Vote For Truth & Other Recommendations


I support much of Clinton’s program. However… It is not just that she is not “inspiring as Obama just said. She belongs to a party whose elite has done the opposite of what they claimed they wanted to do, and lied about why and how that happened. Moreover herds of idiots out there, believe said elite of plutocrats, hook, line, sinker, and the entire boat. For 24 years. Yesterday I was walking in my neighborhood, along the shore of the world’s greatest ocean. On the other side of the giant 4 miles bridge, apartments have been sold for 60 million dollars. In the streets, in the nooks and crannies, homeless people moved, in the last few weeks. They will not vote. They live in absolute garbage, worse than in the worst of India. Indeed, unbelievably, they build their refuges from garbage. It smells, there are broken bottles everywhere. They are on the move, police is hunting them, bulldozing them here and there.

Even in the poorest parts of Africa, I have never seen such misery. And those are mainly young white men, with the occasional woman and the slightly Afro-American white man thrown in. They are real US citizens, not recent (often illegal) Hispanic immigrants (those stick together, and have work). That’s the other side of the Clinton-Obama global imperial plutocracy. Or, as the Clintons like to call it “The Clinton Global initiative”. To see who support that “Global Initiative” look at the long list of dictators who have given money to the Clinton family, or look at the picture below:

The CEO Of Goldman Sachs (on the right) Is Inseparable From Hillary Clinton & Clinton Global Initiative: Global Plutocracy. GS Was Not Prosecuted For Its Crimes In Greece

The CEO Of Goldman Sachs (on the right) Is Inseparable From Hillary Clinton & The Clinton Global Initiative: Global Plutocracy Is The Clinton Global Initiative. GS Was Not Prosecuted For Its Crimes In Greece

But don’t say that to wealthy Californians: they have immensely profited from the global corporate fascist crony capitalist state. A few miles from these hordes of homeless drifters pushed around by police, the world’s richest corporations have their headquarters, paying no taxes and doubling as spy agencies for the global security state. Those who earn their lives well in the SF Bay Area are professionally bound to sing the praises of that system, lest they be ostracized (same story in New York).

Well known philosopher Zizek observed that:”Humanity is OK, but 99% of people are boring idiots.” No wonder they vote for that:

Baby Is Hungry! Idiots Found A President For Hire. But Destitute Idiots Did Not Hire Her. Instead, They Just Admire

Baby Is Hungry! Wealthy Idiots Found A President For Hire. But Destitute Idiots Did Not Hire Her. Instead, They Just Admire

Thanks to Donald Trump, the idiots are getting less boring. Now they have coprolalia, and it’s Hillaryous. The insults are flowing, thick and innovative. I roll out FRED (Federal REserve Data), and posers who claim to be “Democrats” pile up derogatory terms to describe me.

Funny how Trump went from pillar of the establishment, to universally reviled as a “populist”. The same reproach was made to Caesar; Caesar was the leader of the “Populares”.  Trump is a man who dared to campaign, with his own money, against Ronald Reagan, as early as 1987. You have to understand that Trump critics such as Paul Krugman and Bill Clinton had actually worked for Ronald Reagan, years prior to 1987. Paul Krugman was officially in the White House, advising him how to fleece the little guys by setting a worldwide global plutocracy of outlaws. Now the outlaws are in power, and they have bought the Main Stream Media. Worldwide .

Bill Clinton helped Reagan set Iran-Contra (see  Arkansas governor Bill Clinton president George Bush CIA drugs for guns connection for crusty details).

Ironically Daniel Ortega, Reagan’s great enemy in Nicaragua,  was re-elected this weekend president of Nicaragua for the fourth time, with his own poetess multilingual wife as Vice President; Ortega just got 71% of the vote… and Washington based World Bank recognized that Ortega has done a good job reducing poverty! So Clinton and Reagan killed all these people for no good reason.

(Yes Ortega practices crony capitalism, as the Dems do in the US; but the difference is that the median income in Nicaragua has shot up, whereas in the USA, the median family income is down 5% from what it was under Bill Clinton.)


Voting Recommendations:

I vote for truth! Some will say it’s not on the ballot. Well, in California there are more than 12 propositions to vote on. Including: Outlawing the death penalty (I recommend yes), extending by twelve (12) years the supplementary taxes on wealthy income (I recommend yes), augmenting taxes on cigarettes (I recommend yes).


