Biden Orders Nuclear Weapon Grade Uranium To Australia, Organizes Preliminaries For WW3.

France created the USA, as a republic, in the name of diversity, humanism and freedom… against the British plutocracy. But plutocracy, that force which wants to destroy civilization always, rears again…. 

Neo-con Biden intervened,  between France and Australia. A somber machination was revealed. Setting up some preconditions for World War Three… Breaking a treaty between France and Australia was an aggression and it hides much greater ones, past and future. The US Deep State’s mentality was born before the first English colony, four centuries ago (it trained to massacre in Ireland, with the same “West Country Men” who financed the English colony in America). The main mentality of the US Deep State knows only one principle: maximal exploitation… Sustainability be damned. To get there the US Deep State will lie, dissemble and stab in the back, as needed.   

Native Americans were in the way, of the progress towards greater greed, they got exterminated. European empires were in the way: they got terminated from a crafty instrumentalization of German imperial racism and plutocracy with timely and judicious US support thereof.

The cancellation of the Australia-France defense contract is more of the same: upon deep examination, all the reasons presented by the Anglo-Saxon side are lies. What is left, is the truth… and it is definitively disconcerting.

Basically the Anglo-Saxon side hinted that the French submarines were not good enough. However France was designing a class of AIP(Air Independent Propulsion) submarines, with added fuel cells, at the request of Australia… Because Australia did not want nuclear submarines… That class of subs made for Australia, the “Attack” was derived from the SSN (Sub Surface Nuclear) type Barracuda, the existing class being the Suffren. AIP submarines do not have to continually move high temperature water and steam, so they are more silent than nuclear submarines (!). They also can stay under water without surfacing for a month or so… The contract was signed in 2016…

Suddenly, without any warning to the French, Australia decided to go nuclear, literally and figuratively, and announced its nuclear deal with Biden and cancelled the French conventional submarine contract.

The (implicit) presentation was hinted that the Anglo-Saxon subs were better. However the British attack submarines are not really British: their sensor and electronics are… FRENCH.

And the propulsion of the British subs of the Astute class, nominally by Rolls Royce is actually US American, under license. Plenty of other systems in the UK subs are US American. So the British subs of the Astute class are French and US American for their two most important elements: brains and nuclear power.

But it gets better than that: the Uranium the US uses in its submarines and its UK subs, is WEAPON GRADE (the French and the Chinese uses NON weapon grade uranium in their subs).  

So Deep State Biden is actually promoting NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION, WEAPON GRADE..   

Thus what is left is the truth: The US wants the Pacific to become a US lake, and New Caledonia is in the way, politically, geographically, strategically and civilizationally. More than half of the inhabitants of New Caledonia are Natives, demonstrating, once again, that France is too friendly to losers, and not oriented enough towards business… which, optimally demands maximal exploitation.

But not just this, it gets way worse: by unilaterally, without consulting with NATO, let alone Russia, China, India, Pakistan and Israel… Or Korea, or Japan, or Vietnam, or Brazil, and… Iran… The Biden administration is committing a major breach of NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION. 

Why would the US Deep State engage in such a deep, extremely dangerous international violation? Well, the obvious explanation is the only one visible, however troubling and despicable: the US Deep State WANTS NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS GRADE MATERIAL.   

Why? There again, the reason is disconcerting, but obvious: because it augments the probability of nuclear war. When the US fought the American Natives, it always had some on its side, at least for a while, and use them… against the other American Natives. The same method was used on a grander scale in the Twentieth Century: the US presidency and its plutocratic class, co-conspiring, encouraged the slightly demented leaders of Germany to attack in 1914, and then fed them materials for high explosives (among other things)… This made the Franco-British blockade much less efficient, and the war lasted 4 years instead of just one. After the bait, the US switched to the attack mode, intervening significantly in the war in the last few months, when French high explosives production was ten times that of Germany.

