Was It Criminal For The USA To Attack Afghanistan In 1979? And Why Still Unexamined? Comparing With The Nazis’ War of Aggression 

On July 3 1979, Democratic president Jimmy Carter gave the secret order to attack the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan which had been created by a coup in 1978 which put an end to the Afghan monarchy. The idea of Carter’s advisers was to create a Vietnam for the Soviets on their doorstep, and put an end to the French collaboration in exploiting the considerable mineral resources of the country. My family was a direct witness of what happened.  

The US population is completely unaware of this, and, when exposed to it, tends to accuse the teller, rather than the facts (it’s a psychoprobe experiment I made many times). In an example of mass deliberately organized mass delusion of crowds

The US administration unleashed client regimes, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The Pakistani ISI (Inter Service Intelligence) and the SIA (Saudi Intelligence Agency; it’s know under several other names) were launched against Afghanistan. The latter recruited Bin Laden, and that’s actively denied by organizations such as FactCheck.Org, by quoting approvingly the perpetrators. In general, when even ex-FBI directors write memoirs with damaging information on the US Deep State, active disinformation blurs reality completely, and the public stops being interested. 

US Air Force bombs Tora Bora In Afghanistan, twenty-two years after Carter gave the order to fully attack Afghanistan. The Afghan War was an American show throughout: concept, financing, screenwriting and production.

Often the effort against Fundamental Islam seems so incompetent that cynics will believe it is deliberately so. Actually some CIA operators have basically said this, including Gary Berntsen, the CIA officer who directed the battle of Tora Bora represented above.

I did not inform CIA headquarters that I was doing this. I did everything possible to initiate a battle without asking for their permission because I was very concerned that they wouldn’t authorize any of it… There would have been a slew of questions. I didn’t want any questions. I didn’t want to hear anything from anybody.

“And quite frankly I didn’t trust the seventh floor of the CIA to do the right thing, because they had not done the right thing for a number of years before that. And I didn’t care if I was fired or relieved either. I was just going to do it.

the Afghan War to the Soviets: it is repeated all over in the media it owns and influences. The BBC, E-International Relations all keep the myth going.  Attributing the Afghan war to the Soviets…when it’s actually the US which started it… The Soviets were counterpunching. The Muslim adversaries can’t admit to that, they are caught in the lie, and that explains the rage of so many Muslims, including Bin Laden, who know it, but see it so efficiently denied by the world plutocratic media.  


In any case, the US mercenary Bin Laden, who had intervened in the Afghan war launched by Carter and pursued by Reagan, with an Arab army of 35,000, contributed to the death of millions of Afghans. How many millions? Several. The numbers are not published anymore and it’s hard to find serious evaluations with search engines… Please do not wonder why: Davos plutocracy likes to kill discreetly.

Confronted to the question Was It Criminal To Attack Afghanistan? The pre-cooked answer is to point out the fact that the Taliban refused to surrender Bin Laden and his accomplices after 9/11. That, indeed, was enough of a casus belli. Agreed. 

However, the full truth requires that for the sake of cognition and ethics, one needs to fully identify and sort out the causal webs which leads to action, and mental positioning. The Taliban… the “students” in Patchou… were themselves, the Pakistani government claims, creatures organized and financed by Saudi Arabia, which was anxious to foster Wahhabist Islam. Now, in the Twentieth Century, nothing the Saudis did was not approved if not outright instigated by Washington.   

Hence the conclusion, one way or another, is that the US Deep State was the fundamental cause of this Afghan mess. It is more than troubling that the opposition to Trump and the organizations supporting it (for example Fact.Check.Org), actively deny this.

What it means, then, is that they still approve enough of the war in Afghanistan enough to refuse to establish who, and what caused it. The war in Afghanistan was a butchery: several million people got killed. It was deliberately engineered in Washington to drag the Soviets in a war they couldn’t win. The Afghan war was a war of aggression in the name of… aggression. Meaning that the reasons for the aggression were both themselves aggression: one, against the USSR, just because they could, and the other, to foster an homicidal version of Islam trying to go back to its most obscurantist form. The interest of the latter was very simple: it would divide the world. Instead of worrying about increasing plutocracy, We The People would have to worry about homicidal fundamentalists…

It worked. And it has worked because it has not been explained to We The People. Homicidal Wahhabist Fundamentalism as a tool of plutocracy, fruit of a conspiracy? Ridiculous the pillars of the establishment will say: show me where it is written down. So we have to point out the obvious: conspiracies, con-spirare, breathing together, as in Davos, does not mean an explicit plot one writes down.

Conspiracy are precisely made to go undetected.

