Truth Is Not Politically Correct

Truth is not Politically Correct. Denying this, pretending that truth is Politically Correct, is the mother of all problems with the present management of the entire planet. And that’s the first thing which is wrong with today’s political practice. And this is what leads to war and terrorism, let alone biosphere devastation, as observed today.

So why do we have this mood hostile to truth? Because it profits the powers that be. Hostility to truth makes people stupid. Stupid animals can be led by the nose more easily that those who are very clever. When a male shark wants to plant his flag deep in Ms. Shark, he grabs her in its powerful jaws, by a fin or another, flip her on her back, until she gets into a trance, and stops moving. This is similar to what the fiercest rulers do to We The People.

So our leaders are playing dumb. Are they as dumb as they look?  The four sacred months expired at 12pm, Mecca time, on Friday. Refer to Sura 5, verse 9: …”when the forbidden months are past, then fight and SLAY the Pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every ambush.”

9pm in Paris, 12 pm in Mecca, on November 13, 2015, was now time for “every ambush” on the pagans.

Three teams of fanatics attacked in Paris, within 33 minutes. Three individuals tried to get in the Stade de France (with 80,000 inside, plus the French president and the French and German national teams). The first kamikaze was detected at 21:20. He had to explode himself before he could get in, making only one victim (there was only security outside of the stadium, minutes after the match started).

At 21:25 a terrorist team of three attacked the restaurant “Little Cambodia”. 21:32 they attacked the Cafe’ A La Bonne Biere. At 21:36 “La Belle Equipe”. Their weapons and car were found in Montreuil, but they ESCAPED. That team killed at least 39 people.

At 21:40 another fanatic sat at a cafe’ on boulevard Voltaire, then exploded himself. Meanwhile, still another team of three kamikazes attacked the Bataclan theater. The raid was organized in Belgium, in the same zone as usual. 12 accomplices have been arrested so far.

Sacred raid (razzia)  against the crusaders in Paris.” is the way Islamist State (ISIS) called its mayhem in Paris. Two sisters of the Saadi family, both young mothers, got killed leaving orphans behind. Both were of a French “Muslim” family. Many Muslims were killed in the attacks, but, as ISIS would point out, they were assuredly “depraved”.

Friendly Californian Children Left This, Lighting Up the Night, In Front Of My House

Friendly Californian Children Left This, Lighting Up the Night, In Front Of My House

Sacred raid (razzia)  against the crusaders in New York and Washington.” is the way Al Qaeda called its mayhem in the USA. The same words, the same sentence exactly were used in 2001, with “New York” and “Washington” in place of Paris. So, in that sense, the latest mayhem is exactly a “9/11” in France. Not the first, nor the last. (That there were only 130 killed and 100 extremely gravely injured, with “life prognostic engaged” is not really a miracle: the explosive vests were detected at the Stade de France; thus, instead of killing hundreds, the kamikazes at the stadium killed just one besides themselves; inside the Bataclan, the kamikazes detonated themselves while fighting the police in the dark; strikingly, no police of the SWAT teams in the BRI and RAID was injured).

As Osama Bin Laden said: You will lose this war, because we love death as much as you love life.” This rather deleterious idea of Osama was quoted approvingly by the Islamist State.

ISIS, the Islamist State, said it struck in Paris “The DEPRAVED”, those who listen to California music, or watch soccer (because those “Depraved” went to a concert by rock group from California, or to a soccer match France-Germany). It did not matter if they were Pagans, Muslims.

25% to 30% of the French population descends from relatively recent immigration (and nearly 100% of the French population descends for foreign stock, if one goes back 3,000 years, as the Celto-Germans invaded; only the Basques are very ancient stock). Probably a majority of French have partial Jewish and Muslim ancestry (Jews have been in France for more than 2,000 years, Muslims for more than 13 centuries; contrarily to legend, under the Franks, there was total religious tolerance. That means for a duration of seven centuries. Then unfortunately Catholic fascism got increasing respect, and thus powers, resulting in the rise of religious terror and intolerance, which became full bore after a crusade conducted WITHIN France killed around one million (a huge number at the time). After that the religious terror, on and off, lasted until the French Revolution, when the Jews and Protestants were given the rights which they used to have, long ago, were given back to them.

An important difference between what is going on in France with 11 September in the USA was that the USA was attacked by 15 Saudi kamikazes, and five other foreigners. (Only one was “French” and was arrested.) So “9/11″was completely an aggression by foreigners. (The USA, though, had, since, pure Qur’an motivated hate crime attacks, the foremost one by a military surgeon who went Qur’an nuts and killed a dozen other soldiers. So the Quranic cancer in France can, and has metastized in other parts of the West.)

