White Supremacy And Other Obsessions Conveniently Hide The Most Vicious Mentality: Enslaving Greed.

I was raised in Black Africa. My father was from Algeria. So are my first memories. My African background always made me proud, different, and sharply critical of the mouthwash which passes for anti-colonialist discourse… whatever de-colonialism is supposed to mean, it should be based in reality (whereas most anti-colonialist hysteria has been a smokescreen for contemporary corruption and plutocratization).

Historical distortion is a very practical method of mind control, and much loved by the hyper wealthy controlling Deep State, schools and universities.  

Berkeley High School in California, supposed to be a temple of progressivism, justice, goodness, starts the description of its curriculum with a long rant on “White Supremacy”. So, according to Berkeley High, “White Supremacy” is the world’s most important notion and the core of what it teaches. Them and Hitler.

A related attitude wallops in the misery of slavery. Supposedly a large part of the world “colored” population was enslaved, according to the said color of their skin (in the US one can be perfectly white and considered “black”). Except for the two top brownish ones: Obama’s father was an important free Kenyan official who was sent to Harvard for a PhD (by the powers that be) and VP Kamala Harris descends from Mr. Harris, a wealthy British lawyer and slave owner who recognized a brownish ancestor of Kamala as his own progeny (so Harris, like Obama, are of privileged background… So is Michelle Obama… It happens to “blacks” too 


The obsession with skin color, slave background and so on, is, the way it is used, very obsessively, a distraction. Not to say those concepts do not exist in reality and are not serious problems. 

But… The “West” was not conquered, and the Natives not massacred, in the name of skin color: initially it was just greed which was the engine of genocide from the “West Country Men” who planned to exterminate the Natives… very deliberately, who founded the “Virginia Company“. So it is greed, unhinged, which is the fundamental flaw, and that was clear, as early as 1609, when the father of Pocahontas decried that mentality expressly 

 All this maximal viciousness naturally evolved into slavery… which was more benign, in a sense, because greed compels, in the average, to keep one’s property alive:

“Whether racism caused slavery or vice versa, by mid-century Africans had arrived in Virginia in significant numbers and many were held in lifetime servitude. In the 1640s, Africans were described in legal records as servants ‘forever,’ and their children assumed that same status at birth as in the sale of ‘one Negro girle [sic] named Jowan … and with her issue and produce during her (or either of them) for their Life tyme [sic]. And their successors forever.’ Legislative punishments in the 1640s began to differentiate between white servants, whose time could be extended, and blacks, whose time could not because they were already bound in perpetuity. In 1639, Virginia prohibited arming Africans…

…Between the first English settlements in 1634 and enactment of the first decisive slave statute thirty years later, black Marylanders lived through a period obscure to us, when the status of many of them evolved from some form of unfreedom like servitude to explicit slavery. Slavery, as a legal institution, evolved over time, originating in servitude, which was based on a contractual assumption, but mutated out of such voluntaristic origins into something that was a consequence of skin color and parental status. … In Maryland, as elsewhere in early America, evolving racist thought, combined with economic opportunism, led whites to create piecemeal a legally enforced condition of slavery for black Marylanders. A 1639 statue, ‘An Act for the Liberties of the People,’ confirmed the rights of Englishmen for ‘all the inhabitants of this Province being Christians (Slaves excepted).’ ” [[William W. Wiecek, “The Origins of the Law of Slavery in British North America,” Cardozo Law Review, Vol. 17, No. 6, May, 1996, pp. 1755-1756 and Ibid., p. 1761].


In 1655 CE, Anthony Johnson, a black man, sued for getting back from a free white man, John Parker, a black indentured servant he had, John Casor, claiming Casor was a slave in perpetuity. Jonhson won the case, and he is often brandished as evidence that black men introduced black slavery in the English colonies. However, after his death in 1670, a court ruled he was a negro, thus an “alien” and the state seized his land: we can see that the racism, greed, and slavery was growing in a stately manner

 “As early as 1639 we hear of a Negro slave in Pennsylvania. In 1644 Negroes were in demand to work the lowlands of Delaware. … Negro slaves were sold in Maryland in 1642. … There is evidence to show that the status of the Negro was at first very closely affiliated with that of the white servant with whom the colonists were thoroughly familiar and who stood half way between freedom and complete subjugation. It is probable, therefore, that both Indian and Negro servitude preceded Indian and Negro slavery in all the colonies, though the transition to slavery as the normal status of the Negro was very speedily made.” [John M. Mecklin, “The Evolution of the Slave Status in American Democracy, Part I,” The Journal of Negro History, Vol. II, No. 2, April, 1917, p. 106]

