New York Times loves plutocrats and sees them as the foundation of logic, it claims that: Plutocrats Are “Common Sense”!

Plutocracy is much more than simply the rule of wealth. More generally, plutocracy is the rule of the neuro-emotional complex symbolized by Pluto, the Indo-Euro-Arabian god of the underworld, known under many names  through the ages: Angra Mainyu, Mara, Hades, Diabolos, Satan…

Admiring Pluto, or the psychology it stands for doesn’t entail a positive attitude for commoners, the latter should be able to guess. And yet… How come the spirit of Pluto, and little Plutos rule all over? Well, Plutos’ popularity is the fruit of massive Big Lie campaigns (steady campaigns of little lies piling up, also help). For example, the cult of Warren Buffet in the USA is striking: arguably Buffet ought to be in jail, for profiteering from massive inequality he helps procreate, but, instead, Buffet, a grandfather figure, is in most Americans’ hearts… And Buffet actually can afford the luxury of railing against the plutocratic class he belongs to. Confusing all. Confusion is central to disinformation. So expect Nancy Pelosi and Warren Buffet, or Bill Gates, to preach against what they practice… It’s the oldest trick: watch good old emperor Constantine and his mother (both “saints”) practice the exact opposite of Jesus’ main message… which they preached.

As shown below, Maureen Dowd, star editorialist at the New York Times, claims that Pluto/Buffet, is the epitome of wisdom. This sort of wisdom, buy low, sell high, whatever it takes, is why the USA killed Allende (1973), attacked Afghanistan (officially, but secretly, as early as 1979, on the order of another grandfather figure, Jimmy Carter), invaded Iraq, etc. And why, increasingly, most people are on their knees, adulating plutocrats, their ways, notions, solutions, and forsaken world.

Hitler: Enslaved To Pluto

Hitler: Enslaved To Pluto

According to Maureen Dowd the “inspiring, compassionate and patriotic common sense” of plutocrats fully opposes the “Republicans”. Yet, of course, all what “the Republicans” do is to serve their masters, the plutocrats, and especially Buffet!

Is Dowd mad, or is she a complete idiot, or is she paid vast amounts of money, and has no other values, whatsoever, or is she using Hitler’s Big Lie technique, or is it all of the preceding?

When Ketchum, W. Bush’s Public Relation firm, sent the New York Times an editorial full of Putin’s Big Lies and absurdities, the NYT published it. Without warning the readership that it was wacko. Putin is one of the world’s most prominent Plutos. It ought to be unlawful to publish demonstrably Big Lies (and the New York Att. General agreed today with this new notion).

The NYT is the “Newspaper of record”, it sounds informative, fair, balanced and critical. Yet, the New York Times never makes a serious critique of plutocratic power. Whereas it celebrates plutocrats every day. And how. OK, OK, plutocracy is New York’s business model…

An example? NYT’s Maureen Dowd’s America’s Billionaire, 22 September 2013. Maureen exults:

“The victory for common sense last week was not in Congress, but at Georgetown University. Speaking to an excited crowd of students and others Thursday night beneath soaring stained-glass windows, the 83-year-old Warren Buffett offered inspiring lessons in patriotism and compassion — traits sorely missing here as Republicans ran headlong toward a global economic cataclysm and gutted the food stamp program.

“I am sorry I’m late,” Nancy Pelosi murmured sardonically, as she arrived at the Buffett event. “We were busy taking food out of the mouths of babies.”

Questioned by Brian Moynihan, the C.E.O. of Bank of America, and later students, Buffett seemed happy to be back in one of his hometowns, where, as the son of an investor from Omaha who became a congressman, he had once worked…”

Milking politics for money is hereditary among the Buffets: Buffet’s dad went to Congress, Congress comes to his son. Buffet made a fortune (dozens of billions) from his political connections, starting way earlier than Nixon.

In the USA the biggest plutocrats preach at the ruinously expensive private, state sponsored, universities. For those who don’t know, Warren Buffet is a 50 billion dollar worth billionaire. Buffet is the object of a cult in the USA. Buffet is closely associated with more than a hundred equally soaring billionaires, including Bill Gates. In the USA, plutocrats form packs.

For those who admire education in the USA, let them me informed that the “cost of attendance” at Georgetown in 2013-2014 is $62,570 (that is at least 20% above the pre-tax median family income in the country). Buffet’s audience is onto the plot of mixing riches, politics, and gouging:

Buffet is the grizzled spider of plutocracy central, trillions of dollars of private wealth, steering the world as it wishes, with the USA’s top politicians “busy taking food out of the mouths of babies,” just to fit in.

