The 1609 CALAMITY: Founded The USA, Tempered By France

The 1609 Mental CALAMITY, Was Tempered By France’s Very Different Approach to Colonization and Human Rights. An Ongoing Project.

The biggest lie in the history of America is that the mentality of the founders and investors of the Jamestown colony of 1609, and that of their dependents, the Puritans of the Mayflower, was not a calamity for humanity. 1609 was genocidal and enslaving, with the goal of maximum profits, justifying the worst horrors… such as the formal introduction of slavery by 1619… for Africans… Actually correspondence of white masters among themselves showed that they referred to their indentured white servants as “slaves” (this is the word they used).

All the while the 1609 mentality hid behind the Bible, its convenient “chosen people” mantra, its jealous, genocidal god, and its military solutions for ecological limitations. (The latter is also found in writing. After pandemics had rolled through Virginia, Captain Smith marveled in the 1620s that “the whole country lays open before us“.

That 1609 mentality was not invented in America, but by the initial investors of the Virginia Company. They had made a fortune in Ireland, using quasi-genocidal means (the alley to the governor’s castle was lined up with Irish skulls…). The bloody conquest of Ireland by vicious plutocrats known as the West Country Men made them much more powerful and basically enabled them to also control of England… their next project was to establish colonies in the Americas; one of those West Country Men, Sir Francis Drake, died in Panama, trying to grab land from the Spanish; his friends went on with Jamestown, helped by the English military and the investor in chief, King James of England. 

The 1609 mentality considered that non militarily-authorized relationships of English colons with the Natives was a capital crime punished most atrociously by drawing and quartering the English traitors, no less. The Natives noticed and the father of Pocahontas deplored that the English refused to marry with his tribe. Along the same lines, the Puritans killed an entire English colony, around what is now the Boston area, because those “rough fellows” there had married Native women. An empowering mentality of the 1609 calamity was to make whatever eroded racism into a crime… a crime often punished by execution.

Two French armies and one French fleet, helped by general Washington’s continental army, won the world war known as the US war of independence, 1775-1783… Ten percent of dead soldiers in the US war of independence were French. Here a representation of French headquarters at Yorktown, with general Washington in attendance. Cornered by the French, besieged by French miners, blocked by admiral D’Estaing, pounded by long ranger French guns, the British army was made to surrender at Yorktown, ending the war.

The ultra-exploitative mentality of 1609 was fortunately somewhat corrected by the French intervention in the American war of independence, which injected a more civilized approach to progress…

For example, La Fayette tried to persuade, for years, verbally and in writing, his good friend Washington to outlaw slavery. Washington replied by flattering La Fayette for his great sense of humanity. La Fayette had played an outstanding role in persuading the French government to spend 5 trillion 2020 dollars in fighting Britain in America to create the USA. La Fayette, as a general, had led one of the two French armies which converged on Yorktown and forced the surrender of the British army.

The French 1789 Human Rights Declaration gave equality, freedom, and the right to vote to all men. It made the American owners look avaricious, petty, and as the slave masters they were… And showed to all the hypocrisy of the American master class. Slave trading had been made unlawful in France by Merovingian queen Bathilde in… 657 CE.

The gentler French approach to the colonization of America was less oriented towards enabling a few individuals and corporations to make huge profits, and become the law of the land. Thus, for example, the French would trade with the Natives, rather than exterminate them. The French would pay for furs, not scalps. This is of course also why the French failed and the English won the Seven Years world war (1756-1763)… at least until 1776… when the French instigation to rebellion bore fruit in America.

In a different context, the story of the virtuous too virtuous to fight efficiently for virtue keeps on repeating itself. This would happen in 1914-1917, and 1939-1941, when the USA refused to fight against racist fascism… by making up story of self-glorifying imaginary virtues (such as “pacifism” of racist president Wilson, who actually loved Prussian racism, and encouraged the Kaiser to go to war, thereafter facilitating said Prussian racist attack on the world… Or when in 1939, the US took sanctions against Britain and France for having declared war to Nazi Germany…)

New France did not exterminate the Natives… In contrast, the English colony had official extermination policies…. The relative goodness of New France contributed to its dominance by the Natives, hence its weakness. Lesser evil in New France ultimately caused its downfall to much greater evil…

Nobel Prize laureate Churchill said that he wrote “The Gathering Storm” to show:

“…how the malice of the wicked was reinforced by the weakness of the virtuous; how the structure and habits of democratic States, unless they are welded into larger organisms, lack those elements of persistence and conviction which can alone give security to humble masses; how, even in matters of self-preservation … the counsels of prudence and restraint may become the prime agents of mortal danger … [how] the middle course adopted from desires for safety and a quiet life may be found to lead direct to the bull’s-eye of disaster.

Nevertheless, the gentler French approach made a lasting impression on America (all the way down to Critical Race Theory, originally a French creation). The gentler roots of America, contradicting the deliberate evil of the founders of the English Colony of Jamestown, Massachussets, etc., did not just bring schizophrenia in North American culture. Ultimately, slavery was outlawed. The more civilized French mentality is bearing fruits to this day, and this is why the French help in creating America, and its more egalitarian and freedom loving orientation, is underemphasized by the contemporary ruling US plutocracy… which prefers to concentrate on exploitation, no holds barred, and with no benign hedonism in the way. As an anecdote, the more positive aspects of Critical Race Theory were invented in France, long before taking hold of US universities… France has also taken a very affirmative action against the greenhouse heating, with only one fifteenth (1/15) of the emissions of the US, thanks to carbon taxes, etc… And the French Republic has been at the forefront of taxing those tax havens… which make plutocrats that much wealthier and influential…

Thus, in a sense, the US war of independence against the plutocrats is still going on…

Patrice Ayme

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5 Responses to “The 1609 CALAMITY: Founded The USA, Tempered By France”

  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Very impressive scholarship: France is the redeeming value of the USA. The USA is an addendum to the history of France (maybe you said this in the past).

    As Gmax said, it may not incite too many academics to befriend you. Mais vous êtes une force qui va (Hernani, Victor Hugo, Acte III scene 2).


  2. Mark Vashmel Says:

    Uh you do know that like 2/3rds of the New French population was Native American and the French slaughtered native people as well .


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      New France did not exterminate the Natives, as you point out yourself… In contrast, the English colony had official extermination policies…. The relative goodness of New France contributed to its dominance by the Natives, hence its weakness. Lesser evil in New France ultimately caused its downfall to much greater evil…


  3. Kosmas Aitolos Says:

    When did the Puritans kill a colony for marrying native women?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Bonne question. Very early on. By year 3 or 4. I remember reading this in passing, I was stunned. But the episode seems to have been scrubbed from the Internet (I read it in an old printed book). The Puritans called their victims “rough fellows” and claimed it was a sin to have married Native women. They were in the Boston area, 50 of them or so, and it was early on. The Puritans prepared carefully a surprise attack and annihilated those white Englishmen… apparently driven by red hot racism… They may have wanted to reserve the land to other Puritans whom, at the same time, they were begging to come from Europe to this land of plenty…


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