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Hysterical Simplicity Kills

June 16, 2016

Outlaw Spy Networks, Untruths and Brexit Foster Terror:

The weird ascent of the so-called “social networks” has been fraught with spying and tax avoidance. They were a conduit for the spread of terror. I am happy to report others are sharing this opinion.

The family of a California design student killed in November’s attacks in Paris sued Twitter Inc, Google and Facebook Inc, claiming the social media companies provide “material support” to the terrorist Islamic State. 

British MP Jo Fox. Killed 16 June 2016, By The Lying Hysteria Generated By Brexiters

British MP Jo Fox. Killed 16 June 2016, By The Lying Hysteria Generated By Brexiters

Nohemi Gonzalez’s family filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in federal court in San Francisco, asking the court to rule that the companies are violating the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act. It seeks compensatory damages to be determined by the court.

“For years, defendants have knowingly permitted the terrorist group ISIS to use their social networks as a tool for spreading extremist propaganda, raising funds and attracting new recruits,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit charged that the companies’ “material support” has enabled Islamic State to recruit, and to fund and carry out numerous terror attacks, including the attacks in Paris last November that killed 130 people, including Gonzalez, who was a California State University student studying abroad at the time.  

Complexity Requires Brains, Simplicity Does Not. Building Brains Requires The Riches That Matter, and Master, Most, Energy.

Complexity Requires Brains, Simplicity Does Not. Building Brains Requires The Riches That Matter, and Master, Most, Energy.

Under Obama, the SPY NETWORKS have been allowed to escape taxation and legislation. The apparent idea is that those companies enable to spread the American empire, worldwide. The fine print of Facebook Inc., in France mentioned that American law, not French law, applies. (It’s only a matter of time before the French notice this, big time.) For profits, it’s tax havens law which applies: this is why the biggest companies by market capitalization are headed by Google and Apple. The general strategy is that, wherever those companies sit, local law does not apply: they are literally OUTLAW.

As I have argued, it is important to tell the truth. Most people, at least most young people, get their news from Facebook, where the greatest idiocies appear: such as Lincoln was killed because he took adverse action against the Federal Reserve. In truth, the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, fifty years after Lincoln’s death.

This idiocy has appeared on Facebook, and spread there like wildfire. OK, it’s ridiculous and innocuous, but other idiocies are not so. The assertion that “Islam is a religion of peace”, oft uttered by Western leaders is another grotesque statement: which Islam? The Islam that Western leaders profess to wish for? Real Islam? Literal Islam?.

The hysteria against the European Union in Britain is an example. I am not trying to say that the European Union has no problem. Quite the opposite. However, the debate in England has been fed by colossal lies of all sorts. Those feeding the lies are the same who profited from England’s decay, but the nature of the debate has hidden this.

Overall, the British are much more satisfied with the European governance than the French (by like 50%!) However a vote which makes little sense is held (Europe cannot pull out of Britain, or vice versa, whatever!) Instead of fixing the ship, the captain, Cameron, has decided ask the passengers whether they would prefer to sink the ship. Now Cameron says that this is dreadful. Right. You too.

The “Leave” campaign has used insane arguments. Insanity, pushed far enough is a form of extreme violence. It does violence to brains. Violent brains, when violent enough, kill.

British politician Jo Cox died in a street attack on Thursday, a brazen and startling assault in a country. She was a vocal advocate of immigration and the European Union. She was set on, stabbed, kicked while lying on the ground. Then the attacker shot at her three times.Slaying of British lawmaker is without parallel in recent history.

Described as a rising star of the opposition Labour Party, the 41-year-old mother of two young children is the first British lawmaker to be killed in office since Conservative MP Ian Gow was assassinated by the IRA in a 1990 car bombing. (A real “Leave” of Britain from the EU would relaunch the Irish civil war, nota bene).

One witness, Clarke Rothwell, who runs a cafe near the crime scene, told the Press Association: “He was shouting ‘Put Britain first.’ He shouted it about two or three times. He said it before he shot her and after he shot her.” (A 77 year old man who intervened was also injured.)

Hysterical simplicity is increasingly the culprit we have been looking for. When Obama evokes God ten times in a discourse supposed to bemoan a mass murder committed by a crazed maniac following the orders of a crazed faith, in the name of the same God, the contradiction is blatant. Granted, Obama may be too simple to understand that.

Patrice Ayme’

Who Wanted Kennedy Dead?

November 22, 2013

For 50 years, many theories have come up about Kennedy’s termination. It may be good to recapitulate what’s certain.

First it’s certain that we are strangely uncertain. The president of the USA is assassinated, and we don’t know for sure why, or even how. History helps. In 98 years, three presidents of the USA were assassinated. For the first two, Lincoln and McKinley, we know exactly whom, how and why. Not so with JFK.

To get a perspective, look at a much older country. In 15 centuries of continuous governance, France had two leaders executed. One was a long reigning Frankish queen, Brunhilda, at the end of a long civil war; the second one was ex-Prime Minister Laval, for collaborating with Hitler too enthusiastically.

France also had two kings assassinated. Yes, in 15 centuries. Two. For basically the same reason. One after the other. The great Henri III, and his hand-picked successor, the just as great Henri IV.

The cause? Overall, the cause was the religious wars of the Sixteenth Century, seven of them in quick succession, involving the fanatical Catholic League, financed by Catholic fascists in Spain (themselves of Bourgogne origin)… and sometimes nearly as fanatical Hugenots.

We know exactly who killed the kings. Extreme attention was given to find out whether there had been conspiracies behind the hands of the killers. Enough was found to reveal that both killers fed on the atmosphere created by a number of Catholic grandees. No direct links sufficient enough to convict was found, but enough to steer the mood in France, for centuries to come. Making both leaders, and the people, very suspicious, and then pro-active, against religious fanaticism. There is a direct logical chain between Henri IV’s death, in 1610, and the expropriation of the Catholic church, in 1905.

Both assassinations were no surprise. There had been at least 17 attempts against Henri IV. Clearly his bodyguard was incredibly at fault for allowing Ravaillac to come close.

In the case of Kennedy, there was just one attempt (compare with the many attempts by the CIA to kill Castro). And it was just perfect. Supposedly three shots by one man, in six seconds, with an old bolt action rifle, two of them lethal. Captured after killing a police officer, Ostwald was asked if he killed the president. His first words were:“It’s for you to figure out.”


Jack Ruby knew everybody at the police station, and everybody knew him, a French journalist found out (he talked to Ruby before the assassination, and was interviewed by the Warren Commission!)

The verdict, in the case of Henri III and Henri IV, was that the fanatical mood of the worst Catholics drove the will to kill. Both the fanatical Dominican friar, Jacques Clément, and Ravaillac evolved in an atmosphere of extreme zealotry fed by their entourages.

The (very educated, but Catholic fundamentalist) family of Ravaillac was actually condemned very severely, as it was viewed responsible for having fostered a mood of religious hatred. Catherine Henriette de Balzac d’Entragues, Marquise de Verneuil, who had two children with Henri IV, was revealed as having been involved in at least one conspiracy against the king. She was exiled forever. Her motive? Henri had married Marie de Medici, a banker.

In any case French authorities, in 1610 CE, recognized that a mood could be culprit.

Was there such a similar killing mood involved in JFK’s death?

Of course. An obvious set of suspects offers itself.

Who would have wanted Kennedy dead? The same mood and galaxy of conspirators that has been involved in the Plot Against France.

John Kennedy had refused to support the Bay of Pigs Invasion (revealing called Operation Pluto) with regular troops. Instead, he compromised the CIA, the Mafia, and more than 100 Cuban plutocrats (many of whom Castro gleefully executed).

Who headed the CIA? Allen Dulles, the brother of Eisenhower’s Secretary of State Dulles, the man who told Ike what had been done on his behalf.

The Dulles Brothers represented up to 800 Nazi firms before the Second World War, and kept on managing Nazis after the war (the one who created the CIA was head of the OSS bureau in Berlin in charge of de-Nazification, immediately after the war). When Kennedy started his crack-down on the CIA and the Mafia, the Dulles were not amused.

Don’t forget that, at the time, the 100 top engineers of NASA were Nazis. And not small Nazis. Big, large, genuinely ultimately vicious Nazis. Look at the esteemed Werner Von Braun: a full SS commander, who was not just decorated by his friend Hitler, but managed some of the most deadly death camps (slaves built the “Vengeance Weapons” underground, in the worst conditions).

(By the way, irony of history, that Von Braun’s space program was excellent for the Allies: Albert Speer (top Nazi in charge of industry) estimated that the V2 program cost as much as the construction of 24,000 fighter planes… and had little to show for it, except for exasperated democracies determined on, well, vengeance.)

The Dulles brothers themselves came into that line of business as lawyers employed by their masters, top American financiers. The very financiers, instigators, and incubators of Nazism itself.

John Kennedy knew the music. His father, having pulled out of the market before the 1929 crash, lent money to the Mafia during the Prohibition. The Senior Kennedy, nominated by FDR, ambassador to Great Britain, had to be recalled after he declared, on the record, that “democracy was finished” in Britain and the USA (and had to be replaced by a Nazi-like system).

Why did the Senior Kennedy declare this? He misjudged the new mood. Until 1936, the Nazis were engaged in a quiet coup in Britain, involving the king. A proof? The 1935 Nazi-Britain treaty deliberately violating the Versailles Treaty (and especially its secret informal protocols, or why the Nazis attacked Poland).

After that disaster, the French had to work hard to get the British leadership to regain its senses (something that went on between 1936 and 1939; the first move of the British anti-Nazis was to kick the king out; that was facilitated because his future American wife was known to be spying for… Hitler)

Similarly, Kennedy’s son misjudged the mood of the upper crust of American society, and, especially, that of its racist, violent, greedy, ruthless, darker underbelly. JFK had deeply annoyed a lot of mighty, ruthless organizations by 1963. JFK also knew there were bodies buried, why, and where (at least figuratively speaking).

Kennedy expected to be assassinated. He spoke of this to his wife everyday. So it is likely that he knew he had crossed the thin red line to messianism.  JFK, and his Jesus Christ attitude was a Damocles Sword over the plutocratic establishment. After calling businessmen “son of bitches”, what was JFK going to do next? Rant against Foundations?

For the nastiest plutocrats, it’s much better to have clueless presidents, such as Reagan, Clinton, or Obama.

50 years later, the same nastiness is firmly in control. It promises to keep the USA in Afghanistan another ten years. It has dismantled FDR’s Banking Act of 1933. It has instituted a new health system same as the old one, that promises to increase further the profits of health plutocrats in the USA. it has launched the USA on an energy policy of fracking its way into bankruptcy, same as the “subprime” mess, just bigger.

Don’t ask who killed the Kennedys. Ask instead: who could have profited from it?

Patrice Ayme

Times Praises Mind Control

April 13, 2013


Abstract: The New York Times deliberately avoids to call a duck a duck if it quacks inside the government. This strategy is revealed, explicitly, by the New York Times itself. The New York Times, by its own admission,  deliberately misinforms the public, as it judges what semantics to use, in the service of what it perceives as being the White House’s best legal strategy.


How can large modern societies veer towards mass murder? Why did 80 million Germans goose-step behind the Kaiser, and then Hitler, to fight the world and achieve barbarian domination? I have the simplest explanation: mind control of the masses by cruel masters through carefully contrived emotional, semantic, logical and data input.

Germany 1938. Seeing What You See: Bad For Worship

Germany 1938. Seeing What You See: Bad For Worship

[“Bird Hell” detail; by German Max Beckman, 1938. Obviously A Parody Of Hitlerland.]

Hannah Arendt, a suspect thinker, came instead with a convoluted theory (in the second edition of her “Totalitarianism”  book, in 1958). She suggested that “individual isolation and loneliness” are preconditions for totalitarian domination. Speak about pop psychology.

Was Hannah saying that the several hundred million people who embraced totalitarianism, in Europe alone, were isolated and lonely? Is that why they gathered in vast herds? When 50,000 Brownshirts paraded together, were they isolated and lonely? Were the comrades of the Politburo standing with Stalin isolated and lonely? An obviously stupid theory. It’s the exact opposite that is true.

Arendt’s fancy was actually contradicted by an explicit study of Columbia University’s Theodore Abel, published in 1938. The study “Why Hitler Came In Power” showed that the characteristic 1931-1932 Nazi supporter was employed, but not educated. The supporter’s mentality, far from being isolated and lonely, was shared by the Nazi herd. Nazi supporters were enraged by the World War One defeat, the Versailles Treaty, and all and any revolutionary movements contesting the old plutocracy.

In other words, Nazi supporters had their minds programmed expertly by the very class that caused World War One, and their own suffering.

Arendt’s weird considerations sound like excuses (for herself, for her lover Heidegger?).

