Democrats Order: Only Wealthy Kids Go To School!

In Education, Democrats Are Plutocrats!

PRIVATE SCHOOLS were reopened by “Democratic” authorities in Alameda County for teaching in person three weeks ago. Public schools will stay closed indefinitely. That’s “Democracy” “Democratic Party” style…

The large county of Alameda in California, part of so-called Silicon Valley, home of the Tesla factory, has 2 million citizens. In some of its private schools, the yearly tuition is close to the median US family income. Public schools will not reopen before… February 2021, four months later (and probably will not reopen at all if COVID rebounds, which is likely).

Why do “Democratic” Party chiefs decide that rich kids get a proper education in the presence of teachers while poor kids do not?

Because the “Democratic” Party controlling Alameda is actually private plutocratic. They play “Democratic” for the media. Top “Democrats” are actually on the spectrum from wealthy to hyper wealthy, billionaire class (Senator Feinstein’s husband). Naturally enough, all the “Democratic” Party cares about, is taking care of the wealthy, while teaching Black Lives Matter by zoom to the public schools children, and anti-Trump propaganda, in complete violation of the public school California mandate. The Principal intervenes on zoom, with a gigantic BLACK LIVES MATTER sign behind her.

That’s actually a violation of the law, teaching BLM and anti-Trump propaganda rather than the ancient civilizations which comprise the California curriculum, but it does not matter: the Democratic/Plutocratic Party is a law onto itself, all it wants is making sure that children whose parents cannot spend $30,000/year, or more, do NOT get an education. Ancient civilizations do not matter, just black lives. And no other lives either, they are not black enough, presumably.

There are 208 private schools in Alameda county, serving 30,800 children. And there are 404 public school and 230,000 students in them. Thus the county is instructing the wealthiest 13%, and the rest are supposed to learn how racist they are. Casual observation of private schools show a lot of blonde heads. Thus it is overwhelming non-white children who are told how racist they are, in other words, fake news, while white children are taught real knowledge.

By keeping non wealthy children uneducated like wild beasts, telling them all day long they live in a racist country, “Democratic” Party leaders insure another generation of non-cogent idiots ready to vote for leadership by the privileged upper class who went to hyper expensive private schools, like Zuckerberg, or Gates.

Just look at the children of the Bidens and Obamas, typical of Democratic Party chiefs’ children: they avoided what Biden called the “jungle” of public education, they went, and are going to hyper expensive schools. Obama’s eldest is going to Harvard where she dates scions of British investment bankers. Alameda County has some of the most expensive and highly ranked schools in the USA (Oakland College Prep and Head Royce, etc…)

Oakland College Preparatory School. Number One in Best Private High Schools in California. Yearly tuition: $48,300. Open for business, October 2020. If you are in public school, you are a lesser being “Democratic” government of Alameda County says, you don’t need to go to school, let alone Harvard or Stanford. Waiting tables for your Chinese and Silicon Valley masters is good enough a future for you! And don’t forget to vote for the financial plutocracy!

Meanwhile the public schools in Alameda are, weirdly enough, distributing three meals a day for whoever wants to grab them. Most of this food goes to waste, because Alameda County is not dirt poor, it has actually industry (Tesla, etc.). Nor is this a racist county: it is just 30% white. But 100% “Democratic”.

Taking care of the wealthiest by giving them the best education, taking care of the poor by giving them crumbs and teaching them blind rage against fake problems: this is is the “Democratic” Party way.

So why is it happening? Simply because in Alameda County there is a critical mass of millionaire homeowners. They vote “Democratic”, fanatically. Why? “Democratic” Party gave them the colossal interest rate tax deduction on home mortgages they needed, and big bad Trump partly took away. The “Democratic” Party insures, with various tricks, including “Sanctuary Cities”, a steady supply of illegal immigrants which can then be used as slaves they don’t even have to cohabit with. It’s not just household help, or restaurant help, or illegal workers of all type, but even private school help. In recent years, the connection between tech monopolies and the “Democratic” Party has insured much of the high paying jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some will say they don’t care, they don’t live there… But their minds actually do live there: what Bay Area companies Google, Facebook, Twitter want you to know you will know and the rest, you will not. Indeed, this trio decides what the plutocratically owned media worries about, and reciprocally.

So to come back to the fanatical “Democrats” in the SF Bay Area, what else motivates them? Righteousness. They want to feel right… Because they know they are wrong, deep down inside, but so inside, they don’t want to know about it and they have no interest to know. They are like those university professors, rabid against Trump… who get money directly from China into their lab or their joint venture, or certainly because hordes of full tuition paying Chinese communist students used to come to their university and pay, indirectly, their awesome salaries… They have a vested interest.

What is their vested interest? The unjust society itself, and making sure the Black Lives which Matter so much stay as dependent children. In that unjust society, they are like lords. They like that. When Trump’s nationalist economics started to provide jobs to the US destitute, it made them less destitute, it disrupted that distance between million dollar houses lords and homeless rabble. What was next? Building low income housing? Horror of horrors! If Biden becomes President, it will be interesting to see how they wiggle out of that one! I personally stopped a large three million dollar house project of eighty or so mansions on a unique small hill with several endangered species… One of them a snake Federally protected since the 1970s. The people behind the project for multimillionaires were all “Democratic” officials… A thousand feet away, between two gigantic roaring freeway and the West coast second most major railroad, on a space 300 feet across the silver-spoon governor and the city prepared to establish a homeless encampment…

Trump has always been, in several ways, way left of Biden. However, the global plutocratic propaganda has accused him to be a right wing fascist. This has brought the paradox that, when one wants to build low income housing, or lower the price of drugs, or lower taxes, or bring back jobs and industrial capability, one is accused of supporting Trump, and thus to be a right wing fascist. If Biden becomes president that should be a line of argument harder to sustain… But trust the plutocratic propagandists, they will invent something, like accusing people to be “Russian assets”!

Meanwhile crafty white multimillionaire “Democrats” will send their wealthy kids to private schools, while brainwashing minority kids that they are racist, and they will be better off burning the local stores, and doing away with the police to be able to accomplish this task without racist prejudice…

“Democrats” love to call Trump a “fascist”. They would know: they do fascism day in, day out. However, by depriving non-wealthy, non-white kids with an education, they are beyond fascism, they have turned to beastly.

Patrice Ayme


4 Responses to “Democrats Order: Only Wealthy Kids Go To School!”

  1. Gmax Says:

    That’s quite a new twist! Those Dems have no qualms no shame no limits what a clusterfuck. The guy Joe is completely shot. I heard today he was incoherent
    Such a shame he is a candidate Now that only rich kids can go to school is the latest outrage. Can you say that on Facebook


  2. D'Ambiallet Says:

    How many children go to private school? Pricrs are much higher than in Europe


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for asking. I just checked: 208 private schools in Alameda county, serving 30,800 children. And there are 404 public school and 230,000 students in them. Thus the county is instructing the 13%….


      • D'Ambiallet Says:

        Thank you. This is impressive to have so many children without education because they are not from the upper class and it is the Democrats who do it. We do not get that story in Europe


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