“Greatest Nation On Earth”? Really?


What Else? Not Much. 

The Higher The Assassin Climbs, The More It Shows Its Bottom.


[Those who spurn critical thinking can take the blue pill offered by Krugman, trying desperately to mumble vaguely positive about who history may abstract as the assassin in chief! Uncritical thinking: what mussels do.]


“We work harder and smarter than anyone else.” 

Thus boasted Obama at the democratic convention. If a politician in France proffered such a lie, voters would think he was not just deranged, but nationalistically crazed. What’s true instead? We are much less employed:

Employment Ratio Prime Age Population

If one had an ethical graph, it would crash through the floor. Obama stood on its head 25 centuries of Ius Belli (see below). Assassination without due process is the only category where Obama unquestionably surpassed G. W. Bush (Bush had implemented free drugs for seniors, effective immediately, so, in a sense, Bush beat up Obama at the health care game: Bush really did something major, and positive, while president).

The naive may object that the collapse of employment was not Obama’s making. But the opposite is pretty much true. Obama approved, with the republican presidential candidate, John McCain, in a showy way, the decisions of the Bush administration. Obama even left the main engineer in charge, tax avoiding New York Fed chief Tim Geithner. Geithner is still in place, having presided over a collapse of employment.

Plutocrats, starting in ancient Rome, have always loved unemployment, because it transforms the People into hungry pigeons who eat in their hands, humbly. Nothing makes Pluto happier that this daily humiliation.

Moreover Obama resurrected Larry Summers, and took him as economic guru, starting in August 2008. This is exactly when unemployment rolled over, big time. The obvious causal relationship is that, at the time Summers gave a presentation to Obama about the importance to save the criminals, the banksters, and re-establish their wealth. that, in turn, gave the Bush administration a green light to do just that. So, instead of playing FDR, that means, stimulator to the economy, Obama played stimulator to banks.

A the time Bush was lost, his dreams smouldering, and checked out (and not just out of Iraq). Geithner, Summers, and the Mc Cain advisers were all in agreement to save the banksters, and damn the real economy. So here we are. Worldwide.  

Instead what had to be done, ALL OVER, was what was done to save the car industry. Obama did it, but just for the car industry (I gave explicit recommendations on how to do it in other industries, so it was possible to do so, obviously… Trillions were spent on the banks, for the banks, by the taxpayers, order of Obabush.)

Mr. Summers was the architect of the sustainable crushing of the economy by an unregulated bubble of financial derivatives and activities, under money hungry resident Clinton. It made the economy red hot under Clinton, and after that, it imploded. For this, people are much grateful to Clinton.

People are mesmerized by Clinton, like birds by a mamba. Something about bird brains, that even mambas understand.

Verily, the much despised Greeks work 2,100 hours a year (that’s because Greece is the country with the most family owned businesses). Koreans work 2,200 hours, and USA citizens work “only” 1778 hours. At least 15 nations work more per hour than the USA… In the OECD alone.

These numbers are known by all serious people. So why is Obama seriously lying to the thunderously applauding multitude? Why is the pseudo left multitude applauding those serious lies? So that they can better forget that their great leader is busy reverting 25 centuries of civilization, replacing justice by assassinations, in the best tyrant style?

It is revealing to compare the French and USA presidential elections. Raw nationalism is very strong, all too strong, in the USA. Nationalism is even viewed as a moral duty, in the USA. In France, among other European countries, nationalism is viewed with intense suspicion, so one does NOT go shrill that way, there. In France, nationalism reeks of insufferable bad manners (except in the despised National Front, despised precisely because of its nationalist rhetoric). 

After all, when the Nazi tanks rolled in, the most important mental force in plain view was nationalism. Nationalism is the “Na” in Nazism.

So no wonder nationalism is not hot in Germany anymore, either. And that’s very gut.

Civilization is not made just of things one does, but also of things one does not do anymore. Lying about other countries is a very bad habit to have. Just as it is a rather bad habit not to reveal that the USA attacked the Republic of Afghanistan, with the help of its henchmen in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, more than 35 years ago. Attacking people, killing millions, for no good reasons, has consequences. In the fullness of time.

True, Rome killed and enslaved millions in Gaul; but there were good reasons, said Caesar, although the Senate stridently disagreed. The judgement of history, and of most of the Celts themselves, at the time, and even more afterwards, was that Caesar was right. So killing millions is not necessarily bad. (Anyway, conflicts cascaded in Celto-Germania, and Caesar did not start the war, the Helvetes did.)

Killing more than ten million Germans was the price to get rid of Nazism; there was an excellent reason. In Afghanistan, all the reasons of the USA, to sow religious war there in the 1970s, were terrible, anti-civilizational, and part of the price is the unravelling of the constitution of the American Anglo Republic into an unprincipled Principate.

The official story about how 9/11 came about, is an enormous lie. In truth, the USA attacked civilians on the other side of the Earth, and that was followed by a counter-attack, more than a quarter of a century later, after the primeval action of the USA led to the death of several millions in Afghanistan.

The truth is mean, but it is the truth. And even so called “god” cannot do anything about it.

“We are endowed by our creator… we are the greatest engine of growth and prosperity that the world has ever known…” We we we we… Is that a mutation of the self satisfied he he  he he of G. W. Bush?

We, we, we, we have a president who is personally acquainted with his “creator“. Was that creator UBS, or Wall Street? Those were the only creators in plain sight, for the objective observers (except for the millions of suckers like me, all the little tini tiny creators who helped decisively Obama come to power, last time, of course. But then he forgot us all, because we were not banksters!).

Speaking of that great other USA president, G. W. Bush, his CIA tortured those it captured for Qaddafi first. Hey, what are friends for? “We work harder and smarter than anyone else.” Indeed, some world records may have been shattered. Torture records and cover-ups records are piling up. For the whole world to contemplate.

Some victims were left dangling from manacles around their wrists and feet for four months straight (interview on French TV from a famous survivor captured in Asia by the CIA). This assuredly demonstrates that USA torturers can get lazy: leaving a guy to hang around for four months does not smack of hard work. Besides those CIA goons are not that smart, because they forgot to kill all those they tortured, so now they speak (at least to non USA media).

People will say: “Oh, that was Bush, that was before”. Right. Things have become much worse, as a policy of systematic assassination by robots is being conducted worldwide, even on USA citizens, even on some of those who are still children. People should meditate this carefully: do they want a world where a so called “commander in chief” selected by some tribe with 4% of mankind go around the world, assassinating people without judicial process?

The Roman Republic leaders, 25 centuries ago, found such a notion atrocious, repulsive, uncivilized. Some of Rome worse terrorist adversaries received a sort of legal process (for example, Jugurtha, Vercingetorix, Simon bar Giora and John of Giscala; the former three were judged and executed, the latter, condemned to life imprisonment). These events were, in order of people killed, relative to the population then, and the danger they represented to Rome, greater, by orders of magnitude, to relatively puny 9/11. Still the Romans kept their constitutional cool, they applied due process to the criminals.

Formidable adversaries such as Josephus, the top Jewish general in the (treacherous Judea war) in the end was adopted by emperor Vespasian, and inherited his mansion, in Rome.

And the Romans kept their constitution intact, whereas Obama considers he has right of life and death on anybody, worldwide, without a semblance of due process. Definitively a violation of Ius Belli and international law. Say the millennia.

The Romans knew that “Ius Belli“, the Law of War, killing the adversary philosophically, was more important than killing the adversary physically. Obama confuses looking cool as a chap, and cold blooded assassination. Worse: goose stepping behind, cheering and applauding Obama’s exhibitionist love for his family, a circus for little children, USA citizens are carefully arranging their forgetfullness about what the Romans knew, 25 centuries ago. Namely that it matters when one goes and kill people, that everybody understand why, and that the cause be just.

The main axis of France’s foreign policy, since May 8, 1945, has been to re-educate the Germans in the way of peace and love. Franco-German reconciliation has been number one top priority. This was not compatible with nationalism, and that is why France did not seize one square kilometer of German territory after the Nazi defeat.

I turned the TV on, to watch the democratic convention, and here were sexy girls speaking like they knew it all, telling the USA what to think. They were movie actresses, and the crowd just loved them. With a teleprompter, any mental retard who knows how to read can work harder and smarter than anyone else.

Talking about plastic surgery, here was Vice President Jo Biden. All excited, and delivering a pretty good speech. He celebrated, (for want of a better word),  the death of more than 6,000 soldiers, and 50,000 wounded some so very severely, he marvelled with exorbited eyes. The RESOURCE WAR, aka “war against terrorism“, brought a tear eyed evocation. Biden finished on :”God bless you, God bless you!

God bless you for what? Destroying Afghanistan since 1978, just because “yes, we can

What struck me, beyond Joe’s predictable rhetoric, was how Biden had suffered from plastic surgery. His eyebrows were angling up, then came down hard on the side. His eyelids were wide open, as if he had been immensely struck by the incongruity of it all, after been hit on the head. What did that creature remind me of? It felt familiar. Yes. Those Batman movies, with the Joker. OK, I am not a specialist of Batman, and I have not really seen the movie, just extracts, so I cannot explore further what Biden has been trying to say by being a real life imitation of the joker incarnated by Jack Nicholson. Is it all a joke? Is that what he wants to say?