To find the truth, it’s better to read Nietzsche’s broadsides against the German herd, or Hitler’s detailed explanation on how to make the multitudes goosestep, spiritually speaking. Hitler explains that the way to lead the folk (“Volk”) where it does not want to go is by using “big lies“. Nietzsche explains that Germans were in love with the instincts of the herd, and cultivated them by choice first, a will to baseness, and then because they did not know any better, that’s what they became. That’s why Nietzsche broke with his (ex) friend and fellow musician, Richard Wagner.

Now fast forward to Twentieth First Century USA. The New York Times, the ‘newspaper of record’ practices, of its own gloating admission, semantic mind control.



Wonders Margaret Sullivan, the New York Times “Public Editor“, about her own paper: “If it’s torture, why call it a “harsh interrogation technique”? If it’s premeditated assassination, why call it a “targeted killing”? And if a suspected terrorist has been locked up at Guantánamo Bay for more than a decade, why call him a “detainee”?”

Funny she has to ask that. Recent leaks from inside the CIA showed that CIA officials therein were afraid of International Warrants of Arrest against them in the future. So they did what bandits have always done, when they don’t fear summary execution. They switched from torture to assassination (assassinated people don’t tell tales to the International Criminal Court).

Ms. Sullivan went to ask Mr. Shane, a national security reporter in the Washington NYT bureau, and Philip B. Corbett, the associate managing editor for standards of the New York Times, to respond to some of these issues.

Mr. Shane addressed the question on “targeted killings,” noting that editors and reporters have discussed it repeatedly. He wrote:

“Assassination” is banned by executive order, but for decades that has been interpreted by successive administrations as prohibiting the killing of political figures, not suspected terrorists. Certainly most of those killed are not political figures, though arguably some might be. Were we to use “assassination” routinely about drone shots, it would suggest that the administration is deliberately violating the executive order, which is not the case. This administration, like others, just doesn’t think the executive order applies…“Murder,” of course, is a specific crime described in United States law with a bunch of elements, including illegality, so it would certainly not be straight news reporting to say President Obama was “murdering” people.

So, basically “assassination” is banned by decree, so “is not the case” and murder is illegal, so it’s not “straight news“. Thus Mr. Shane opines that: 

“This leaves “targeted killing,” which I think is far from a euphemism. It denotes exactly what’s happening: American drone operators aim at people on the ground and fire missiles at them. I think it’s a pretty good term for what’s happening, if a bit clinical.”

Clinical? The CIA is a hospital, and drones, presumably, scalpels? By that token whenever somebody shoots at children, it’s “targeted killing”, not murder! Indeed, an “operator” aims at children on the ground, and fires. Mr. Shane added that he had only one serious qualm about the term: it’s not “what’s happening”.  

Indeed, that, he said, was expressed by an administration official: “It’s not the targeted killings I object to — it’s the untargeted killings.” The official “was talking about so-called ‘signature strikes’ that target suspected militants based on their appearance, location, weapons and so on, not their identities, which are unknown; and also about mistaken strikes that kill civilians.”

“Mistaken strikes”? What’s mistaken about exploding a home one knows harbor women and children, in the alleged hope to get some potential terrorist, potentially inside?

In any case, Mr. Shane calls, from his own admission, “untargeted killings” and “signature strikes” by their opposites, “targeted killings”. In other words, black will be white, as long as it would be illegal, were it black.

Such are the standards at the New York Times. One can be barbarian because one is cruel. One can also be a barbarian, because one does not know how to use words. This is where the word barbarian comes from. The Greeks viewed those who could not talk well as saying: ba ba ba ba… (Notice I avoids any mention of the babama who wants to exponentiate Social Security out of existence, in an effort of remarkable restraint.)

Finally one can be a barbarian, because one views as valid a proposition and its negation. Mr. Shane seems affected by these three versions of barbarity: cruelty, at a loss for words, and self contradiction.



On the matter of “detainee,” Mr. Corbett called it “a legitimate concern” and agreed that the term might not be ideal. He said that it, not prisoner, was used because those being held “are in such an unusual situation – they are not serving a prison term, they are in an unusual status of limbo.”

They are not serving a prison term, but they are in prison. This is the New York Times, thinking.

The debate over the word “torture,” he said, has similar implications to the one Mr. Shane described with assassination. “The word torture, aside from its common sense meaning, has specific legal meaning and ramifications,” Mr. Corbett said. “Part of the debate is on that very point.

Which point? What Mr. Corbett is saying is that the debate is about not torture per se, but about the “legal meaning and ramifications” of torture. Does that mean that the New York Times cannot talk about “torture“, because it has “legal ramifications” for its client?

The New York Times wants to “avoid making a legal judgment in the middle of a debate,” he added. The New York Times shall not judge before its time. We are not talking about “news” anymore, here. We are talking about judgment, once the debate, thus the news, are over.



The most notorious failure of the media of the USA was when Nazi’s barbarity was not revealed to the public to the extent it deserved, in a timely manner. That’s how Hitler got on a joy ride for as long as he did.

The New York Times re-tweeted all the talking points of the Bush administration in the march to the Iraq war in 2002-2003. For years, if I sent a comment mentioning Mr. Bin Laden had been recruited and trained by the CIA and the SIA, my comment was immediately censored (I did this deliberately, just to experiment with the lemmings at the Times).  

What the authorities in Washington wanted, and it was amplified by the Main Stream media, is to make the folks believe that the Involvement of the USA in the Middle East started with a treacherous, mass murdering attack on 9/11. (My spouse worked for a firm that had offices in one of the collapsed towers, by the way, but moved just weeks before, so I’m not belittling 9/11, even on the personal level!)

In truth, 9/11 was a consequence of Washington’s policies more than that of some god crazed maniacs. And the consequences were highly predictable: after all the same trick of crashing a jumbo jet had been tried on Paris a few years earlier. Does that mean Washington never heard of Paris?

The first way to fight criminals, is to reveal, and then denounce their apparent, or suspected crimes. If there is a murder in the street, one does not call it a “targeted killing” especially if one knows that it is actually “untargeted” or a “signature strike”.

Also torture is the deliberate infliction of pain. It’s simple. Torture was stopped by European powers in the Middle Ages, because police techniques of interrogation had become more effective (and could be used legally, whereas torture could not… by law).

To stop barbarians in the modern world, the first thing to do is to uncover and denounce them. This is the job of journalism. The New York Times refuses to do this job. Instead it imagines it has another job, that of a legal authority. It also has the jobs of judge, and White House advocate. Not only it does all these things, which contradicts journalism, but it does it consciously, and deliberately.

Nazism was made possible because enough journalists and editors in the Anglo-Saxon world refused to report what the Nazis were doing. If they had, public opinion in the Anglo-Saxon world would have turned, and the collaboration with Hitler would have been declared unlawful, and then German general would have made an anti-Nazi coup.

So this is serious stuff.

And it’s still serious today. Obama basically proposed to do away with Social Security, by exponentiating out of it (more on that in another essay). What does the New York Times really know, and think about this? How come the reactions in the media have been so mild? How come not seeing what’s plain to see?



And so it goes. People are programmed by their (mental) environment. A devious mental environment makes for devious people. A base mental environment makes for base people. A false mental environment makes for small people. A mental environment where people learn to be only excited by trivialities makes for trivial minds.

Nietzsche condemned Christianity as a slave religion, while pointing out that the European aristocracy, while outwardly breathing Christianism, actually practiced the opposite. Nietzsche also noted that the strength of Greece came from keeping a balance between two completely opposed mentalities, the Dionysian and the Apollonian.  

Vast minds with vast personalities are more powerful than those who know only a few. When man domesticated an animal, the animals’ behavior registry got sharply reduced. A wolf is capable of much more behaviors than a dog. Domesticated animals are tools.

Tyrants rule over people because they have turned those people into low dimension minds with fewer emotions, and fewer thoughts, and less ability to form them, just like dogs relative to wolves. Ruling over weak minds is not just easier, it’s the only way. It’s also why democracy, which is more clever, keeps on defeating fascism.

Indeed a mental universe where people demand that ducks be called ducks is more powerful than one where they are not named. Intelligence is about discernment. Thus, the proper labels.

Mental freedom without mental power is only illusion.

The New York Times grandly proclaims the slogan “All News That Are fit To Print” on its front page. As pointed out above, the New York Times does not like to talk about it “while a debate is going on“.

New York Times, tell me: if “torture”, “murder”, “assassination” are not fit to print, what is fit to print?


Patrice Ayme

“Greatest Nation On Earth”? Really?

September 7, 2012


What Else? Not Much. 

The Higher The Assassin Climbs, The More It Shows Its Bottom.


[Those who spurn critical thinking can take the blue pill offered by Krugman, trying desperately to mumble vaguely positive about who history may abstract as the assassin in chief! Uncritical thinking: what mussels do.]


“We work harder and smarter than anyone else.” 

Thus boasted Obama at the democratic convention. If a politician in France proffered such a lie, voters would think he was not just deranged, but nationalistically crazed. What’s true instead? We are much less employed:

Employment Ratio Prime Age Population

If one had an ethical graph, it would crash through the floor. Obama stood on its head 25 centuries of Ius Belli (see below). Assassination without due process is the only category where Obama unquestionably surpassed G. W. Bush (Bush had implemented free drugs for seniors, effective immediately, so, in a sense, Bush beat up Obama at the health care game: Bush really did something major, and positive, while president).

The naive may object that the collapse of employment was not Obama’s making. But the opposite is pretty much true. Obama approved, with the republican presidential candidate, John McCain, in a showy way, the decisions of the Bush administration. Obama even left the main engineer in charge, tax avoiding New York Fed chief Tim Geithner. Geithner is still in place, having presided over a collapse of employment.

Plutocrats, starting in ancient Rome, have always loved unemployment, because it transforms the People into hungry pigeons who eat in their hands, humbly. Nothing makes Pluto happier that this daily humiliation.

Moreover Obama resurrected Larry Summers, and took him as economic guru, starting in August 2008. This is exactly when unemployment rolled over, big time. The obvious causal relationship is that, at the time Summers gave a presentation to Obama about the importance to save the criminals, the banksters, and re-establish their wealth. that, in turn, gave the Bush administration a green light to do just that. So, instead of playing FDR, that means, stimulator to the economy, Obama played stimulator to banks.

A the time Bush was lost, his dreams smouldering, and checked out (and not just out of Iraq). Geithner, Summers, and the Mc Cain advisers were all in agreement to save the banksters, and damn the real economy. So here we are. Worldwide.  

Instead what had to be done, ALL OVER, was what was done to save the car industry. Obama did it, but just for the car industry (I gave explicit recommendations on how to do it in other industries, so it was possible to do so, obviously… Trillions were spent on the banks, for the banks, by the taxpayers, order of Obabush.)

Mr. Summers was the architect of the sustainable crushing of the economy by an unregulated bubble of financial derivatives and activities, under money hungry resident Clinton. It made the economy red hot under Clinton, and after that, it imploded. For this, people are much grateful to Clinton.

People are mesmerized by Clinton, like birds by a mamba. Something about bird brains, that even mambas understand.

Verily, the much despised Greeks work 2,100 hours a year (that’s because Greece is the country with the most family owned businesses). Koreans work 2,200 hours, and USA citizens work “only” 1778 hours. At least 15 nations work more per hour than the USA… In the OECD alone.

These numbers are known by all serious people. So why is Obama seriously lying to the thunderously applauding multitude? Why is the pseudo left multitude applauding those serious lies? So that they can better forget that their great leader is busy reverting 25 centuries of civilization, replacing justice by assassinations, in the best tyrant style?

It is revealing to compare the French and USA presidential elections. Raw nationalism is very strong, all too strong, in the USA. Nationalism is even viewed as a moral duty, in the USA. In France, among other European countries, nationalism is viewed with intense suspicion, so one does NOT go shrill that way, there. In France, nationalism reeks of insufferable bad manners (except in the despised National Front, despised precisely because of its nationalist rhetoric). 

After all, when the Nazi tanks rolled in, the most important mental force in plain view was nationalism. Nationalism is the “Na” in Nazism.

So no wonder nationalism is not hot in Germany anymore, either. And that’s very gut.

Civilization is not made just of things one does, but also of things one does not do anymore. Lying about other countries is a very bad habit to have. Just as it is a rather bad habit not to reveal that the USA attacked the Republic of Afghanistan, with the help of its henchmen in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, more than 35 years ago. Attacking people, killing millions, for no good reasons, has consequences. In the fullness of time.

True, Rome killed and enslaved millions in Gaul; but there were good reasons, said Caesar, although the Senate stridently disagreed. The judgement of history, and of most of the Celts themselves, at the time, and even more afterwards, was that Caesar was right. So killing millions is not necessarily bad. (Anyway, conflicts cascaded in Celto-Germania, and Caesar did not start the war, the Helvetes did.)

Killing more than ten million Germans was the price to get rid of Nazism; there was an excellent reason. In Afghanistan, all the reasons of the USA, to sow religious war there in the 1970s, were terrible, anti-civilizational, and part of the price is the unravelling of the constitution of the American Anglo Republic into an unprincipled Principate.

