Enraged Stoics (Fall Of Rome, Part V)


[One of my readers told me to remove a more offensive title which depicted better how I felt about Marcus Aurelius and his clueless critters. Otherwise she won’t read the essay!] Yes, I know, it is curious that people who call themselves “stoic” would actually be enraged. Yet, they are. How they were led to rage, under the guidance of your truly, is instructive, and reveals much on human nature. Basically, I revealed them the truth, knowing full well, they would explode (that makes little different from Daech, aka ISIL).

And, yes, I know, Marcus Aurelius is one of the most adulated celebrities, viewed as a top intellectual, a great stoic philosopher, a towering right of life and death emperor, etc. However, my word is stronger than his sword, the true philosopher knows.

There is nothing which enrage liars more than the truth, to all revealed.  By revealing to them the truth, namely that one who, to this day, is one of their greatest leaders, is a piece of mental trash, who led humanity astray, I brought them to the abyss, where, lemming like, they jumped passionately.

Rage permeates the human condition, and reveals its nature. It’s a failing of traditional humanism that it has not yet enlighten the causes of why this happens.

Emperor Antoninus Pius Ruled For Twenty-Two And A Half Years. Pius, A Stoic, Was The Immediate Predecessor of Marcus Aurelius. Yet, A Truly Wise Leader, Following Republican Tradition, He Nominated None Of His Numerous Male Descendants Successor-Designate (“Caesar”)

Emperor Antoninus Pius Ruled For Twenty-Two And A Half Years. Pius, A Stoic, Was The Immediate Predecessor of Marcus Aurelius. Yet, A Truly Wise Leader, Following Republican Tradition, He Nominated None Of His Numerous Male Descendants Successor-Designate (“Caesar”)

Just as the Buddhists had Buddha, the Christians love Jesus, and the Muslims venerate Muhammad, the Stoics are overwhelmingly psychologically dependent upon Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor, and their hero. (They have an even worse anti-hero to adulate, Seneca!)

Today I will demonstrate further why Aurelius was garbage. (Do I look enraged myself? Not really, but against Nazi-like cultish methods, only the strongest answers are appropriate. The case against Aurelius may be more serious than the case against all the monarchs of the Middle Ages, as second only perhaps to Aristotle, he generated them all. As I will show below.)

Stoics, in their admirative folly, tell a lot of (traditional) lies about Marcus Aurelius. That these lies are traditional does not excuse them, or transmogrify them into the truth. Confronted to the details making blatant that those lies, however much repeated on the Internet, are lies, would-be stoics use the traditional methods deriving from what I call “intellectual fascism”. (At least that’s coherent, as Marcus Aurelius described, one could say, invented, and sang the praises of that mental method I call “Intellectual fascism”.)

I have attracted the anger of bankers, Muslims, Christians, American fanatics, and many other critters such as “Antisemites”. Unfortunately, apparently overwhelmed by a mountain of evidence and scholarship, bankers and Muslims have become exceedingly quiet.


The Fascist Instinct:

The ancestors of human beings for many million of years were primates pretty much exposed, far from a thick tree cover. The survival of the genus depended upon adopting with gusto the  following behavior: when confronted to danger the whole group gathering together behind a leader, and acting as one. We will call that the “fascist instinct”.

(This depends upon a piece of mathematics observed in the wild: when two groups of predators fight, the side with the greatest total mass generally wins; by acting as one, a human group could overwhelm any predator; predators cannot afford injuries, so they avoid any potential prey potentially all too injurious.)

We do not know how a behavior, necessary for survival, becomes “hard wired”. (I have just argued against simplistic ways of doing so.) However, I think the “fascist instinct” (for want of a better phrase) is “hardwired”, whatever “hardwire” means.

I also think that the next big progress in humanities will consist in admitting that various “hardwired” traits of the human genus are actually demonic. So, instead of denying that they are there, we should recognize, own, manage, mitigate, domesticate, and civilize them.

Intellectual fascism is such a trait. Celebritism, the cult of celebrities is an aspect of it. It brings forth the confusion between knowledge and hero-worship. For example the discovery of gravitational waves was attributed to “Einstein”, a content-empty concept. In truth, gravitational waves should be attributed to field theory: any moving field source generates an energy wave radiating outwards (that can then be explained further; ironically, Einstein vacillated on the waves, for years, so he had not understood how simple they were).