How Come Victims Support Their Oppressors?

This is the eternal question when looking at history. But the answer is always the same: oppressors manipulate the victims’ minds (except for outright brutal military invasions like those of the Mongols, or France in May 1940, invaded by the Nazi army)

The obvious flaws in USA (and most of the West) are inequality, global plutocracy, the richest paying the less tax, mass crony capitalism, mass media lies. Clinton-Obama, following the initiative of Reagan, himself following Reagan, set it up.

To what John Michael Gartland commented: “I don’t think that I will ever live long enough to understand the fanatical devotion and level of irrational denial of their minions.”

Dear JMD: You have several types of minions. Those who are in for money, power, the REAL minions (in the etymological sense of Henri II’s court) who have a vested interest in it, that is all the Hollywood, celebrities, Crony Capitalists, wealthiest paying little tax, plutocrats made by the Deep State, etc. Those have interest, pecuniary interest and power interest in the Clinton-Obama world.

Then there are the multitudes who vote Clinton, and are in DENIAL. Then there are the multitudes who really believe Trump set-up the world as it is, because they have not been paying attention. They really believe that it is all the fault of the “Republicans” (when Dems were in full supermajority power in 2009, say; this is why some on the Internet went insane at that notion which I long exposed… in 2009, or even in an essay last week…)


Why Are People So Idiotic? Media Propaganda.

Under the Soviets, the main newspaper was “Pravda” (“Truth”). It was full of lies. Now all the media in the West is under control.

It told the truth in 2009: I wrote in a comment to the New York Times that Obama lowered taxes a lot on richest incomes. The New York Times censored my comment. The. NYT recognized that was true only in 2016. Meanwhile, their readers were led to believe that Obama has brought taxes up on the rich (Obama did raise them a bit in 2012). Too many comments like that, and the NYT censored me totally (they don’t even bother to answer me anymore when I ask them why). I think that should be against the law, BTW (as the NYT has special prerogatives granted to it by the state, supposedly representing We The People).

Paul Krugman just accused Trump of anti-Judaism (by innuendo, Krugman did not produce any quotes). Paul Krugman is a an efficient propagandist of global plutocracy employed at White House under Reagan, while Trump raged against Reagan. At the White House, Reagan had put Krugman in charge of plutocratic globalization. So maybe we should call the “Clinton Initiative” the “Krugman Initiative”.

Says Krugman: “I had arranged for a leave from MIT and was on my way to Washington, to be the chief staffer for international economics at the Council of Economic Advisers.

It was, in a way, strange for me to be part of the Reagan Administration. I was then and still am an unabashed defender of the welfare state… I am also unable to pretend to respect “policy entrepreneurs”, the intellectually dishonest self-proclaimed experts who tell politicians what they want to hear. The Reagan Administration was, of course, full of people who hated the welfare state and had very little interest in the truth.”

Whatever. Power is power, some can’t resist the appeal of exerting power. Thus we end up, or rather, down, led into the abyss by the worst, those who are mostly motivated by power greed.

Paul Krugman became a professional, efficient propagandist of global plutocracy, singing the praises of trade. While Krugman was employed at White House under Reagan, Trump raged against Reagan about middle-income Americans being fleeced through international arrangements. Krugman got a Nobel for explaining scholastically that global trade was good. It’s good for global plutocrats (which pays the Nobel committee).

Trump kept raging against the system, sending millions to a succession of politicians who talked big about helping all (such as the Clintons).

Were Krugman and his ilk dishonest, or simply idiotic?  Paul Krugman, not a philosopher, behaved as if he did not suspect that global trade without global law would bring global plutocracy, world slavery, no more jobs in the West.

The median income in the USA is down 5% over what it was under Bill Clinton. Meanwhile the cost of quality health care and quality education has gone through the roof. So did real estate. Obama has been a disaster, but, because he is a “cool” guy, he is still wildly popular. Weirdly, whether Trump or Clinton, the president will be more up for the job. Obama is probably smarter than either, but he did not have either the temperament, nor the experience: he was too young when he became president. This being said, either Clinton, or Trump, will have a much more difficult situation… because the “cool” guy was so cool, he stayed below a rock for eight years, like a cool snake. 