For example, Adolf Hitler did not leave personally one single sentence, not even one single word about the Holocaust he directed and ordered. His underlings did the same, although they had to persuade many top German officials to not get in the way of the mass murdering campaign, which contradicted the Nazis’ own laws. So they tried to do it verbally, or around magnificent tables laden with excellent victuals. The plan was that, if they won the war, the Nazis would simply never talk of the subject again, and nice Nazis would be elected president and their names would be Joachim Von Biden. 

For those who don’t get the joke, the Nazi Foreign Minister, Joachim Von Ribbentrop, was executed at Nuremberg for “war of aggression”. Now, the Nazis had good reasons to be angry against the Versailles Treaty: it had cut Germany in two, because it returned to the legitimate Natives vast lands the Germans had conquered over various Slavs and Austrians in the preceding two centuries. 

The United States of America, though, had not been cut in two by anybody, not even the Soviets. There was no deep hatred justifying entrapping the Soviets (whereas many Germans had good reasons to hate the Poles, Czecks, French…) Nor promoting Fundamentalist Islam of the worst type should have been a priority… for a honest civilization.

Both attacking the Soviets and promoting enraged Islam were part of a calculation to create a deliberate mess, similar to the mess the US created in 1914 by (discreetly, but crucially) supporting the homicidal dementia of the Kaiser, his goons, and the cornered German plutocracy underneath… And similar to the mess the USA created by supporting the worst demons of Germany, starting in 1919, and then directly financing Hitler (something Jew-hating plutocrat Henry Ford initiated).

Truth shall make you free, and lies shall enslave you. The truth of what happened in Afghanistan, and the responsibility of the US Deep State, has been completely hidden from the US public, turning Americans into slaves of some sort. This is a truly remarkable achievement of Deep State. It indicates how firmly in command the Deep State is of American minds. As mind molding is the task of the plutocratically owned media, SYSTEMIC PLUTOCRACY can celebrate its Afghan subterfuge as a colossal achievement [1]….

The US Deep State and its greedy plutocracy attacked Afghanistan in 1979 for reasons so shallow that there is bound to be another, deeper reason. And that is one well known of the Ancient Greeks, the reason which defeated Greece, hubris. Human beings are made to live dangerously. The leaders of America, visible or not, were bored, so, full of hubris, they organized themselves a war. Beats golf, any day. They got away with it.

Patrice Ayme.


[1] Systemic Plutocracy hides behind a slew of mostly imaginary problems, such as systemic racism, police brutality, or right wing violent fascism… I have been victim of the three of them, by the way, and I think these issues should be remedied. However, they are not as grave as systemic racism… which spawns and then promote them… as distractions. In that sense the entire Afghan war was planned as a gigantic distraction… not just a trap for the Soviets, as ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI, PRESIDENT CARTER’S NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER, claimed it to be   


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7 Responses to “Was It Criminal For The USA To Attack Afghanistan In 1979? And Why Still Unexamined? Comparing With The Nazis’ War of Aggression ”

  1. Stephen Jones Says:

    The US deep state can be dangerous, as we know, yet religions can be even more dangerous. I am referring to all religions and not just Islam.


  2. Ian Miller Says:

    The point about bin Laden is the US almost seemed to go out of their way NOT to capture him. Probably gross incompetence rather than deliberate.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Some French intelligence officers claim Bin Laden met, in the hospital he was staying, with some CIA officers… Long after Al Qaeda had engaged in anti-US terrorism… [plotting…]
      Also the plane trick was fully expected by the French and Israeli, for many years. Specific warnings were sent to Washington…. [incompetence]


  3. SDM Says:

    This is examined somewhat at length by journalist Max Blumenthal in his recently printed book, The Management of Savagery. His focus is on the evils of the US “deep state” in the middle east and to a lesser extent its similar tactics in South America. Of course, Blumenthal will not get invited as a guest on FOX, CNN or MSNBC.


  4. Bob Cook Jr. Says:

    Biden was an ardent supporter of invading Afghanistan 20 yrs. ago, also.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Biden is arguably the most prominent force of evil in US politics for 50 years. This is explained by his position as one of the architects of Delaware finance. Delaware is the ultimate tax haven, on a worldwide basis. In no small reason, thanks to Biden. The fact that he, or more exactly the plutocracy which sponsors him, succeeded to capture the Democratic Party is akin to the capture of the Communists and Socialists by Hitler and his sponsors… Now it’s all a big plutocratic lake from Washington to Beijing… Look for example at NBC, MSNBC, Comcast, Xi… All under the control of one man nobody has heard of…


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