Is Xi’s China A Danger? Or Is It, As Usual, US Plutocracy?

Many high level executives of the plutocratic Internet are entering the Biden administration, to the applause of the fake, deluded pseudo-left, a tribal masquerade. At an even higher level, plutocratic America has succeeded to repeat with China what it did with Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin: a fruitful cooperation. In the end the fascists went one invasion too far, France and Britain reacted by declaring war to Nazism, but, from bad luck and no timely US help, Europe self destroyed, and US plutocracy, having used European and Japanese fascisms as space vehicles use gravity wells to accelerate, was boosted into the “American Century“.

Now of course, if worse comes to worst, a good war with a Chinese dictatorship could help US plutocracy too, to go a bit further, and turn the planet to neo-feudalism, so first let’s feed the beast…

A half mentally retarded person on Quora pondered, outrageously: “Is China more evil than Nazi Germany? After all, the Nazis did lots of good things for the world while China is just a cancer to civilisation.

I stooped to answer, because if we cannot answer mental retards, who can we answer? And there was a valid interrogation therein: mental retards don’t know which question common people are not supposed to ask, so they end up, differently from academic prostitutes, by asking sometimes interesting questions. The presupposition of the gentleman retard, that Nazism did many good things, is of course grotesque (on second thought, I remember one relatively little, but telling positive aspect of Nazism, in ecology, see [1]). What single big good thing did the Nazis do, aside from being an instructive example of how evil is generated from a mix of bad ideology, some of it Christian, elections by the stupid, and the conspiracies of (mostly US) plutocracy? However the fact that Nazism was a tool of US plutocracy has been successfully buried by US plutocratic propaganda.

US plutocrat on the left, dictator on the right: a repetition of the old method inaugurated in the 1920s. I give you my computer tricks to help your dictatorship, you give me your love letters and a few hundred billions to me and my associates. Hey, well trained puppy Obama gave me and my spouse the “Medal of Freedom”. Is not that something to laugh aloud about?

Also, China, on the other side of the world’s biggest mountain range, has been the other great center of civilization for more than 5,000 years. Although China was, in the end, a junior partner to the Indo-European ensemble (which unfairly extends from Nubia to the Altai and Ireland to Burma… And is crisscrossed by all sort of rights of way, from steppes to seas and rivers), China contributed mightily to civilization, with the compass, black powder, paper, printing and deep drilling for gas (among other things). It also did much of that the way Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome and Western Europe did it: through governmentalism.

To call China a cancer, just because Xi, deluded by hubris and personal insecurity out of context, confuses himself with the new Mao, is a stretch into a future we don’t want to have. Since the heydays of the Tang dynasty, China has spent most of its time under occupation (first by Uighurs, then Jurchen, then Mongols and finally Manchus, with the added spice of a Franco-British army invading Beijing, and finally a horrendous invasion by Hirohito’s Japan). This goes a long way to explain why China contributed less to civilization in the last millennium. And it is also a vicious circle: the less innovative a great civilization is, the more invaded it gets, and then, because it is presumably ruled by brutes, the less innovative it gets [2].

The danger now is that China is a dictatorship, and one with modern weapons, including H bombs. The close relationship with Gates and its ilk is fraught, for the entire planet [3]. And, just like the fascists of the thirties (including the USSR), dictator Xi is entangled with Western plutocrats (who provide him with tech to help impose his autocracy). So, basically, Xi has collaborators who rule Western media, quite a bit as Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin had, starting a century ago. If China thinks it will come ahead playing fire with the devil, it should be reminded that others tried that before, and came out in ashes.

An institutionalized culture which wiped out an entire continent of its original inhabitants, has more than one arrow in its quiver.

Patrice Ayme



[1] The Nazis were great ecologists and animal rights defenders (the latter no doubt in part to make virtue displaying, trying to make people believe they would not hurt a fly…) The nazis created a lot of national parks and passed animal right laws still in place…. And imitated elsewhere… The Nazi economic boom, somewhat similar to the New Deal, was promoted, greatly by the same global plutocrats… It was greatly fake, and broke the Third Reich financially, hence the frenzy of thievery the Reich engaged in… Including stealing entire countries or ethnicities…


[2] This has to be nuanced. Differently from the Nazis, the Yuan, the Mongol occupation of China, actually did great things for China, before imploding in corruption which succumbed to the Ming rebellion, headed, as it should have been, by a monk. An example of a good thing was the program of Treasure Fleets, which opened China to the world (there were five of them, going all the way to Black Africa; some have rumored one Chinese fleet reached the Americas, although there is no good proof of this… although we now have genetic proof that the Polynesians reached South America… and we had the sweet potato proof before that, anyway…)


[3] From the Chinese embassy’s own poor English in 2015: “Bill Gates said that China has offered a great deal of resources in joint effort with the international community to address the Ebola epidemics and also done a remarkable job in controlling AIDS disease. China has erected a model for the rest of the world by playing a leading role in poverty reduction, for which he highly appreciates. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is ready to intensify cooperation with China in public health service.

Bill and Melinda Gates of Hell, the Freedom Medal recipients, fresh from their exploits with cancer causing biocides they loved to be invested in, and investing their foundation into, making Xi dictatorship all that it could be… What could go wrong? Did they help with those Chinese virus labs too?

Alumni of Gates’ Microsoft, the software giant’s Beijing research lab are now executives at Alibaba, Tencent, SenseTime—and TikTok parent ByteDance… All famous Chinese powerhouse companies with dual technology: entertainment and dictatorship implementation.

In 2019, the Financial Times reported that Microsoft Research Asia worked with a university associated with the Chinese military on facial recognition tech that is being used to monitor the nation’s population of Uighur Muslims. Up to 500,000 members of the group, primarily in western China, were monitored over the course of a month, according to a New York Times report. Now what is apparently going on in Western China is genocide…

In 2013, the New York Times pondered with apparent anxiety: “AS this populist wave crashes in on both sides of the Atlantic, the plutocrats, for all their treasure and their intellect, are in a weak position to hold it back.

Well, thanks to their vaunted “intellect”, the plutocrats found the solution: occupies all the information space, in China as in the West. So now, as one of my devoted readers put it, “the mobs will calm down, and in half a year, year they will shake their heads, how could be so stupid to follow such an evil stupidity as Donald Trump.” Trump, the one who succeeded to push away from the Chinese dictatorship, however briefly, and who invested more than ten billion dollars to make possible the first three certified COVID vaccines… and half the money went to European companies. Let me repeat slowly; the three certified successful vaccines companies got more than ten billion dollars from Trump… and nothing from Europe (during the R&D phase; now the Europeans are buying the Trump vaccines…) But everybody who pretends to think, sing songs they hate Trump, while lauding the invader of Iraq.

Good job, Pluto propagandists!

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One Response to “Is Xi’s China A Danger? Or Is It, As Usual, US Plutocracy?”

  1. De Brunet d'Ambiallet Says:

    I think the hate for Trump is the only thing the democrats agree on. So it’s higher than ever because they desperately want to agree about something By writing with what you call nuance, all you are doing is make them hate you. My two cents.

    Still the parallels with how American capitalists helped Hitler are troubling when compated to 🇨🇳 but that’s for the future that truth is too early


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