Is it Criminal To Elect War Criminals? Is Deindustrialization Criminal?


Were the Germans who voted for Hitler culprit? Official Common Wisdom says no, but it is manufactured by the powers that be. I say yes, the Germans were culprit. They were inhabited by systematically racist and vicious moods, in the average. Moreover, they strived not to know any better. However, when they voted for Hitler, the Nazis had not yet committed any crimes against humanity yet. The Nazis had not yet killed three millions in Iraq (and never would).

Only a careful examination of Germany in 1932, could perhaps have shown systemic crimes committed by the Nazis, but that was not obvious as the Nazis accused others of mayhem, and the media had been captured by fascism already. Also, the ideology of the Nazis rested on lies, and many of these lies were shared by the German people, and not just the German people, but also many Anglo-Saxon trouble makers … for example, the outrage at the Versailles Treaty… which in truth was mostly a treaty of liberation of land occupied by imperial Germany under a systematically racist system… was systematically promoted by Anglo-Saxon plutocrats and their serving intelligentsia… to this day (2020 CE).  

After the Second World War, the US plutocracy reinstalled the German plutocracy which had put Hitler in power, back in power As Soon As Possible. The official idea presented to the public was general forgiveness for Germany and putting Germany back on its feet ASAP. The real truth was quite different.

The deepest reason to put prominent Nazis, such as Marshall Von Manstein, author of the attack on France, back in power, had its own sinister, and most significant dimension: US plutocracy had put Hitler in power… In the sense that US plutocracy, and this is not in books, nor taught in historically Nazi friendly universities such as Harvard, was the most important factor in putting Hitler in power. The early Nazi Party was completely financed by US plutocrats. Later, in the decade 1923-1933, the American plutocratic and banking connection was also the most important factor in putting Hitler in power (consider Schacht’s connections and role). That is the dimension of Nazism which, unsurprisingly, is neither taught nor revealed… because, if it were understood, and if its subsequent coverup were understood, would have dramatic consequences in the understanding of contemporary society. Understanding the deepest roots of Nazism would show the West has been run as a stealth plutocracy for much longer than is generally suspected, and the world wars were a consequence. Most would find this so upsetting they will prefer to ignore the notion.

What would Caesar think? It may depend whether he would be asked before his assassination, or after

To put it in one nutshell, Nazism was a trick which could only increase the power of the US Deep State, and its entangled plutocracy. The pro-Nazi policy of the US Deep State and its plutocracy was a direct continuation from the pro-racist German policy of Democratic US President Woodrow Wilson, the most racist president the USA ever had. Disconcertingly, but ultimately fortunately, for the US Deep State, Nazism had functioned even better than intended, destroying Europe in general and Russia, Britain and France in particular, clearing the way for the glorious American century.  

So a myth was invented: the Germans were not culprit of Nazism, they were innocent, because they just didn’t know.  In other words, go kill millions in Vietnam or Iraq, you are innocent because you didn’t know. In truth, they didn’t know because they didn’t want to know. Except some, like Muhammad Ali knew, and fought a war against the war, at great risk and discomfort to themselves. 

Systems of thought are enslaved to systems of moods. First they love, or hate, or systematically ignore, then they think. Julius Caesar, in Bellum Gallicum, put it ironically:  

Men freely believe that which they desire.” — 

Thus if one is searching for the root of a collective behavior, one has to search for the moods lurking in its roots. In the case of Germany the mood in 1919 was deeply ingrained in the preceding two centuries and one finds it written down in Keynes’ work (yes the British leader of the Versailles negotiations in 1919): Slavs, in particular Poles were so inferior to Germans, wrote Keynes, that they would mismanage the economy, should they become free of German administration… in Poland. Systemic racism was taken for granted.


Is It Criminal To Offshore Crucial Industry To China?

The question now is what do we find written down which sustains an outrage just as great as the support of US plutocracy for Hitler? It is simple, it is written and shown all over the plutocratic media: the most striking fact, as the pandemic started, was the incapacity of many ex-industrial countries, including France and the USA, to supply enough basic protection equipment for their own populations (unsurprisingly the West’s most industrialized country, Germany, led by a physicist, did the best in fighting the epidemic; Germany, thanks to its industrial basis, has been able to test and track intelligently). 

As late as September 2020, jumbo jets carrying masks landed in France, coming from China and watched over by the armed military as if they were carrying diamonds.  

The striking deindustrialization of most of the West, is a most significant fact: how can people be free if they do not build the most basic things they need? The likes of Paul Krugman have said: do not worry, free trade, new trade theory: we carry nothing but a smile, they will provide us with everything. 

In truth what the West is providing China with is plutocracy. That sounds absurd, but it happened before. When the Roman State collapsed it could have mustered enormous forces and stopped the collapse. But it didn’t want to, because the mood called Christianity had seized the land, and turning the other cheek, to get another slap, was thought superior to forging swords, and training We The People to fight. The Barbarians invading the empire had, altogether at most a couple hundred thousands fighting men over 40 years… and probably much less. The Roman empire could have raised an army of ten millions…

What was going on? Why was that irresistible Roman army not raised, to save civilization? Simple: the last thing the Roman plutocracy wanted was a revolution from We The People. Barbarian invasion was felt to be a lesser evil, as far as the ruling plutocracy was concerned. We know this because the Roman elite intermarried with barbarians early on: the half Vandal Stilicho was regent of the Roman empire by 395 CE, the year when the invasions into the Roman empire became so uncontrolled, that barbarians invaded Italy. 

