Unexamined, Unequitable: 9/11/73

I do not just believe in Systems of Thoughts but also in Systems of Mood. For example if one installs oneself in a mood of indifference, cruelty, or inequity, that mood, by affecting all of one’s neurochemistry, will pervade all of one’s mental system. This holds not just within individuals, but for entire superorganisms: societies. Logic is punctual, moods are global, they tweak all logics.

Charles Blow contemplates theOccupy Wall Street Legacy, and strikes an optimist note:“The rich have recovered, but the rest still struggle. This cannot long stand.” Yes, the people should stop struggling, and just humbly submit to their Lords before the latter get real angry, as they did on 9/11/1973. That’s when the legal government of Chile was assassinated, and replaced by a made in USA neoconservative butchery.

Major USA Crime Yet Unexamined

Major USA Crime Yet Unexamined

First the Chief of Staff of the army, a constitutionalist, had to be killed. General René Schneider was Army Commander-in-chief at the time of the 1970 Chilean presidential election, in which Salvador Allende won a plurality on September 4, 1970, on his fourth try for the presidency. A congressional vote was required to confirm the winner.

Allende was a Medical Doctor from the upper Chilean society. Having seen misery in hospitals, he founded the Unidad Popular (“Popular Unity”) coalition. He was minister of health in 1938, a deputy and a senator. Contrarily to what is often claimed, Allende was a socialist, not a Marxist. In personal conversations with his closest friends, he never evoked Marx. Allende lived in a mansion.

Hollande, the French president who waged war in Mali and wants to “punir le dictateur Assad“, is also a socialist. Yet he is not from the upper society and does not own a mansion.

The basic problem with Allende was that he was under the misconception that Chili was owned by Chileans.

The CIA spent 2.7 million dollars to defeat Allende in 1964, plus much more millions from Royal houses in Europe, the Vatican, Christian Democratic parties, the Catholic church of the USA, all sorts of frantic plutocrats. The money was used for what the ambassador of the USA, Edward Korry called “an enormous propaganda campaign” (American propaganda campaigns, Korry added, that he witnessed in many countries; even in Europe).

The same strategy was used in Italy in 1948, or Chili in 1970 (this time with a CIA seed of ten millions): create an anti-Socialist terror (source: Nixon’s ambassador to Chile, again).

Incidentally this shows that the concept of plutocracy is all-embracing, and that the Royal Houses are part of it. They should all be unceremoniously replaced by the Republic, and the main reason invoked ought to be, precisely, this sort of criminal conspiracies against humanity that they have been involved in. (Catalonia independencia is a good place to start!)

This is not just dead history: all those who repeat that Allende was a Marxist are still part, consciously or not, of that propaganda, that conspiracy, serving the masters.

Actually Nixon did not call Allende a Marxist. He knew better. Nixon called Allende a “bastard”, a “SOB”. Richard Nixon, the famous criminal,  decided he got a vote too. Nixon ordered that Allende would not go from quasi elected president to president. Nixon ordered the CIA to “smash that bastard” (revealed his ambassador, Edward Korry). Three Chilean generals met with the US ambassador. They informed him that the chief of the Chilean army would strictly follow the Chilean Constitution, and refuse to make a coup.

So Kissinger and Richard Helms (CIA chief) sent weapons and ammunitions to Chiliand personnel to Chili to assassinate general Schneider, October 24, 1970. Some of the weapons were sent by diplomatic pouch (without telling the ambassador). The result surprised Nixon. Full of indignation about that Washington-organized assassination, even rightist Congressmen voted for Allende, who was duly elected president.

Allende launched a program of nationalizations, in particular of USA owned banks and copper mines.  He also launched a national health program, free milk in schools, a pursuit of the land redistribution program already started under his predecessor, Eduardo Frei. Behaving exactly like the Roman Republic of old, the Chilean government limited the latifundia (large farms) to 80 hectares. That too was part of Allende’s electoral platform.

Allende brought up the lowest wages by up to 30%, while slowing inflation by a third. Fiscal spending went up from 21% to 27% of GDP. A huge housing program was launched.

The CIA convinced key Chilean military officers to carry out a coup. USA Defense Intelligence Agency agents secured the missiles used to bombard La Moneda Presidetial Palace (the film of the bombardment is easy to access on the Internet).

In light of all this, what to do with Mr. Blow’s optimism?

