Record Heat 2015, Obama Cool

2014 was the warmest year ever recorded. 2015 was even warmer, and by far, by .16 degrees centigrade. The UK (Great Britain) meteorological office announced that the temperature rise is now a full degree C above the pre-industrial average. At this annual rate of increase, we will get to two degrees within six years (as I have predicted was a strong possibility).

What’s going on? Exponentiation. Just as wealth grows faster, the greater the wealth, mechanisms causing more heat are released, the greater the heat. Yes, it could go all the way to tsunamis caused by methane hydrates explosions. This happened in the North Atlantic during the Neolithic, leaving debris of enormous tsunamis all over Scotland.

2015: Not Only Record Heat, But Record Acceleration Of Heat

2015: Not Only Record Heat, But Record Acceleration Of Heat

The Neolithic settlements over what is now the bottom of the North Sea and the Franco-English Channel (then a kind of garden of Eden), probably perished the hard way, under giant waves.

Explosions of methane hydrates have started on the land, in Siberia. No tsunami, so far. But it can, and will happen, any time. The recent North Easter on the East Coast of the USA was an example of the sort of events we will see ever more of: a huge warm, moist Atlantic born air mass, lifted up by a cold front.

Notice that, at the COP 21 in Paris all parties, 195 nations, agreed to try their best to limit warming to 1.5 degree Centigrade. At the present instantaneous rate, that’s less than 4 years away. Even with maximum switching out of fossil fuels, we are, at the minimum, on a three degrees centigrade target, pretty soon.

By the way, if all nations agree, how come the “climate deniers” are still heard of so loudly? Well, plutocrats control Main Stream Media. It’s not just that they want to burn more fossil fuels (as it brings them profit, they are the most established wealth). It’s also that they want to create debates about nothing significant, thus avoiding debates about significant things, such as how much the world is controlled by Dark Pools of money.

Meanwhile, dear Paul Krugman insists in “Bernie, Hillary, Barack, and Change“, that it would be pure evil to see him as a “corrupt crook“, because he believes everything Obama says about change and all that. Says Krugman: “President Obama, in his interview with Glenn Thrush of Politico, essentially supports the Hillary Clinton theory of change over the Bernie Sanders theory:

[Says Obama]: ‘I think that what Hillary presents is a recognition that translating values into governance and delivering the goods is ultimately the job of politics, making a real-life difference to people in their day-to-day lives.'”

This is all hogwash. We are not just in a civilization crisis. We are in a biosphere crisis, unequalled in 65 million years. “Real-life differences“, under Obama, have been going down in roughly all ways. His much vaunted “Obamacare” is a big nothing. All people in the know appraise that next year, it will turn to a much worse disaster than it already is (in spite of a few improvements, “co-pays” and other enormous “deductibles” make the ironically named, Affordable Care Act, ACA, unaffordable).

The climate crisis show that there is no more day-to-day routine. At Paris, the only administration which caused problem, at the last-minute, was Obama’s. How is that, for “change”? The USA is not just “leading from behind”, but pulling in the wrong direction. Really, sit down, and think about it: under France’s admirable guidance (!), 194 countries had agreed on a legally enforceable document. Saudi Arabia agreed. The Emirates agreed. Venezuela agreed. Nigeria agreed. Russia agreed. Byelorussia agreed. China, having just made a treaty with France about climate change, actually helped France pass the treaty. Brazil agreed. Zimbabwe agreed. Mongolia agreed. And so on. But, lo and behold, on the last day, Obama did not.

I know Obama’s excuses well; they are just that, excuses. Bill Clinton used exactly the exact same excuses, 20 years ago. Obama is all for Clinton, because, thanks to Clinton, he can just repeat like a parrot what Clinton said, twenty years ago. Who need thinkers, when we have parrots, and they screech?

I sent this (and, admirably, Krugman published it!):

“No doubt Obama wants to follow the Clintons in making a great fortune, 12 months from now. What is there, not to like?

Obama’s rather insignificant activities will just be viewed, in the future, as G. W. Bush third and fourth terms. A janitor cleaning the master’s mess. Complete with colored (“bronze”) apartheid health plan.

What Sanders’ supporters are asking is to break that spiral into ever greater plutocracy (as plutocrat Bloomberg just recognized).”

Several readers approved my sobering message, yet some troll made a comment, accusing me of “racist “slander”. Racist? Yes the “bronze” plan phraseology is racist. I did not make it up. And it is also racist to make a healthcare system which is explicitly dependent upon how much one can afford. Krugman is all for it, but he is not on a “bronze” plan. Introducing apartheid in healthcare? Obama’s signature achievement. So why should we consider Obama as the greatest authority on “progressive change”? Because we are gullible? Because we cannot learn, and we cannot see? Is not that similar to accepting that Hitler was a socialist, simply because he claimed to be one, it had got to be true, and that was proven because a few million deluded characters voted for him?

We are in extreme circumstances, unheard of in 65 million years, they require extreme solutions. They do not require, nor could they stand, Bill Clinton’s Third Term (or would that be G. W. Bush’s fifth term? The mind reels through the possibilities).

“Change we can believe in”: the new boss, same as the old boss, the same exponentiation towards inequality, global warming and catastrophe, the same warm rhetoric of feel-good lies.

As it is, there is a vicious circle of disinformation between the Main Stream Media, and no change in the trajectory towards Armageddon. Yes, Obama was no change. Yes, Obama was the mountain of rhetoric, who gave birth to a mouse. Yes, we need real change, and it requires to start somewhere. And that means, not by revisiting the past.