Dowd writes:“five years ago, Buffett said at Georgetown, he and Gates began plotting about philanthropy and now they have enrolled 115 plutocrats pledging a majority of their net worth. “I’ve been dialing for dollars…

Plotting plutocrats: Maureen is in love.

People such as Gates and Buffet are celebrated “philanthropists”. Not only do they steal us, but we have to say that’s because they love man.

Christ said it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle that for rich men to get to paradise. Gates and Buffet, and all plutocrats of the USA are thus all miracles come alive, we better kneel when those saints are on TV.

The hyper wealthy don’t pay tax, by trickery.

Worldwide, every year, tax evasion by the hyper rich is evaluated to be between 20 and 30 trillion dollars, about half of world GDP. In other words, all the debt problems and problems about paying for the welfare states don’t really exist: they are just the cost of tax evasion by the hyper wealthy.

But there is still a higher category than the mere wealthy: the plutocrats, also known as philanthropists.

Indeed: philanthropists do not pay taxes, legally. When Gates goes to Kenya, as a “philanthropist”, with private security, in a huge private jet (of a company he owns), and stays at the best hotel in Kenya with his hangers-on, and various prostitutes, it’s all… paid by taxpayers. All that luxury and power is viewed as “non profit”. Cute. Then Gates gets to steer the politics of Kenya in the matter of research and makes Kenya buys from private companies in which Gates and his friends are invested. Even cuter. Gates of hell?

Indeed, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have been pushing around onto the world the Genetically Modified Organisms of Monsanto (another name for the Gates Foundation, considering the exchanges of personnel and contracts between both).

The connection with politics, in the USA or worldwide, is how Gates and Buffet more than doubled their wealth in times when vulgar Americans’ worth slipped, big time.

“Philanthropy” has become another name for legalized plutocracy. Big plutocrats are “philanthropists”, by tax evading definition.

Dowd relates Buffet’s ‘enormous’ admiration for those who brought the 2007 crash. Says Buffet:

“I give enormous credit to Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson and Tim Geithner and frankly, even though I didn’t vote for him, President Bush.”

W.’s “great insight,” one worthy of Adam Smith, Buffet said, was expressed in 10 words in September 2008: “He went out there from the White House and he said, ‘If money doesn’t loosen up this sucker could go down.’ ”

What “sucker”? The Republic? The plutocracy? Is there a difference for Bush or Buffet, or Gates, or Pelosi, or Geithner (and his master Summers and their student, Obama)? Who is “sucking” what? Was the plutocracy “sucking” the Republic, in danger of coming down?

So money was “loosened up”? Which money? The money of the stingy Public. In exchange for what? Here is an explicit example of Buffet’s genius.

Buffet “bought” Goldman Sacks at the lowest price (for $5 billion), days after Lehman, a 158 year old bank failed, and was not rescued. How did Buffet know for sure that  the same treatment was not going to be extended to Goldman? How did Buffet know, for sure, that Goldman, like Lehman, was not going down to zero? Because Hank Paulson used to be CEO of Golman? Or was there more?

Had I been president instead of Bush, I would have waited until Goldman’s price was roughly zero (that would have been a matter of minutes, if the word had come out that no government money was coming), and then nationalized it (by having the government buy all the shares). Buffet would have been wiped out.

But Buffet had no such worries: he knew full well from his friends (the ones above) that they would loosen up $60 billion of PUBLIC money to make that Goldman Sacks sucker float.

USA 2013: Hate Starving Babies, Laud Plutocrats

USA 2013: Hate Starving Babies, Laud Plutocrats

That 60 billion dollar public flush, of course made Buffet very much richer: his shares became more valuable, several times over. Who paid for making Buffet richer? The Public, with its 60 billions, in exchange of which the Public got nothing, except listening to Buffet’s ‘common sense’, and seeing the Main Stream Media and the top politicians, sing the praises of this mafia boss, to high heavens.

So, instead of investing in new science and technology, health care or high speed rail, the Public invested in Buffet and his close associate billionaires (who also invested in Goldman, as they were on heist too).

Sad is a country where “money changers” are viewed as the guiding lights. Nancy Pelosi, head of the democratic party in Congress, laughs that we are “busy taking food out of the mouths of babies.”

And what if it were true? Pelosi, although worth only 1% of Buffet, is immensely rich herself, owning vineyards, ski resorts, etc. A typical top politician of the USA.