With plutocracy owned Main Stream Media skewing the mood on all the financial-economic & social news & opinion, sanity can’t be regained. The Democrats found for themselves one of the world’s most corrupt family to lead the world again. Same old, same old, eight years after their financial conspiracies led to the world’s most spectacular financial crisis ever (the Great Depression went out of control when it was amplified as an economic-political crisis, starting July 1930). 

Oh, last but not least, Slavoj Zizek is viewed as a “Hegelian” Marxist philosopher. He said that he would vote for Trump. Zizek’s explanation:

“Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. When Stalin was asked in the late 1920s which deviation is worse, the Rightist one or the Leftist one, he snapped back: They are both worse! Is it not the same with the choice American voters are confronting in the 2016 presidential elections? Trump is obviously “worse.” He enacts a decay of public morality. He promises a Rightist turn. But he at least promises a change. Hillary is “worse” since she makes changing nothing look desirable.

With such a choice, one should not lose ones nerve and chose the “worst,” which means change—even if is a dangerous change—because it opens up the space for a different more authentic change.

The point is thus not to vote for Trump—not only should one not vote for such a scum, one should not even participate in such elections. The point is to approach coldly the question: Whose victory is better for the fate of the radical emancipatory project, Clinton’s or Trump’s? Trump wants to make America great again, to which Obama responded that America already is great. But is it? “

Zizek rightly dismisses the analogies with Hitler, pointing out that the hierarchies and geology of power in the USA are very complex. I agree with much of what Zizek says, especially the iconoclastic aspect, although I know the situation better than he does, and I know that on some important points Trump is way left of Clinton. What we have is two rightist plutocrats fighting, one global, the other national. [I will comment Zizek more in the future, if I find time.]

Electing Trump is the best reward Obama’s plutocratic, corporate fascism rule deserves. That will fit even better than his Nobel prize. However, electing Clinton is the best reward her idiotic, fanatical supporters deserve. Plus, she is a woman (and we need a woman leader). Decisions, decisions

Patrice Ayme’

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12 Responses to “Vote For Truth & Other Recommendations”

  1. Gloucon X Says:

    It’s amazing how many smart observers of American politics have never looked at the census data. If they had, then the fact that the Democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six elections would not appear as some kind of fluke. The non-Hispanic white population shrinks by about 1-2% every four years. Trump is doomed. He never had a chance. They are about 40% of whites who will never ever vote Republican, many of them are young, female, college educated and living in Northern and Western states, and a few of the more cosmopolitan Southern states like Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina. Hillary will carry at least two of those. Colorado is lost forever to Republicans. That’s the blue firewall. I really think there’s going to be a surprisingly big anti-Trump women’s vote.

    Trump is 4 points behind Romney’s final poll numbers, Hillary is 1.5 points behind Obama’s 2012 numbers. So Hillary will win by about 2.5% larger margin that Obama who won by 4%. So figure a range of 4-8% victory for Hillary, anything outside that range would be a surprise.

    Zizek: The voters’ abstention is thus a true political act: it forcefully confronts us with the vacuity of today’s democracies. This, exactly, is how citizens should act when faced with the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

    I’ve often fantasized of an abstention so massive that only the immediate families would be left to vote. In that case, Romney would have won last time and Trump this time. Anyway, it’s too late. My urban county votes 75% Dem. My area even higher. The box was so full I could barely get my envelope in.

    Btw it took me about 30 seconds to find this:

    Former President George W. Bush has earned tens of millions of dollars from paid speeches since 2009, Politico reported. Bush has given at least 200 paid speeches, typically earning between $100,000 and $175,000 per appearance. But compared to the Clintons, he has attracted less attention as many of his engagements are at private events around the world. Most of the organizations that hosted Bush were reluctant to reveal how much they paid him, Politico said. Also, did you know that even Sarah Palin gets 90K a speech?

    It’s a hopelessly corrupt country, I’ve been saying that all along.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I can only agree with what you wrote. Corruption, though, has a mind of its own. If successful as it has been, it keeps on propagating, and amplifying. A nation, a civilization are moral person (in the sense the French have long givwen, and which has no been adopted and adapted by the US Supreme Court). They can develop self-destructive habits. Of course if Ireland wants to get self-destructive, not too many care. But the USA is the leading country in most ways (and making such a good work at denigrating its own parent France, that the French, themselves, or, rather, their grandparents, have evolved a self-destroying ideology, greatly inspited by a (fake) US persona of anti-this, anti-that).