The official story about how 9/11 came about, is an enormous lie. In truth, the USA attacked civilians on the other side of the Earth, and that was followed by a counter-attack, more than a quarter of a century later, after the primeval action of the USA led to the death of several millions in Afghanistan.

The truth is mean, but it is the truth. And even so called “god” cannot do anything about it.

“We are endowed by our creator… we are the greatest engine of growth and prosperity that the world has ever known…” We we we we… Is that a mutation of the self satisfied he he  he he of G. W. Bush?

We, we, we, we have a president who is personally acquainted with his “creator“. Was that creator UBS, or Wall Street? Those were the only creators in plain sight, for the objective observers (except for the millions of suckers like me, all the little tini tiny creators who helped decisively Obama come to power, last time, of course. But then he forgot us all, because we were not banksters!).

Speaking of that great other USA president, G. W. Bush, his CIA tortured those it captured for Qaddafi first. Hey, what are friends for? “We work harder and smarter than anyone else.” Indeed, some world records may have been shattered. Torture records and cover-ups records are piling up. For the whole world to contemplate.

Some victims were left dangling from manacles around their wrists and feet for four months straight (interview on French TV from a famous survivor captured in Asia by the CIA). This assuredly demonstrates that USA torturers can get lazy: leaving a guy to hang around for four months does not smack of hard work. Besides those CIA goons are not that smart, because they forgot to kill all those they tortured, so now they speak (at least to non USA media).

People will say: “Oh, that was Bush, that was before”. Right. Things have become much worse, as a policy of systematic assassination by robots is being conducted worldwide, even on USA citizens, even on some of those who are still children. People should meditate this carefully: do they want a world where a so called “commander in chief” selected by some tribe with 4% of mankind go around the world, assassinating people without judicial process?

The Roman Republic leaders, 25 centuries ago, found such a notion atrocious, repulsive, uncivilized. Some of Rome worse terrorist adversaries received a sort of legal process (for example, Jugurtha, Vercingetorix, Simon bar Giora and John of Giscala; the former three were judged and executed, the latter, condemned to life imprisonment). These events were, in order of people killed, relative to the population then, and the danger they represented to Rome, greater, by orders of magnitude, to relatively puny 9/11. Still the Romans kept their constitutional cool, they applied due process to the criminals.

Formidable adversaries such as Josephus, the top Jewish general in the (treacherous Judea war) in the end was adopted by emperor Vespasian, and inherited his mansion, in Rome.

And the Romans kept their constitution intact, whereas Obama considers he has right of life and death on anybody, worldwide, without a semblance of due process. Definitively a violation of Ius Belli and international law. Say the millennia.

The Romans knew that “Ius Belli“, the Law of War, killing the adversary philosophically, was more important than killing the adversary physically. Obama confuses looking cool as a chap, and cold blooded assassination. Worse: goose stepping behind, cheering and applauding Obama’s exhibitionist love for his family, a circus for little children, USA citizens are carefully arranging their forgetfullness about what the Romans knew, 25 centuries ago. Namely that it matters when one goes and kill people, that everybody understand why, and that the cause be just.

The main axis of France’s foreign policy, since May 8, 1945, has been to re-educate the Germans in the way of peace and love. Franco-German reconciliation has been number one top priority. This was not compatible with nationalism, and that is why France did not seize one square kilometer of German territory after the Nazi defeat.

I turned the TV on, to watch the democratic convention, and here were sexy girls speaking like they knew it all, telling the USA what to think. They were movie actresses, and the crowd just loved them. With a teleprompter, any mental retard who knows how to read can work harder and smarter than anyone else.

Talking about plastic surgery, here was Vice President Jo Biden. All excited, and delivering a pretty good speech. He celebrated, (for want of a better word),  the death of more than 6,000 soldiers, and 50,000 wounded some so very severely, he marvelled with exorbited eyes. The RESOURCE WAR, aka “war against terrorism“, brought a tear eyed evocation. Biden finished on :”God bless you, God bless you!

God bless you for what? Destroying Afghanistan since 1978, just because “yes, we can

What struck me, beyond Joe’s predictable rhetoric, was how Biden had suffered from plastic surgery. His eyebrows were angling up, then came down hard on the side. His eyelids were wide open, as if he had been immensely struck by the incongruity of it all, after been hit on the head. What did that creature remind me of? It felt familiar. Yes. Those Batman movies, with the Joker. OK, I am not a specialist of Batman, and I have not really seen the movie, just extracts, so I cannot explore further what Biden has been trying to say by being a real life imitation of the joker incarnated by Jack Nicholson. Is it all a joke? Is that what he wants to say?

Another contrast with France was the so called “First Lady” that introduced “the love of my life“. Nobody of importance in the USA is aware that the “First Mansemantics was invented by Augustus, Rome’s first life long tyrant. But, even Augustus, did not introduce the ridiculous notion of “First Lady“. Who are the Last Ladies?

And why is the First Lady’s sex life so important? Sorry, I meant romantic. Hey, go easy on the steroids, by the way, those shoulders… And why does the resident instrumentalize his daughters? “Malia, Sasha, we are so proud of you… and tomorrow you have to go to school.” Why is that national news? Why does the president’s official business includes telling his daughters he is proud of them? It’s not obvious? He did not think of it before? He needs a teleprompter to communicate with his family? 

And why are taxpayers paying 100 million dollars for this pathetic, clownish circus?

Are USA citizens so deprived of these things they need to see them on TV? I was amused when Michelle made a huge smile off sync while telling the story of someone who could not afford health care. It was meant to express compassion, but the timing and intensity were off. With these little things sincerity, or lack thereof, shines through. Can one work the appearance of a heart harder and smarter than anyone else? A question much of the world has for the USA.

Michelle…I love you so much” Thus Obama does not just love to coolly assassinate citizens, worldwide. His love is all encompassing. And the other clown who smiles, immensely touched by this apparent revelation, just made to her, watched by hundreds of millions. And they embrace, and embrace… Why don’t they go all the way? Would not that augment the audience? Worldwide exhibitionism. What happens when it turns out that the president was sleeping around with the hordes, as happened so many times in the past, with many other presidents? Maybe all these drugs they are given to perform 24/7, like circus animals who would never, ever, rest in a cage.

For that matter, how come ex-resident Clinton, now filthy rich, is immensely popular while everybody should know, by now, that he planted, with his gardener, Larry Summers, the seeds of the financial disaster? Namely plutocratically engineered derivatives to the horizon, devouring the world economy? Is WE THE PEOPLE dominated by masochism?

So why the exhibitionism? Because when there is enough style, it can displace substance. And when the substance is banksterism as far as the eye can see, it’s best hidden in plain sight.

The best joke was Obama’s content empty discourse. He even forgot to mention “Obamacare” also known as the “Affordable Care Act”. His sycophants used to call that monstrosity his “signature achievement“. And here he was, refusing to sign his achievement again! Tell us it’s not true, Barry-Barack, tell us that you do not just say what the polls tell you to say.

Health care is much improved, just wait for the bill. Apparently Obamacare has become better not talked about. (True the ACA is supposed to increase how much most people are supposed to spend in health care: the act may be affordable, but is it care? The Republicans have noticed that Obama proposed to reduce the funding of Medicare by $750 billion… So naturally they pounced on that, while proposing to transform Medicare into Vouchercare. Democrats are screaming it ain’t fair, as if that were not predictable. Either they are lying, or they really have puny brains)

In truth, Obama and his Pelosi plutocrat carefully wasted time when they had total control with a health care plan that will not work (because it does not have a sustainable mechanism for cost control). They agitated the ACA as the red flag it was, thus distracting the attention of the People away from the banksters (neither jailed nor even prosecuted), and from Quantitative Easing (print money for the banks that caused the crisis), and from allowing banks to use loans as rents for over-valued properties (over-valued by the banks themselves), while they, those Pelosi plutocrats, were keeping the taxes on the hyper rich at rock bottom, more than ever, and closing their eyes on giant loopholes in taxation (such as billionaires borrowing instead of spending).

Did I mention the tripling of troops in Afghanistan? (The Iraq withdrawal was pre-set by Bush the torturer, but that did not prevent Obarack to claim success for it, whereas, in truth, he was kicked out by the Iraqis, after trying to stay.)

The Pelosi plutocrat has long posed as a leftist, while owning Sugar Bowl, among other things. Never mind that Sugar Bowl had plotted with Royal Gorge LLC to destroy a huge amount of wilderness to extent both resorts (now an ad hoc conservation group has saved the wilderness from the claws of Pelosi plutocrat and her kind).

Hope has been tested“. Obama has switched from being the candidate of hope to the candidate of “hopeful“. So cars will go twice further “in the middle of next decade” (news: they already do, in Europe, and they will anyway, even in the USA, when oil hits $200 a barrel). OK, could have been worse: Obama could have passed a law to improve cars in the middle of next century, and improve health care by selling body parts. Small favors are better than no favors. Four more years of empty promises, and love of my life celebrations. In the Roman Republic the two Consuls were elected for a year, and rotated supreme authority every month. OK, Romans did not have plastic surgery honey babies to tell them what to think.

Obama finally left the stage, after bellowing about the “greatest nation on earth“. A god nut, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, archbishop of New York, took the stage to deliver a general blessing. May this land of the free never lack those willing to grab guns, and kill others, said the holly man in substance, as he circled several times around the notions pertaining to “men in uniform“.

‘One nation under god, so dear god, bless the USA.’

The old fat man of god was a nice contrast with the young sexy actresses who had warmed up the scene before. Sex and the City of God. Even more weird was the gun fanatic who got shot in the head (with many others) and came to be rolled out as a great hero, whereas all she proves is that, even before being pierced by a bullet, she did not think right.

But 73% of USA citizens attach the greatest importance to shooting other USA citizens. A problem when crazies get crazier: craziness is viewed as heroism (for further reference, see our historical guinea pigs, the Nazis: the deeper they got in their madness, the madder they got).

So what is Obama proposing to do, by the way? Change you can’t believe in! Obama is mostly proposing to do what he did not do when he was in total control, namely rising taxes on the rich, and imposing a minimum tax of 30% on the hyper rich. It’s safe to propose it now, his masters have determined: he is not in control anymore (the Republicans are). So his masters told him: OK, go ahead, tell them what they want to hear, the Dream, the American Dream.

We work harder and smarter than anyone else. Who is that “we” who haunts us? The plutocrats?

Raising taxes on the rich is also insufficient, in any case: it won’t solve the deficit, right now augmenting at one trillion a year, for a grand total of 16 trillion dollars, nearly as much as the 17,6 trillion GDP of the European Union.. . And certainly higher than the 15 trillion dollars USA GDP. (European countries have an Added Value Tax of at least 15%, by law, 17.5% in France and Germany, up to 20% in Great Britain, 23% in Greece. That reduces deficits, but Obama does not know what it is, although I wrote extensively about it, and offered him a book, where it is, black on white.)

Partisans such as Krugman speak only of a USA deficit of around 10 trillion dollars, allowing the USA to look slightly better than France or Germany. How do they do it? How do they cheat? Partisans of USA greatness omit what the USA government borrowed from USA government funds whose spending in the future is mandated by law.

By the way, recent graphs show the USA GDP going up by leaps and bounds, whereas the EU’s stagnates (with Germany not enough to compensate Britain rolling over, lower, while Italy and Spain sink, and France is going nowhere). This looks good, for the USA, but it means nothing. Inefficiencies, waste, jams, and the intrusion of pay services in what ought to be free (like school and care) augment GDP artificially, or, let’s say in ways that cannot be compared!

Obama crowed that he had signed free trade agreements that allowed to sell lots of products stamped “Made in America”. Never mind that “America” is not an official country.

Never mind that the free trade agreements with Panama, Columbia, South Korea, were long stalled, because of the fear for USA jobs, and passed… by the Republican Congress in October 2011. The democratic crowd roared its approval, of the great Obama victory, grabbing his pen to sign on Republican policy, I guess. I am also for free trade… But only if and when everything else been equal. Actually the USA administration (and also Europe) are claiming that China dumps solar panels. Among other things.

Obama forgot to put a carbon tax, so his ‘5 millions‘ renewable energy jobs did not materialize. (By comparison Sweden passed a carbon tax in 1990, to great success for employment and CO2, let alone energy independence.)

Nationalist frenzy, and plutocratization, are hard to reverse. Citizens of the USA view as a self evident truth that they got attacked on 9/11 by a country they had nothing to do with, as they were careful, and still are careful, to NOT learn what really happen. Namely they do not want to read that the USA was engaged in a war of aggression in Afghanistan as early as 1978. (Shortly after three government sponsored Franco-Afghan geological missions under Dr. Laparent, found great mineral wealth. Is the Afghan war just a Franco-american conflict?)     

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s National Security Adviser, stated in 1998, to the French “According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujaheddin began… after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan… But the reality, secretly guarded until now, is completely otherwise:

Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.… We didn’t push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.” [Le Nouvel Observateur (Paris), 1/15/1998] After Brzezinski’s confession, other US officials who denied US involvement prior to the Soviet invasion, also changed their story. (For instance, Charles Cogan, head of the CIA covert aid program to Afghanistan at this time.)