What proofs of corruption do we need? How did Pelosi make all this money? She did “fund raising” half of her life, from Marin County, and then ran for office (from said county, I run there often). Just as with Buffet, Pelosi’s father was a professional politician; her own daughter has been launched that way.

FOUNDATIONS are fundamental to the implementation of the politico-plutocratic complex. Foundations allow to implement philanthropy, that is, plutocracy.

How does it work? A Foundation Law was passed the same day as the Income Tax Law nearly a century ago. Foundations don’t have to pay tax, they just have to distribute an amount of capital vastly inferior to what would be taken from them in taxes if they were for profit. So they can grow.

They can pay their personnel heftily, so family members can live rich and happy, on the Foundation’s money, without being hindered by things as base as inheritance tax. Monsanto can also hide behind Gates’s Foundation and tweak research away from what bothers it, at will. Worldwide.

Buffet and Gates, together, control more than $100 billion dollars. With the Gates Foundation, they control nearly $200 billions. Moreover they perniciously leverage this enormous muscle by harnessing public money. Indeed they are the ones who decide how public money is spent. Watch Obama pose as the Gates’ pets in matter of education (the lad wants money when he gets out).

In the USA, the Gates Foundation focuses heavily on “reforming” education. The Gates pose with the (naïve) president as reformers. The net result is a huge discrediting our public schools, and a significant possibility of future “privatization” (another word for plutocratization).

“We’ve got something that works and we don’t want to mess that up… I buy at silly prices… acting foolishly has proven very profitable over the preceding few years … we must figure out how to “share the bounty” said Buffet to his Georgetown audience. Yes, “silliness”, foolishness worked for him, and for his political and plutocratic friends, and their hangers-on.

Yes, here we have 117 plutocrats united to make plutocracy into the tax free foundation for a new world order. They are too idiotic to know that the definition of the old aristocracy, in the Middle-Ages, was precisely that of philanthropists who paid no taxes. (And, very precisely, the French revolution was about making aristocrats, the 2%, pay tax!)

The buy and sell cockroaches, anti-intellectuals such as Gates and Buffet, lead the world into buying and selling itself into oblivion. Because you know what? Being led by cockroaches does not a civilization save. Instead it falls into the Black Hole of the lowest values.


Patrice Ayme


[Artwork: Thx JM Garland.]

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25 Responses to “MEDIATING PLUTO”

  1. Lovell Says:

    So how do we get rid of this Global Plutocratic System?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Lovell: well Big Lies have to be fought with Big Truths. The Big truth is that Buffet, far from being a kindly grandfather, is a Big Crook. (I am thinking of the G-S affair, for example, when Bush/Paulson/Geithner/Bernanke made billions for Buffet the co-plutocrats he is closely associated with).
      So only thing we can do is to try to propagate the truth. Yes, Gates is a crook, etc… And why…

      It gets more complicated once one realizes that, wihout plutocracy, New York (say) would sink, same as before (in the 1970s)…. except if… Etc.


    • pshakkottai Says:

      Reply to Lowell: How do we get rid of plutocracy?

      Almost all evils of banking are due to allowing private banks
      creation of money by fractional reserve. In India almost all banking is federally owned and there are no banking problems.
      This removes the incentive for plutocratic corruption.

      Also note that federal govt does not need taxation, only deficits (created money). Taxes are required only by the states (in USA). In India even state taxes are not required.The money saved in interest goes back to the people which would otherwise nourish the plutocracy.


  2. Dominique Deux Says:

    Reminds me of all the condescending articles about those illiterate chumps in Cali and Medellin who worship drug barons because the barons throw around money for schools and soccer teams.

    Feeding on the masters’ scraps and licking the hand that whips are traits well shared between man and his well deserved best friend, the domestic dog.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed, Dominique. Pablo Escobar, the drug lord executed two decades ago in combat with the Columbian police, is the object of a true cult in the part of Medellin he was from. Pharmacies are named after him, dolls with him dressed as Robin Hood are for sell. Because of the good works he was famous for.

      Yet, at some point, Escobar killed families he had given homes to. It’s a well known case. To this day the locals approve of this: Pablo offered people home, but if they tried to sell them, Pablo would kill them, and that’s good, and fair: he gave them homes to live in, not to make a business from them.

      The logic around Buffet and company is exactly that of Don Corleone in the “Godfather”, but writ on an enormous scale. Indeed on the maximum scale. On the scale of the entire world, not the scale of New York.


  3. bowtiejack Says:

    As always, Patrice, an excellent, excellent article.

    “The logic around Buffet and company is exactly that of Don Corleone in the “Godfather”, but writ on an enormous scale. Indeed on the maximum scale. On the scale of the entire world, not the scale of New York.”