Another contrast with France was the so called “First Lady” that introduced “the love of my life“. Nobody of importance in the USA is aware that the “First Mansemantics was invented by Augustus, Rome’s first life long tyrant. But, even Augustus, did not introduce the ridiculous notion of “First Lady“. Who are the Last Ladies?

And why is the First Lady’s sex life so important? Sorry, I meant romantic. Hey, go easy on the steroids, by the way, those shoulders… And why does the resident instrumentalize his daughters? “Malia, Sasha, we are so proud of you… and tomorrow you have to go to school.” Why is that national news? Why does the president’s official business includes telling his daughters he is proud of them? It’s not obvious? He did not think of it before? He needs a teleprompter to communicate with his family? 

And why are taxpayers paying 100 million dollars for this pathetic, clownish circus?

Are USA citizens so deprived of these things they need to see them on TV? I was amused when Michelle made a huge smile off sync while telling the story of someone who could not afford health care. It was meant to express compassion, but the timing and intensity were off. With these little things sincerity, or lack thereof, shines through. Can one work the appearance of a heart harder and smarter than anyone else? A question much of the world has for the USA.

Michelle…I love you so much” Thus Obama does not just love to coolly assassinate citizens, worldwide. His love is all encompassing. And the other clown who smiles, immensely touched by this apparent revelation, just made to her, watched by hundreds of millions. And they embrace, and embrace… Why don’t they go all the way? Would not that augment the audience? Worldwide exhibitionism. What happens when it turns out that the president was sleeping around with the hordes, as happened so many times in the past, with many other presidents? Maybe all these drugs they are given to perform 24/7, like circus animals who would never, ever, rest in a cage.

For that matter, how come ex-resident Clinton, now filthy rich, is immensely popular while everybody should know, by now, that he planted, with his gardener, Larry Summers, the seeds of the financial disaster? Namely plutocratically engineered derivatives to the horizon, devouring the world economy? Is WE THE PEOPLE dominated by masochism?

So why the exhibitionism? Because when there is enough style, it can displace substance. And when the substance is banksterism as far as the eye can see, it’s best hidden in plain sight.

The best joke was Obama’s content empty discourse. He even forgot to mention “Obamacare” also known as the “Affordable Care Act”. His sycophants used to call that monstrosity his “signature achievement“. And here he was, refusing to sign his achievement again! Tell us it’s not true, Barry-Barack, tell us that you do not just say what the polls tell you to say.

Health care is much improved, just wait for the bill. Apparently Obamacare has become better not talked about. (True the ACA is supposed to increase how much most people are supposed to spend in health care: the act may be affordable, but is it care? The Republicans have noticed that Obama proposed to reduce the funding of Medicare by $750 billion… So naturally they pounced on that, while proposing to transform Medicare into Vouchercare. Democrats are screaming it ain’t fair, as if that were not predictable. Either they are lying, or they really have puny brains)

In truth, Obama and his Pelosi plutocrat carefully wasted time when they had total control with a health care plan that will not work (because it does not have a sustainable mechanism for cost control). They agitated the ACA as the red flag it was, thus distracting the attention of the People away from the banksters (neither jailed nor even prosecuted), and from Quantitative Easing (print money for the banks that caused the crisis), and from allowing banks to use loans as rents for over-valued properties (over-valued by the banks themselves), while they, those Pelosi plutocrats, were keeping the taxes on the hyper rich at rock bottom, more than ever, and closing their eyes on giant loopholes in taxation (such as billionaires borrowing instead of spending).

Did I mention the tripling of troops in Afghanistan? (The Iraq withdrawal was pre-set by Bush the torturer, but that did not prevent Obarack to claim success for it, whereas, in truth, he was kicked out by the Iraqis, after trying to stay.)

The Pelosi plutocrat has long posed as a leftist, while owning Sugar Bowl, among other things. Never mind that Sugar Bowl had plotted with Royal Gorge LLC to destroy a huge amount of wilderness to extent both resorts (now an ad hoc conservation group has saved the wilderness from the claws of Pelosi plutocrat and her kind).

Hope has been tested“. Obama has switched from being the candidate of hope to the candidate of “hopeful“. So cars will go twice further “in the middle of next decade” (news: they already do, in Europe, and they will anyway, even in the USA, when oil hits $200 a barrel). OK, could have been worse: Obama could have passed a law to improve cars in the middle of next century, and improve health care by selling body parts. Small favors are better than no favors. Four more years of empty promises, and love of my life celebrations. In the Roman Republic the two Consuls were elected for a year, and rotated supreme authority every month. OK, Romans did not have plastic surgery honey babies to tell them what to think.

Obama finally left the stage, after bellowing about the “greatest nation on earth“. A god nut, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, archbishop of New York, took the stage to deliver a general blessing. May this land of the free never lack those willing to grab guns, and kill others, said the holly man in substance, as he circled several times around the notions pertaining to “men in uniform“.

‘One nation under god, so dear god, bless the USA.’

The old fat man of god was a nice contrast with the young sexy actresses who had warmed up the scene before. Sex and the City of God. Even more weird was the gun fanatic who got shot in the head (with many others) and came to be rolled out as a great hero, whereas all she proves is that, even before being pierced by a bullet, she did not think right.

But 73% of USA citizens attach the greatest importance to shooting other USA citizens. A problem when crazies get crazier: craziness is viewed as heroism (for further reference, see our historical guinea pigs, the Nazis: the deeper they got in their madness, the madder they got).

So what is Obama proposing to do, by the way? Change you can’t believe in! Obama is mostly proposing to do what he did not do when he was in total control, namely rising taxes on the rich, and imposing a minimum tax of 30% on the hyper rich. It’s safe to propose it now, his masters have determined: he is not in control anymore (the Republicans are). So his masters told him: OK, go ahead, tell them what they want to hear, the Dream, the American Dream.

We work harder and smarter than anyone else. Who is that “we” who haunts us? The plutocrats?

Raising taxes on the rich is also insufficient, in any case: it won’t solve the deficit, right now augmenting at one trillion a year, for a grand total of 16 trillion dollars, nearly as much as the 17,6 trillion GDP of the European Union.. . And certainly higher than the 15 trillion dollars USA GDP. (European countries have an Added Value Tax of at least 15%, by law, 17.5% in France and Germany, up to 20% in Great Britain, 23% in Greece. That reduces deficits, but Obama does not know what it is, although I wrote extensively about it, and offered him a book, where it is, black on white.)

Partisans such as Krugman speak only of a USA deficit of around 10 trillion dollars, allowing the USA to look slightly better than France or Germany. How do they do it? How do they cheat? Partisans of USA greatness omit what the USA government borrowed from USA government funds whose spending in the future is mandated by law.

By the way, recent graphs show the USA GDP going up by leaps and bounds, whereas the EU’s stagnates (with Germany not enough to compensate Britain rolling over, lower, while Italy and Spain sink, and France is going nowhere). This looks good, for the USA, but it means nothing. Inefficiencies, waste, jams, and the intrusion of pay services in what ought to be free (like school and care) augment GDP artificially, or, let’s say in ways that cannot be compared!

Obama crowed that he had signed free trade agreements that allowed to sell lots of products stamped “Made in America”. Never mind that “America” is not an official country.

Never mind that the free trade agreements with Panama, Columbia, South Korea, were long stalled, because of the fear for USA jobs, and passed… by the Republican Congress in October 2011. The democratic crowd roared its approval, of the great Obama victory, grabbing his pen to sign on Republican policy, I guess. I am also for free trade… But only if and when everything else been equal. Actually the USA administration (and also Europe) are claiming that China dumps solar panels. Among other things.

Obama forgot to put a carbon tax, so his ‘5 millions‘ renewable energy jobs did not materialize. (By comparison Sweden passed a carbon tax in 1990, to great success for employment and CO2, let alone energy independence.)

Nationalist frenzy, and plutocratization, are hard to reverse. Citizens of the USA view as a self evident truth that they got attacked on 9/11 by a country they had nothing to do with, as they were careful, and still are careful, to NOT learn what really happen. Namely they do not want to read that the USA was engaged in a war of aggression in Afghanistan as early as 1978. (Shortly after three government sponsored Franco-Afghan geological missions under Dr. Laparent, found great mineral wealth. Is the Afghan war just a Franco-american conflict?)     

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s National Security Adviser, stated in 1998, to the French “According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujaheddin began… after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan… But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise:

Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.… We didn’t push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.” [Le Nouvel Observateur (Paris), 1/15/1998] After Brzezinski’s confession, other US officials who denied US involvement prior to the Soviet invasion, also changed their story. (For instance, Charles Cogan, head of the CIA covert aid program to Afghanistan at this time.)