For a fuller quote and a more comprehensive story see:

By the way, it’s really hard to search the web, in the USA, only in the USA, about the Pelosi plutocrat‘s plutocracy, or Carter’s henchmen terrorizing Afghanistan. It’s not just the People Republic of China which manipulates the search engines.

But it works: the professional killer who was leader of the section who killed Bin Laden, although increasingly cynical in all sorts of ways, really believed that the USA was treacherously attacked on 9/11. Attacked, sure. Treacherous? Not so fast. That soldier had no idea that USA henchmen instructed the Islamist Fundamentalists to attack civilian objectives in Afghanistan, and, preferably school for little girls, a full generation earlier. (No, I will not bother to make a search for this from the USA; I would come empty. But, overseas, the documentation is plentiful.) 

Obama also strokes the dream of the unprovoked 9/11 attack.

Whatever happens, plutocracy will soon elect its next USA president. It would be funnier, if it were Biden. With his distorted face, he looks the part. Joker.

Obama has accomplished his role, that of a vaccine against change. You can read through his face his great interrogation: are they, my rich friends, replacing me with one that they would like more? So he mouthed the change-y thing unconvincingly. He took the left for granted, giving it only pittance. All the horrors inaugurated by G W Bush were left in place, more, even more terrible, were added. Worst: the left took Obama for granted Brown skin, lofty rhetoric, what could go wrong?

Fact is, although the assassination program and its death panel is going strong, the economy is going, at best, nowhere (in France, EU, or the USA) once population change is factored out. See the fawning Krugman, September 7, admitting in a burp of honesty, speaking of employment:“A plunge and a stabilization at a depressed level, which has now gone on for almost three years. Everything else is just noise.” (By the way, Krugman is now looking at the employment ratio, which I long advocated as more pertinent than the U numbers.)

Systems of minds are dynamic. As they go on, they become their own initial conditions. Plutocratization is hard to stop. In Rome it got unfettered after Hannibal’s forever wandering cataclysm. The situation got ever worse. 160 years later, the Republic had fallen. Augustus, of course re-established the Republic, formally speaking, so he claimed. With a caveat: he was to be known as the “First Man In Rome.” Princeps. Or as the French, always inclined to abstraction, put it: prince.

Whatever that was, whatever that is, it’s not democracy. Certainly not democracy as the Greeks understood it, and not even democracy as the Romans understood it. An abomination looking for a catastrophe is more like it. In the fullness of time, sometimes the present itself turns into a golden legend, as the floor disappears below a civilization.

Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can! Chanted Obama and his helpers four years ago (me among them). Yes, he could. Asssasinate whoever the death panel Obama instituted at the White House wants. This has been Obama’s presidency greatest breakthrough, its true signature achievement. Not fighting climate change. Not bringing jobs. Not rolling back metastatic kleptocratic finance. No. It’s all the way back to the jungle. Yes We Can! Assassinate. Whoever we want. For whatever they do.

And yet ethics was invented for economics, not just survival. When the god fearing Carter sent his assassins to Afghanistan, he set the groundwork for 9/11… And probably much worse to come (the USA has helped Pakistan’s Islamist regime make thermonuclear weapons, thus enabling a potential thermonuclear 9/11).

Nastiness does not just propagates, it feeds on itself. Not that the plutocrats mind. In hell, all fired up, ready to go, their lord dwell. When plutocracy turns into an avalanche, civilization is swept away.


Patrice Ayme


May 11, 2011


Main Ideas: The USA attacked Afghanistan. In July 1979. The USA recruited, financed, trained and armed the greatest Muslim Fundamentalist army of Jihadist warriors, that the world had ever seen. In particular intelligence services of the USA and their proxies recruited Osama Bin Laden. That was the high point of the terror strategy of the USA, which consisted in supporting terror leaders, throughout the world, if they were friendly. If they had oil, they did not even need to be friendly.

Most Americans, being told of those facts, would think you are crazy to talk that way. The president may want your “head examined”. The plutocracy of the USA has succeeded to hide from its ignorant populace the oily game it has been playing by using Muslim Fundamentalist warriors to get to Middle East, and Central Asian oil. Central Asian oil? That is why the secular Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was attacked by Carter in 1979 (under advice from his pro-plutocratic advisers).

As if this were not bad enough, some of the fundamental tenets of Western civilization have been thrown to the wolves by the leaders of the USA, for all to see. Reintroducing “extraordinary question” (also known as “enhanced interrogation” or torture) was bad: torture was already unlawful against Roman citizens, 25 centuries ago.

But now Obama has suggested to wipe out 25 centuries of justice by proclaiming that it is done as it was done with Apaches. First use the Apaches, to hunt Apaches, then kill them, and cover it all up behind lies as thick as Middle Eastern oil.

In truth the Greco-Romans imposed justice as the supremacy of the law, above anything else, including expediency. The law is not just about killing Apaches… or Jews. There is such a thing as the law of the West, and it is above Americanism… just as it was above Nazism.

Adding to this, civilization has found more recently that justice’s highest goal is to establish the truth on criminal systems of thought. All of this should not be thrown to the fishes, just because one has a bigger boat.

Supporting terror leaders, and terrorist systems of thought, such as Islamist fascism (as American “intelligence” has done perfidiously),  goes against the necessity of making terrorism unlawful. Terrorism has to be thrown out, because, if it is not, there will be nuclear war. That means a world where people eat people (there would be nothing else left to eat, as neoconservative torture supporters will be pleased to inform you).

So it is high time for the USA to rethink its approach to progress. Truth is sustainable, lies are not. Blatantly violating the Geneva Conventions for the whole planet to see, is not tolerable, especially in a major, would-be democratic regime. There are no ifs and buts. 



Abstract: President Obama basically, and unwisely, admitted that he ordered Bin Laden killed, and then added: “…the one thing I didn’t lose sleep over was the possibility of taking bin Laden out. Justice was done. And I think that anyone who would question that the perpetrator of mass murder on American soil didn’t deserve what he got needs to have their head examined.”

Polls: 80% of U.S. citizens think that killing Bin Laden was the right decision. Those who think it was the wrong decision are 1%. (OK, the approval rate of the Iraq war was 83%, at the time, in 2003: same uncomprehending hatred, same wolves howling to the wind of madness.)

Obama is not expressing any opinion on mass murder on Afghan soil by American paid, armed and trained Jihadists. Mass murder on Afghan soil is an entirely different matter, let’s make a note of that.

Examining heads is what philosophers do, starting with their own. Correct thinking requires precision. Certainly Bin Laden got what he deserved. Anyone knows that. However, anyone who would not question whether the way Bin Laden got what he deserved is compatible with the continuation of civilization looking forward, should have his sense of civilization examined.

Confusing bullets and justice does not do a body politics good. It’s not just bad Karma, a terrible incitation, but also the justification of Osama, by Obama: I kill, therefore I just. Hyenas beat Descartes anytime, because they have bigger jaws.

Of course Obama is just a politician, the leader of the pack. If it’s a pack of culturally challenged wolves, he has to howl louder. A good politician has to be Machiavellian. Were I Obama, I may have assassinated Bin Laden too, putting to rest forever the assertion that I were a wet rag. Except, of course, that would have made me a war criminal, and that is a line I would not have crossed, not matter what. (Be it only because when Athens, a democracy, committed war crimes, it condemned itself to be hated by everybody, removed its greatest weapon, moral superiority, and that made Athens lose the war that destroyed half of its population, and would have extinguished it, but for Sparta.)

Obama has to do more than accompany the philosophy of the People, he has to lead it in the right direction, if he wants to be remembered as somebody who made a difference.

Philosophers make the philosophy of future people (and the best politicians consulted with philosophers, starting with Pericles). So contemporary people often act as the enemies of philosophers, because humans aspire to mental supremacy, and do not love to be told they are full of it.

In the week after Bin Laden’s elimination, the USA was traversed by another of these nationalistic frenzies we have observed in 2001, or 2003. I am well aware that Americans will hate what is written below. I am aware that nationalistic hatred knows no bounds. Here is a typical comment in the New York Times, made by “Justin”: I consider myself a strong liberal but being upset about bin laden’s burial or not being taken alive is too bleeding hurt even for me.”

“Justin” has understood nothing, except that when the wolves howl, he better howl with them, to become their friend. I am also aware that the Dalai Lama has howled with the wolves. I expected nothing else from him.

Wisdom was not built on hatred as much as on a correct analysis of reality. 

That American so called “strong liberals” are like little children from a courtyard, or jackals howling with the jackals, is the fundamental reason why they are increasingly manipulated into oblivion by the victorious plutocracy. Plutocracy, or the oblivion of civilization. Civilization is not so much about “bleeding hurt”, than about the toughest, most elaborate mind reason can build. It’s the opposite of bleeding and hurt.




Any other description is a lie of the highest order, and most dangerous sort. Science establishes truth, so does justice. Bullets only make holes.

To survive and thrive, civilization will have to rest on ever more rigorous notions of truth. The ethics of Muslim Fundamentalists rest not on truth, but on superstitions found in old books: the Qur’an, and the Bible. Justice then meant whatever the guy at the top decided.

By throwing out, as if it never existed, 25 centuries of the advancement of the idea of justice, and choosing instead Biblical revenge, the government of the USA has allied itself with the enemies of the present civilization. Once again.

It is a curious thing that, while ostensibly fighting against bin Laden, after having fought in his company, in the end, the government of the USA agreed with Bin Laden on the most important subject. Ethics. Obama won Osama’s fight by killing him, the way he did. I kill, therefore I just.

It is an even stranger thing that, after being burned by Bush with the assault on Iraq, civilization and human rights by the Bush administration, the American people seems to have learned nothing, and becomes overwhelmed by joy as justice is subdued by bullets. “Does our children learn?” -As Bush would say, with his characteristic kindergarten grammar. (The fact that it is individuals with mangled culture who elaborate the devolution is rich in signification.)



Our formidable, worldwide civilization progressed in no small reason because of ever more sophisticated notions of justice. Precisely because justice is a form of truth. The American president has decided to throw them into the trash. It is an ominous victory of primitivism over wisdom, in a country with global pretentions.

Contrarily to the mythology their masters have stuffed gullible Americans with, the USA launched a war against Afghanistan, on July 3, 1979 (see document below). Of course, 9/11 killed 3,000 Americans and this is a much more important fact for Americans to be horrified by than the 3 million Afghans (at least) killed since 1979.  If you tell Americans about the three million Afghans killed by a military action initiated by their government, they will look at you like goldfish. They will think you are beyond the pale, a type of crazy, who widely steps beyond appropriate mien.

This shows that, in the generally accepted estimate, an American life is worth more than a thousand times an Afghan’s life. 

Bin Laden, then a son in one of the world’s richest families, was recruited by the “intelligence” oligarchy which helps to rule the USA. Bin Laden, from the second richest Saudi family, had the contacts among plutocrats to provide the secret war with needed funds. As an engineer and businessman, Bin Laden’s organizational skills came in handy. He became the head of a 20,000 men terror army, the point of the CIA war in Central Asia. Bin Laden, and other Jihadists, were  taught to inflict terror on hard-to-defend objectives, such as primary schools for girls.  Yes, it is abject. I am just describing hell and its demons. Only then did the government in Kabul called the Soviets for help.

American leaders, the powers that be, have no interest to see some of their unsavory top ex-operatives being brought to justice, and this sort of facts to come to the surface. This is the true meaning of the CIA archipelago around the world. Nor does the American public want to hear the truth in a courtroom, or anywhere else. Not anymore than Germans wanted to hear about Auschwitz, when Hitler was conquering the world.

Some truths are more than inconvenient, they could be lethal to the powerful, the reigning oligarchies, and the hopeful little servants crawling by their feet, full of all the psychopathic emotions which animate the creepy.

By ordering jihad against a secular republic, Carter signed, basically, the order of assaulting Afghan primary schools: this is what we are talking about here, the abject reality of the policy conducted by the American oligarchies just boiled down to that. Carter, the ethical crater, was of course given the Nobel peace prize: he had served the established order well. This puts in evidence why American presidents always sing the praises of Islam: they order the armies of Islam around. Ostensibly for Islamist purposes (they say to the Muslims), and freedom (they tell the rest of the world).

Before that, the war against the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan had been conducted even more secretly, through Pakistani intelligence (ISI). Thus the relation between the masters of Pakistan and the masters of the USA is that of partners in crime, a fact best hidden to everybody in sight, lest said masters find their rule more complicated. Nothing such as terrible secrets in common to unite (Reciprocally many Muslim fundamentalists are aware of some of the elements above, and, as they spread that revelation, that true message, mixed with the grandeur of simplistic ethics, they gain in credibility, because it all makes sense; in other words, the lying of Western leadership allows the religious fundamentalists to use against the West its most terrible weapon, the truth.)

Why did the USA attack Afghanistan in 1979? Really vicious governance piles up layers of lies as if they were sediments. Officially, the Carter administration defended its attack of Afghanistan as an attempt to catch the USSR in an “AFGHAN TRAP” (this defense of U.S. policy was made in France; it is pretty much censored in the USA; see document below).