    This is interesting because for some time it’s seemed to me that TV programs like The Sopranos mirror the actual world. [Not to get off point, but it’s also seemed to me that all the “vampire” stuff mirrors the actual existence and depredations of psychopaths.]

    In The Sopranos, the various NY families cooperate but vie with each other and Tony Soprano’s NJ operation. But it’s really all about wolves fighting over access to the sheep.

    Economics acts as if money transactions describe the world, while it leaves out, e.g., mothers, because they’re not paid daycare.

    To make it worse, since only money counts (really money controls resources and services), the free market (and Randian greed?) is the only way to go. Right?

    The Excluded Middle in all this is that everything is State v. Private (heroic individual plutocrats like Buffet).

    The reality is that each slops over into the other and the aim of the idealized private entrepreneur heroes is the vampiric conversion of the common wealth to private plutocratic gain.

    And the heart, the core, of all this seems to me the primacy of “private property” over all other values. Which may explain the American-vampiric-reaction-to-sunlight antagonism to “socialism!”.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Bowtiejack: Thanks so much for the appreciation! :-)!
      I think Americans were taught the dislike of socialism, not coincidentally with the rise of global plutocracy, in the 1920s and 1930s. “May Day”, meaning May 1, was initially a USA thing!

      Interestingly Krugman is now adopting the (my) approach to the economy through law and regulations. Namely it’s the LACK of government that causes the crisis. By now I mean today, September 25! I may scramble an essay on that…
      If the lady is for turning, we may still win the war.

      Krugman’s is the world’s most read economy site… So far all he knew was that QE, that is the emanations and emulators of Goldman sachs were going to save the world…

      Not incorporating mothers in the economy (hence society), has been the ongoing undoing of Islam… So it’s indeed major. GDPism is similar to Salafism… ;-)!


      • bowtiejack Says:

        Excellent point on Islam.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Having, cloistered, thus stupid, mothers, insures one will have stupid children, and a homoconfined society… As observed. Interesting part is that this was the work of Uthman, the third Caliph, and was the exact opposite of what Muhammad preached and practiced!
          Uthman was so violently opposed he was insurged against/assassinated/executed… But the damage had been done, as his sexist system of thoughts kept on going (he had other, more correct versions of the Qur’ans boiled)…


  4. Paul Handover Says:

    Patrice, if I may I will republish part of a comment you left over at my place: namely, “What Alex says about “the ruler” is a no go situation: we have to remove the very notion of “the ruler”…. By augmenting the DEMOCRATIC index.”

    Your post above, which makes uncomfortable reading in the extreme, reinforces in spades the need for a true democracy in the fullest meaning of the term.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      dear Paul: Please republish, of course!
      It’s kind to inform me, so that I can partake in the debate: I am very interested in the advancement of ideas, and it’s debates that advance ideas! (It’s true even in science, hence the importance of “peer review“)…”uncomfortable reading in the extreme”: Nietzsche (who did not like newspapers!) would have appreciated: the more uncomfortable, the better!

      We are at a crossroads: the plutocratization of the Middle Ages happened rather fast, after the year 1,000. It was soon accompanied by the institution of crusades (many of them inside Europe! Or against Jews… Who were In Europe centuries before Christians…) Just as there is a democratic index, and the well known gini index, there should be a plutocratic index, and that’s still peaking up…


  5. Paul Handover Says:

    My only reflection is that you offer extraordinary insight into the geopolitical world. I sense with access to sources of information many, such as Sue, Chris and me, can’t equal. Don’t get me wrong; I am frequently grateful for your views. (And haven’t forgotten to write up that debate I promised!)


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paul: Can’t wait for that debate, I will try to cross publish it on my site… Krugman borrowed from (some of) my theories in his very latest editorial, and I used the occasion for another synopsis… To be published right away…


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  17. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Patrice Ayme Says:
    November 16, 2019 at 8:27 pm
    People believe there are lies on little facts, as Hitler wrote. However, thus they miss even the concept of Big Lies (Hitler dixit).

    What Hitler didn’t realize (in part because he would have risked to psychologically implode) is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, and EMOTIONAL LOGIC are ALSO IMPRINTED THROUGH BIG LIES (Massimo Piggliucci, a New York famed philosopher, not a logician, told me there was no such a thing; he is no logician, I AM!).

    An example of Big EMOTIONAL Lie, deeply imprinted in the hearts of the Sheeple, has been that the enemies of civilization, and humanity, billionaires, were lovers of man (philanthropists).


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