For a fuller quote and a more comprehensive story see: https://patriceayme.wordpress.com/2010/09/17/obama-commemorates-911-his-way/

By the way, it’s really hard to search the web, in the USA, only in the USA, about the Pelosi plutocrat‘s plutocracy, or Carter’s henchmen terrorizing Afghanistan. It’s not just the People Republic of China which manipulates the search engines.

But it works: the professional killer who was leader of the section who killed Bin Laden, although increasingly cynical in all sorts of ways, really believed that the USA was treacherously attacked on 9/11. Attacked, sure. Treacherous? Not so fast. That soldier had no idea that USA henchmen instructed the Islamist Fundamentalists to attack civilian objectives in Afghanistan, and, preferably school for little girls, a full generation earlier. (No, I will not bother to make a search for this from the USA; I would come empty. But, overseas, the documentation is plentiful.) 

Obama also strokes the dream of the unprovoked 9/11 attack.

Whatever happens, plutocracy will soon elect its next USA president. It would be funnier, if it were Biden. With his distorted face, he looks the part. Joker.

Obama has accomplished his role, that of a vaccine against change. You can read through his face his great interrogation: are they, my rich friends, replacing me with one that they would like more? So he mouthed the change-y thing unconvincingly. He took the left for granted, giving it only pittance. All the horrors inaugurated by G W Bush were left in place, more, even more terrible, were added. Worst: the left took Obama for granted Brown skin, lofty rhetoric, what could go wrong?

Fact is, although the assassination program and its death panel is going strong, the economy is going, at best, nowhere (in France, EU, or the USA) once population change is factored out. See the fawning Krugman, September 7, admitting in a burp of honesty, speaking of employment:“A plunge and a stabilization at a depressed level, which has now gone on for almost three years. Everything else is just noise.” (By the way, Krugman is now looking at the employment ratio, which I long advocated as more pertinent than the U numbers.)

Systems of minds are dynamic. As they go on, they become their own initial conditions. Plutocratization is hard to stop. In Rome it got unfettered after Hannibal’s forever wandering cataclysm. The situation got ever worse. 160 years later, the Republic had fallen. Augustus, of course re-established the Republic, formally speaking, so he claimed. With a caveat: he was to be known as the “First Man In Rome.” Princeps. Or as the French, always inclined to abstraction, put it: prince.

Whatever that was, whatever that is, it’s not democracy. Certainly not democracy as the Greeks understood it, and not even democracy as the Romans understood it. An abomination looking for a catastrophe is more like it. In the fullness of time, sometimes the present itself turns into a golden legend, as the floor disappears below a civilization.

Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Chanted Obama and his helpers four years ago (me among them). Yes, he could. Asssasinate whoever the death panel Obama instituted at the White House wants. This has been Obama’s presidency greatest breakthrough, its true signature achievement. Not fighting climate change. Not bringing jobs. Not rolling back metastatic kleptocratic finance. No. It’s all the way back to the jungle. Yes We Can! Assassinate. Whoever we want. For whatever they do.

And yet ethics was invented for economics, not just survival. When the god fearing Carter sent his assassins to Afghanistan, he set the groundwork for 9/11… And probably much worse to come (the USA has helped Pakistan’s Islamist regime make thermonuclear weapons, thus enabling a potential thermonuclear 9/11).

Nastiness does not just propagates, it feeds on itself. Not that the plutocrats mind. In hell, all fired up, ready to go, their lord dwell. When plutocracy turns into an avalanche, civilization is swept away.


Patrice Ayme

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41 Responses to ““Greatest Nation On Earth”? Really?”

  1. Nathan Daniel Curry Says:

    Nathan Daniel Curry; A comment a friend made about your latest blog posting:

    First, let me say that I think corporations are behind everything this writer says is happening. This is one big worldwide mob at work. Obama is just a tool of corporations, as have Presidents been before him. My husband & I have made scathing remarks about Obama and how he didn’t deliver on many things he claimed he would. But the level of scathing remarks of this person clearly shows a bias and hatred. I looked for a similar diatribe against the RNC and Romney, but could find none. What is the alternative? To let the completely insane right take office? Have you seen what these people are saying? It’s so far beyond Obama, they’re in lala land. I saw no mention of trickle down and the Reagan years and deregulating banks that started with him & Clinton both. Listen, we know this is one hugely messed up political system, all over the world, and politicians are the biggest liars and crooks there are. But to take us back to the Great Crusades and the Great Inquisition, which is what the GOP will bring us to, is just not going to happen in my consciousness. I think that, even though people are lulled by the rhetoric of positive speech, it’s still positive speech that people need to hear to jerk us out of fear, hopelessness and apathy. Our thought processes need to be elevated. A sword is a 2-edged blade. America is both the greatest nation on earth, from the standpoint of innovation, technology, and conveniences. At the same time, we are also the most corrupt and damaging force in the world. You cannot have one without the other in this world of opposites unfortunately. Our society is what we make it, with our own consciousness. I fall back on, “I do not know what anything is for,” (ACIM) I can only live my life with ethics and goodness. Our government is merely a reflection of what goes on in the everyday lives of people. Until we raise our own vibration, good will, and all the rest, it will keep degenerating if you want to see it that way. I choose to see a new consciousness rising from the ashes of what we destroy.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Nathan, very interesting. First, as I advocate to vote for Obama, I am so sorry my pro-Obama bias shined through so much that I get denounced for it. I campaigned for more than a year for Obama in 2007-2008, wasting, as it turned out giant amounts of time and money. Still, I tried to be objective.

      And I am sorry I exhibited ‘hatred’. Funny something like that showed up, I tried not to talk about Ryan.

      When I rolled out the fact that the USA attacked Afghanistan in the 1970s, years before the Soviet invasion, I was not advocating to keep on invading Afghanistan as Obama proposes to do in the next 15 years. I absolutely reject that hateful invasion, and I am sorry I was not clear enough on that either.

      Oh, I will handle the question of Romney some other time. I forgot that he was president in the last four years. Did he not pass Romneycare? I totally dislike Romneycare, a subsidy to health care vultures. I do not like Ryan, either, and have not done so, for a very long time. I would not use the word “hatred” in my feelings about Ryan, but it’s not far, sorry about that.

      Yet I sure prefer to hate an enemy, rather than to hate a friend. So it may be easier criticizing Romney-Ryan, than Obama-Biden, with their plastic surgeries.

      When Obama buries civilization with his assassination program, violating even the Roman laws of war, this is even more serious than anything terrible that the GOP has been trying to offer.

      And the most sickening part is to see a sea of cattle calling themselves democrats, rising their little hoofs in unisson, and saying:”Hail to the chief! Hail Bama!” What they are saying in truth is:”Hail to Assassination! Hail to extraordinary rendition! Hail to the suspension of the constitution under the Terror Act!”

      And when Obama hails the Afghan war as the longest the USA ever engaged in, let him not forget to count since 1978. A question I could not figure out: if Obama works for the “mob“, as a “tool“, as your friend proposes, are we showing “bias and hatred” when we disagree with him and the mob he is tooling for? Is that “ethical and good”? Is that trying hard enough?

      Another point: to repeat the jingoistic “America is the greatest nation on earth, from the standpoint of innovation, technology…” is just rabidly nationalistic, ill informed, and cattle like. First there is no country called “America”. There is a country called the USA. “America” is a continent, and the yankees don’t own it, last I checked.

      And it’s not because Steve Jobs was a self described greatest thief, that thievery is innovation, technology, etc. Nearly none of the great tech breakthroughs were made in the USA. The first camera (black & white, and later color), the first car, the first steam engine, and even the first plane, the radial tlre and front wheel drive, let alone balloon, were made in France. The first radar, in the UK, the first transistors (in the 1930s) in Germany (made of… Germanium). even the principle of the nuclear chain reaction (Irene Curie, 1938), and the nuclear bomb program was French (transferred to Manhattan after the Fall of France). OK, Hitler was (partly) made in USA, but he was no great innovation.

      Thinking is deeper than tech, and none of the great thinking breakthroughs in science or philosophy, originated in the USA. And there is a good reason for it: deep thinking is not admired in the USA. Rabid nationalism feels right to Obama and his admirers, and so do assassinations, apparently. Just as it feels right to Obama and his admirers to admire the world class crook Buffet.

      But the truth is the truth, like a crime is a crime. And a pig, a pig. And a warning, a warning. Those who want “consciousness” should start with perception.

      The USA attacked Afghanistan more than 23 years before 9/11. Get it? Causing millions of deaths. Before 9/11. (Check the links in my essay.) So who caused 9/11? Get it? How difficult is it to get it, and understand that believing in a lie, deliberately, is becoming part of the lie, and, in this case, the crime. Including 9/11.


  2. Martin Lack Says:

    Hi Patrice. Very interesting stuff but, what options do US voters have? Abstinence, the Green Party, or an Independent candidate? All legitimate forms of protest; and all a complete waste of time.

    I have very little time for jingoistic oratory of the kind that one gets at political conventions; much of which must be dismissed as little more than very clever speech-writing. However, I find it hard to disagree with the notion that the US electors really do face a choice between a party that believes government and regulation are necessary and one that believes they are part of the problem.

