Hatred will unify a country, any country, because all the people will hate each other, and they will have not just this in common… What emotion has greater consequences than hatred? Not even love compares! Indeed, love rarely kills, but hatred readily does. In a most lethal sense, hatred is the ultimate emotion. If one cares about life, hatred is the most important emotion. Thus human psychobiology is finely tuned to hatred.

At least such seems to be the idea of the plutocratic establishment (which manipulates the media). As we can readily see it, by looking at whole human history, it’s not really a new idea: hatred is probably the oldest social manipulation technique. Fabricating it carefully is most common.

In 2020 some US media controlled by very wealthy people claimed all Trump voters, 75 millions of them, were KKK, Nazis… Such ridiculous and damaging hateful hysteria is a form of pernicious violence, that must stop… Legally, it has a name: fighting words. Unification by hatred seems to be the deepest emotion, and why shouldn’t it be? Nothing has greater consequences…

The Deep Global Plutocracy and its media are keen to steer hatred to their advantage… Because as hatred is the ultimate emotion, if one controls and directs it, one can have the greatest effect. Pretending for more than 4 years that Trump was elected by Putin kindled hatred (whereas, in truth, it is Obama who let Putin start to invade Ukraine, and Trump who provided the anti-tank weapons to stop Putin… in Ukraine!)

Unification through hatred works: history is full of such examples. A particular case, a baby case, which has received academic accolades, is scapegoatism. A French philosopher, Girard, made a whole glorious career at Stanford and the French Academy simply for describing “scapegoatism” as a most significant driver of human behavior… Instead I suggest to go much further: hatred is the ultimate driver of human behavior… The greatest unifier.

When nuclear tyrant, Vlad the Mad, decided to destroy a democracy, he hoped to unify Russia under his vile and sordid subjugation. Putin used hatred to do so, calling Ukrainian leaders and a significant part of the population “Neo-Nazis” and “drug addicts“. Putin hoped hatred would be a great unifier. But it works the other way too: when the hateful nuclear tyrant decided to subjugate Ukraine, he unified Ukraine, and the world, through the hatred his infamy and menace caused.

Hating monsters such as Putin is a good emotion. It is positive and constructive. It gives us the strength we need to become heroes. Hitler was destroyed thanks to hatred. Hitler’s monstrosity was long greatly hidden. Not so with Vlad the Mad. We should hate even more a criminal against humanity who threatened repeatedly to turn all of humanity to “radioactive ashes“.

Putin Delendus Est!

Patrice Ayme

Body of dead servant of the evil Vlad the Mad, next to three destroyed Putin armored vehicles in Ukraine, February 15, 2022…

P/S: reference Hatred Great Unifier, v 1.0

Elon Musk: “Reasons to hate are remembered better than reasons to love.”

PA: Because love will not kill you, but hatred will. https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2022/02/27/hatred-is-the-greatest-unifier/…

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2 Responses to “HATRED Is The GREATEST UNIFIER.”

  1. aldariontelcontar Says:

    Problem is that the Left has caused people in the West to hate themselves. And Putin has seen this weak West and figured that whatever he does will not cause a significant opposition.


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