Roman Emperors Were Generally Nominated by The Senate or Adopted By Their Predecessor:

An example is Tiberius, top general in the Roman empire, adopted son of Augustus. After Augustus died, Tiberius retired in the country and waited many weeks, until the Senate begged him to become Princeps (Tiberius was de facto already head of all Roman legions, thus imperator, from his long top military command).

Marcus Aurelius was the first emperor with a son. That’s completely false. For example Tiberius, the second emperor, had two full grown sons. Both followed the cursus honorum, and became famous generals: Germanicus reconquered the part of Germany lost by Arminius’ treachery, and in particular the locale where three legions had been lost in an ambush.

What was new, is that Marcus Aurelius used a logic that brought him to make his son a “Caesar” at age five. It is not that Marcus did not know right from wrong. He did. And what he did was obviously wrong. But, somehow, Marcus found a psychopathic LOGIC to justify his perverse action.

It was psychopathic logic, because it explicitly contradicted the explicit wisdom to choose the next emperor very carefully, if possible among the most meritorious youth after they received the best education (as Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus had been selected, and educated by the famous Grammaticus Fronto).


Even With An Imperator Cum Princeps, Rome Viewed Itself As A Republic;

Indeed, the truth has been in plain sight, so many can’t see it:  Why? One has to know first this striking fact: until after Diocletian’s rule, around 300 CE, the Roman Imperium was actually a Republic.

Historians have come to use the word “Principate” to qualify Rome until 300 CE. Because the Imperator was also “Princeps”, the first man in the Senate. Right now in the USA, the Vice-President is first man in the Senate: as President of the Senate, the vice president has two primary duties: to cast a vote in the event of a Senate deadlock and to preside over and certify the official vote count of the U.S. Electoral College. The distinction between “president” and “prince” is that between “sits first” (president) and “takes first” (princeps/prince).

The Republic was supposedly going on, and “imperator”, supreme military command on a set of legions, was a military title from centuries of Republic. There were cases, during the Republic, when imperators saluted each other, with the “imperator” title.


A Professional Philosopher Makes A Correction:


once more, your statements are incorrect. It isn’t that Marcus was the first emperor to have a son reach adulthood, but he was the first emperor of the Nerva–Antonine dynasty dynasty who had that opportunity.

And one more time: drop talk of fascism and psychopathy, it is adding nothing to the discussion.”

Well, dear Massimo, if you want to dine with the devil, you will need a longer spoon. I replied this:

During the Nerva-Antonine dynasty, an important qualification to become emperor was to be a stoic.

Emperor Hadrian adopted in 136 CE one of the ordinary consuls of that year, Lucius Ceionius Commodus, who took the name Lucius Aelius CAESAR. Lucius did not look the most qualified, and historians suggested he was Hadrian’s natural son. After another successful consulship in 138 CE, Lucius died (of natural causes).

Emperor Antoninus Pius, predecessor of Marcus Aurelius, had two natural, recognized sons: Marcus Aurelius Fulvus Antoninus and Marcus Galerius Aurelius Antoninus. However, the emperor Antoninus Pius did not name them Caesars during their childhood or adolescence. That would have been… unwise.

Antoninus’ two sons died young without issue. However, their sister Faustina the Younger had thirteen children, and their descendants are attested in the Fifth Century. As Antoninus had the longest reign since Augustus, he could have named a direct descendant Caesar (as Marcus would do). Antoninus was a stoic.

Marcus Aurelius differed from his numerous imperial predecessors in two ways: he did not adopt a qualified, adult heir. He also nominated a very small child as heir (a royal habit which would reappear in the Fifth Century, and thereafter through the Middle Ages).

This is not a full case against Marcus Aurelius. His attitude against Christians was also a disaster.


If You Want Civilization To Survive, Reject Celebritism, Intellectual Fascism, etc., & Embrace Direct Democracy:

Marcus Aurelius sank the Roman Empire, just as surely as the Captain of the Titanic sank the Titanic. His designation of the baby Commodus as Caesar, heir-designate, at the grand old age of five, tells us he was no wise man. However much he repeated like a parrot in Greek what Greek philosophers had said before. Thus he covered his tracks for 19 centuries, but as Donald Trump would point out, here I am, to say the obvious.