“The rich have recovered, but the rest still struggle. This cannot long stand,”  sings Blow. Why could not it stand? After plutocracy took power in Rome, it took more than 1,800 years for the a fully democratic constitution to return, in France in 1789 (contrarily to what Obama claimed last week, the Constitution of the USA, as it allowed for racial slavery until 1865, was not truly democratic). Interestingly, the Roman empire itself had officially returned by 800 CE. Thus democracy is more fragile than plutocracy!

Blows hopes that:“Extreme levels of inequality are politically untenable and morally unacceptable, and that eventually the 99 percent will demand better. “

Well it was unacceptable that the government of the USA would kill high Chilean authorities, just because American plutocrats owned the world’s largest copper mines in Chili. But where is the inquiry? There is a lot of flag waving on 9/11. But how many Americans know there are two 9/11s, and that, in a deep sense, both were engineered at the highest levels of the USA?

The inquiry in the death of the UN general-secretary was recently reopened, 52 years after the fact. Dag Hammarskjöld was shot down by the usual suspects (Anglo-Saxon mining plutocrats) and it was covered-up by the usual suspects (their accomplices in the USA-UK governments).

Unfortunately, instead of reopening the past to examine it carefully, right now the majority seems to be demanding that dictators be allowed to gas children in peace. Instead of asking what happened on 9/11 in 1973, the majority seems to be inspired by Uncle Vlad, the way it used to be inspired by uncle Joe.  

The economic theory in use today is, simply, wrong. First, to measure the economy, it evaluates riches, in other words, how the wealthy are doing.

Salvador Allende, president of Chili, had made a superb discourse at the United Nations, much applauded, where he explained that corporations answered to no one, and were above the law. This is why Nixon  gave the order to “smash Allende“. And Allende was smashed. To this day, how many thousands were killed is unknown.

“Eventually the 99 percent will demand better,” dreams Blow optimistically. However the only reason Martin Luther King was allowed to dream was because president Eisenhower had stood and delivered.

Ike comically said:”Earl [Warren, Supreme Court chief] wants big black negroes to sit next to small white little girls at school.” It was innocuously funny: Ike did send the army to enforce desegregation in schools in the 1950s. He did not ask Congress (against!) or public opinion (against!). The dream came after the fact.

Meanwhile in Chili, the daughters of two generals who were neighbors and good friends until 9/11 are running for the presidency. Ms Matthei’s father, Gen Fernando Matthei became a senior goon of Pinochet.

Ms Bachelet has already been president (one cannot do two presidencies in a row in Chili). She will probably win again (as her first presidency was excellent). Her father, General Alberto Bachelet, remained loyal to the Republican Constitution. He was arrested, tortured and killed. She wants to re-examine what happened on 9/11/73. So things are looking up in Chili.

Less so at that point in the USA. Hence the need for Professor in Chief Obama to enlighten the obscure masses, with basic lessons in ethics and strategy: “crimes against humanity are intolerable, repeat after me!” 

What the 66% have been demanding is that crimes against humanity be left unpunished. Why should the 66% demand an equitable society, when they don’t want to stop a tyrant who gaz children?

In any case, it’s high time for the USA to examine the murderous interference of Nixon in the completely legal government of a country that had been fully constitutionally democratic for about as long as the USA itself. And it’s high time not to forget that the same advisers who were behind Nixon (such as Kissinger and Friedman and Kaiser) were also the creators of the so called neo-liberal order… Which is neither new, nor liberal. But drenched in blood, inequity, misery, and the old tradition of killing people one cannot rob in peace.


Patrice Ayme

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23 Responses to “Unexamined, Unequitable: 9/11/73”

  1. Alexi Helligar Says:

    A powerful essay!..


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks, Alexi! I was going to follow with one on the financial system, that I have ready, to celebrate Lehman’s fifth anniversary collapse… But I will let the preceding one sit on the conscience of the masses a bit longer…


  2. Lovell Says:


    Larry Summers pulled out of contention for Fed chairmanship:



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Wow! Most pleasing. I wonder what Obama’s minders are thinking now that Yellen is ready to yell in their faces…

      Another Democratic Senator in the committee had withdrawn his support (for the reason that Dracula had caused the crisis!) So it would have forced them to recruit republicans, loud and clear to save Dracula. That was a bit akward to all. Dracula is staying in Harvard, minding the children!

      What are the bloodthirsty ones going to do?



    • Lovell Says:

      The Wall Street mafia thought they could pull a fast one had the progressives did not push back and protest the ignominy of Summers’ nomination.