      This being said, Hillary is extremely Machiavellian. Much more than Bill. As president, she may surprise a lot (not like the Obama simpleton). Proof? Her 180 degrees on the TPP. She saw the mortal danger, and flipped. Same with the signal Bill gave about Obamacare. (Meanwhile my health insurance for next year is barelt believable, so bad it is; looks like a 13 K family deductible…)


  2. Kevin Berger Says:

    Mon seul commentaire sur cette élection qui traine en longueur comme une agonie de vieillard effrayé de mourir : qu’ils crèvent.

    Tout est dit, aussi bien pour les candidats que leurs électeurs, leur système, et même ces journalistes français obsédés par leurs maîtres, encore plus putes qu’à l’habitude. Putain(s).

    Le jour où l’on pourra regarder ce cirque avec une distance ironique, parce que ce grand empire immobile, adolescent et sénile, ne sera plus le centre de nôtre univers mental, ce jour là on pourra avoir un peu de sympathie et de compréhension pour ces clowns.

    D’ici là, qu’ils crèvent, et puisque cela ne se réalisera pas, réservons tous un strapontin pour le spectacle de l’immédiat après-élection (avant que l’empire immobile ne retourne à sa roue de hamster).
    Meltdown, drama, butthurt, twitter, facebook, reddit,… dernier tour de piste de tous les clowns avant le retour au business as usual et la continuation du grand n’importe quoi, indépendamment de qui remporte le concours de monstre de foire cette nuit.


  3. John Rogers Says:

    Back when noted conman Edwin Edwards was running for Governor of Louisiana against Klansman David Duke his slogan was “Vote for the crook, it’s important.” Sort of how I feel about this election.


  4. picard578 Says:

    Trump was actually pushed by the plutocrats because that was the only way they could make Hillary look good. But Trump’s victory – if it does happen – may actually be rather disastrous for said plutocrats. Yes, Trump is one of their number, but he is also erratic, unpredictable, and because he is already rich he is also harder to influence with money. So Trump’s victory may actually be good for United States. Which is why it will never happen.


  5. benign Says:

    Trump’s economics are basically the same as Ronald Reagan’s: lower taxes including on the high-rollers, and business. It is unclear how he will avoid the same failure of trickle-down economics that Reagan-Clinton-Obomba have confronted.

    To me, Trump’s sole, really brave, really fundamental reform proposal is ending nation building, breaking the grip of the military-security-industrial complex on the nation’s corporations and tax dollars. It puts him solidly at odds with the Zionist-neocon lobby, who promote chaos everywhere in the Middle East but Israel.

    Meanwhile NATO and Russia are at high alert, staring into each other’s eyeballs, waiting for the spark. The neocons are likely to try a dirty trick (false flag) before the inauguration, as it looks like Trump may win. Let’s hope sane military minds on both sides avert disaster.



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I hated and despised Reagan. Still do. So did Trump. Time to learn about reality. One can start by reading my essays carefully…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      You don’t read what I write. Under Trump, taxes on plutocrats will augment. He is actually following what French SOCIALISTS, in power, have voted. Lower official rate, but knock off the cheating which is astounding right now.


      • benign Says:

        We’ll see. The Congress determines, and they’re all still bought and paid for by plutocrats.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Of course. I don’t believe they mutated in a different species. However, Ford is already reconsidering moving small car fabrication to Mexico, as a 35% tax does not appetizing, for some reason. BTW, this is the politics Brazil under Lula pursued very successfully (notwhistanding possible Lula’s personal corruption)


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Trump will delighted to scream at Paul Ryan:”YOU ARE FIRED!” So Ryan is best friend of “Donald” now… They talk all the time…


  6. SDM Says:

    Now we shall see how much the tax situation will change. Enforcement of the tax laws demands the money to make it happen. It takes tax collection effort so lacking presently (except as to the 99% who lack the power to challenge the collection).

    Will there be the will to spend for an infrastructure plan, and where does the money come from? Obamacare will be gone. What will replace it?

    The GOP -tea party is of the mindset that any government is probably too much government so is mass privatization on the horizon? Let us see what unfolds and what happens with the plutocrats. Trump is very against paying taxes.


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