In the attacks in France most of the attackers are French who learned the most striking parts of the Qur’an. The most striking parts being those which ORDER the top followers of Islam, those who want to get directly in paradise to go out and attack, or even kill, non Muslims. No, I am not making it up: “Violence in the Holy Qur’an” can be consulted. And more quotes are coming by tomorrow, making these order explicit.

The Qur’an is viewed by Muslims as a set of explicit orders from God. In particular God gives explicit order to kill, attack, and submit entire categories of people. Not bad, in the way of war, for a book which is only 80,000 words long. Most of humanity falls into those categories to kill, attack, submit, oppress, diminish, tax, subjugate. What are the faithful supposed to say? What are the faithful supposed to do? Go along with the program? The Qur’an is a program. Not just a “religion” (whatever that means).

The first religion of a Republic, is the Republic. Superstitions can be accommodated, as long as they do not disturb the primary religion. 

Well, they should do exactly what the Catholics did, in a country such as France: stop believing in all the garbage. And that’s the truth. Yes, it’s not politically correct. However, the philosophically correct should bulldoze over the politically correct. Always has, in the long run, always will.

Last, but not least: human beings, like baboons, know how to make war. It’s in their genes, so to speak. When attacked, baboons make a military formation, and predators flee. more than 70 million of French baboons have been attacked, and they clearly need to adopt a military formation, and get smarter. The Paris are has been under Franco-Celtic control since at least the early Third Century , when Paris got is name (changing back to the “Parisii“, the old Gallic name, from the Roman Lutetia). Every since Paris was named, there was not one decade when France was not at war. 17 centuries of war, and counting. This is a stunning fact.

As the concept of “Jihad” has it, war and maximum effort is a generalized attitude necessary for the fulfillment of hope, let alone life. It’s the exact attitude, for bad or good, which made, in the end, our species master of the Earth. War should give peace a chance. But war never should keep on giving peace a chance as if there were no tomorrow.

Patrice Ayme’


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18 Responses to “Truth Is Not Politically Correct”

  1. red Says:

    PA never disappoints for a spirited take on things, particularly when it comes to france.

    my prayers are with france, nice people, nice ideals. But, I hope they wake up. This happening in under 11 months after CH is just horrible/failure on so many levels…and that too happened on even bigger scale. Its seem they look like sitting ducks in the eyes of these radicals.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Indeed Red, indeed… They are talking more repression and war… But the most useful war has to be fought at the PHILOSOPHICAL level.
      Those culprit of preaching the LITERAL Qur’an should get, say, ten years in jail (say).
      Instead they are talking NEBULOUSLY of closing mosques which preach “hatred”.
      The problem is that the teaches hatred (so the Bible, and not just against shrimps; however no one preaches the literal Bible as if it were the truth… except some increasing lunatic Orthodox Jews…)


  2. brodix Says:

    I have to refer back to the point I made previously. We assume ideals to be absolutes. The absolute is pure. As such, it is the raw material from which complex forms arise, not a perfect ideal from which they fell. Even the mathematical universe theory makes this assumption. For instance, a circle or sphere is not a platonic form written into the cosmos. It is the most efficient container of area or volume and the ideal or perfect circle is simply the most efficient. As such, it is emergent from the existence of space and activity in space. On the other hand, the square is only efficient for dividing space. So there are many circles and spheres in nature, but only are squares prevalent in human constructs. Even cells in larger bodies are mostly spherical, because they function as nodes in a network, rather than blocks in a body.
    So when groups of people are taught their particular culture is absolute and must prevail over all others, the result is not an ascension into the heaven of perfect form, but the crashing down of the structure of the society into its base units and often even a little causes other parts to collapse, like houses of cards and the destruction spreads.
    Monotheism is absolutist. The two ancient forms of public rule, democracy in Greece and the Republic in Rome, were founded in pantheistic societies, where there were many voices in the religious model, not just one. Now we have to keep religion separate from government, on order to have democracy.
    This is because there are many ideals and they often do clash. What is good for the fox is bad for the chicken and there is no happy medium where both are satisfied.
    Life only exists as the present and we are like pictures on the film, passing the light of consciousness that shines through as the present. So these forms come and go, building up and breaking down, each seeking ideals, only to trip over the chaos of many others.
    While we go from birth to death, the whole of life goes the other way, creating new and shedding old. We go from being in the future to being in the past, as life moves from past form to future form.
    It is the raw from which we rise and to which we fall.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Taking orders from so-called “Dog” such as “SLAY all Pagans” makes for very simple thoughts. No need to use the word “WE” to put us and “them” in the same basket. It’s like putting crabs and baboons in the same basket. Uncomfortable for the baboons, terminal for the crabs. A very philosophically advanced civilization establishes the most complex thought. That’s what we do when we study the crabs’ neurologies.