This is another excellent lie, because it has an appearance of truth. As usual, confronted to a mysterious crime, it is wiser to search to whom it profits. Much of the superiority of the USA in the last 150 years comes from oil.  So where is the oil? Afghanistan itself has no oil. The oligarchs alluded to the truth when they admitted that they wanted to build a pipeline through Afghanistan.

The real truth is that the American oiligarchy was trying to get to Central Asian oil and gas, and extend further American plutocracy’s dominion. It needed jihadists, bin Laden, to clear the area from the Russians. And it worked. So far, mostly: plutocracy: 100, everybody else, zero.

Bin Laden was assassinated, to prevent the public to contemplate deep perspectives, over the abysses upon which their masters rule. And the unraveling of elaborate tales.  Americans find themselves in the position of the Germans of old, not too keen to ask too many questions to their guides, lest their mental and material comfort suffers…




Obama gave the context of the death of Osama: The American people did not choose this fight. It came to our shores, and started with the senseless slaughter of our citizens.”

Really? Came to our shores? Started with slaughtering U.S. citizens? The American people did not choose this fight? Well, that is speciously true; it’s the plutocrats of the USA who attacked Afghanistan. And they kept it secret first. So, indeed, the “American People did not chose this fight”! Well done Mr. President! what’s next? The Nobel prize in logics?

Then the plutocrats next described their assault on Afghanistan as a fight for freedom. but mostly, Americans chose to ignore that, and revere Reagan’s regain instead. The first inkling that most know-nothings American had that something wrong was going on was the (counter-)attacks on the USA, on September 11, 2001. THAT was painful.


The (official) aim of USA was to drag the Soviet Union into the “AFGHAN TRAP” as US Secretary of State Zbigniew Brzezinski termed it. And that too, was also a lie. Lies, within lies, within lies… The USA attacked the democratic republic of Afghanistan, using Osama bin laden and his friends, for the usual reason, as I will explain. But let’s get the first version of the story from the snake’s mouth:

Interview of Zbigniew Brzezinski in Le Nouvel Observateur (France), Jan 15-21, 1998, p. 76*

Question, Nouvel Observateur: The former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs [“From the Shadows”], that American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahadeen in Afghanistan 6 months before the Soviet intervention. In this period you were the national security adviser to President Carter. You therefore played a role in this affair. Is that correct?

Brzezinski: Yes. According to the official version of history, CIA aid to the Mujahadeen began during 1980, that is to say, after the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan, 24 Dec 1979. BUT THE REALITY, SECRETLY GUARDED UNTIL NOW, IS COMPLETELY OTHERWISE: Indeed, it was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, I wrote a note to the president in which I explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention… We didn’t push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.

 Q: When the Soviets justified their intervention by asserting that they intended to fight against a secret involvement of the United States in Afghanistan, people didn’t believe them. However, there was a basis of truth. You don’t regret anything today?

 Brzezinski: Regret what? THAT SECRET OPERATION WAS AN EXCELLENT IDEA. IT HAD THE EFFECT OF DRAWING THE RUSSIANS INTO THE AFGHAN TRAP AND YOU WANT ME TO REGRET IT? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.

 Q: And neither do you regret having supported Islamic Fundamentalism [integrisme], having given arms and advice to future terrorists?

 Brzezinski: What is most important to the history of the world? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? SOME STIRRED-UP MOSLEMS or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?

 Q: Some stirred-up Moslems? But it has been said and repeated: Islamic fundamentalism represents a world menace today.

 Brzezinski: Nonsense! It is said that the West had a global policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid. There isn’t a global Islam. Look at Islam in a rational manner and without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion of the world with 1.5 billion followers. But what is there in common among Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, moderate Morocco, Pakistan militarism, Egyptian pro-Western or Central Asian secularism? Nothing more than what unites the Christian countries.

[*] The version of the Nouvel Observateur sent to the United States did not include the Brzezinski interview. Perhaps the minders of America did not want to stir -up the natives. Clearly, Obama does not want American youth to know more than the fantasy that the American assault on Afghanistan started in 2001.



In primitive, Biblical times, justice was about retribution in kind, an eye for an eye. It was all about revenge, and it led to an unending cycle of violence. The cycle of vengeance and violence became the bane of the Mid Terra area. That vicious circle is still found in a few of the most primitives parts of the planet, such parts of Albania, or parts of the Amazon. Now the USA has proclaimed, loud and clear, that it has joined the reservation.

The Romans had introduced a more advanced notion of justice. Roman justice was represented as blind, weighting the evidence from the facts alone, and not carried away by the fury of appearances. Roman justice incorporated the notion of forgiveness: suspects could not be judged, too long after the facts, as those could not be determined precisely. Facts ruled: no facts, no justice.

Rational, fact and law driven justice broke the cycle of vengeance which came to wreck much of the Mid-Terra world. Superior justice was no small contributor to the supremacy of Roman civilization, and to the ultimate triumph of many of its mental elements through the superstitious, irrational, anti-intellectual, Biblically induced Dark Ages.

Roman style justice survived the Dark Ages, in no small part because Roman lawyers and/or generals had written down, in Latin, a Salian law for the Franks, which complemented nicely secular Roman law. Even the fanatical Justinian, emperor of most of the Roman empire (but for Francia), refurbished all of Roman law, ordering to separate carefully secular law from Christian law (this refreshed law was instated in the “Occidental Part”).

However, as the centuries passed by, it was found out that justice could be endowed with an even higher purpose that had escaped the Romans. The failure of understanding, in a timely manner, that there was more to justice than punishing the guilty, allowed the collapse of the Roman republic, and its transmogrification into the fascist empire.

The highest purpose of justice is not anymore what it was under the Romans. Replacing vengeance with the arbitration of a third party, the law, same for all, was the highest purpose of the Greco-Roman style justice. The leading edge of civilization has done much better since.

After the cataclysm of Nazism, the most careful thinkers in Europe imposed a higher purpose for justice. Contrarily to what the Nazis asserted, it was not “victors’ justice“. Quite the opposite. THE HIGHEST PURPOSE OF EUROPEAN STYLE JUSTICE  BECAME ESTABLISHING CAUSALITY. ESPECIALLY IN THE CASE OF CRIMES INVOLVING THE STATE. SYSTEMS OF THOUGHT WERE PUT ON TRIAL.



Confronted to monsters who had killed sometimes millions of people, during WWII, the European leaders did not go ape. They kept their cool. they did not devolve civilization further. They did not behave like Nazis, but as their antagonists, that means they clang to the principles of western civilization.

European leaders, and democratic institutions, did not just put on trial suspect individuals. They also tried the systems of thought that animated them, by going deep in their motivations. Some of the criminals defended themselves with the best they had, and that was exactly what was the worst with them, their own criminal systems of thought. A careful selection of the worst thinking was made, and publicly tried, condemned, and executed.

The top Nazis themselves exhibited the paucity of Nazism when they tried to use it to defend themselves. Bin Laden using Salafism to defend himself would have put Salafism on trial. For all to see. Fundamentalist Islam would have suffered. That means: an ally American plutocracy has been able to surf on beautifully would have suffered, weakening the ride it provided plutocracy with. Also, of course, the symbiosis between CIA, ISI, and Jihadism, may have come to light. When crime is well organized, witnesses are the first to go, even if, especially if, partners in crime.

By defending themselves, Nazi criminals exposed their logic. In the end none of the miscreants of Western civilization had anything important to say in the defense of Nazism, fascism, and racism. Even the worst Nazis were emotionally shattered when the monstrosities they had allowed, incited, or ordered, were shown on the screen. In the end, most of them put themselves at the mercy of the court, admitting their best defense was to admit their own mental, cultural and moral retardation, and fundamental viciousness.

Goering himself, and many other Nazi leaders found themselves recognizing that the holocaust had been a horrible thing. Many claimed, implausibly, that they did not know. In other words, the top Nazis themselves could not defend Nazism in its hour of need.

Justice did not just execute criminals, it executed Nazism, and its executioners were its top practitioners. Justice made it so.

This way the world was rid of Nazism and racism, for good, and quite a while. (Things could have gone much further by exposing the forces behind Hitler and company, but those ruled in the USA, more than ever, after their collaborator’s ignomious fall; see the Dulles brothers, P. Bush, H. Ford, GM, IBM, etc…. It was a from of gravity assist: evil falling in the abyss, to gain even more energy. Hence the problem we are facing today!)

By assassinating bin Laden, the USA has proclaimed that, far from respecting the Roman conception of justice, it devolved back down to the Biblical notion of justice, not far removed from that of the apes. Forget all this European notion of advancing understanding through justice, and judging systems of thought. It’s a war, and an eye for eye. What war exactly? A war that, contrarily to what Obama insinuated, the USA itself started. The war for the control of Central Asia, and its enormous reserves of oil and gas. Who is next?

Far from being a secular, thus a modern country, most of the USA is caught in a time warp. It had it so good for so long that it cannot understand that the music has stopped, and it has run out of Apache territory to invade. With all the Muslim rebels, as with the Indians: progress means that, this time, the fishes will have Geronimo. Justice, the American way. Throw the means to get to the truth in the abyss.



Europe and Israel were careful to not throw their mass murderers to the fishes on the first day. First they made them sing. All those who were intercepted were tried (Himmler, once detected by the Brits took poison).

Great mass murderers and criminals against humanity are too good a counter-examples to civilization to go to waste. It is an insult to victims to dispose of criminals against mankind as if they were nothing important, just fish food. Move on, we have an electoral campaign!

Israel conducted a commando operation to arrest Eichmann in Argentina, in total and appropriate disregard of Argentine law (France conducted similar arrests in Bolivia and Sudan, removing respectively Klaus Barbie and Carlos the Jackal). Eichmann killed millions of Jews. Eichmann had a long and elaborate trial (so did Barbie and The Jackal in France). He was condemned to death, and executed.

Eichmann’s defense during his trial was extremely edifying. He claimed not to hate Jews, far from it. His best friend was a Jew (he begged Himmler to save him). Eichmann suggested that Kant misled him. Kant was a Prussian philosopher of obedience, and respect of conformity, much admired by those who don’t want to think too much.

Thanks to Eichmann, those who have not been persuaded by Nietzsche’s fierce attacks against Kant, can now associate Kant to German fascism and mass murder. This is a very important point: Kant is still very admired. This is thought to be very scholarly an attitude. But Eichmann gave a vivid and livid illustration  that Kant is loved by those who crave the power of the conformism fascism cannot do without.

The philosopher Hannah Arendt wrote up a whole book, exposing her theory of the “Banality of Evil” (which was certainly an appropriate description for most Germans). In any case, a high level debate has been conducted ever since, to hunt down the elements in human psychology and philosophy which led to the criminal madness of Nazism, and how they seduced most Germans (and few others).

The Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion was monstrously courageous to send Israeli special forces kidnap Eichmann, and to conduct an open trial. During the war, he had negotiated with Eichmann. Eichmann proposed one million Jews in exchange for 10,000 trucks. Ben Gurion refused.  So, in a sense, Ben Gurion was a partner in crime with Eichmann. However, he was unafraid to stick by his position that (re)constructing Israel was the best way to save Jews. According to him, it was no good to send Jews to Britain.



The U.S. president wants to ‘examine the heads of those who question’. Cheering assassinations is much better, and should not be questioned: the USA is turning into Godfather central.

Whereas the Europeans conducted all the trials of Nazis and their collaborators, and the trials of some of the world’s most famous terrorists in the open, the USA has refused to do so with Muslim terrorists. Why no open trials? Are Americans afraid that if a Muslim fundamentalist open his mouth, they will turn to stone? Or is it simply that the American People should not be reminded that Muslim terrorists were collaborators of the USA for many decades (at least 6)! The true meaning of the Guantanamo archipelago is that terrorists have not to make any declaration to the American People, only secretly to their secret masters in Washington.

People with unexamined heads feel that justice is a gift to the criminals. But justice, as it allows to discover what led to the criminal behavior, helps civilization understand sociopathy, and thus allows people to live better lives. It was important to determine what made Bin Laden tick. And it is even more important to know, if those who winded Bin Laden up sat in the White House (or would that then be the Black House?)

Once again, it is not my conspiracy, it’s not just inhabitating my mind: I did not raise a 300,000 jihadist army to bomb primary schools for girls. The powers that be in the USA did. Then they played gravely offended on 9/11.

Some of the oligarchs who decided to use “stirred up Muslims” to get to Central Asian oil, probably had not studied enough history: betrayal by a mercenary army is one of a great theme of history. It happened to Carthage. And to Rome many times, and, in the end, fatally (the battle of Adrianople, where the Oriental Roman army was destroyed, and the emperor killed).

But then, again, maybe some of them did: more on this later.

During the Nazi occupation, Europe was rife with massive state sponsored hate crime. Afterwards, some countries reinstituted the death penalty, after more than a century without.