    Yes, Obama has been far too timid; and failed to act when he should have done. However, I am inclined to believe that he now gets it; that he knows we have run out of time. He may well not do what is required (although I would be amazed if he could fool everybody twice), but I can and will bite the bullett. One thing is for sure, he is a much safer bet than the Republicans at this time… (I would love to be in the room when a President Romney gets his first briefing on the reality of climate change by the US Dept of Defense).

    Do you seriously think you would now have less to complain about if McCain/Palin had won in 2008? As the old Chinese proverb goes (thank Paul H) “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness”. So, please forgive me but, you just seem to be doing the latter…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Martin: Truth is not darkness. You can abstract the essence of Paul’s saying as:”light is better than darkness.” Indeed.

      I also advocated to vote for Obama. As past US president said, talking about an American dictator :”He is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch.” Just people have to realize that Obama has gone down deep to the Dark Side. His reverting of 25 centuries of Ius Belli is, in particular, very troubling. Should he confirm this reversion in debates with Romney, and boast about it, I would like left like, pseudo progressives, to explain to me how they can justify this policy.

      Also I am seriously tired with the unbalanced whining about 9/11. It was just an episode in a war the USA started long ago, pretty much against France, come to think of it (as I explained). For years, the main USA policy has been to make it so that Muslim Fundamentalists get nuclear weapons (in Pakistan). Do USA administrations want a nuclear 9/11? Which other explanation is there? And, if so, what’s so good about that nuclear 9/11? What good would it do?

      Don’t forget the CIA taught Bin Laden to attack schools for girls. That’s why the dems on the left scream, agitate their flags and sing Obama Obama Obama: because they don’t want to hear it, and they want to change the conversation.

      The USA economy seems close to rolling over. 4 years ago, Obama had been marching with Summers, Bush, Paulson, Geithner, for at least a month. The Dark Side. All the money to the banksters, no strings attached no prosecution, re-establish banksterism, stronger than ever. So here we are.

      And the kabuki of one side wants regulation, and the other not, is just that. Obama, as per his orders, is pursuing Assange (for helping to reveal war crimes), and, after Assange, and, through Assange, all main Stream Media revealing war crimes, and straying from enabling war crimes.

      My tack is different: vote for the son of evil, but look at what he is truly doing. Not “I love you so much” stuff, but tyranny through assassination. Obama has become a caricature of civilization, because National Socialists on the left agitate flags, become hysterical, and make what they call a “shout out“, each time they see Hitler without the moustache. Actually Michelle leads these “shout outs“. Instead what progressive people should do is seriously look at what is going on, and ask why we are returning to barbary.

      Romney changed completely his music about climate change, BTW… God of USA knows, if it turns out, he will put a carbon tax (which would kill many birds with one stone)? The only thing sure with Obama is that assassinations will go on, and the world media will be terrorized through the Assange saga, and much more similar after that. If I am deemed a terrorist (for my writings, as already happened to some), I can been kidnapped in the night, and it’s illegal to ask where I was “rendered”. Does not matter a citizen of what I am. it’s the American Terror Act. And democrats wave their flags, calling USA greatest nation on earth. Is this all caused by too much drug usage, for too long?


      • Martin Lack Says:

        As I implied previously, I really do think it is not credible to suggest that things would have been better with McCain in the White House. Whatever metric you wish to use – Assange, Bin Laden, Drone Attacks – it doesn’t matter; the USA would always do what it has always done – be totally unaccountable and a law unto itself – only it would have been worse under McCain.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          dear Martin: I agree with you. I am happy my great efforts for Obama brought Obama, the big engine with the tiny brain. I agree that a Mc Cain presidency would have been disastrous. Mc Cain, although a pretty tough guy, is not even clean (S&L fraud).

          Assange, Bin Laden, Drone Attacks“: that’s all Obama’s making, not the USA.

          In the 1950s, thanks to Nixon, the Dulles (Nazis!) and company (Mc Carthy), the USA was insufferable. In the 1960s, thanks to the Kennedys and even (the rotten) Johnson, the situation was completely different. It’s Obama who decided one could conduct an assassination program, in full view.

          JFK gave the green light for the Bay of Pigs, as he readily admitted publicly, and recognized it had been a mistake. He probably gave the green light for the coup against, and the assassination of Diem… But that was under wraps. There is a big difference between Auschwitz smoking out of sight, and deliberately violating the laws of just war for all to see.

          Ribbentrop and others were hanged slowly, just for just war violation, not Auschwitz (they claimed they did not know about, and no obvious link was found between them and that).

          What Obama is teaching right now, the nationalists and socialists, is that violating just war is the ethical way. It’s back to the Indian holocaust, but this time for the whole planet to see. Tocqueville averted his pen, if not his eyes, when he saw the Indian holocaust. Right now, we are all Indians, and we better not avert either pen or eyes.

          Hitler did turn 100 million followers into ever greater brutes. The assassination program does the same, but with hundreds of millions, if not billions. because the whole planet is watching. True, Putin was first, in the 1990s… But, at least, he targetted the right guy.


      • Martin Lack Says:

        There seems little point arguing about unfalsifiable, hypothetical scenarios such as whether, if put in the same position, McCain would have done as Obama has done… but I seen no reason to think he would not.

        Another bullseye for you on the Godwin’s Law stakes…


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Martin: I worked, very hard for Obama, whom I personally know, and have touched physically and otherwise, in 2007-2008. This involved three books, hundreds of thousands of dollars (through in part family members) plus the organization of fund raisers, and also just writing the ideas down (for what turned out to have been lying propaganda!).

          So I am getting a bit tired to have to deny that I preferred Mr. Mc Cain. It’s worse than accusing Churchill to have been pro-Hitler (because Churchill was pro-Hitler in 1929, whereas I have never been pro-Mc Cain ever since he was out there bombing children in Vietnam!)

          The disaster the Obama presidency turned into is precisely because basically only me screamed (that I know of) he was making the wrong choices in policies and personel. In truth, if millions had screamed, he would have gone back to the right path.

          I do not know what you mean by “bullseye”. What I do not know is that those who interrupt a conversation because the name “Hitler” was mentioned, are turning Hitler into God. (see the old name of god in Judaism: the one one should not evoke). I always mention the Nazis appropriately. They, and their supporting plutocracy, in Britain and the USA, were, and ARE, a major part of the landscape. For example they made the Bush dynasty.

          Even wikipedia is now seeing the light about not mentioning the Nazis. They changed their music about the not mentioning hitler rule. To quote the Wiki you linked to:

          Godwin has argued that overuse of Nazi and Hitler comparisons should be avoided, because it robs the valid comparisons of their impact.[5]

          Godwin’s law applies especially to inappropriate, inordinate, or hyperbolic comparisons of other situations (or one’s opponent) with Nazis. The law and its corollaries would not apply to discussions covering known mainstays of Nazi Germany such as genocide, eugenics or racial superiority, nor, more debatably, to a discussion of other totalitarian regimes or ideologies, if that was the explicit topic of conversation, since a Nazi comparison in those circumstances may be appropriate, in effect committing the fallacist’s fallacy.

          Adam Gopnik has proposed an amendment to Godwin’s Law. Called ‘Gopnik’s Amendment’, he argues that comparisons to the Nazis is justified if the individual or association embrace a world-view that contains the three characteristics of nationalism, militarism, and hatred of otherness (that includes but is not limited to anti-Semitism). Gopnik states that:

          ‘”Hatred of difference – notice I carefully did not say racial hatred, or religious hatred. Hitler hated Jews because of their religion, and because of their race, but he hated them above all because of their otherness.

          When I read well-intentioned people talking about the impossibility of assimilating Muslims in my adopted country of France, for instance, I become frightened when I see that they are usually entirely unaware that they are repeating – often idea for idea and sometimes word for word – the themes of the anti-Semitic polemics that set off the Dreyfus affair a century ago. For those writers, too, believed not that Jews were eternally evil, but that Judaism was just too different, too foreign to France, and tied to violence against the nation and its heritage.

          And indeed there were Jewish anarchists in Europe, as there are Muslim extremists now. But there was never a Jewish problem in France, any more than there is a Muslim problem now.”

          BTW, the Jews are more historically Gallo-franco-Roman than the Catholics, or Christians, because there were Jews in Gaul before Christians even came to exist! So maybe the Jews ought to kick the christians out of france? Just an idea…

          Remembering the Jewish holocaust is a major moral and even epistemological duty. (The Tyranosopher rule!).

          If that sort of craziness, mass murdering otherness, happened to the Germans, in modern times, it can happen in plenty of other places (as we have seen since 1945). And as we could see in a much more major way, some day soon.

          BTW, Hitler never boasted of having an assassination program, knowing full well it would be a Casus Belli according to the theory of Ius Belli. So why should Obama be excused? Because he has bigger bombs? Browner skin?