      The bloodthirsty ones are now floating the odious idea of having Sheryl Sandberg for the post instead.

      Quelle horreur!


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        If not Summers the plutocratic henchman then his well paid girlfriend! Makes sense! Sherryl has proven a sure value! Her best seller of lies has been a great propaganda success! Or when who is perhaps the world most expensive prostitute preaches to do like she says, just the opposite of what she did (as even the Wall Street Journal observed!)


  3. Dan Says:

    Great essay. It always amazed me (as a latin-american) how the american media can be so self-righteous – there is a never a critic of american foreign policy in terms of what right does the USA have to intervene in other countries, only what the cost to USA is. Small correction – the name of the country is Chile not Chili.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Dan! Thanks for contributing to the comments, and welcome! (And thanks for the correction!… I made the mistake unconsciously. The original name was “Chili”, and apparently still that way in my head (and in several languages). I will try to correct it, though…).

      Yes the American media is highly manipulated, and highly manipulative. Self righteousness is part of it. For example, the mood in the last week has been congratulations about the great success of “Occupy Wall Street”. (And this extends to Internet, loudly anti-American imperialism sites! Those have obviously been penetrated by the likes of the CIA; “Daily Kos” is an example; several of these sites promptly shut me down when I contributed to them, that’s why I became suspicious of their true motivations!)

      Yet, the success of “Occupy Wall Street” is strictly zero. No biting anything came out of it. I did not even see it scream cogently about Summers (because it would have attacked Obama, I guess!)

      USA owned banks played important roles, and profited hugely from various coup and crises they contributed to organize in Latin America. Average Americans confusely feel they profit from all this, so they don’t even want to broach the conversation. It’s like putting one’s feet in the soup…
      From Wikipedia:
      According to 17th-century Spanish chronicler Diego de Rosales,[17] the Incas called the valley of the Aconcagua “Chili” by corruption of the name of a Picunche tribal chief (“cacique”) called Tili, who ruled the area at the time of the Incan conquest in the 15th century.[18][19] Another theory points to the similarity of the valley of the Aconcagua with that of the Casma Valley in Peru, where there was a town and valley named Chili.[19]

      Other theories say Chile may derive its name from a Native American word meaning either “ends of the earth” or “sea gulls”;[20] from the Mapuche word chilli, which may mean “where the land ends;”[21] or from the Quechua chiri, “cold”,[22] or tchili, meaning either “snow
      22][23] or “the deepest point of the Earth”.[24] Another origin attributed to chilli is the onomatopoeic cheele-cheele—the Mapuche imitation of the warble of a bird locally known as trile.[21][25]

      The Spanish conquistadors heard about this name from the Incas, and the few survivors of Diego de Almagro’s first Spanish expedition south from Peru in 1535–36 called themselves the “men of Chilli”.[21] Ultimately, Almagro is credited with the universalization of the name Chile, after naming the Mapocho valley as such.[19] The older spelling “Chili” was in use in English until at least 1900 before switching over to “Chile”.[26


  4. Old Geezer Says:

    Something DID come out of the “Occupy Wall $treet” movement – the concept of the 99% and the 1% is now part of the American lexicon.

    It is even used regularly by the media.

    We need real change, but before change comes the language with which to express the change we want.


    • Paul Handover Says:

      And got used by me commenting on an extract from a Rebecca Solnit essay used recently on LfD. But that didn’t stop Patrice from offering the following critique:

      “This Rebecca belongs to the huge self congratulatory, unknowing, acritical, sort that fumigates the Internet same as pot smoke. “Occupy all Street” has a TOTAL failure Nothing has changed, and mostly because people are completely unawares of the technicals. BTW what she says about the French revolution is anti-historical. But sure, reads good!

      There were 2 or 3 measures to take, they were not taken. And, frankly, it’s mostly because people read the sort of feel good stuff rather than the hard stuff found on my site! 🙂 !”

      I accepted his criticism.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Thanks Paul! We all have this problem. The truth is never too popular to start with. And, often, the greater the truth as yet unrevealed, the more unpopular one gets.
        The Internet is actually a very highly manipulated medium, maybe even worse than what came before. There, are, in particular, countless pseudo-left sites conducting their pseudo left critiques, complete with pseudo-left celebrities. How does one know this? Inefficiency of remedies proposed.

