With Intellectuals Like That, Who Needs Savages?

With Progressives Like That, Who Needs Conservatives?

With “Democrats” Like That, Who Needs “Republicans”?

How did the West, so superior in nearly all ways in the 1950s, got in its present predicament? The main predicament being the educational system: in the 1950s, France, Britain or the USA had, by far, the best educational system in the world.

Now they are far, far behind. More exactly three years behind by the age of 15, says the UNESCO’s on-going PISA comparison study of more than 65 states.

How did the West, progressing by leaps and bounds technologically around the 1950s, came to stagnate relatively speaking? How come we are stuck with an energy system which kills the planet? When alternatives exist?

One way to get mentally despondent, is to be submitted to heavy propaganda… From thinkers who are paid, or appreciated, to not be that smart. This started long ago, and affected philosophical circles first; the fish rots by the head.

The poster example is “French Theory”, and the anti-“colonialist” movement. Both have excellent things about them. However both made the truth short-circuit.

Short-circuiting the truth is never a good idea… If you want real progress. So it should really be a no-no, no matter what. On the other hand, the “Big Lie Technique” as Hitler called it, works very well. As Hitler explained, common people expect only little lies, not gigantic ones.

In 2008, Obama was elected for “Change You Can Believe”. Indeed: namely no change.

It’s painful to see proto-intellectuals such as Paul Krugman, crawl desperately in search of the truth which keeps on eluding them. Or maybe they are paid to find truth elusive?

In “Democrats Against Reform”, Dec. 4, 2014, Paul Krugman is mystified:

“It’s easy to understand why Republicans wish health reform had never happened, and are now hoping that the Supreme Court will abandon its principles and undermine the law. But it’s more puzzling — and disturbing — when Democrats like Charles Schumer, senator from New York, declare that the Obama administration’s signature achievement was a mistake.

In a minute I’ll take on Mr. Schumer’s recent remarks. But first, an update on Obamacare — not the politics, but the actual policy, which continues to rack up remarkable (and largely unreported) successes.”

A dog with a bone. And like dogs with bones, indeed the “Democrats” were treatd in the last elections. They are now cruising towards a full right wing Republican government, effective January, and probably with the presidency added, in two years. Why? Because they have been lying.

Krugman: …”health reform’s efforts to create meaningful competition among insurers are working better than almost anyone (myself included) expected. Premiums for 2014 came in well below expectations, and independent estimates show a very modest increase — 4 percent or less — for average premiums in 2015.”

It’s painful to read such “faint praise” for Romneycare, aka, Obamacare.

Yes, Obamacare is a great success! Oyez! Ten millions insured. The lie? Only Another 40 million uninsured to go. But who is counting?

Krugman exults: “independent estimates show a very modest increase — 4 percent or less — for average premiums in 2015.”

The lie? The latest inflation forecasts for 2015 are less than 1.5%. So what the honorable professor is telling us is that health insurance premiums will augment more than twice faster than inflation. What a success! Calling that a success is a lie.

Said otherwise, Krugman forecasts an augmentation of premiums of 50% over ten years. As average American family income is stagnating, the wisdom of Obama is clear: his friends from the insurance cartels will be able to make 50% more profits within ten years! Alleluia!

In short, if you think of Obamacare as a policy intended to improve American plutocrats’ lives, it’s going really well. Yet it has not, of course, been a political winner for Democrats, as We The People can now see for itself that plutocrats’ heaven is not necessarily a decent place for We The People to be.

The real killers in Obamacare are not the premiums, but the deductibles (what you have to pay before the “insurance payments” kick in). They are stratospheric.

In some of the policies I looked at for my family, they were up to $9,000. That meant one had to spend $9,000 from one’s own pocket, before “insurance” would kick (over a year, for the whole family).

Finally, we need to ask, what is the purpose of winning elections? The answer, is to do good fund raising , with the president going to Silicon Valley, sleeping (in the homes of) the rich, famous, and NSA connected— not simply to set yourself up to win the next election. In 2009-10, Democrats had their first chance in a generation to do what we should have done three generations ago, and ensure adequate health care for all of our plutocrats. It would have been incredibly cynical not to have seized that opportunity, and Democrats should be celebrating the fact that they did the right thing, insuring handsome profits for their health care plutocracy sponsors, for generations to come.