      • Martin Lack Says:

        Patrice, the reason I am so intolerant of your mentioning Hitler is because I don’t understand why it happens so frequently. I become even more suspicious when you fail to acknowledge a comment on my blog making the point that, more than anything else, the megalomania of Hitler and Himler was driven entirely bogus Pagan beliefs. Therefore, I see no justification for mentioning Hitler in the middle of a discussion about Obama and McCain; and I make no apology for questioning why it is that you keep doing it.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          “More than anything else”? About Hitler and Himmler? Maybe you should read Nietzsche, who was very clear that antisemitism in Germany was insufferable, and why. Also deporting the Jews was advocated in writing by the Father of murderous anti-Judaism, Saint Augustine (circa 400). Until that criminal came to write, the Jews had been spared the holocaust driven by the Christians. After that, they were subjected to it.

          Saint Augustine’s murderous anti-Judaism was transmitted to lunimaries such as “Saint” Louis (truly, he would be put in jail in France within minutes for what he used to write about unbelievers and Jews), and later, Luther.

          Because I did NOT read something in your blog, you see no justification for mentioning Hitler? What kind of logic is that? The egomaniacal type? ;-)!

          I try to read your blog, but days have only 24 hours.

          Methinks you just hate the logic that Christianism created murderous anti-Judaism. But it did. Thanks god, jesus, mary and all the toher critters, we do not have, and never truly had, a Xtian civilization! Just a fable like Father Xmass (see Nietzsche, once again, although I go much further, with much more precision… And historicity!)

          And you should learn to become more tolerant of what you do not understand. it is not the fault of others, if you do not understand. It’s not from LACK of trying to make you understand. Instead of making broad accusations, you should point exactly at the conjonction where hitler appears, and you think it’s inappropriate. otherwise, all you show is uncomprehending intolerance.

          Famously, and explictly, Churchill refused to order Hitler’s assassination, as he believed that did not respect Just War. Obama, instead go assassinate boys on a beach, one of them USA citizen, just because they were associated to USA adults who wrote stuff Obama judged “anti-American“. And Hitler himself never advocated (OFFICIALLY) assassinations (again, because the theory of Just War).

          The Nazis were low, very very low, we are getting even lower, in some dimensions, all I say.


  3. Martin Lack Says:

    Ooops! Typing error in third paragraph:
    “but I hope he can and will bite the bullet.”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It’s funnier the way you have it: Obama is a bullet, indeed, an assassin’s bullet, and you think you can, and will bite it. Good nite & good luck. I tried that before.


      • Martin Lack Says:

        I must say that I would have preferred if you had just amended my original and deleted the supplementary comment… but, hey, it’s your blog.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Martin: I can do it, if you are going to feel depressed and humiliated about it. Your correction makes clear what you intended. It’s really a minor typo. And I think it’s FUNNY, the way it turned out, and creative as was funny my (really serious!) mistake about g the other day. (I left that one, because the mistake is educative, and was genuine, and you picked it up!)
          Please do not underestimate the creative power of ideas we come onto by accident, or even typo of some sort!
          I will change it if you insist. (I do this sometimes in the comments, and have done it for you, but there is something about not being too anal… As I tell many people quite a bit…)


  4. Old Geezer Says:

    Here in CA, which will vote BLUE as it always has, one can vote for the Greens as a protest. No, they will not win the state, but the more votes they get, the more the powers that be in DC will get the message.

    “We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore.” – H. Beale, the “mad prophet of the airwaves”


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Old Geezer; yes, I think that’s a constructive message you just put on the table. Clearly Obama has no plan for jobs (lowest employment ratio since Jimmy Carter, 30 years ago, 63.5 %!, and still heading ever lower…).

      In California, one can still vote for the local democratic senator (plutocrat associated Boxer or feinstein; I don’t remember who of the two is on the ballot, if any), Congressperson (the one in Berkeley Maxine Waters is pretty good, although not white, she did not buy many of the right wing Obama stuff), and no less than three propositions to tax the rich to death… OK, not exactly death… It will just feel like death to them… Or us, United BMW people of America…

      Obama does not have a plan for sustainable energy either. All the improvement he crowed about was pretty much a result of fracking and recession. Fracking wells decay at 40% a year, many say, so we will see how long that last… The irony is that it’s totally imaginable that president Romney, armed with representative control, would go for a wider tax base (code words for VAT, and Carbon Tax). If Obama had put those in place, and nationalized the big banks (as he did GM and Chrysler), his re-election would be a triumph. But, instead, he spit on my message and listened to Clinton-Summers (OK, I confess I did NOT listen to Clinton this week; maybe i should have, but I am tired of his lies:”I never slept with that woman“… OK, so you were awake, and?…).

      Yes, voting green is the way to do it.


    • Old Geezer Says:

      Obama failed to nationalize the banks when he had the chance. After all, they paid for his 2008 campaign. I guess he felt he owed them.

      Wonder how he feels now that Wall $treet has thrown him under the bus.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Dear OGP: Obama obviously feels strange. He looked even strange to me, the flame inside was missing. His convention discourse was not even real. He did not even fake trying hard to present any tangible perspective to go forward (as not just me, but Reich, and Krugman, read more or less between the lines). Dreams of his father in a car crash, obviously.

        The only hope he has is that Romney will spill badly in the debate(s?). It may happen. But, otherwise he is toast. The employment level is back down to Carter’s (I will put up the graph soon), and, PLUNGING further down.I could fix that mighty quick, half an hour in the Oval Office, and Obama could have. But all he cared was the banks as you said… So dozens of millions of homeowners paid the (outrageous) price(s), with foreclosures to spur them on.

        What I would do is carbon tax on imports, and other things (non tax) to hobble lots of imports (which are right now advantaged outrageously, making the likes of buffet ever richer, straight out of China). I am not against trade, as long as it is fair. Right now, it’s not.

        This barrier system would be highly effective, as the EU would move quickly to do it (as many there have suggested it, I am sure).

        Reason Obama did not do it, besides having only me speaking of that (and who am I?), is that that would hobble the global plutocracy, pretty much synonymous with W$ and banksters. Clearly, for the global plutocracy, reinforcing the People is the wrong direction to take.

        All they care is building 50 million dollar mansions, as some jerk is doing downhill from my house on the Cote d’Azur. He made all his money from the Franco-Belgian rescue of Dexia.

        Obama is all the more grotesque, as the CAMERON government (free market radical crypto-fascists who even The Economist believe are out of their hyper nationalistic mind! Latest issue, on cutting immigration in a Marine Le Pen like bout of rabid rage), the Cameron government, those hyper right wing fanatics, is discussing nationalizing the Royal Bank of Scotland, precisely to have a (hyper huge) bank for lending to real people and entrepreneurs.

        How do you feel, Barry boy, to be way way right of Cameron? And can the little democratic herd explain that to me, with their little hoofs, why they venerate a right winger exporting jobs to China?


  5. Dominique Deux Says:

    Small detail:

    I do not think Vercingetorix was given “due process” even though his execution (strangling and beheading in public to add some color to Caesar’s triumph) was in line with Roman custom re non-Roman citizens. Cicero, for having inflicted a similar fate to pro-Caesar suspected conspirators, was indicted and sentenced. The closest Vercingetorix ever came to a tribunal was on the day oh his surrender, because he found Caesar seated on his “tribunal”, the elevated curula seat which was his symbol of power and the place where he would render military justice.

    In Rome like in the US, due process was due to “us” not to “them”. As you stress, other civilizations and countries are more advanced and embrace the principle of universal rights, due process being one of them. But this is a very recent development, traced to the Nuremberg trial and the creation of the UN.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Cher Dominique: OK, I was, hmmm, simplifying… He was imprisoned for 5 years or so, exhibited (I think) in Caesar’s triumph… Anyway, details differ between say, Caesar (modest Vercingetorix surrender) and Plutarch (flambloyant surrender). In any case, Vercengetorix’s guilt was beyond questioning. He lacked support within his immediate family. And the reason he failed, besides Caeasar’s genius was lukewarm suppport (If Gaul had been united as Napoleon III had it, Caesar would have been crushed; but, clearly there was a war inside Gaul, a very complex one, and Caesar was on the side of unification).

      OK, I know the relief Celtic army at Alesia was well above 100,000. Still that was lukewarm, and several important Gallic nations cooperated 100% with Caesar.

      Instead of due process I should have written formal, non hysterical process. I hesitated to describe the notion, but in a sea of more than 4,000 words, it’s not easy to get everything right.

      Simon was actually whipped to death in public view of thousands. He fully deserved this cruel and unusual punishment. According to Josephus, the Judean war the likes of Simon had treachorously launched, killed 1.1 million. All right, so Josephus himself, the top Jewish general in that war against Rome, hopelessly sieged, surrendered to Vespasian and Titus. Josephus, after all the top opponent of Rome, was given due process to the point that, after years of spacious and comfortable imprisonment in Rome Vespasian adopted him later and gave him his palace in Rome once he himself moved to the imperial palace… Thus now we have a tremendous historical document signed by… general Josephus.