The rage of the professed ‘stoics’, confronted to my naked truths with whom I crush them, tells volume. First it says that Stoicism falls short. Half of humanity lives in East Asia, and should not scoff too fast. East Asia is permeated with Buddhism and its variants and fellow travellers (Confucianism). One can viewed all these as forms of stoicism. Or, more exactly, forms of stoicism a la Marcus Aurelius. (It’s not that Aurelius influenced them directly; it’s more that to the same problems, the same solutions.

Marcus Aurelius, as world dictator, devised a system of mind compatible with his elevated role as fascist-in-chief. Many a ruler in East Asia, and their obsequious servants, such as Confucius, were drawn to the same broad conclusions.

Thus (much of) Stoicism-Buddhism-Confucianism can be viewed as an overall mentality (there are variants of the three of them which differ wildly.

As long as We The People do not admit that individuals are prone to failure and demonicity, always, we will not progress to the sort of perfection we now need for survival as a genus of mind.

That packs of stoics can exhibit the ugly side of man, reminiscent of an angry pack of hyenas, is no wonder. When a pack of hyenas of roughly equivalent mass confront a pack of lions, they attack. However confronted to one of a few humans, they flee. Why? Even hyenas know that humans are the worst of the worst, in some most important ways. And that’s why stoics love Marcus Aurelius: because he was the worst of the worst, under Stoic guise, he was ready to lead them, straight into the Middle Ages, and its hereditary absolute power, from father to new-born babe.

Marcus Aurelius, the first hereditary king? Yes. A philosopher? No.

Patrice Ayme’

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13 Responses to “Enraged Stoics (Fall Of Rome, Part V)”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Another broadside against MA… Did you use to like him? I remember, a few years ago. You are to philosophy what Trump is to politics, although you have a much longer track record. I don’t mean that disparaging
    You don’t respect the establishment


  2. Gloucon X Says:

    “If You Want Civilization To Survive, Reject Celebritism, Intellectual Fascism, etc., & Embrace Direct Democracy”

    Agreed. There are so many bad ideas that rule us which must be rejected. But we are moving too slowly in that endeavor which must be rapidly brought up to speed. One of the things that you’ve said that struck me as crucial is that it’s not enough to have good ideas, the bad ones that flourish and rule us must be attacked and ridiculed out of existence. All the ideas that contributed to getting civilization to the destructive place it is in now must be attacked and eliminated and replaced with the good. Thanks, and keep doing what you’re doing.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Gloucon X: Thanks for the encouragement, it’s much appreciated. It is correct to attack and ridicule the erroneous ideas, feelings and methods. After all, they do this for us.
      An example is Islam: I was brought up in extremely tolerant, sophisticated Islam, which was even more advanced than the average mentality in the West in many important dimensions. However, Wahhabism/Salafism financed by the Saudi plutocrats undermined it, and started to extricate it. Then, when I criticized the Saudi/Wahhabism/Salafism, some told me I was… racist. So, if I criticize a faith which wanted to kill the people and way of life I grew up with… I was culprit of “Islamophobia”, and thus a racist. Actually, I had a well justified “Saudiphobia”.

      But now the French president just gave France’s highest decoration to the heir of Saudi Arabia, the future plutocrat in chief there, so I see better the errors of my ways…
      Thanks again…


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Tyranosopher Tweet:
    Hitler: “Stop thinking, follow me!” (authentic quote). Marcus Aurelius’ first command: “Useless thoughts are an aberration”. See an analogy?


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:



  5. Massimo Pigliucci Says:


    “During the Nerva-Antonine dynasty, an important qualification to become emperor was to be a stoic”

    I’m getting a bit tired, even for a Stoic, of your apparent penchant for just making stuff up. That statement is categorically historically false, there was no such requirement or qualification to become emperor, and indeed Marcus was pretty much the only one of that dynasty to be openly Stoic.


  6. Gmax Says:

    I went to Massimo Pigliucci’s blog. It’s basically cultish. His fans go on and on, playing the game. He got completely enraged as you shoved his head in his own pee. He claimed emperors had no sons before Marcus. They all say that, it completely wrong.

    Like all insulters, he accused you generally, not on a particular fact. I think your philosophy attacks his business model.

    Also now he is enraged because you said emperors before Marcus were stoic. He obviously knows little Roman history. Hadrian went to Epitectus school, the biggest stoic school at the time. And so on.

