On The Myth Of German Innocence

When I was six years old, a dear cousin of mine, told me that Germany had been taken over by a criminal, and that’s why the Germans were innocent of all the bad things they did. That sounded insane to me. If they did it, why were they innocent?

At that point, I had mostly lived in Africa, but in seral places: Algiers, Ghardhaia (Sahara, in semi-insurrection nowadays), Senegal, Ivory Coast. So I had been around. But I never had witnessed people doing bad things because they had been told to. It sounded to me that people who did bad things because they had been told to, were a higher form of evil. So my cousin excused evil, with a higher form of evil.

Silly isn’t?

There was a solution to all this. Subjugation through the powers of reason:

The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back

Tough isn’t it?

Latest defeat of the plutocratic mood: July 13, 2015.

By divine happenstance, it was celebrated with a humongous 45 minutes fireworks display which made fun of all and any austerity. Some will say Berlin paid for it, because the Germans have to send another 16 billion Euros to Greece. Whatever. The French are supposed to send 14 billions. The grand total being 85 billion Euros. Should this be the USA, the central bank or the Treasury could write a check exactly compensating. But this is Europe, and there is no Treasury.

That the USA can write checks to itself is viewed there, and everywhere, as a strength. But if done by the Europeans, it’s viewed as a weakness. Is it because European leaders and pundits are truly there to defend only the interests of the USA?

Yet not all is lost. To build a European Union was a solution. Yet, it has been perverted by plutocracy to a great, if not Greek extent. But all is not lost: July 13, 2015, the French presidency, for once in the right fought until some money would be injected in the Union, spiting the most obdurate plutocrats. (Of course, this just a battle, not the war. Ultimately, as I pointed long ago, “If You Want To Save the World, Please Default“)

As the Athenians would point out, moods which lead to lose wars one fought for the most abominable reasons, need to perish. The nasty Austerians lost, July 13, 2015. Europe needs to be built for the better angels of out nature, not for pernicious creditors. Just for one day, the servants of the greatest capital had to admit this. But it’s going to take a little while more, even with the best efforts, before it gets admitted that the servants of the greatest private capital indulge in an updated form of slavery.

Slavery is not essentially about the color of the skin, it’s about the color of the mind.

Patrice Ayme’


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13 Responses to “On The Myth Of German Innocence”

  1. golomaximus Says:

    [Abusive Comment Deleted By Admin]


  2. gmax Says:

    Yes it’s pretty telling that the defense of past German aggressions are all about “following orders”. All day long now they speak of order, and then insist on a mess in Greece


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Typical, indeed. I had once an incident on Lufthansa, where, DESCENDING from the plane in Frankfurt, a stewardess straight out of the SS magazine, scolded me for having too many things in the cabin, including my 18 months old daughter. She did not help. I lashed back, the Captain himself came out and watched the scene. I had business class tickets and fully in my right, thus at the head of the pecking order to descend from the aircraft. She was as wrong as wrong could be, but still barking out orders. That would never have happened on a French or American plane.


  3. EugenR Says:

    I am on my way to Compostela (walking) so no time for a proper comment, but need to point to a different perspective to the Greek problem. WWII and WWI was brought on us, human beings, by the Germans. Some say (psychologic explainination), because of their frustration with the French superiority as cultural nation, others (geographical explanation) say because they were squeezed between Russia and France. Some may say because the Germans were racists in their culture and nature. You can find even Marxists who believe that the Great 80 year German War (1914_1992 viz my comment in the past) was due to economic reason. I personaly couldn’t find any rational explanation satisfactory.
    As to the consequences of this war, it is obvious, Europe lostdue it its dominant political position on the world, and good that is so. What’s bad is that they digged their feelings of cultural superiority, and with it let it be influanced by US, Oriental and lately also Muslim cultures. The problem is that while the Oriental and US cultural influence came peacefully and as such it integrated to European culture, the Muslim culture came with animosity towards the European culture, and its aim is not peaceful integration, but separation and animosity. This couldn’t happened if in Post 80 years war, the European mood wasn’t so defensive as its post colonial, post fascistic, post communistic political mood is. This mood of cheap consumerism enabled to the political elites to make all the mistakes they had made, with their shortsighted vision of the reality.
    Conclusion: The world wars initiated by Germany do have far more catastrophic consequences than people usually are ready to think of. If European culture is doomed, and maybe it is, it will be a direct result of The 80 Years German War (80YGW).

    Other issue is the Greek tragedy, that is only a detail, that can teach us in this whole reality, when plutocratic elits, to secure their hold of the reign at any price, corrupt the people, who are just happy to be corrupted. They just enjoy the golden calf and not the teaching of the responsibilities. Then they moralize as if they were the only one who suffered the consequences of the 80 YGW. Yet this is far from truth, and to change this trend of self destruction, responsibilities has to be taken by all those, to whom European cultural identity and European way of life is dear. There are too many out there who want to infiltrate Europe just to destroy it and it is shortsighted not to seeit and not to oppose it.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      If you are really catholic in spirit, let me remind you that means universal in Greek, thus you better keep a portable device to keep on sending comments to this site. 😉
      How long that adventure?


    • EugenR Says:

      I just visited the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The museum itself is a wonderful exposition of modern art, where imagination, creativity, modern technology and science and probably also lots of mathematics was put together, to create this wonderful building. This building represents a lot of what is so amazing about modern western culture, science and arts. Yet, most off the exposition in the museum itself was of Jeff Koons, who made probably a huge donation to the museum, to become the sole occupant of this wonderful museum. If I would create an art movement, probably it would be called, Clearing the public space from Koons’s kitschy rubbish. When I spoke about cultural decadence of Europe, I spoke exactly about people like Koons. The only positivity about him is Chicholina, who in contrary to Koons, expressed herself in an authentic and revolutionary way. Koons himself is nothing more than a self-possessed, mediocre. A product of American consumerism and advertising industry, where only lies, falsification, flattery, idealisation of wrappings with no real content are the rule, and a real things is politically not correct. Koons is part of the trend in Europe I mentioned, where the people are not asked to face the realities as they are, and demanded to help to cope with the problematic developments they are living in, but in contrary are asked to close their eyes in front of them.


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Sent to Eugen.

    Prussia/Germany re-established the slavery of Jews in 1815, after the French defeat.

    Prussia/Germany attacked Denmark in 1853, Austro-Hungary eight years later, and then contrived a war with France, then exacting reparations from France made to make France fail, so that war could be restarted, and Germany owner of Europe.

    The attack by Germany in 1914, fruit of a conspiracy, got some help from the USA, which kept as a crucial ally of the fascist racist Kaiser for the first few years of the war.

    Hitler implemented Luther’s program regarding Jews (and others).
    Nasty German moods are obviously perduring, the Greek crisis has shown.


  5. pshakkottai Says:

    “That the USA can write checks to itself is viewed there, and everywhere, as a strength. But if done by the Europeans, it’s viewed as a weakness. Is it because European leaders and pundits are truly there to defend only the interests of the USA?”

    The day Europe can write a check to itself will be when EU becomes a United Nations of Europe and becomes truely monetarily sovereign!

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  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Krugman]

    Entirely correct: the IMF turned the banking crisis in Greece into an economy made to starve little children, and exterminate everything else worthy.

    Learning from past mistakes start by determining, when, where, and what they were. Only then one can improve ideologies and the moods controlling them. Covering-up a faulty logic, or the mood that guided it, is the meta strategy of Pluto. The god of hell, that is, not the planet.


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