      This being said, the death of bin Laden seems to have been accidental (according to the leader of the point team: his subordinate just fired in the green dark, to the head, mortally wounding Osama. At least that’s what I read in “No Easy Day”). That’s very different from the assassination program, which killed even boys, one of them a USA citizen, having a bonfire on a beach… And also from the definition of terrorism: if Obama kills you, and you are in some sense geographically close to a presumed terrorist, you are a successfully killed terrorist…


      • Dominique Deux Says:

        I think that exchange on due process is not OT and in addition quite interesting.

        Vercingetorix’ fate is not typical in that vanquished enemy chiefs were usually treated like Josephus more than like him. Both leniency and death were politically motivated rather than decided out of compassion or an assessment of “guilt” – Caesar did not see Vercingetorix as a criminal, but he had enormously to gain from publicly putting an symbolic end to that perennial Roman terror, Gaul. But neither this nor more lenient tratment can count as due process: Joesphus was not acquitted by a court.

        I would say Rome led the way in what would be the norm for centuries in the West. Whereas death by torture of enemy chiefs was the norm in the East – as recently as the Grand Master in Malta being skinned alive by our oh so European Turkish friends – the West reserved it to the peasantry and foot soldiers, pour encourager les autres. A good example can be found in France’s treatment of Abd El Kader, who was exiled and treated rather civilly, which he reciprocated by saving the French expat colony from murderous rioters in Syria. (one of my most treasured books is a book on Algerian horses written by the rather infamous General Bugeaud; its foreword was written by Abd El Kader). In contrast, France’s treatment of Toussaint Louverture was shameful. Even England bowed to decency in sparing Napoleon’s life (twice!); of course it could not afford an execution, because of the Emperor’s popularity in the British masses, but it could have tried him, and did not. No doubt Blücher, as ruthless a war criminal as he was a poor combatant, would have have him shot on the spot. Kaiser Wilhelm II was the last warmonger to benefit by that leniency.

        The introduction of due process in that context could be seen as the result not of a progressive reading of human rights – rights that the Nazi crowd had forfeited several times over. It rather responded to the need of validating violence by law, a need felt both in the US (a famously litigious nation – Edgar Poe wrote a hilkarious piece on ambulance chasers) – and in the USSR, with its judiciary theatricals. The result was Nuremberg and a huge part of today’s internation,al law. With it came the idea that when you go to war, it is against Evil. Demonization of the adversary is not a new idea, but it is central to today’s jolly little wars.

        And at some time, of course, this grotesque demonization morphs into extra-judiciary sentences of death. Why bother with a trial for somebody who has been judged for years? (the scream of a member of the crowd who hanged speculator Foulon at the inception of the Revolution, and a ruined speculator himself according to Michelet). Add to this the eternally parochial mindset of the country which poses as the world leader, where most citizens see law as American only, and thus seeing no point in granting raghead furriners a purely US notion of due process, and extra-judicial executions are both logical and politically unescapable.

        Not even a recent phenomenon; the US is probably the one country with a horrendous record of attempted (De Gaulle, Castro) and successful (Allende) assassinations of disobedient heads of state. France itself, not a slouch, lags far behind. The Axis of Evil does not even come close.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear Dominique: I started an elaborate answer, a bit much too elaborate, actually, as an essay. However a question: I was not aware that the USA would have tried to kill De Gaulle (however sending lead tetraethyl to Hitler’s Luftwaffe in 1939, is as horrendous a crime than anything, short of committing Nazism itself!) For once a fact I have never heard of? What happened?

          My essay, on Just War will be coming, but right now I am too tired… Let me just say that Obama should not have claimed to be inspired by Saint Augustine… SA, as this abreviation hints, invented murderous anti-Judaism. Augustine is on the record as a murderous religious fanatic making bin Laden look quaint.

          Assassination without judicial examination is revocation of civilization. That’s more important than the fact Obama did nothing with the economy, when he could have done something with it. Actually, not just the economy. Overall, he let the Bush administration pursue its ominous fate, while he and the Pelosi plutocrat, had all the power. They were Waiting For GOPot. After GOPot came, they whined. Thus are little children.

          This is all very unfortunate, but it is the truth. Bad truth and good luck.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: One of the main reasons for the triumph of Republican Rome (besides being a melting pot submitted to the most advanced civilizations, the Etruscans, the Greater Greeks, and the… Celts) was IUS BELLI.

      Obama went to read “Saint” Augustine for Ius Belli. That was his mistake. Augustine is little more than a Nazi 15 centuries before the word Nazi was invented. Augustine did not understand Ius Belli, he did not even understand that the world was god, and that his god did not exist. But Obama re-instituted god in the democratic convention on Wednesday, he is an Augustine man, and his creator tells him who to kill, as it did Augustine.

      By contrast, Ius Belli, as practiced by the Roman republic was anchored in facts. In the real world. In things one could see, smell, hear.

      The notion of Ius Belli in the Republican context (already found under the last king, Tarquinus Superbus), was central to Rome’s expansion. This is why Rome grew slowly, but deeply, through the Latium, which became a real nation-state (of melting pot people!).

      Ius Belli is also the notion the Athenian National Assembly wrestled with, quite unsuccessfully. Athens, within a few years built a giant empire, al the way to the black Sea. Rome, slowed down by Ius Belli, took more than four centuries to reach such a size. And, for example, instead of going to attack Sicily as Athens did (due to an oracle misunderstanding, supposedly, and lamely, as Sicily was also a hill in Attica!), Rome made an ALLIANCE, a deep one, with the Marseilles empire (subdued only after Marseilles chose the wrong side in the Pompeius-Caesar civil war.)

      With Tarentum and Magnae Graecia, it was another story, as (some of the) Greek democracies made the mistake of putting excrements on Senior Senators’ togas, allying themselves with the Sabines mountaineers, numerous and deadly enemies of Rome, etc… The excrement soiled toga was religiously brought back to Rome and exposed in the forum, for all to see. And it was not just about intestinal content: a small Roman fleet had been attacked, with lots of lives lost, prisoners made, etc. So the war with Tarentum was a Just WarPA


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Robert Reich, a UCB economy professor, was the sole enemy, within the Clinton administration, of the plutocratization process, led by Goldman Sachs’ Rubin. Here he is, reacting to Obama’s convention speech:

    Reich writes: “President Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention was long on uplifting rhetoric but short on specifics for what he’ll do if reelected to reignite the American economy.”

    …the size of the workforce continued to drop, according to a Labor Department report Friday.

    Look, I desperately want Obama to win. But the one thing his speech last night lacked was the one thing that was the most important for him to offer – a plan for how to get the economy out of the doldrums.

    Last week Mitt Romney offered only the standard Republican bromides: cut taxes on the rich, cut spending on programs everyone else depends on, and deregulate. They didn’t work for George W. Bush and there’s no reason to expect they’ll work again.

    But the President could have offered more than the rejoinder he did – suggesting, even in broad strokes, what he’ll do in his second term to get the economy moving again. At least he might have identified the scourge of inequality as a culprit, for example, pointing out, as he did last December, that the economy can’t advance when so much income and wealth are concentrated at the top that the vast middle class doesn’t have the purchasing power to get it back on track.

    Undeniably, we have more jobs today than we did at the trough of the Great Recession in 2009. But the recovery has been anemic – and it appears to be slowing. We’re better off than we were then, but we’re not as well off as we need to be by a long shot.


  7. Old Geezer Says:

    Short on specifics indeed. I think I heard him promise 1 million new manufacturing jobs by 2017.

    When he leaves.

    Not a clue as to WHAT they will manufacture.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      OGP: Exactly the point I have been ruminating on! One million manufacturing jobs would just bring back manufacturing (presently 13 million jobs) just where it was a few years ago. But he did not say how, whatsover. Of course he has not much brain of his own, he just reads what’s on the teleprompter. But how come his advisers don’t have a clue, either? All right he has two types of advisers: super young guys who just come up with brainless sleek stuff (“Patrice you are amazing” they croon, but they can’t tell me why I am amazing, they juat know it sounds good, and I am supposed to feel flattered, so I can service them!).

      And then the advisers dispatched by the plutocracy (Larry Summers being the archetype). All their advice was to support the bank holding corporations, at the cost of everything else.
      Now they have fallen obviously silent, and so Obambi comes into the headlights, and you can see in his eyes the great interrogation:Oh-My-God-why-Have-You-Forsaken-Me-Me-Me-Me. He does not what to say so he goes into:”Michelle… I love you so much” come closer so I can kiss you forever and forget about all these bad people out there. Let’s make a good show, taxpayers are offering 100 million dollars to see two full grown adults make out in public.

      An obvious plan is possible. It would be multi pronged, and the same would apply to the Europe Union (where it’s harder to put in place be it only because of the lack of centralization) Solar pannels is the obvious disaster area where manufacturing could be turned around, right away. The Chinese have gutted the sector, in the USA and EU.

      Solar would be just the baby example. Cars should be next (this time targetting Korea, accused in France, by Arnaut de Montebourg, minister of industrial deployment, of car dumping with the aim of destroying the French car industry). To do things right, the structure of the entire economy has to be remade into something closer to what it used to be<be./.