Countries tried to understand what happened, what led so many people to crimes against humankind. In Norway, Quisling established a treacherous regime. Quisling knew Hitler even before the hostilities, and started his collaboration even though the Norwegian army and state was still fighting a few miles out of Oslo in April 1940 (the Norwegians caused considerable losses to the Nazis, even sending below the cold waters of Oslo fjord, the entire administration the Nazis planned to impose on Norway).

Quisling organized the deportation of Norwegians to Germany for assassination. Responsible of thousands of death, hated by the entire country, he was nevertheless given medical treatment, a good health, and the opportunity to mount a defense. He claimed he never suspected the holocaust (the usual line). He was executed five months after his arrest.

France confronted worse mass murderers than Osama bin Laden (they killed more, and more horribly). However France, as a state, showed real cool, jailing and judging all of the biggest fish appropriately. Famous collaborators, including writers, ex war heroes, highest police officials, and a Prime Minister, were executed in the end, along with many thousands of lesser Nazi loving criminals. No country (but for Stalin’s nightmarish fascist kingdom), executed as many collaborators.

Justice was done above the board, publicly. It is now possible to consult the argumentation the fascists made when they tried to save their precious skins. That exposed logic now allows jurists, historians, psychologists, sociologists, and philosophers to understand much better what makes fascism tick. This body of knowledge is now an archeology of evil. Digging through it allow to understand how to prevent the repetition of such dreadful abuse.

Why do Americans not want to understand why 19 believers killed 3,000 Americans, in an act of faith? Are they afraid that faith would not look good? Or that the 19 had strong reasons to believe that the USA was what ailed them? And if so, why? What about 19 Pakistani engineers believing the same, with their fingers on 200 thermonuclear bombs, inside 200 rockets pointed to the United Stupid of Apathy? Is there nothing important to learn there? Or is it all fish food?

An example: SS Klaus Barbie, killed more people than bin Laden ever (Barbie tortured to death 5,000 people, one by one, over the years, and some were children). France captured Barbie in Bolivia, where he was a top CIA operative, in charge of drug and arm trafficking.

How strange: Barbie was in a role of self financing of American intelligence, somewhat similar to bin Laden’s task. Barbie used drugs and weapons trafficking, Bin Laden his plutocratic friends.

Barbie was condemned to life in jail by a French court. After a public trial, defended by the best defenders. Plenty of facts were exposed, such as the systematic use of the worst torture by Barbie and his crew. Nothing to hide. France, as a nation, has tried to discover what happened before and during World War Two, be it only to find out what went wrong. That requires open justice.



The USA named Bin Laden “Geronimo“. This is more than a Freudian slip. It is more than a mockery of a past genocide. It is a more than a civilizational slip. Geronimo, the last free Apache had been… betrayed by the USA. It is also a warning: Arabs who resist are Apaches, and shall be treated as such: employed as the Apaches were to further the goals of the USA, and then eliminated, when not of use anymore (many of the Apache trackers who helped the U.S. Army were treated as badly as those they had contributed to catch…)

One has to keep in mind that the hunt and extermination of Native Americans was deeply uncivilized, starting in the technical sense: it was conducted on the frontier, where there were no cities. So frontier justice is fundamentally uncivilized. Now Obama wants it to be the world’s justice, in regions where there have been cities, for 10,000 years.

A few weeks ago, in a joint, UN requested operation, French aircrafts demolished the fortified mansion of the ex-president of Cote d’Ivoire. Ggabo wanted to pursue his decade long tyranny. Losing an election forced upon him by the United Nations, did not make him relinquish power to his highly qualified opponent. After serious, lethal combat, over many days, with thousands dead, republican soldiers captured the ex-president, his (hated) spouse, and their 30 something son (bloodied). They are alive, awaiting the wheels of justice. This is a face of topmost African justice, 2011 style. It has much improved. What is the face of topmost American justice, 2011 style? It has much decayed. What used to happen in secret in remote locales is now flaunted in public. The USA now hunts Apaches in the middle of Pakistan.

In the first few days, the White House floated various interpretations of bin Laden’s death. In some the villain took a wife as human shield, in others he engaged in a firefight. As it turned out the wife was shot by the Americans, and bin Laden was unarmed, and received one chest wound, and a shot to the head.

Real justice from real civilization means that, when you have 79 super trained, super armed, and armored commandos, you do not assassinate unarmed suspects, one of them a 19 year old, even if their name is bin Laden.

You do not assassinate, in a democracy, especially if the name is Bin Laden. Why? Because you want, if you are a democratic leader, to go to the bottom of things. And, if you do, as a democratic government, you don’t crow about it. Things are completely different if you are the hired and paid hand of a plutocracy. The difference between the army, or police force of a democracy, and mafia goons then come to the fore. The democracy acts out of justice, the mafia out of imposed silence, retribution, and reinstatement of the status quo ante.

The president glorified the dubious notion of plutocratic justice of frontier towns, where the local sheriff was on the payroll of the local wealthy rancher… or oil man. That old notion of “justice” where the local inhabitants, present there for millennia were hunted like vermin, where entire ecological systems were destroyed, not just to get to gold, but to starve the natives, where treaties after treatises were signed to gain advantage and provide opportunities for the most vicious betrayals.

To flaunt all this, to serve it as a reminder to the entire planet that, as far the American government is concerned, we are all Apaches, and it was correct, politically correct, judicially correct to massacre the Apaches, and so it would be to all the savages who stand between the USA and its oil, Bin Laden was named Geronimo. What else? They are not that clever? But that is worst: because they have learned nothing. Sometimes deliberate evil, in the know, is better than self righteousness so acute that evil is confused with goodness.

In the CBS “60 Minutes” interview, Obama admitted that, not only he got bin Laden killed, but other people too. After apparently assassinating Bin Laden for all to see, the president of the USA, just to make sure that the sheep out there got it, looked straight at camera, and assassinated the idea of justice.

Obviously, the government of the USA has things to hide from the People in the name of which it governs. Not just that, but it ominously let it be known that it does, and that everybody should shut up about it. The oligarchs did not want their ex-agent bin Laden to explain how their mass murdering collaboration evolved into squabbling. The oligarchs did not want bin Laden to stand up, and plead not guilty. They would have hated to see bin Laden request that directors of the CIA be brought to the stand as (presumably hostile) witnesses.

The same method was used with Saddam Hussein: silence, the Western governments have nothing to do with your badness, you little pawn! Bush kept repeating like a deranged parrot that Saddam Hussein had killed his own people, forgetting that this was during a war against Iran more or less incited by the West, and where the West gave the means to Saddam, including the chemical capability.  The will to dissimulation and dissemblance emanates from governments serving their friend the plutocrats (the oil men, the military industrial complex, the financiers) rather than their voters, the public.



If Africans can do justice, why can’t Americans? Obama insisted that “justice was done”, “bin Laden was brought to justice”. He should know: he taught constitutional justice at the University of Chicago.  If anyone knows what American justice is about, it is Obama.

Perhaps Americans are stupid, and they believe the statement that “justice was done”. And, if they don’t, trust Obama to repeat it to them another 1,000 times. However, the rest of the planet is smart enough to know that if it is what the USA mean by justice, they don’t want it. By flaunting a Biblical notion of justice, Obama is feeding raw anti-Americanism, and also the very religious extremism, “stirred-up Muslims”, he claims to want to fight. That may seem contradictory, but it’s not. At least since 1953, a big part of the policy of the USA in the Middle East has been to stir-up Muslims, and get them to do the dirty work… Against democracy and progress.



An obvious observation is ominous for American democracy: the government of the USA does not want to reveal what transpired between itself and bin Laden. That is the one and only explanation for the elimination of Osama without examination. Alternatives such as Obama was so Oh Drama about Osama don’t stand scrutiny. As he said it himself, he did not lose sleep about him. 

An example of disinformation is the Wikipedia article “CIA-Bin Laden controversy” where the best reputable sources are presented as “allegations“, while propaganda is presented as “scholarly“. With so many Harvard professors on Qaddafi’s payroll, “scholarly” has a double meaning. Openness is rejected, because it would turn the USA to stone. The USA conducts its secrecy in the open, like its collaborator, China. Call that whatever you want, but democracy is not its name.

At some points, if enough allegations about American plutocracy double dealing with Hitler, even Stalin, all sorts of Muslim Fundamentalists, and organizing giant transfer of monies from the poor to the rich in guise of saving the world’s economy, end up on the surface, all exposed, the American People may understand that it is in its best interest to figure out what is going on. Elements of the Obama administration have even ludicrously claimed that money was made, by taxpayers, out of the financial disaster. It is a lie, as anyone reading the Wall street Journal (as I do every day, me and Karl Marx!) knows (see the WSJ, May 9, cover story about AIG). 




Well, Americans have been told to not know the following, and they, and their hypnotizing, plutocratic owned media, are doing an excellent job at it:

1) The plutocracy of the USA has instrumentalized Islam. Islam has become a tool to achieve some of its aims, so it is appreciated. That is why the USA admits that it organized, financed and armed a 250,000 jihadists army in Afghanistan, now known as the Taliban (“Wilson’s war”).

The instrumentalization of Islam is why the American president talks as if he were the Caliph. Just listen to him carefully, he will tell you what the religion is. Daddy knows best. Let me explain explicitly: Obama has come on the TV, many times, and told us what was bad Islam. He told us, speaking of some particular Muslim Fundamentalists: this is not religion. Obama, just like Osama, knew better. Ayatollah in Chief bin Obama thus played the oldest game in Christo-Islamism: deciding who is a believer, and who is not. (The proper role of the leader of a secular democracy is to NOT make religious interpretations; THAT is the difference between a Caliph and the president of a republic; the leaders of fuller democracies are careful NOT to present themselves as if they were caliphs.)

Those who are out, the unbelievers, said Jesus Christ, the well known prophet of Islam, should be burned (read the evangel of John carefully, if in doubt). Who knows what is good Islam, and what is bad Islam, and sends armies to impose his fatwas? Well the Caliph, of course. No wonder so many Americans think Obama is a Muslim: he proffers Muslim opinions (“fatwas”), all the time: this one is a good Muslim, this one, I kill. Bin Laden used to do that too. Takes one to silence the other. How do you spell bad karma? But of course Americans are a primitive crowd: 61% believe bin Laden is in hell.

Yes, really in hell, not as a figure of speech; then some chant that this is not a crusade! It goes without saying that the fact Americans believe that bin Laden is in hell feeds the opposite point of view, in those that the USA or its agents oppress. Let’s be explicit here: by making bin Laden an absolute revulsion, the definition of evil, 61% Americans say that it good to absolutely hate. And who do they hate? The one that their own government dispatched to commit terror jihad against the innocent, in the hope it would weaken socialism and secularism.

By saying that Osama is ultimate evil, and Obama ultimate good, they are a letter away from contradicting themselves. And they will, because one letter is not much, when all you have is chanting. How embarrassing. In any case they teach the Muslim world with the example of the metaphysics of hatred, unbridled emotion.

OK, let the primitives to their own instruments, and let’s be serious. The policy of fitting Islam to the purpose of American oil men and American financiers started in 1945. (16.5 years before Obama’s birth: I am not claiming that Obama is an original thinker!)

2) That policy of instrumentalizing Islam worked splendidly: plenty of oil and gas was produced, and made American oilmen rich, while plenty of petrodollars were recycled through Wall Street, and the military-industrial complex. Prince Bandar reigned over Washington. Americans were instructed to respect Islam and those who mastered it. Oil procurement distracted the populace through oil addiction and waste (the Romans wanted bread, the Americans wanted oil, so they could out and play with mind consuming toys). Bin Laden and Al Qaeda became themselves distractions, and blames defectors.

Don’t ask what you could do against bin Laden, ask what your bin Laden has done for you. Well, bin laden has made Obama into Osama. Kill, and call that justice. That is where my Obama head examination irresistibly leads me to.

However, a number of the believers who were instrumentalized, such as the Shiites in Iran, realized later that they had been pawns of Uncle Sam, and they turned against the American chess masters with a vengeance. Turning against the USA with a vengeance started with Nasser, it went on with Iran, Iraq, then bin Laden. It’s starting to happen with Pakistan. Anti-Americanism has a rich future, because one cannot exploit and manipulate all the people, all the time. Not everybody has interest to be as gullible as the American people. As the manipulation mechanisms are revealed, the People will revolt. It has already started. But this is just a start, although some hope to stop it, Tiananmen Chinese style (Assad’s line in Syria).

When bin Laden and his fellow jihadists understood that they were played like violins in American hands, they rebelled. That rebellion was facilitated by the fact they were out of work, after the ignominious defeat of the Soviets in Afghanistan. (Many then tried to make an Islamist revolution in Algeria, but the Algerian military, in full cooperation with the redoubtable, pernicious and obdurate French republic, blocked them in a bloody civil war reminiscent of the Algerian war of independence. Exploding very high speed trains and trying to crash jumbo jets over Paris in 1996, did not help any.)

