Hungary As Bête Noire Of Pseudo-Progressive Child Sexual Mutilators

Read all about billionaire lovers censoring me…

Freaking out about Eastern Europe’s alleged anti-democratic tendencies is popular with pseudo-progressives anxious to express a will to clean up politics somewhere else than their own backyard. The New York Times, in the guise of attacking Tucker Carlson, its formidable bête noire, ran a gigantic piece against Hungary. To the author’s credit, he published three of my comments (not the fourth one, though). Mr. Bouie compared Tucker to a number of abominable racists, and, as unwarranted, and by innuendo, applied the same treatment to Hungary. No specific point was made about Hungary, besides the fact that bête noire Tucker Carlson was visiting Hungary and talking there. The title of the anti-Hungarian piece was: “Tucker Carlson Has a New Hero. Tucker Carlson is only the latest — and most famous — American conservative to find inspiration in the autocratic government of Hungary under Viktor Orban.

Auto-cratic means: power of one. On the face of it, to insinuate that Hungary is an autocracy is an outright lie. Orban won several parliamentary elections, in part because he resists many of the EU’s tendencies. I sent a milder version of the following:

Patrice Ayme: What’s wrong with Orban already? Last I looked, Hungary was still a fully functioning parliamentary democracy with a governing party endowed with a large majority, and a full member of the European Union. 

OK, so the Hungarian Parliament passed a law on the teaching of gender orientations in school that some non Hungarians don’t like, and the Paris based Reporters Without Borders proclaimed Orban was a “freedom press predator” (French media are owned by billionaire plutocrats, so why does not Reporters Without Borders focus on that? Because it will have nothing to eat?)… 

Great screaming then, all over the pseudo-progressive landscape about how bad the parliamentary democracy in Budapest is… But Hungary still gets nearly 5% of its GDP as subsidies from the EU… 

The NYT compared Hungary with the Franco regime. The Franco regime was installed after a three years civil war against the Spanish republic, and followed by many years of massacres. In the end, millions of Spaniards were killed by Franco. The comparison is outrageous, and shows the NYT does not know history at all, in areas it claims to know enough to pontificate. 

So I added: Hungary is not the Franco regime, who was non-admissible to the EU. Spain had to switch to a democratic parliamentary regime before coming into the EU. The EU accepts only such democracies as members.

pb4072 DC area commented:

@Patrice Ayme That’s correct, but, the EU is doing its best to counter Orban. Orban and the Poles, too. Both are anti-democratic regimes. Both were welcomed  into the EU soon after the Wall fell. A very different time.

My answer: @pb4072 “EU doing its best to counter Orban?” Let’s not exaggerate. Some are calling to reduce the huge subsidy flow to Hungary from the EU, 5% GDP, as I said. But the EU is democratic (sort of) and very complex, it has many important individuals with varied opinions. 

The broad picture of subsidizing Eastern Europe is still in place. That Orban is called a dictator inside the EU is a joke the president of the EC, Jean Claude Juncker, once made, once saluting Orban before breakfast that way: “Hi, dictator!” 

Times are not that different that these EU subsidies to Hungary would stop. Poland is getting a free pass on massive coal usage, for example. Poles are also quick to remind the Germans that they would have a much bigger population, had Germany not massacred a large part of the Polish population in WW2. To this Germany has nothing to say, but to agree to more leniency towards Poland. The EU is presently defending, at least verbally, Ukraine against the Russian dictator, so the EU’s will to integrate all of Europe is far from dead.

Leonard from Chicago found Orban successful:

@Patrice Ayme, countries can become more or less democratic, as we’ve witnessed in our own history. Orban had been successful in undermining democratic institutions in Hungary.

My answer: All leaders at some point are accused of undermining democracy, in all democracies, that’s what leadership in a democracy is all about. 

The bottom line in recent years is that the EU has tried to force Eastern Europe to accept (mostly) Muslim refugees, and Eastern Europe’s parliaments have refused to accept huge numbers. Well, that’s called democracy. Similarly the Hungarian Parliament does not believe the LGBQT mantra as found in the USA presently is appropriate teaching in school. Well, that’s called democracy. Much US screaming against Hungary has to do with the fact that a private university financed by one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, a famous European underminer (he kicked the UK out of the ECU system), has seen its accreditation removed…. Well, that’s called democracy, and US whining seems imperialistic in nature: we, the US, are so sorry to see that we cannot teach Hungarians what politically correct thinking is, namely, do as we say…. 

That latter comment was blocked by the New York Times: it went a few truths too far: I alluded to George Soros, who made billions destroying the pound-ECU link. Soros, initially a Hungarian Jew, now funds strife in the USA ( many say). Soros camps as a holocaust survivor… some insinuate his survival was not without blemish as he got sheltered by a fascist government official; my own grandfather was not confiscating Jewish property as Soros’ godfather was, but he was the head of waterworks in Grenoble, a government position… and saved more than 100 Jews…). Soros funded a private university in Hungary. His foundation, led by his son, poured hundreds of million dollars in “Black Lives”, because they “matter”.

The NYT is 100% behind Soros, because Soros is a “lover of man” (philanthrope)… Presumably neither us nor Tucker Carlson are “lovers of man”. Only plutocrats can “love man”.

And here is the problem: my statements were rather mild. But I dared to look at US plutocracy with suspicion: immediate censorship! Whereas the comparison the NYT made implicitly or explicitly between today’s Hungary and Franco’s regime or the Rhodesian regime, and other racist, colonialist regimes were deeply deranged.

As it is the LBG QRSTU XYZ have plenty of rights already in Hungary… Just not ALL the rights. Not yet. The anti-homosexual and gender change propaganda to minor law was passed in June, 157 to one. Signed into law by the president, it will now be submitted to a referendum.

Personally I think sexual mutilation of children should be against the law. How dare I phrase it this way? I know at least two boys (11 years old) who are considered to have become girls… years ago (friends of my 11 year old daughter). They are obviously in need of strong psycho help (but they are not getting it… long story)

Tucker Carlson will phrase it the same way as I do after he reads this: sexual mutilation of children, bad. Does that make us into conservators of normal hormonal processes, and regressives? (“regressive” is a notion I myself long used and that the NYT just adopted)

No. Sexual mutilation of children has been viewed as an outrage for three millennia in the West. The East is another matter, and Constantinople’s Roman empire was significantly governed by eunuchs… So was the “Central State” (China). It did not come out right.

Sexual mutilation and biological growth disruption does not need propaganda. That’s what the Hungarian Parliament thinks. The world’s most titanic plutocrats may differ, because, already endowed by super macho security details, they may prefer to rule over eunuchs.

Patrice Ayme 

A drag queen waves a rainbow flag during an LGBT rights demonstration in front of the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest, Hungary on June. 14, 2021. During the protest human rights activists called on lawmakers in Hungary to reject legislation banning any content portraying or promoting homosexuality or sex reassignment to anyone under 18. The bills, aiming at fighting pedophilia, have various amendments which would outlaw any depiction or discussion of different gender identities to youth in the public sphere. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

Terrible things happening in Hungary…

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