A picture of the Climate Calamity talks more than words can express. Look carefully at the scale:

This is a picture of the Caldor Fire, east of Sacramento and thirty kilometers (in that particular picture), west of Lake Tahoe. The date is 28th August, 2021. The fire has burned for 12 days, it’s spread over 100 kilometers or so. Those columns of fire are a kilometer high. Look carefully at the scale, by blowing up the picture: the flames originate beyond the horizon; at the horizon one can see a forest of centennial trees, 200 feet high, taller than trees get in Europe. As you look at the picture, these ancient trees are forever gone. At best, they will be replaced by bushes.

All forests in many alpine, arctic, tropical and soon ex-temperate zones are also going to go up in flames too.

Why, how did we get to this point?

Lack of knowledge, lack of wisdom, lack of courage, lack of sincerity… And the contradiction in adjecto regime of “representative democracy”. “Representative democracy” is neither representative, nor democracy.

This “representative democracy” has blocked intelligent debate, enabling corrupt “experts”, paid to tell lies, to dominate the debate, not just with fake data, fake logic, fake news, but also fake emotions. For example insisting, 50 years ago, that nuclear energy for power production was an immense danger, always would be, and all progressives and ecologists should oppose it. Above is the result.

Yes, all California forest will burn.

That’s just the start. Kilometer high flames…

Patrice Ayme

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