Patrice Ayme’


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14 Responses to “Record Heat 2015, Obama Cool”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    Powerful essay from you, Patrice. Indeed one that I would like to republish over on Learning from Dogs before the end of the week. Would that be acceptable to you?


  2. Gmax Says:

    Powerful, like Paul says. I mean the MSM and the Plutocrats who own them, lie about their lies. They lie, as if they were real about climate denial as if they really believe that the climate system is not heating up, but they know damned well it’s heating up, so they lie about their lie to not talk about the real issues they really want nobody to talk about. Did Machiavelli mention that method?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I call it the “Red Herring Technique”. I have never read Machiavelli seriously: no time. But I know his life, and that of his associates, Caesare Borgia, and Florence (the City). More instructive, I reckon…


  3. John Rogers Says:

    It appears America is entering its late Roman Empire period with the possible entry of plutocrat Michael Bloomberg against plutocrat Donald Trump (but really to try and squash plebian rabble rouser Bernie Sanders with his troublesome talk of raising taxes and stuff). No word yet how this will affect the servitor candidates of the other GOP plutocrats.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Plutocrats, being satanic by definition, want to feel like the biggest Satan of them all. Such is their calling: dominating people with sheer strength, just for the heck of it. It’s their Everest. The mountain they want to conquer. Others, all others.

      However, Bloomberg expressed his anxiety at Hillary’s weakness. And Sanders’ strength. And then there is the horror of Trump, going intimate about his dear “friends”, the hedge funds managers, whom he has dared to criticize in the most intimate terms….

      Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs is making no sounds, like the tiger in the forest, advancing with and behind Cruz… Frankly, as I made clear in:

      what worries me is Cruz, not Trump.
      Bloomberg is clearly after Sanders: I read some of the things he said. Once again, as many do, he is hiding his true purpose by mentioning Trump. What worries him is that, the longer Trump and especially Sanders go, the more the mood of the country about healthcare and financial plutocracy changes… And even if Trump and Sanders are history in three months, that mood will persist…


  4. Gmax Says:

    What? No essay today? Are you sick? I am addicted to your essays, so I hope you recover soon 😉

    On a more serious note, I also read Bloomberg’s erratic statements. In November he said he won’t run, because he had no chance. Now he literally says that Clinton has been weak with Sanders, so here he comes. Those plutocrats are real crazy dudes, they have no qualms. I mean the guy is campaigning to prevent that plutocrats be taxed like janitors!


  5. More sharing the thoughts of others. – Learning from Dogs Says:

    […] hold that in your mind as you read a recent essay published by Patrice Ayme’; an essay that highlights very uncertain times ahead if we, as a global society, don’t get […]


  6. John Zande Says:

    john zande
    January 27, 2016 at 02:05

    ‘This is all hogwash. We are not just in a civilization crisis. We are in a biosphere crisis, unequalled in 65 million years.’

    Powerfully true sentence.


    • Paul Handover Says:

      To which I would add, a powerfully scary sentence! The degree of inertia being shown by our leaders and power-brokers is the stuff of living nightmares. Thanks John.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks, John! And, if one looks at the facts as coldly as possible, such is, indeed, the case. The threat of extinction weights on more species now than in 65 million, and perhaps 250 millions years ago (that was the Permian-Trias extinction, due to massive volcanism in Siberia, when all large advanced species were exterminated).
      Thus, its worst aspect is that this sentence is not hyperbola.


  7. Paul Handover Says:

    Paul Handover
    January 27, 2016 at 13:17

    Patrice, I know from your writings that you have a far deeper insight into both the corporate and political ‘soul’ of America than I do so let me ask you a question to which I would love to hear your answer.

    Namely, with the degree of inequality in American society now so commonly understood by millions of citizens (plus the odd holder of a Green Card 😉 ), plus the gloabl indebtedness of the USA, and a pretty widespread awareness that we are leaving it perilously late to save our biosphere, why do the political carrying-ons this 2016 Presidential election year seem so irrelevant to 21st C. society?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Americans are not as interested by politics as Europeans are. First, they did not suffer as much. Second, when there was suffering, it was often to the ADVANTAGE of the American establishment, and We The People of the American Republic.

      Third, the USA is huge, and immensely rich. 10 million square kilometers, twice the European Union, with a bit more than half the population. The USA also is full of oil, and gas (consider the collapse of the price of oil; that’s caused mostly by American fracking; earlier, American fracking a divided by three the price of American gas, but gas can’t be transported easily.

      Fourth, the take-over of the Main Stream Media by plutocrats is nearly total. Thus people worry about what they have been instructed to worry about. Mostly sports and scores they watch on TV, or the Internet.

      Considering all the preceding, there is little will, let alone interest, to ponder what is really going on. Whereas Europe is on the frontlines. It used to be that most problems went through France, France being at the crossroads of Europe, and both a northern and southern power, and what stopped the Muslim invasions of the Eight Century. But now all Europeans are pretty much in the same boat, with only a partial understanding of history (they miss big chunks of understanding in their true interaction with America and Plutocracy).

      Americans do not want to dig in what they guess would make them unhappy. They wait for calamity, calmly, pragmatically, like frogs whose pond is getting ever warmer. They also know the election are rigged, that was made crystal clear with G W Bush’s election… And if not that way, then through money: Ted Cruz has already 100 millions to spend, Bloomberg announced he was ready to spend a BILLION, from his own pocket.

      Maybe I missed something?


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