After 9/11 American propaganda was able to fall back on its feet, by increasing lying and dissemblance Brandishing Islam, and claiming that “the USA is not at war with Islam” is part of the dissemblance, for the good and simple reason that it is not the proximal outrage at hand; the real question was:”How come the CIA employed operatives who now attack the American People?” Another dissemblance is to say that Bin Laden was not a CIA employee. Neither was Klaus Barbie, of course.

American policy in the main oil region of the planet has piled lies upon lies, upon lies. In the apparent hope, so far realized, that the American People is too misinformed, or too dumb, to figure it out.

There are no bounds to the Machiavellism. For example, American “intelligence” has created Pakistan, and its nukes (the latter partly, and officially paid by Bush and his taxpayers!). At first sight, that does not look very smart. But, on a second, and much deeper look, a nuclear, crazed Pakistan is exactly what the oiligarchy and the military-industrial complex need. If the interest of warring in Afghanistan now escapes the American public,  warring all over Pakistan offers rich opportunities. OK, not everybody will get rich, only those who pay millions to befriend the president, or only 50,000 dollars to be in the same room, admitted to the presence.

In the end the system laundered money from the American public, through oil producing countries, back to the richest manipulators of the USA, on Wall Street. A small example: the financial system of the USA found itself with 60 billion dollars controlled by Qaddafi (the Saudi sums are astronomically larger).



The mafia style assassination of bin Laden, and the propaganda accompanying it, with its imagery from the Mafia (“fishes”), and ethnocide (“Geronimo”), will live in history as one of the most famous cover-ups.

Movies such as “The Godfather” are nothing relative to what we just witnessed, the guy on the red carpet, looking the whole planet in the eye, coolly announcing that the notion of justice of Athens and Rome was not valid anymore. Too soft that law according to Greece and Rome. The USA has returned to the old fashion way, Babylonian justice. According to Obama, justice is now back to pure force, and those who thing otherwise “should have their head examined”… probably before being thrown to the fishes too.

Socrates, who could have escaped, as Aristotle did, preferred to die to confirm the supremacy of the law over the City and its citizens. Now an American comes to tell us inconsiderately that the last 25 centuries of civilization were for nought. “Justice is done” now with bullets. Those who “question” that, “should have their head examined”. The Guide’s hysterical populace is besides itself with joy, in a show reminiscent of the public face of Nazi Germany, complete with the joyful face of hate and bloodlust, music bands marching on TV sets.


Not only is the silencing of partners in crime by the powerful unworthy of a confident democracy, or republic, but it is a further step in its decomposition. The relationship between bin Laden and American intelligence and its proxies lasted a quarter of a century, and was perfectly illustrated by the sheltering of bin Laden right in the lair of the Pakistani military, for all to see, once again. Maybe that is why Bush was so unconcerned about catching bin Laden: who would want to catch oneself in public?

I am calling here onto the spirits of big time history. When democracy in the USA behaves worse, 21 centuries later, than an already deeply troubled Roman republic, Earth, we have a serious problem. Confronted with much more serious, dangerous, and mass murdering foes of the treacherous type (Jugurtha, Vercingetorix), the Roman republic arrested them. They were executed much later. There is little doubt that bin Laden could have been executed later. In theory, the ruler of the USA is the People.

The People should have had questions for bin Laden. Starting with: why did you meet many times with CIA operatives at the American hospital in Dubai in July 2001? What was exactly your relationship with the CIA? And the ISI? And Prince Turki (Saudi intelligence head)? Were you ordered to attack primary schools in Afghanistan? If not so, who did it? Etc.

I do believe in the superiority of civilization over the wastes of the wilds. That superiority rests on logics. Thus it can come and go, as logic does. Who profited from the immediate elimination of bin Laden? Well, those who did not want him to answer questions in a judicial process.



American plutocracy versus Jihadism, its ex-employee. Al Qaeda was able to steer further the USA towards civilizational irrelevance, by making it embrace Biblical justice. So Al Qaeda won in spirit. And spiritual elements are what lasts longer.

Al Qaeda had only 200 men in 2001. The USA launched a three trillion dollar war, ostensibly to fight it, killed hundreds of thousands of people, changed the nature of American society, and made the USA more like old Sparta, with an oligarchy ruling an increasingly destitute American population, as the society became more and more molded by war, for war.

The disproportion is astounding. 200 guys on one side, and the USA has still not won! The USA ruined its economy, its sociology, its law and its civilization, and the 200 guys are still out there, fighting back. Bin Laden was not the most important character of Al Qaeda. Al-Zawahiri, a surgeon from the Muslim brotherhood, is much more important (and may have given bin Laden’s location to Obama, for all I know… There were good reasons for this crafty move…)

Not just this, but, the USA did so, while making Al Qaeda and its imitators stronger. Only fools will think that this was just out of clumsiness. A more subtle interpretation is that this was a computation of the American oligarchy to reign more, onto its own People.

Pro-plutocratic Romans used to chant:”One must destroy Carthage!” (“Cartago delenda est”.) Carthage had become democratic, and thus, being the enemy of Rome, Carthage became a way to paint democracy as the enemy of Rome. Something similar is going on now. The presence of Carthage had been used to justify the weakening of democracy, while increasing the militarization. Similarly, the presence of a jihadist army allows American plutocrats to do exactly the same.

Before howling that I see conspiracies everywhere, and my head should be examined again, think about it. Which country, in the world supported financially, trained and equipped an army of  300,000 jihadists? Only one: the country of the towers which fell by total surprise, among the bleating sheep.

“A fight that we did not start, but came to our shores”, as the thinker in sheep, I mean in chief among the sheep, blurted out repetitively, the way sheep are won to do.

To watch the courageous Afghan freedom fighters battle modern arsenals with simple hand-held weapons is an inspiration to those who love freedom.” (U.S. President Reagan, March 21, 1983.)we’ll be damned by history if we let them fight with stones” (Charlie Wilson, head of U.S. Congress for Afghan jihad.)

In the end, American commandos fought just one guy to kill an unarmed bin Laden, and no American was wounded. Was it much ado about nothing? No. Bin Laden became a pretext to invade much of the oil producing part of the planet, that the USA did not control yet.


However, in the end it cost too much in lives and treasure. More than 6,000 American soldiers, and more than 1,000 other NATO troops have been killed in action, and dozens of thousands of soldiers have been gravely wounded. NATO populations, profoundly incognizant,  are still supporting the wars, but their economies have already cracked… And we were told it was all because of greedy homeowners. (Now to be helped, by giving free money to the world’s richest people, the one who fill the campaign coffers of the politicians who serve them.)

The conflict did not come out as intended by American oligarchy. By making the fight with 200 guys into an enormous war, with the enormous ambition of controlling Iraqi oil, and Central Asian oil and gas, the USA bit more than it could chew. Al Qaeda, and a new anti-American galaxy, won militarily. The USA is defeated militarily, and is trying to extract itself from Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq is on the verge of a grand alliance with Iran and Syria. Pakistan is playing a complicated game, using both the jihadists and China against the U.S. taxpayers. The plutocracy of the USA keeps its cool; nothing like a big mess, to advance its cause.

Al Qaeda won philosophically: the USA embraced its primitive disregard for Western civilization. Not only Americans, like the Salafists, believe in hell, but they indicate that civilization is in the way, and ought to be jettisoned.

Some will say that is sad, and unfortunate. They miss the point: it was deliberate, and a joyful occasion for the plutocracy. And so was the pseudo-crash of 2008 (which was more akin to gravity assist, when a space probe falls into a passing planet’s gravitational field, in a near crash, and then comes out with much more energy.) A whole menagerie now reigns on American TV, celebrating “enhanced interrogation”. In the Middle Ages, that was called “extraordinary question”, colloquially: torture. It was discontinued in the Middle Ages, because more efficient ways were found to find things out, while making civilization progress.



Salafism is a form of fascism. So is all too much (not all) of Christo-Islamism. Christianism was fascism, and so was Islamism. Christianism was domesticated long ago, when the Franks took control in 486 CE. (It escaped out of its cage, by using the Crusades, and it took centuries to completely re-domesticate it). But nobody came out, and domesticated Islam. Even the French, expert at the domestication of Christianism and Islamism in “Francia” herself, did not try to domesticate Islam in Algeria. That was to the advantage of the hyper wealthy (who feel that they profit from an ignorant population), but not to the advantage of advancing civilization (which all too many French did not want to advance in Algeria, as primitives are more easily exploited than the sophisticated).

Islamism is more alive than Christianism. People have been lapidated in Afghanistan in 2011, because of so called “infidelity”. Videos were taken (they have been shown in the West). The game of NATO and the USA in Afghanistan has been to leave islam in command, for the same reason as stupid French left islam alone in the Maghreb; it is easier to exploit the primitives. More exactly it allows to make deals with a few fascist leaders, such as Karzai.

Mubarak and the Saudis, or Qaddafi, did not charge fully for oil. If those regimes were democracies, oil would be more expensive, and Israel would find harder to pursue its exploitation of the Palestinians, and the oppression of the quarter of its citizenry which is not Jewish.

Islam, just as Christianism, has been mostly used as an excuse fascists have found to stay in power. Fascism is the  Raison d’être of Christianism and Islamism.  See the (rich) Egyptian military leadership making deals with the Islamists, as Mubarak used to, under the cover of officially not liking them. And see the deal between the Saud family (fascists) and the Wahhabists (theocrats).

The planet has shrunk, democracy cannot be weak with fascism. Weakness, or more exactly, in the case of the (plutocrats of the) USA and the UK, double dealing, was tried with German fascism. It worked well, but mostly for the (plutocrats of the) USA. Bin Laden was part of a similar system: as a good Saudi, he brought the goods to the USA, in this case, a jihadist army. So, basically the same double deal was done with Muslim Fundamentalists as was done with Hitler: get the best deal from the fascists, by collaborating with them.

Resting one’s fortune on a holocaust is not easy to duplicate, though. The (plutocrats of the) USA ought to be careful next time. Apparently next time is now. In no small part because the plutocratic system is increasingly hard to hide, from Wall Street to Qaddafi.

I have advocated that fascists who lose legitimacy and present a threat ought to be aggressively removed in a timely manner, as needed by democracy. Hitler ought to have been assassinated by the Germans, and the West ought to have assisted in that matter by treating Hitler with proper disrespect. This is done with Qaddafi right now, by stopping him militarily, attacking his reputation, property, and dragging him to justice in absentia, for crimes against humankind.

An obvious problem, though, is that the world plutocratic system is all tied together, as an organic whole. The ambassador of the USA related secretly the North Korean weapons transfers through China (WikiLeaks). The Chinese and the North Koreans know that Washington knows, and Washington lets it happen, becoming an accomplice. Why? As I said, it’s an integrated whole. As long as the public does not know, it flies. WikiLeaks worries Beijing and Washington, because it exposes how they rule, for the benefit of their oligarchs, and that rests on excluding the public from ruling.

One more example: Switzerland just found in its coffers 400 million dollars tied in to Ggabo, the arrested dictator of Ivory Coast. OK, that’s far from the 150 billions of the Qaddafi clan and the 80 billions of the Mubarak clan, or the 8 billions of the Ben Ali clan (Tunisian dictatorship). But that is only in Switzerland. The world’s greatest tax heavens is actually the… USA. And the Qaddafis had 60 billion there (according to Hillary Clinton).



Pluto can make itself invisible, such is one of its qualities the Greeks discovered.

Obviously, the government of the USA has things to hide from the People in the name of which it governs. Not just that, but it ominously let it be known that it does, and that everybody should shut up about it. Heads examined otherwise. And don’t forget “enhanced interrogation”.

The oligarchs did not want their ex-agent bin Laden to explain how their mass murdering collaboration evolved into squabbling. The oligarchs did not want bin Laden to stand up, and plead not guilty. They would have hated to see bin Laden request that directors of the CIA be brought to the stand as (presumably hostile) witnesses.

The same method was used with Saddam Hussein: silence, the Western governments have nothing to do with your badness, you little pawn! This will to dissimulation and dissemblance all comes from said governments serving their friend the plutocrats rather than their voters, the public.



The stories about bin Laden’s death keep on changing considerably. In the latest version:

…” the raid, though chaotic and bloody, was extremely one-sided, with a force of more than 20 Navy Seal members quickly dispatching the handful of men protecting Bin Laden. Administration officials said that the only shots fired by those in the compound came at the beginning of the operation… After the Seal members shot and killed Mr. Kuwaiti and a woman in the guesthouse, the Americans were never fired upon again.”

An unarmed 53 year old man, armed only with his bare hands, cannot be subdued by dozens of super trained American commandos.  The indomitable bin Laden, we are told, faced with immense numbers of armed, armored professional killers, not only does not surrender, but resist splendidly the elite American supermen. A crowd of the best American warriors are like nothing, faced by an invalid in pajamas. Just here, we now have more than enough for a formidable legend: see what a true jihadist is! Bin Laden may have been gravely sick for more than ten years, Americans are still like insects, relative to him. They cannot subdue him. In that crucial moment, the impotency of the USA reaches the visage of god, and god spit them back.  So the Seals shot bin laden lethally. But so great is his spirit, so great is their fear of incompetent little men, they have to shot him lethally multiple times. 

