Hypersonic Missiles From Tyrannical Gas!

HYPERSONICS from EU Revenues:

60% of the revenues of the Kremlin nuclear tyrant comes from fossil fuels sold to the West. And what did that bring? Hypersonics! Monster missiles shrieking through the air at two miles per second… Is that the famous “energy transition” European propagandists have been talking about obsessively? Transition to tyranny? 

Transition from nuclear power plants to nuclear tipped missiles we can see only in the last ten seconds? Transition to doing what Putin wants us to do? Watch as he reconstitutes the largest empire Russia ever had? To start with? And what does the imperially obsessed tyrant do with these colossal revenues from the West?

Similarly to Hitler, Putin builds weapons. But… Putin is smarter than Hitler. Putin’s weapons have a real, serious qualitiative advantage on the West.  

Contrary to legend Hitler did not have a qualitative advantage in weapons in 1940. The French had way better tanks, superior in range, power, and armor… And much more of them. In aviation, the best British and French fighters, the Hurricane and the Dewoitine, equalled the best Nazi fighters. The only advantages the Nazis had were a practice of tactics, integration of aviation and tanks, radio in all the tanks, massive usage of amphetamines, and fanaticism (Nazis used suidical engineers with explosive backpacks). 

Over all, the French and the British had weapons the Nazis did not posses, or in numbers so low as being irrelevant and ridiculous. Basically, in five days starting May 10, 1940, the Nazis took the French by surprise. Once the French learned, they had lost the Battle of France and the French C in C had been fired (May 17). The situation with Putin is different. 

Putin really has  a new type of weapons that the West doesn’t have. Hypersonic missiles, at least hundreds of them, some long deployed and in improved versions. 

A ballistic missile goes up thousands of kilometers above the atmosphere, and enjoys a fully visible and predictable trajectory… predictable from classical mechanics. “Ballistic” means weight. Hypersonic missiles instead skirt low over the ground, at speeds of the same order as that of ballistic missiles. That makes those missiles impossible to see from ground radar until it’s too late. Those hypersonic missiles evade existing defenses, and reduce warning times before impact to… ten seconds. That those hypersonic missiles violated de facto the Medium Range ballistic missile treaty has been blatant for more than a dozen years, and I wrote about it. Much later, in 2014, the Obama administration woke up, and Trump pulled out of the treaty in 2019. 

However, neither France nor the US, the two leading Western military powers, have developped hypersonic missiles. US research tests have been pathetically few and generally dismal failures… The French do not even have seemed to understand something is going on, and they don’t know wha it is. One must admire Russian engineers, who are a decade ahead.


We don’t want to criticize Hitler, or anyone else, when that’s not deserved. Hitler was not ready to wage a world war in 1939, because he did not choose, or want, a war with Britain and France in 1939: the French forced him into it. An increasingly aghast Hitler believed the democracies to be weak and lacking in will to fight. Surprised from the French and the Bbritish is why Hitler was so unprepared. UK PM Chamberlain outsmarted Hitler by gaining time at Munich, while building an air force that Hitler could only dream of.  The French would have been better off attacking in 1938… With only Czechoslovakia as an ally. But then France would have been accused by the US of war mongering… Choices, choices…

Now we have a Kremlin tyrant, who has wunder Waffen, wonder weapons… but nothing else to show. So he is anxious to use them, you know, otherwise it will be too late, and he is old anyway, so he may as well destroy something out of sheer frustration and making good entertainement that he will the first to watch. We will have to resist, as yours truly said for well above a decade. But then it is going to be painful and scary. Choices, choices… 

With more advanced electronics dictator Putin made hypersonic missiles which can destroy his enemies, who don’t have them. So now he can attack. Advancing technology was always empowering. How to use that power is the moral question.. Morality has to advance with tech. It didn’t.

Let’s keep it simple: when a fascist tyranny is in a Kaiser Trap, democracies should treat it as a possible extinction event, and treat it accordingly.

Putin delendus est!

Patrice Ayme

Tsirkon, aka Zircon, probably because of use of Zirconium, a metal found in nuclear fuel bars because of its high temperature resistance, is just the latest hypersonic Russian missile. For well above a decade, the US failed to make fly significantly a US version of the idea. The energy of the missile is such that, on impact, it has kinetic energy equivalent to 2.2 tons of TNT.

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2 Responses to “Hypersonic Missiles From Tyrannical Gas!”

  1. Nathan Curry Says:

    Putin if he invades invites Taiwan to be taken by the Chinese

    What you wrote about Putin using hypersonic weapons is concerning

    Interesting quote:“Russia will be invited in by eastern Ukraine.
    The “invasion” is made by the Biden Administration to protect his Ukraine gas investments.”


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