      Finance makes 40% of profits (the historical average being 8%).


  8. Old Geezer Pilot Says:

    Marx wrote that Finance Capitalism is the final phase of Capitalism. And that is truly where we are now. Marx also wrote about the problem of the “surplus value”, e.g., the profits from the enterprise. What to do with them – give them to labor, or give them to capital?

    Since Ray-Gun, we have been giving them to capital, and we are reaping the results. With all that money looking to be invested, and with too few good investment opportunities, Wall $treet has come up with the casino plans we have witnessed. And, with the workers screwed out of their fair shares, they have gone into debt to make ends meet.

    A fine fix we are all in.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      OGP: it’s all caused by a misunderstanding about what is the cart, and what is the ox supposed to pull the cart. And what is to be achieved. Contrarily to even individuals like Stiglitz say, neither finance nor currency is necessary to make an economy work. The Inca worked very well with a command economy, and more importantly, so did the Late Roman empire (the Orient was very rich, until the Sassanids, and then the Muslims, invaded).

      Any country with a Fiat Currency depends crucially on government which creates, by force, the trust the currency needs to exist.
      What is necessary, to have an economy, is a government. A government is even necessary, to have a civilization. Government is neither solution nor problem, contrarily to what Reagan (Ray-Gun) said.

      Government is what decides where the ship goes. Gouverner < gubernare < kybernan (Greek). To steer… But government does even more than that. Government decides what knowledge is (as it supports this or that as intellectual pursuits, for example, science!) it also decides what is moral and what is not (by passing laws).

      So government is actually the brain, and the mind, pretty much what defines civilization. Now, of course, puppets such as Reagan, did not need any, mind, and may not have been aware of all things a mind brings. OK, all right, RR had enough of a mind not to need a teleprompter… Good point.


  9. EugenR Says:


    let me cite why federal reserve is called as it is called and not a central bank;

    Conspicuously absent in the title or anywhere else in the act were the words “central bank.” The primary reason for this omission was the term’s unpopularity with the populist wing of the Democratic Party. Republicans had accepted the label, but, after 1912, no longer controlled either Congress or the White House. Therefore, the new institution could not be a “central bank.” That term, many congressmen objected, implied monopolistic control by Wall Street bankers, who would keep interest rates “high” and conspire with speculators to cause panics. However, under Democratic sponsorship, the new institution could be an autonomous group of regional reserve-holding supercommercial banks, and the act passed through Congress in this guise.

    It means already at 1912 the congressmen did not know what they are doing. At that time they were democrats. Luckily the bill was passed and the federal reserve was created. If not it, only God knows how would look the world economy today.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Eugen: Central banking, fractional reserve, Fiat Currency, and the military of great powers are tightly related. The USA was created with central banking, but functioned after Jackson and until the Civil War, without central banking whatsoever. To quote Wiki (which I approve on this, so it allows me to quote myself as another):

      The Federal Reserve System has both private and public components, and was designed to serve the interests of both the general public and private bankers. The result is a structure that is considered unique among central banks. It is also unusual in that an entity outside of the central bank, namely the United States Department of the Treasury, creates the currency used

      Right now, the situation is silly. Some of the main authors of the financial disaster (J. Dimon and his “Jamie deal”, for example) sit on the Fed. So they are just refining their exploitation theme. Making it more sustainable, thus even more dangerous and effective.

      I am scrambling to write a follow up essay on USA greatness…


  10. Dominique Deux Says:

    An aside on the De Gaulle assassination issue.

    I do not have any bona fide material, only the fact that a rumor to that effect was alive way before the net came into being. I thought you would have heard about it. Today, quick net research does yield many results, but as we know the net is rife with disinformation sites which hawk dubious secrets in a subtle blend of truth, verisimilitude and lies.

    Thus I give the following links with the usual caveats.



    My main reason to pay attention, if not entire trust, to such rumors from such sites is our old saying: “on ne prête qu’aux riches”.

    What seems certain is that the CIA did encourage and probably back the Algiers military coup against De Gaulle. And that the same French conspirators later tried to kill De Gaulle. So in the latter case, CIA involvement can only be posited or deducted, but there is no paper or witness track.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear DD: What is perfectly well documented is that Roosevelt and his government had a pathological hatred of France in general, and De Gaulle in particular.

      It also started in 1934, for question of finance and economics, let alone the USA being pro-Nazi, so it has nothing to do with De Gaulle. The USA was pro-Nazi, with notable exceptions such as Dodd, an historian, USA ambassador to Berlin, who was replaced once the Roosevelt administration realized that Dodd was anti-Nazi, and best friend with Francois-Poncet, the French amabassador. Dodd was replaced by a pro-Nazi, same as in Britain when Joe Kennedy, an unafraid pro-Nazi plutocrat who became ambassador, to proclaim democracy was finished in the UK and USA…

      It’s only because France had a million man army with a reserve just as big, and the USA at most 64 divisons in Europe, in 1944-45, that France was able to free herself from the planned USA occupation.

      I am (half) from Algeria, and I always knew that it was mostly because of the USA intervention that the the Franco-Algerian civil war went completely out of control (although there is plenty of blame to go all around!). The French left (secretly racist) got played like a violin. Funny that now that they have more than 6 million more or less descendants of Africans, at least, living in Metropolitan France, they don’t like it too much.

      The OAS activities were very contaminated with all sorts of disinformations. I don’t know too well what is/was true (although I did meet super young OAS types completely out of their minds, even twenty years later, and that’s how I ended as a bomb victim…) De Gaulle himself betrayed about Algeria, because, I think, he was a racist at heart (I read what he said, and his racist identification of Catholicism with France, something fallacious in view of history, that even the Sun Pig, I mean Louis XIV, regretted in his gangrenous old age…)

      Several people got killed in my closest family because of the (initially secret) betrayal of De Gaulle (only the terrorists knew), so, although I admire his work in 1940-1944, after that I was not too amused. Including about the racist attitude against the African troops who had fought so hard the Nazis, and so well, and who, being mistreated, contributed to the start of the Franco-Algerian civil war in May 1945.


      • Old Geezer Says:

        I always thought of the French as being color-blind regarding race. I think the French (Catholics) are more resentful of Muslims (and Jews) than they are Africans.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Dear OGP: They are color blind, relative to USA citizens. I must say that what I have seen from De Gaulle, even Marine Lepen would NOT say. De Gaulle definitely identified Catholicism and Frenchism, and that is an absurdity. The FRANKS were NOT like that. They were neither like that in the way they talked, in the way they behaved, and the way they legislated. MUSLIM and certainly JEWS were equal citizens by 600 CE. everybody was a Frank. OK, Muslims did not exist yet, but Syrians and their camels did.

          when Muslims came, durably invaded and were defeated, militarily, the Muslim peasants were allowed to stay and were left alone, to the point they were left alone to be Muslim, Christian, or Jew.

          So de Gaulle did not know his own country’s active principle. One more proof that a general goes only that far.

          Because of things like that, let alone the massacres his policy led to, I always despised De Gaulle. De Gaulle’s big argument against Algeria was that it was a mixed society. well, the revenge is that we have the mixed society in France itself, now. And that’s very good.

          If you do not go to Africa, Africa will come to you!

          I came to know his positive work in the 1930s (as a Blitzkrieg inventor), and 1940s (as a buddy of Churchill and organizer of the resistance). But, as far as i am concerned, that does not compensate for his racist attitude, of the paternalistic type, relative to Africa. Now, in turn, of course, it’s related to WWII, and it was not just De Gaulle.

          The quandary was this: Metropolitan France was greatly defeated on 15 June 1940. But the French empire was not. The French Air Force could have actuallt re-establish air supremacy, and time would have been given to evacuate forces to North Africa, which would have become an unconquerable fortress.

          France would have become a colony of French Africa. There was honor. There was the Republic. De Gaulle and other anal conservative fossils in Paris never forgave that.


  11. Paul Handover Says:

    Back on the 8th, you left a comment to a post that I had published on Learning from Dogs, namely ‘House of cards’ that read, “Dear Paul: Thank you for the appreciation, once again! Any question, or spicy perspective?”

    It was a reference to this essay the day after it was posted here.

    I have read it several times and followed closely the run of comments over the last five days. But only this morning did I awake with a clear idea of what I wanted to add. And it’s this.

    There are many aspects of the USA that I find chilling. Take, for example, this. Tom Engelhardt of TomDispatch fame recently published an essay from Jeremiah Goulka – Confessions of a Former Republican, see here http://www.tomdispatch.com/post/175590/tomgram%3A_jeremiah_goulka%2C_confessions_of_a_former_republican/

    It painted a compelling portrait of what Tom in his introduction calls the American riches-to-rags story for the 21st century.

    I have just started reading Tom’s book The United States of Fear, again setting out a picture of a very different country than millions both here and abroad understand.