        For example, everybody pay taxes. The destitute, jobless, unmarried mother of three, nearly every time she does a transaction, she pays tax (at least in most states). However, financiers, the richest people in the world, do not. You would assume that the left would talk about imposing a FTT (Financial Transaction Tax). But no. Only various French governments have pushed for it (even right wing Sarkozy). That makes Sarkozy left of Occupy Wall Street… Yet, Sarkozy is enormously, multidinously plutocratically connected…

        Conclusion: OWS was, at best, completely manipulated by Wall Street…


        • pshakkottai Says:

          Hi Patrice: “OWS was, at best, completely manipulated by Wall Street…”

          And OWS never understood how the economy works. Therefore it failed totally.

          There are 2 kinds of debt. Private debt is bad. Govt debt (the DEFICIT) is good. They move in opposite directions. See the plots in

          Jobs are created when govt produces more deficits.

          The aim of a govt should be to create maximum employment .
          Empirically 1$ of deficit produces $5 of GDP. The created money will find its way into the economy (the private sector.)

          Deficits automatically requires a work force and creates prosperity.

          Taxes are ARE NOT REQUIRED for the federal govt which can create all the money required.

          MORE deficits will cure the economy painlessly with zero risk.
          Money is merely a token and a bookkeeping tool.

          We need to renew our economy fundamentally and on a massive scale.
          This is quite easy. All you have to do is
          (1) deficit fund with abandon. (Example, India)
          (2) Keep the money creation strictly under govt control (example, India)
          USA obeys
          Taxes are not required for a money creator. (example, No state taxes in India)
          1971 during the gold standard.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Hi Partha! Nice to hear from you. Well, we fully agree! I would go even further; OWS was an intoxication. OWS understood nothing about the economy, finance, did not care, persists and signs. It’s all about feel good, a form of materialism. The powers that be are delighted by this, as it guarantees no nationalizations, no regulations, no FTT, no nothing…

            BTW, a practical app of what you describe above, most of which I agree with now that I understand it better, is how the UK, the USA, Germany and Japan got out of the so called Great Depression in 3 years or so…
            France did not because she refused massive deficits by sticking to the Gold Standard.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear OGP: OK, a little slogan. But it has a nasty aspect to itself: people find it cute. It’s like having a pet mamba, like in Kill Bill!
      People feel: Oh, the 1%, they have it all, then what? And the problem anyway is the .01%… The global .01%….

      In any case there were like three things to do. They were not done, not even proposed, in the USA.

      Yellen, if she becomes Fed Chair, as she ought to/should, may mitigate the mood towards more regulations… Only hope…


  5. Old Geezer Pilot Says:

    I am a little more optimistic, PA. At least Americans now realize that there ARE IN FACT economic classes; that we are NOT ALL MIDDLE CLASS as we are told; that the social contract needs attention; that the 1% and worse the 0.1% are living off the efforts of the rest of us.

    It is a start.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear OGP: A start? All the start there is is the imminent shut-down of the government, except if Obama caves in again for his wet dreams… And, BTW, it’s Clinton who is running ahead at this point… Although there are clean, VERY CLEAN, qualified candidates out there, such as California governor Jerry Brown… Who succeeded to augment taxes on the hyper rich…


      • pshakkottai Says:

        Hi patrice: Re: the imminent shutdown of the govt..

        The concept is meaningless for a money creator (like India)
        with a few added remarks.

        DEFICIT = PRIVATE SAVINGS + NET IMPORTS, for the US economy.
        But why only the federal government? (MONETARY SOVEREIGN and can create money at zero cost)
        Why not the states? (NON SOVEREIGN and can only borrow at high cost, thanks to plutocracy)
        In a different system there would be no TAXES at all (including FTT). India is not there yet.

        Higher per capita income alone is not enough. Income inequality matters a lot more.
        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:World_Map_Gini_coefficient_with_legend_2.png the GINI map of the world. USA, Brazil, China are highly unequal societies. Countries with privatized banks tend to be very unequal because of plutocratic corruption.

        Canada, India are more equal societies. Europe and Japan are much more equal. At least in India, education created wealth and deficits created education. I have shown the reason for education being a big contributor to wealth in

        http://www.huffingtonpost.com/social/pshakkottai/elizabeth-warren-student-loan_n_3612384_270064696.html ( It is simply stated as (know now = wealth). It is an equality, not causation or correlation.

        Free markets are OK with some industries where profit motive enhances competition and productivity. Not all. Where most people need service, govt is better.The highly sought
        after schools in India are govt funded. 85% of education funding is by federal govt.