    The problem with professional philosophers is they are basically whores. And that Massimo has a side business selling his philosophical services, or he used to. Came across it someday.

    I have nothing against selling one’ charms. After all, I am a showgirl in Vegas, of all places. But I can think, and say, what I want. I am not thinking what I know will sell. Socrates attacked the sophisticated just on that point.

    So the Massimo he wants you to write comments saying how great he is, and so is his god, Marcus emperor. Then you can pay him for his services. Anyway, hope you had fun going in circles around such a fool.

    You are right, stoic madness about celebrity stoics is a baby model for all sorts of fanaticism. And greed.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well. Professors in Academia spent 18% of their professional time doing research. The rest is teaching, administration, etc. So when Massimo researches 18 hours, I research 100. The numbers are even more biased, because prestigious guys spent quite a bit on prestige, social functions, etc.

      I do not say stuff to get bananas, as people in Academia do. When I was in Academia, that’s what I did. Now my motivation is to come closer to the truth. It’s exactly like mountain climbing, where the truth is in survival.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Massimo does not have the time to check that what I say is true. So I gave the names of 3 biological sons of preceding emperors, contemporaneous to Marcus Aurelius. He has no time to check, so he gets enraged, because it’s easier to repeat like a parrot what he heard. He does not even have the time to follow the pertinence of my logic. MA made his son Caesar at age 5, Antoninus Pius, or Hadrian could have done that, but didn’t. There was a minimal age limit for Consuls before MA.


  7. Seneca’s New Order Of “Security & Tranquility” (Fall of Rome XII) | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] a philosophy invented to thrive in symbiosis with hard-core fascism. A total hero of Stoicism is Marcus Aurelius… However that emperor was a disaster for Rome (Common Wisdom claims the opposite!)… Marcus started an imbecilitic drive against […]


  8. A.R.Bode Says:

    “admitting that various “hardwired” traits of the human genus are actually demonic. So, instead of denying that they are there, we should recognize, own, manage, mitigate, domesticate, and civilize them.”

    Holy cow, love love love this. i’ve been ambling along a similar train of thought for a long long time and have never been able to discuss the idea with anyone before. Like all humanity, every single day is a mental struggle with my own personal demons trying to bring me down. Just to name a couple as example: I have a terrible diet (classifed as the sin gluttony) which is promoted and subsidized to the point of ubiquityin our corporate fascist nation state. And that drive stems directly from the “hardwired” instinct to seek out salts and sugars; a delicacy that would have been a rare and valuable treat to our hardworking prehistoric ancestors, but today is in nearly every food at the grocery store. Procrastination (sloth) is a never ending battle, especially difficult with the never-ending barrage of media and distraction (and that pollutes our mental environment to the point of inhospitablility), and again, a hardwired instinct to rest when all immediate needs are met. Lust is self explanatory, even though I have a wonderful girlfriend, its always there and promoted, encouraged even in our hyper-sexual society, and another powerful instinct.

    It seems like major instincts and biological directives that helped homo sapiens thrive in prehistoric society are the same instincts that lead us astray in society today.

    And those are just a few of my own vices, my own personal sin, I could go on and on if I’m being honest. However I don’t mean to ramble, and don’t worry, I’m about to get to the point. I’m just excited because your comment (not even really related to the overall topic of this post) really caught my eye!

    My question to you is this: what exactly do you mean by “demonic”? Could you define that more? Because one could explain it one way as “my vices are my sins”, and calling them demons and even picturing them can sometimes be very helpful in combating them. It’s just that I’m not really sure how to conceptualize that or define it. Care to expand?

    It seems like in contemporary society, highlighted with various social and political movements in particular, we as a people are moving further and further intellectually away from our connection to the natural order of things and our own biology, denying who we are, and arrogantly and metaphorically proclaiming “Mission Accomplished” to our inner demons fast enough to make the president jealous.

    How do you define “demonic” and do you mean that in a religious sense or some kind of personal interpretation?

    Thanks for writing, great post!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for the compliments! I am travelling, so I will give a significant answer later… What is “Demonic”? Anything having to do with brute force, inflicting pain and suffering, sometimes death… So right now, very demonic killing the biosphere… Sometimes “demonic” is necessary (say Allies fighting against Nazism)… So it’s not all bad, the paradox of the human condition….


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