Or come revolution, or high water. (Wait…)

Overall, the Obama presidency reminds me of a plane making lots of noise, and smoke, barreling down the runway, while the pilot and his aides are accusing Republicans, but, having reached the end of the tarmac, it never gathered enough speed to take off. A sort of Guantanamo of hope, all about posturing, not substance.

Logically, and probably deep down in the hearts of hearts of extremely wealthy democratic sponsors, this Obama presidency fiasco, far from being embarrassing, promises what they truly want, a total “Republican” lock-down for a generation to come.

Obama has boasted that his health care program was actually Romney’s invention (when the latter was governor of Massachusetts). That is the ultimate silliness, the Freudian slip which reveal “Republican” Drag queens” to be the “signature achievement” of the present “Democratic” Party.

After all, if the “signature achievement” of the democrats is to implement the health care program of the Republican presidential candidate, why not to elect a Republican outright?

A simple question that the American People have started to answer.

Patrice Ayme’

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7 Responses to “With Intellectuals Like That, Who Needs Savages?”

  1. Sub, NYC Says:

    One day, maybe, naive liberals will wake to the massive double standard of their political overlords. they have less regard for the average american than republicans do, by a good margin. anyone that learned how to count in base 10 can witness the “cost savings” lies of obamacare. just another big government promise gone awry. will the great unwashed ever learn?


  2. Charlie, Indiana Says:

    “a plane making lots of noise, and smoke, barreling down the runway, with the pilot and his aides accusing Republicans, but without enough speed to take off.”

    What a wonderful way to say it!


  3. dominique deux Says:

    This post basically addresses domestic issues and I’d feel out of my depth commenting on it.

    Yet I was challenged by your link to “French Theory”. It is obvious, from its contents, that there is no such thing, except as a convenient colorful wrapping for a bunch of disconnected teachings being advertised at MIT to keep the faculty busy.

    Its real title should be “Learn French the hard way”. Let the students read Sade instead, at least he writes well and is thought-provoking. Robbe-Grillet being an acceptable substitute, of course.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      “French Theory” is not restricted to MIT, it’s all over the ‘serious’ universities in the USA. It actually joins individuals who, like de Beauvoir and Foucault, hated each other.

      Reading Sade is out of the question: representing top politicians as hormonally crazed will-to-power deranged monster has got to be anti-American. Let instead the Police keep on strangling We The People in the street. (The Wall Street Journal, the well known Marxist pamphlet, just found 600 people killed by Police, but not reported as such; I have myself witness extreme police brutality more than once).

      Obamacare is an attempt to appear to change things while making plutocrats even richer. It has succeeded to infuriate everybody, and thus to guarantee people who are much more conservative than Obama to come to power, as long as it festers…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      One good point about “French Theory” is the revelation that social conditions dominate. This infuriates and fascinates many American intellectuals, as it is so true. And all over American society. It’s all about who you know, and how you know them, not about what you know. France is no different, just much smaller (except for its giant sea territory, soon to be offered to Kanaks, also known as Australia… In a French Theory spirit…)
      Any intellectual phenomenon is a tribal phenomenon.


  4. pshakkottai Says:

    Dear Patrice. very depressing! There is no more liberal politics.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, Partha. But, once we know it, we can create it. Krugman himself (the most read and trusted “liberal” commentator, in the EU and USA!) has understood a few things he did not understand before (especially in Europe, or on the stimulus that did not stimulate).

      However Krugman is clearly positioning himself for a Hillary run at this point, and he tries to limit the enormous damage Obamacare is causing to the entire “liberal” establishment.

      The main damage being that “liberal” voters are dispirited by Obamacare, and thus do not show up for voting anymore… 2/3 of American potential voters simply did NOT vote at the last elections…

      Actually boycotting elections maybe the liberal way forward..


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