  6. Dominique Deux Says:

    “and the old tradition of killing people one cannot rob in peace.”

    So true. Very old tradition indeed. That was the gist of the so-called “freedom of the seas” and of all the wars (and quasi- or pseudo-wars) fought under the rallying banner of Free Trade, including such highlights as the Raj, the Opium Wars and the mother of it all, the Slave Trade (where people were not only robbed but stolen). The Dutch Company of East Indies mostly traded at gunpoint. The French never quite mastered the art but they did try their best, only to be reminded this a game with no also-rans; the winner takes all. And the Monroe Doctrine essentially was about carving out a hunting ground for well-connected US corporations, hence Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, Dominique, glad you like the formula. Indeed, when the USA was settled, both the two English companies and the Dutch one were using the same method, that was inaugurated by the “West Country Men”. In Eire, Ireland, in the 16C.

      I talked about that extensively in essays, long ago.
      These companies were private-public-military-industrial-enslaving-plutocracy-owned. They absolutely massacred people in the beginning, both Native Americans and (mostly) English (as young as children captured in the streets), by the many thousands.

      It was totally plutocracy unchained. They even invented a type of barbarous racial slavery never seen before (even under Sparta!).

      And the worse? It worked! If history could be redone, in light of what happened, there is little doubt that the Iroquois confederacy, in particular, instead of annihilating the Hurons who the French Jesuits had “civilized”, would ally themselves with the French (government).

      But here it is, the USA was created in blood and holocaust, a particularly effective exploitation mentality that still rules. On a collision course with the planet. But God is American, as Obama always reminds us. The green light has been given for the exploitation of California’s Monterey Shale, which, some say, would have the greatest reserve of oil. Maybe… Anywhere.

      On the good side of things, it will allow California to drown Washington…


  7. gmax Says:

    Amazing to see how unawares and self absorbed we Americans are!


    • pshakkottai Says:

      reply to gmax and a comment to Patrice:

      “What the 66% have been demanding is that crimes against humanity be left unpunished. Why should the 66% demand an equitable society, when they don’t want to stop a tyrant who gaz children?”
      A powerful question!

      “If you wonder why the middle- and lower-classes are being crushed, while the upper classes ride the gravy train –

      If you wonder why unemployment remains stubbornly high, while a Monetarily Sovereign government that can afford anything fires thousands of middle-class employees –

      If you wonder why no rich, thieving banker has gone to jail –

      If you wonder why a President who pretends to love the underdog, gives all his loving to the “overdogs” –

      The answer is straightforward: President Obama has been, and will continue to be, bribed.

      It is not economic ignorance that has President Obama pushing austerity. He knows exactly what he is doing.

      He knows takes care of the rich now, and widens the gap, the rich will take care of him, his wife and his daughters, later. It’s the Chicago way. It’s the Washington way.

      When he arises each morning, he asks himself, “Can we Obamas make as much as the Clintons?”

      “Yes, we can.”



      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        The answer is straightforward: President Obama has been, and will continue to be, bribed.
        Wow! Partha! Had my hand not been on Barry’s shoulder… I could not have agreed more…

        But, as it has happened, I have been around that company and other similar to it, well before the ascendence. I also helped mightily in it. I think you overestimate how much Obama understands. I tend to do that myself. People in these higher spheres did not have the tiome to form their own minds, so they defer to experts. And that’s where the problem becomes most accute. Even if Obama agrees with me on many subjects (and I think he does infinitely more than he shows), you see, he, well, presides…

        And what does he preside over? Thousands of individual clones of Larry Summers. Obama, knowing nothing, gravitated to the experts… As my good friend Paul Handover here often commenting, often asks me:”what are your qualifications?” (and he gets frustrated, because I won’t say, as I think ideas, not connections or diplomas qualify: Saif Al islam Qaddafi, now on trial for his life in Zintan, nefusa Mountains, Libya, has a PhD written by Harvard Profs, and attributed by the LSE, after Soros gave the LSE a million dollars… Harvard, the LSE, Soros and thr crooks/professors are all doing fine…)

        So Obama had to go for the experts…. and they are all corrupt: watch Krugman’s hatred of the Euro (and Krugman is a very good guy, relatively speaking… The NYT censored all my comments on Syria… That’s not even Obama doing this: he lined himself up on my long held position, liquidate-the-liquidator…).

        and representative democracy does not work… it’s more like the plutocracy of the representatives…


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