We are also told that bin Laden was shot at least twice: in the head, and in the chest. Wait a minute: if he had been shot in the head, why to shoot him in the chest? Thus it has got to be the other way around. And if he had been shot in the chest, why to shoot him in the head? Because one wanted to make sure he was really dead? So that he could not hold any interesting conversation? Then Obama tells us that bin Laden has been too disfigured  to be shown. Really? Or is it because it looks like a mob execution? Bad karma that would be, and karma sees through all.

Then bin Laden was thrown to the fishes. When I advocate civilization, I do not mean that the fishes have it.

Then there were the grotesque rejoicing in the USA, reminiscent of the grotesque rejoicing on September 11, 2001. The Main Stream Media used marching bands, etc… But no element of media went  beyond any analysis about anything preceding September 11, 2001. The conspiracy of starting history on September 11, 2011 has worked splendidly: all Americans seem really to believe it all started with the big boom booms that September day. That reminds me of the German (fascist) conspiracy of starting history in 1919, with the Versailles Treaty (as if nothing had happened before, and in particular, grave injustices had not been committed by the Germans against many peoples of Eastern Europe, such as disappearing entire nations) .



Obama insisted for half an hour on CBS that they were no more than “50%”, or 55% sure that Bin Laden was there. It looks highly implausible that the USA would have risked a shoot-out, in the middle of a sovereign country, with the armed forces of that country, while killing the bodyguards of some rich plutocrat.

The very fact that Obama insisted, again and again on the notion that the CIA figured it out, all by itself, without any help from anybody else, is conducive to suspect that the opposite is true. So Bin Laden was sold, and probably by some accomplice(s) in the Pakistani governmental structure, and that Trojan Horse has to be protected.

It is clear that elements of the ISI sold Bin Laden. Actually major arrests of Al Qaeda leaders had been made in the same city 3 months earlier (of some Bali bombers). And they said enough to deduce bin Laden was in that house. So Obama was clumsily trying to protect his accomplices. He should work on his lying.

As I mentioned other members of Al Qaeda may even have had interest to dispatch Bin Laden. The democratic revolutions in the Arabo-Muslim world made Bin Laden irrelevant, He could not bring any funds anymore. Long gone the times when he would jet into London, in his private jet, as he did as recently as 1998. Best to make him a martyr, and re-orient Al Qaeda a bit.

Why do I mention this? Am I not an enemy of the fascist Pakistani system. Sure. But fascism is fought by exposing it, not by plotting within. The forces of light triumph by exposing the darkness, not by pulling the curtains.



When the dust settles, one fact stands firm: the USA thinks the Geneva Conventions, the laws of war, are for the fishes. They don’t hold for Apaches, and, presumably, not for the rest of us either.

According to a senator who saw the pictures of Bin Laden after he was shot, an explosive bullet entered in his ear, and came out, by Osama’s left eye, spilling brains over his face. In other words, after having been shot a first time, bin Laden would have been shot from the back, in the head. Yes, when an army does that, it commits a war crime. And when the commander-in-chief calls it justice done, he also commits a war crime. (There are very precise laws on this. Obama said he would visit Europe after his presidency. It’s not so clear now: Bush had to cancell a visit to Geneva recently, lest he be arrested… For his apparent crimes against mankind.) 

Erich Maria Remarque observed that: “Tolerance is the daughter of doubt.” By the same token, “Intolerance is the daughter of certainty.” True justice is not certain to start with. It explores, and observes. It questions. And nowadays it needs to go beyond culprit individuals, to culprit thoughts. Bin Laden did not start the war in Afghanistan. The USA did. And that much is certain.

What do children want? Everything. After all, they are trying to find where the bounds are. But infantilizing an entire population while giving it thermonuclear weapons cannot have a good outcome. That way the USA and Pakistan are similar.

Trying to justify not showing the gory pictures of a dead Bin Laden, which would have made clear to forensic experts that he had been assassinated, Obama said several times:”We do not spike the football, that is not who we are”. So how come you have that infantile picture in your mind? And did you not compare Bin Laden to a football, just now? How much more childish can one be?

Given a populace of lemons, plutocracy makes lemonade. The oligarchs were ready for a new approach to the Central Asian oil procurement plan. Since Pakistan was a problem, they suggested hopefully that their “allies” to the north of Afghanistan would come in handy to help. In other words, the Central Asian (oil & gas) issue, which, as I said, is the fundamental one, is already acquiring a new cover-up! The American army has to occupy Central Asia to save Afghanistan. Pakistan made us do it!

Can a civilization thrive on lies, fables, and children stories? Sometimes yes: the Nazis and their supporters got quite a bit of mileage, from claiming they were protecting the Jews, as they were removing them (and stealing all their property).

All humongously oppressive regimes rest on enormous lies, and those can last centuries. The most enormous example is Jesus Christ himself. Jesus Christ is viewed as the definition of love. That was a lie: Jesus ordered to burn those who did not believe in him. That was, clearly, not very loving. But that lie was extremely convenient to various “Christian” fascist regimes, for 15 centuries, as the rebellious ones were not condemned just to have their heads examined, but were actually thrown in the fire.  

To describe infantilism, one has to define what a lie is.

A lie is a misrepresentation of reality which could have been avoided, had the agent which proffered it taken full care in deploying full, imaginable logic, and checking thoroughly the subassemblies it is made of.

This apparently convoluted definition covers deliberate ignorance and other mental contraptions erected to manipulate one’s subconscious into a state of dissemblance. The archetype of the modern lie is that the Germans did not “know” about the Holocaust (or the Communists did not “know” about Stalin’s terror, horror, enslavement and mass murdering). Sure they did not “know” about it, in the sense that it was not front page news. But, had they been a bit observant and logical, they would have deduced that they were lied to.

The lamentable shows of exuberance throughout the media of the USA to celebrate bin Laden’s execution, were a form of lie. They assumed that ultimate happiness has been reached, because the military of the USA terminated, with the help of the CIA, the essential problem which affected the USA. In truth, it was nothing of the sort. Bin Laden was just one of the CIA’s most important past operatives. Bin Laden did not start the war, he was just a recruited agent.

This is immature. In the full sense of the term: are Americans little children?  The CIA organized a little show for them, and they cheer. The Bin Laden rocket climbs up the sky, its great fireworks extinguish the USSR in the name of Reagan, before falling down to the ground, and being extinguished, by the CIA. Among thunderous applause. Apparently the president can get away with enormous hallucinations such as “we did not start this fight”, and nobody serious and respected rises, and call the hallucination for what it is.

No wonder that the Pakistani intelligence tried to preserve in bin Laden a living witness of what had really been going on, and who gave which orders, who got which ideas, and who had been manipulating whom. No wonder too, that this indispensable witness was fed to the fishes by the masters. As in old Mafia movies.

Oops: I guess i have fallen back already in my anti-American mode. All good, rational Americans learn as early as 2 years old, that there are good and bad people, and “no conspiracy theories”. A “conspiracy theory” is any explanation in which plutocracy does not come on top, ethically speaking.

Rachelle Maddow said that Bin Laden’s assassination  was a “cathartic moment for all“.  Maddow is as left as American left go. As far as I am concerned her lack of critical sense suggests that she should be called “meadow”, like something to be trampled on and munched by cows. The Greek word. kathartikos  means “fit for cleansing, purgative”. Far from being cleansing, Bin Laden’s elimination has removed an easy path to the truth.

Thus, bin Laden was absolute evil, now it has been made into fish food, justice is done, and all conspiracy theories about the forces of good are also dead. The only conspiracies are those of the forces of evil. American Main Stream Media actually run shows “advising” parents about what to say about Bin Laden. The new sense of justice is introduced to toddlers: kill your enemy, that’s justice done.

There have been many systems of thought which have become oppressive, or even murderously insane. Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, Nazism are examples. They all have this in common to be forms of political fascism.

Not that all fascism is bad all the time, even from a fascist political system. The best example of that was the invasion of fascist, mass murdering Cambodia by the Vietnamese army. Vietnam, a communist regime inspired by hard core French communism, battle hardened against the French and American military, intervened for humanitarian reasons. And it was true, and it was well done. Vietnam stopped the holocaust in Cambodia.

It is often said that democracies do not fight democracies. But Rome, a plutocratizing republic, attacked several democracies around 146 BCE. The massive wars around 146 BCE allowed Roman plutocracy to seize the world, starting with the Roman republic itself. No wonder that Roman plutocracy had interest to get them started. So maybe some of the American plutocrats believe that a world war would be the best thing which could happen to their class. In that sense, helping Pakistan with nuclear weapons makes a lot of sense.

Moreover, democracies can become extremely exploitative. Peoples can attack, and exploit peoples. An example is the slave system which fed the American colonies. Or the way Belgium, a democracy, let its head, the plutocratic king, ravage the Congo.

People, and their democratic government , can even exterminate other peoples. The best example is, of course, the USA itself, which exterminated (most of) the American natives. Don’t mention this too loud, if you want friends in the USA: evoking this is in the category which leads your friends to think your head should be examined.

So what is Americanism? A system where reality, sometimes uncomfortable, is denied through infantilism. The key there is high school, and college. The philosophy, and even the culture imposed on American youth is that of sports, and scoring over the rival team. As the banners screamed it: Obama 1, Osama, 0.

In infantilism, higher ethics is not the furthermost guidance, sports and Jesus’ call to burn miscreants, are good enough.

Some of my interlocutors have suggested that I was naive and that the democracy movements have been also instrumentalized in Libya by the Western oppressors. Just as I have long argued that Islam was instrumentalized. But I completely disagree: literal Islam is mentally primitive, democracy is not just advanced, but inimical to literal Islam (as it is inimical to literal Christianism).

The French instrumentalized Islam a bit, to help with African volunteers to fight German fascists in WWI and WWII. It was a complicated relationship: some Islamists were arrested and exiled, before being reinstated, celebrated, and honored by the republic.

However, overall, the French and British were careful with Islam. They kept at a distance. When the French nationalized religious establishments in 1905, Islam was ignored (big mistake).

On the other hand, the USA had no such qualms. Remember: from the American point of view, Middle easterners had oil, and were all Apaches. Instrumentalizing Islamism  was the way to manipulate those who had oil, while pushing out the French and British, by financing, helping and organizing jihadists… Against the French, and the British, or their proxies. The method of American intelligence to use Muslim Fundamentalism against the progress of native socializing republics  or democracies was used in Egypt, against the French, and most famously against PM Mossadegh in 1953, in Iran. And, actually, all over the place.

The rising of a giant American Mujahedeen army in Afghanistan was a particularly striking symbol of that. Financing Pakistani nukes, now built at an amazing pace, another. Don’t forget that American planners think they are only dealing with Apaches: they have no fear.

In Egypt, the old (secret) alliance between the plutocratic military and the Muslim Brotherhood, pushed (secretly) by Western plutocrats, is alive and well. It’s partly a question of American (Egypt, Saudis) spheres of influence: the Egyptian army has been trained, educated, domesticated by the Americans. . In Libya, the Europeans are trying to regain a foothold in their own backyard, and they push democracy, not Islam.

By throwing the idea of justice to the trash, the American government is trying to throw to the trash a piece of Greco-Roman civilization which survived even the Dark Ages. Last time a big, modern country full of arrogance and exceptionalism threw justice and civilization to the trash, it was called Nazi Germany.

What to do then? Well, tell the truth. And tell it to everybody. That is how justice starts.


Patrice Ayme

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

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Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

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Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


Smile! You’re at the best site ever

Defense Issues

Military and general security

Polyhedra, tessellations, and more.

How to Be a Stoic

an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century

Rise, Republic, Plutocracy, Degeneracy, Fall And Transmutation Of Rome

Power Exponentiation By A Few Destroyed Greco-Roman Civilization. Are We Next?

SoundEagle 🦅ೋღஜஇ

Where The Eagles Fly . . . . Art Science Poetry Music & Ideas

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Artificial Turf At French Bilingual School Berkeley

Patterns of Meaning

Exploring the patterns of meaning that shape our world

Sean Carroll

in truth, only atoms and the void

West Hunter

Omnes vulnerant, ultima necat

GrrrGraphics on WordPress

Skulls in the Stars

The intersection of physics, optics, history and pulp fiction

Footnotes to Plato

because all (Western) philosophy consists of a series of footnotes to Plato

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Striving For Ever Better Thinking. Humanism Is Intelligence Unleashed. From Intelligence All Ways, Instincts & Values Flow, Even Happiness. History and Science Teach Us Not Just Humility, But Power, Smarts, And The Ways We Should Embrace. Naturam Primum Cognoscere Rerum

Learning from Dogs

Dogs are animals of integrity. We have much to learn from them.


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Defense Issues

Military and general security

Polyhedra, tessellations, and more.

How to Be a Stoic

an evolving guide to practical Stoicism for the 21st century