      I do believe civilization, the most advanced civilization, is a valid concept, and that it is indeed absolutely superior to any other alternative.

      The present total demolition of the Middle East is no accident, but a direct consequence of Islam. That, as I detailed in “Great Bitter lake”, higher plutocratic circles in the USA and other fascist circles (alliance with the Nazis for creation of the Muslim Brotherhood, 1930s), deliberately INSTRUMENTALIZED Islam.

      Absolutely dwelling in the absolutism of generalities does not beat specifics, therein whose, the devils.


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to an ignorant article in The Conversation:]

    Another anti-French, another Francophobic article, out of Great Britain. Surely France can close its borders a little bit: after all, the borders of Great Britain are locked down on perpetual basis… Except for plutocrats.

    What will work is to close Mosques which teach hatred.

    The Interior Ministry just announced it will do so. Excellent. It was high time.

    One of the killer had a Syrian passport which went as a Syrian refugee, through the island of Lesbos, in Greece,
    Another was Egyptian.


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Conversation.]

    This is a well know erroneous analysis, that bombing did not work.
    Less than 700,000 Germans died from bombing.

    The Germans lost, from bombing, nearly all capacity to operate their economy, including fueling anything, even planes.
    More than one million German soldiers were exclusively serving the anti aircraft systems in Germany alone.

    Germany never had more than three million soldiers fighting in Russia. More 88mms guns were used defending Germany than to destroy Soviet tanks.


  5. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Conversation]

    Sweden has decided to send back tens of thousands of refugees (last week).

    See my remarks about the Syrian refugee passport found on one of the Kamikazes at the Stade de France. He was carrying not just a bomb, but a propane tank.

    Anyway an article coming out of Britain arguing for open borders, and accusing France in that respect, is, surely, in jest.


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Literal Islam out of the Qur’an, in full, is incompatible with modern civilization. Failure to understand this will result in terror, loss of lives, missed opportunities. Please just read the Qur’an, to form an educated opinion.


  7. Chris Snuggs Says:

    “ISIS said it killed in Paris because the’re “DEPRAVED” to go to music, soccer. Philosophically different from just war in Syria: music kills.”

    Chris Snuggs: They are insane sub-humans and must be killed, like the Nazis were. It is as simple as that. Not very PC, mais franchement, j’en ai totalement marre avec PC.


  8. John Michael Garland Says:

    “Truth is not Politically Correct, and this is the mother of all problems with the present management of the entire planet.”

    John Michael Gartland: And politicians/plutocrats/media control the language in which we live.


  9. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Atlantic Monthly.]
    The truth is even deeper: Salafism was (re-)engineered, to a great extent, by those who wanted oil. (Google: Patrice Ayme Great Bitter Lake.)


  10. Paul Handover Says:

    Will return later and respond to what comes over as a sensible response to the latest madness.


  11. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Massimo P.]

    That people act evil out of ignorance does not apply to ISIS. Reading the following is a must (although it says much less than what I have said over the years, it’s a good abstract of some aspects related to Islam):

    In general methinks that searching for, and then telling the truth is more human that just the ability to suffer whatever comes our way:


  12. picard578 Says:

    Reblogged this on Defense Issues and commented:
    To quote myself on another reblog:
    “Fact is that multiculturalism is wrong. It breeds conflict, formality, intolerance. And just FYI: I have no problem with people from Muslim countries coming to Europe – assuming that they return home and use knowledge they gain to better their home societies. But that goes against neoliberal anti-human, anti-nation, anti-Christianity, anti-European policies. One of main goals behind the wars all over the muslim world, one of reasons why US created ISIS, is destruction of traditional Europe and creation of politically correct, shallow, unicultural (Western-type multiculturalism always ends in uniculturalism) United States of Europe, ruled by corporations, for corportations and against people, using intercultural conflicts caused by mass immigration to keep masses in check. These USE are just a step, however, towards creating a north-Atlantic superpower by uniting them with United States of America, Canada and maybe Mexico as well, a superpower where corporations will rule with no law, no democratic institutions and no economic or moral regulative to stand in the way of accumulation of riches.”


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