do, but many of them are not that capable. Nevertheless, they have to be seen to be doing something, and the easiest thing to do is to make regulations, and then use them to stop people from doing something useful because it violates some part of the unimaginative regulations. You are asking the bureaucrat to use imagination and actually solve an imminent problem. Sorry, but it ain’t going to happen any time soon.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed. I can observe this in my local city, held by Democrats… Many jobs have been given to pretty women who do preciously nothing. Some huge corruption is pretty blatant, and I stopped the biggest one, but it was exhausting (I wrote at least one semi-explicit essay or two about it, the saving of Albany Hill)

      I was thrown out of Ecole Bilingue, Berkeley from a clash with a majo plutocratic family (who is behind, and finances Factcheck.Org) There I lost (including a lot of money)… and most of my “friends” from that period of time. This was a direct clash with the plutocracy and its corruption schemes, in this particular case covering all elementary and middle school fields with plastic. So the plutocratic problem is even worse…. But it does not show up in cities which are insignificant… It did show in Albany, though. But that’s more than 20,000 inhabitants… Smack dab in the middle of San Francisco bay…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Constantinople mostly died that way. From bureaucrats, not just plutocrats. Some will argue it survived as long as it did thanks to bureaucrats. In any case, it broke down in the eleventh Century, when it called the Franks to the rescue (big mistake! somewhat reminiscent of the Romans calling the Huns to the rescue, as really happened)


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    There is a big problem at redefining everything by using the definitions of Benito, Adolf and company. Benito was advised by a famous university professor, but Nazis wondered aloud: is Benito a fascist? Hitler reassured them. For that matter, “national”. “socialist”, “people” should have been smeared from the usage the Nazis, Soviets, Maoists and their ilk made of the word… Or “democratic” and “republic” too.
    The dirty secret of the Nazis was that they were officially anti “plutocratic”, but actually financed and organized by plutocrats.
    There is a famous dialogue of Hitler and Rommel where the former complains he has to have dinner with insufferable plutocrats both male and female (in Italy).

    The fasces comes from Etruria, as I said, and the idea is splendid. Tyrants didn’t use it. And fasces were symbols of the Republic, not the fascist evil empire. The Italian fascists redefined fascism as state directed corporate governmentalism.

    It is true that Pluto control masks a lot. Suddenly turns out Kamala has lots of connections in Hollywood: it doesn’t surprise me, because she was always hot to trot, but that’s an example. On Wall Street the candidate the wealthiest favor is Biden, by a long shot… Although tax wise he will be a disaster… for the little guys and the non-Wall Street economy. At the highest level they have an antidote, obviously, they can’t wait to be back to the Davos controlled world in full…

    As most people, including and led, deliberately so, by academics, have a false picture of what happened during the 1912-1945… We can’t be led by error. My vision is that US plutocracy pulled the strings. Many Communists thought so too.

    In the ancient Greco-Roman world tyrants and dictators were viewed as you said, as ways to use strong regimes in tough situations…. Some Roman dictators stayed in office less than two weeks before resigning, the crisis solved. Others came back four times and finally lingered (Camillus Furius). After the Republic fell, it became fashionable to pretend that Caesar had abused of the office (so dictatorship was pursued… but not officially, initially by using the position of Tribune of the People, which gave Augustus a veto…)


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