    But in complete contrast Jean and I watched a BBC Horizon science programme last night, called Defeating the Superbugs. (More details are here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01ms5c6 ) As the website explains:

    “Across the world we are seeing the emergence of bacteria that have gone rogue.

    These are the superbugs, dangerous bacteria that are becoming resistant to our only defense; antibiotics.

    Horizon meets the scientists who are tracking the spread of these potential killers around the globe, and discovers the new techniques researchers are developing to help defeat these superbugs.”

    What was so impressive was to see how scientists from the USA dominated the research.

    When we marvel at the technology that is presently crawling across the surface of Mars ( don’t mention H2O! ) yet again we see the scale of what this great Nation can achieve. There are dozens and dozens of such examples.

    So I am left with a sense that fundamentally the USA is a force for good in this world but that the present era is one where the USA together with many other countries is ‘lost’. Lost in the reverberations of the ‘good times’ of greed, growth and self that came, oh so suddenly, to an end all those years ago now.

    But what is still in the blood of the citizens of this country is the pioneering urge to leave the old countries and seek a better life. Jean and I see that all around us. We see it in the way that this recent immigrant is so warmly treated. We see it in the way that everyone is so positive about us re-hitching our wagons, metaphorically speaking, and venturing North-West to Oregon.

    Thus I close with the utter conviction that soon, maybe quite soon, the falseness and corruption of the ‘old country’ will be seen for what it is and this country’s peoples will lead the rest of the world to the better, as in saner, life that is ahead of us.


  12. Alexi Helligar Says:


    Here’s a sober article which I think you will appreciate:


    While I agree with your recent criticisms of Obama, I think that a Mitt Romney presidency would be much much worse. For that reason, Obama has my vote. Still, one must remain vigilant against the abuse of power by the powerful. I see areas where President Obama (with the help of Congress) has overreached and I am concerned. I am always open to constructive ideas on how to resolve this problem of the imperial presidency and not only criticism for the sake of criticism.


    The Obama Contradiction | The American Conservative
    He has few constraints (except those he’s internalized). No one can stop him or countermand his orders. He has a bevy of lawyers at his beck and call to explain the “legality” of his actions. And if he cares to, he can send a robot assassin to kill you, whoever you are, no matter where you may be


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Alexi: Obama is probably going to be re-elected. If we don’t criticize him now, when will we do so? If we criticize him now, he will modify his wanton behavior, for the better, be it just a tiny bit. There is some evidence of that already. The jingoistic celebration of 9/11 has abated, the worshipping of ACA too.

      Obama is my personal friend, and I advocate that people ought to vote for him. One should not confuse critique with hatred. I wish that Obama stay president. I am just up to beyond my eyeballs, though, swimming in a sea of enraging sycophants, who make all their career kissing Obama’s ass, whatever he says, does, etc… Funny thing is that the same were kissing Bush 6 years ago. I wonder why. Not.

      It’s not a service relative to Obama, and his place in history. A this point, Obama is cruising like a missile to make an impact way lower than emperor Tiberius, the way he is going. Funny because I long, very long, advocated to use terrorist like methods to deal with the terrorists. But I said terrorists, I did not say children. And also… Anyway more later, it’s September 11, I have to… celebrate? I notice it was sober this year, as it should be. But I am not sober. Drunk on my mental powers I am. We have to grab the powers we can…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Alexi: another point: I am even acquainted with some of the closest lawyers to Obama, like the Solicitor General, and their reasonings. They are viewed as admirable pillars of their profession. As far I am concerned, like John Yoo, who I knew personally too, before he became famous, they are learned IDIOTS, the sort of idiots Socrates was all enraged about. They have nothing to oppose to my arguments. When I say this, other multimillion dollars lawyers whine that the famous ones are paid 5 million dollars a year when in private practice, (as Roberts, head of SCOTUS was) so how could they be wrong, so they are right.
      Ultimately, for all this crowd, if it’s plutocratic, it’s right.


  13. Paul Handover Says:

    Have another go! (PA will explain!)


    Back on the 7th September, I wrote an article on Learning from Dogs under the title of House of cards. The prime reason for the posting was to show off a wonderful poem by Pendantry. However, it attracted a lovely set of comments including one from Patrice that included, “Dear Paul: Thank you for the appreciation, once again! Any question, or spicy perspective?” Patrice was referring to me having described the above essay as ‘ferocious’.

    But despite me having read this essay several times, it was only this morning that I awoke with a clear idea of my own response.

    There is much about the USA that is chilling to the point of being scarily so. Here are a couple of examples that have impinged on me recently.

    I subscribe to TomDispatch. Recently Tom Engelhardt published an essay from Jeremiah Goulka that was called Confessions of a Former Republican. It revealed, according to Goulka, just how great is the gulf between the rich in the USA and all other classes. Tom opened his introduction to the essay with this:

    “Here, to my mind, was one strange aspect of the political convention season just past: since the great meltdown of 2008, brilliantly engineered by various giant financial institutions gone wild, we’ve seen a collapse in the wealth of middle-class African Americans and Hispanics, and a significant drop in the wealth of middle-class whites. Only the rich have benefitted. Though the draining of wealth from the middle and its fortification at the top have been a long time coming, the near collapse of the economy four years ago was a disaster whether you look at the rise in unemployment figures, poverty, the use of food stamps, gauges of upward mobility, or just about any other grim measure you’d care to employ.”

    Staying with Tom, I’m reading his book The United States of Fear. It’s a tough expose of the country that I call home now. Here’s a snippet from a review of the book on Amazon, “Two hundred years to build a nation, 70 to tear it down. Welcome the Dark Ages. Tom can prepare us, he can’t save us. Sigh.”

    But then let me come from a different perspective. Last night, Jean and I watched the latest edition of the BBC TV Science series, Horizon. It was about superbugs. The link to the programme is here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01ms5c6 from which one can learn:

    “Across the world we are seeing the emergence of bacteria that have gone rogue.

    These are the superbugs, dangerous bacteria that are becoming resistant to our only defense; antibiotics.

    Horizon meets the scientists who are tracking the spread of these potential killers around the globe, and discovers the new techniques researchers are developing to help defeat these superbugs.”

    The thing that was most impressive about the programme was how the research was utterly dominated by American scientists. At the same time, pottering around the surface of Mars is another example of the very best of American science and engineering (but don’t mention H2O!).

    So my conclusion is that the USA, like so many other countries, has been lost for the last so many years, the consequences of an era of greed, power and ‘self’ coming home to roost. However, I now sense a growing awakening of people all across the world to the present madness that hangs over us all.

    And out of that awakening will come leadership. More than likely the one nation on this planet that will use that leadership to set the tone for the rest of humanity will be the United States of America.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paul: Sorry you had to retype your entire comment! You get a prize for goodwill!

      I do agree with all your remarks. Still, interestingly my 9/11 commemorative essay answer the science side. Pasteurization was not a USA innovation. Although USA scientists helped in the advances in biology and medecine, it’s pretty obvious that the importance of their discoveries was not commensurate to how Nobel Prizes they got.

      Funny you mention the Discovery Rover. The supersonic parachute was from a French corporation (the one making the Zodiac boats also use by the USA army,navy and marines). The SAM is a cooperation between Goddart space center and various French universities. The Mars Chem with its laser (made by French Thales) and its at a distance spectograph are mostly French. But you would not know this by reading USA media. Actually discovery is much, if not mostly non USA. I detailled part of the situation in a preceding essay. 7 nations made major input. it’s an earth rover, not just a USA rover. Notice the absence of a glorious USA flag on it.

      With The next “NASA” probe to MARS, Insight, the main instrument is also French. So it was called “British” by USA media. Close enough? Meanwhile NASA pulled out unilaterally of the next big Mars mission, and the Europeans have had to associate themselves with Russia. A lot of the British media is biased towards the USA as 10% of UK GDP is finance, all of it basically a subsidiary operation from Wall $treet, hence the necessity of being real nice.

      Both the Nobel organization and the Shanghai university classification system are so ridiculously biased, they are basically not worth discussing. They are unserious. Shanghai actually counts French Nobel for a fraction, and not non English publications (I guess Ramon Y Cajal is insignificant in Shanghai, as Chinese don’t need neurons to obey their masters!).

      As i explain in my last essay, it’s basically the french who discovered the LASER. Let me just mention a few more. The discoverer of HIV is French, and did not get the Nobel for it (although two other French did for related work). The discover of some very useful special astronomical techniques in France did not get the Nobel, etc. As I pointed out the discovery of the nuclear chain reaction was attributed to those the real (French) discoverer had explained the discovery to (although they took years to understand!). And so on.
      No wonder USA citizens look like geniuses, and the French, like simpletons.

      And just look: American education and research is all about money, not thinking. Socrates addressed that problem virulently 24 centuries ago. Although I am not as virulent, on this particular subject, I am certainly dismissive. The most important discoveries will keep on coming from Europe, and when they appear not to, I would check twice. Remember what Steve Jobs had the honesty of admitting.

      On the largest scale, science is made possible by the philosophy of the society that supports it, in the fullness of time. Bad philosophy, bad science.


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