One of my friend, who had, or has, a US Defense contract, and works for one of the GAFA, commutes to China all the time: he set up his company there, making the same sort of electronics he was under contract with the CIA and the like to furnish. I have interesting friends.

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a big time tenured professor in a famous US university. He works in the sort of field crucial for the Twenty-First century: foundations of robotics from neurology. His rage against Trump is colossal: Trump caused the deaths in the epidemic by dismantling the unit! Trump destroyed the EPA! Trump talks to people in a demeaning way! Trump thinks he is a genius! And it’s not true! He saw it all himself! Trump is the worst, because he captured Patrice Ayme!

Well, yes, what about the money you, my big time university tenured professor friend, get from China? Would it not be better to get it from the USA? This is not a rare case. The head of the Chemistry department in Harvard was arrested for getting secret money from China (although he was also funded by the US government). 

I have seen a university professor, another one, also a friend, from the most prestigious public university in the world, make a business model of the strangest sort. He set up a company exporting to China the result of the scientific research of said university, in exchange for start-up funding. When an in house lawyer called the attention of the CEO that this seemed unlawful, the legal division was summarily closed. The Chinese keep on providing him with dozens of millions: they have set up a mirror company in China which is industrially producing the robots my big time university tenured professor friend driving a Porsche, supplies the know-how for.

When Trump tried to restrict this sort of activity, he was called a racist, and Biden declared he would revert Trump’s decisions. 

The details are arcane to me at this point. However one thing is sure: the deindustrialization of the West has to be stopped, and reversed. Deindustrialization the West hurts everybody: the West, the poor, the ecology, the planet, and even China. Why does Western deindustrialization hurt the planet? Because the solutions out of the unprecedented ecological crisis we suffer, and the biosphere suffers, are scientific and technological, they are not just political and behavioral. Why does Western deindustrialization hurt China? Because China knows the preceding, and wants to forge ahead in its capacity to muster nature, as it has done for 5,000 years. Western know-how has helped China for 5,000 years, and China knows that should be a technological conversation which can only help. 


Iraqi Lives Don’t Matter, oil is all what matters?

A question that will be asked to many people for a very long time is this: what were you thinking, what were you feeling when you voted for someone who conspired to kill millions in Iraq, so that Wall Street could invest in fracking? Were you saying, to yourself or others: Iraqi Lives Don’t Matter, oil is all what matters? What were you saying to yourself? That you were just like all those who stood by when the Native Americans got slaughtered? And that you didn’t care?

Of course, you were not like them! You were not like those who stood by as the Native Americans got slaughtered. When the Native Americans got slaughtered, from the deliberate policy of their government, most US citizens were not voting, or not informed, and were not consulted. But in 2020, their descendants were consulted: do you approve enough of the conspiracy to destroy Iraq to elect one of its chief conspirators? If you voted yes, what does that say about you?

Patrice Ayme

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5 Responses to “Is it Criminal To Elect War Criminals? Is Deindustrialization Criminal?”

  1. Gmax Says:

    Strong stuff. Good job! But I don’t think that they read


  2. pshakkottai Says:

    Communism, Islam and old time Christianity are faith based religions in the sense faith is not fact, often wrong , and can’t be questioned , and simply have to be believed. Communism failed in Russia spectacularly. Hitler who followed the Islamic ideology also failed but after causing a lot of damage.These ideologies do not hesitate to conduct genocide of non- believers. Civilization has to protect itself and watch out. Jinxing is another Hitler.
    All these religions exhibit extra territorial loyalties and generally unpatriotic. For them their ideology comes first, not their motherland.
    Communism is supposed to be universal and has no loyalty to any nation just like Abrahamic religions. You have heard of Christendom and Ummah, haven’t you? Christians have mentioned King and Country but Islamists only Allah. I suppose Christianity has the concept of father or motherland after enlightenment.

    Plutocracy has a symbiotic relation with religions of this sort because the religions convert people to herd animals which is precisely what plutocracy wants. Aren’t Chinese in mainland China herd animals?


    • D'Ambiallet Says:

      Here in France we have an Islam problem. It is a return to Middle ages. The president Macron just woke up about it. Religions are symbiotic with plutocracy as you say and oil has paid for Islam. It is very bad. America has few Muslims only but it will come


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks, Partha! Indeed. hitler became Hitler the way Hitler turned out to be, was partly an accident, or more exactly a succession of them. Hitler had persuaded himself that France would not declare war before 1939. When he saw France persuade Britain to go to war by Spring 1939, if need me, it was too late for Hitler to backtrack.
      As I have argued the Nazis knew they were probably going to lose the war, by September 3, 1939, so they took wild, savage and desperate measures, including the extremely dangerous and chancy attack on France through Sedan (which should have failed spectacularly)… And of course killing dozens of millions of civilians and prisoners…
      … The Chinese dictatorship could also get into accidents, and will, the more it tries to displace and replace the Western system of the world in place right now. It does not need to do this, nor should it. Nor does it need to conquer Taiwan. It better remember that every day.

      The plutocratic phenomenon

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