Slavery in Virginia existing prior to Anthony Johnson’s case in 1655: “Not until 1630 is there any evidence of legal distinctions between Negro and white servants in Virginia. In September the General Court ordered ‘Hugh Davis to be soundly whipped, before an assembly of Negroes and others for abusing himself to the dishonor of God and the shame of Christians, by defiling his body in lying with a negro.’ It is not completely clear whether Davis was punished for his fornication because his paramour was a Negro, or perhaps only because she was unbaptized. A clearer distinction was made by an act of the Assembly in January, 1639, providing that ‘All persons except negroes’ should be armed.’ This was the first of the long train of statutory discriminations that would ultimately make of the Negro a slave. Servitude for life was first recorded in Virginia in July, 1640, in a case involving runaway servants. All three were sentenced to receive thirty stripes. Two of them, a Scot and a Dutchman, were required to serve an additional four years ‘after the time of their service is expired … ; the third being a negro named John Punch,’ was ordered to serve ‘his … master or his assigns for the time of his natural life.’ ” [Paul C. Palmer, “Servitude Into Slave: The Evolution of the Legal Status of the Negro Laborer in Colonial Virginia,” South Atlantic Quarterly, Vol. LXV, No. 3, Summer, 1966, pp. 356-357].

The preceding mentality shows that slavery in the USA is an American-American problem. The tendency to depict US slavery as foremost a mental consequence of “White Supremacy” or European “colonialism” is barking up the wrong tree. 

Slavery with chains is not with us anymore. We have more advanced tech. Instead it’s slavery with poor public school education, opiates, Obamacare, tech monopolies, robber barons put in place by the state to control us all… And so on: US life expectancy has been collapsing ever since Obamacare was implemented, and it was intended that way, as the Democratic Party proudly claimed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) would augment health care cost for 95% of the population (supposedly to finance the lowest 5%… in truth to make the health car plutocracy wealthier…)

Patrice Ayme


Most Americans, both black and white, believe that slavery was a system maintained by whites to exploit blacks, but this authoritative study reveals the extent to which African Americans played a significant role as slave masters. Examining South Carolina’s diverse population of African-American slaveowners, the book demonstrates that free African Americans widely embraced slavery as a viable economic system and that they–like their white counterparts–exploited the labor of slaves on their farms and in their businesses. Drawing on the federal census, wills, mortgage bills of sale, tax returns, and newspaper advertisements, the author reveals the nature of African-American slaveholding, its complexity, and its rationales. He describes how some African-American slave masters had earned their freedom but how many others–primarily mulattoes born of free parents–were unfamiliar with slavery’s dehumanization.

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2 Responses to “White Supremacy And Other Obsessions Conveniently Hide The Most Vicious Mentality: Enslaving Greed.”

  1. kathw Says:

    Agree economic opportunism was driving force of slavery — and has been culprit in most inhumane regimes. But economic opportunism of Obamacare notwithstanding, I see correlation but not causation of decline in American life expectancy. Beyond Fentanyl/opiates/sedentary lifestyle – – I suppose one could make the case that somehow Obamacare enabled – – but would appreciate your elucidation.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      My family health care cost trippled under Obamacare. Obamacare said 95% of people would see their premium augment. y brother in law, an artist in Alaska was poor (but not homeless)… Obamacare didn’t help him, at all. I know a public doctor (paid by Contra Costa County). He serves only the dstitute, and agrees Obamacare doesn’t help.
      Basically, Obamacare, instead of fixing the corruption, fed it with public money. This is why with 18% of GDP in HC, the USA has much worse outcome than dozens of other countries. In particular the UK, where HC cost roughly half…

      BTW, I can compare with French system. Cost me less to pay for HC in France, without insurance… Same drugs… Now they just passed a law under Biden-Pelosi, we will see… But the point is that 2022 law was not in Obamacare… I feel more antagonism against Obama on this than towards Biden, who, as in Ukraine, does a much better job than Barry…


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