Something similar happened with Nazism. US plutocracy, discreetly helped by the Roosevelt administration (officially singing different tunes) encouraged, facilitated and enabled Nazism… Until the switch, massive aid to the Soviet Union, and Hitler understood he had been had and, enraged, declared war to the US in an act of suicidal bravado (Even before the United States entered World War II in December 1941, the USA sent arms and equipment to the Soviet Union to help it defeat the Nazi invasion… which it was simultaneously promoting through its plutocrats and their corporations; for example IBM had the monopoly of computation throughout Nazi Germany…)  

So now, here we are.

What’s the plan? Well, war, what else, between the Natives (whoever they happen to be)… The possibilities are endless, shifting alliances all over, just as during the French and Indian wars, and the 140 years after that… There has not been a real good war, with the biggest, most powerful weapons, since World War Two… What the Deep State of plutocracy needs, is nuclear war. 

You will tell me: this is monstrous, how depraved can you be? Well, not me, but those gentlemen, or, even worse, their subconscious. It is worse if what they are doing is subconscious, because they don’t even know what they are doing, but still do it. 

Meanwhile, France, very correctly, recalled her ambassadors to the US and Australia. This has never happened before. The hour is indeed grave: the US is getting rogue, conveniently hiding behind an apparently rudderless president.   

The US Deep State may feel: oh, you are overreacting, don’t you finally realize that you are all Indians?

The US Deep State forgets one thing: times have changed, the world has shrunk… And is more aware. When the US massacred the US Natives, the world was huge, and the US was conquering a continent. Canadians and Australians did the same, eradicating (most of) the Natives, with pack of lies and treason against reason but for the reason of rabid greed. However, now the world is small. It is a big village. Civilization is also pretty much one. China, for example, is, civilizationally speaking, strongly hybridized with Western European socialism… which the US is also hybridized with (consider Medicare)… Both giant countries, USA and China, although around the globe, on the other side, are on board with the technological, intellectual, and mental progressivism launched by the Franks after the collapse of the Roman state and which made the European Middle Ages the main motor of creation

That world coherence means there is no room for World War Three… Any world war now would have aspects of a civil war (not reassuring, considering US history!) Nor is it necessary to add another calamities to wake up from slumber: we already have several calamities on our hands, including the climate calamity… None of them are easy to fix, as they are entangled in industry, thus survival.  

It is high time to expose the US Deep Plutocracy and its Machiavellian tortuous conspiracies, where war among the others is leveraged for personal advantage… We need this exposition and explanation, so as to steer the future away from disaster.

As this enlightenment descends upon the planet, the US Deep State may find out that old allies may not share its enthusiasm for the the old White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) method of divide and conquer, eradicate and exploit. In other words if China does not engage in blatant worldwide aggression as the US of Biden is doing presently with its fostering of nuclear proliferation, it may find allies in Europe. Not everybody is so woke that they can’t wake up.

Progressives must mobilize to prevent Biden from introducing nuclear weapon grade uranium to Australia… Sneakily preparing conditions for a nuclear Armageddon: if Australia, a gigantic place without need, or enemies nearby, gets nukes, why not everybody?

Patrice Ayme


Australia could mitigate the situation by ordering the Suffren class of French nuclear submarines: those French subs use NON weapon grade uranium for propulsion. They are state of the art, and arguably way better for Australia (they are way cheaper, and already exist).

The submarines ordered to France by Australia five years ago were the Air Independent Propulsion diesel variant of the brand new latest French nuclear attack submarine below:

The French Navy vessel called “Suffren”, first of the nuclear Barracuda class attack submarines, leaves the workshops of its construction at the Naval Group site in Cherbourg, France, July 5, 2019. Picture taken July 5, 2019. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier. These are enormous boats: look at the little worker to the right. They displace 5,200 tons. The UK and US submarines have 50% more mass. However that’s not necessarily an advantage as attack submarines are increasingly moving to LITORAL waters in which they are hard to detect from sound reflections, currents, waves, and also can better make their missions. The submarine above uses a hybrid steam-electric propulsion, steam for greater power, electric for greater silence…

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12 Responses to “Biden Orders Nuclear Weapon Grade Uranium To Australia, Organizes Preliminaries For WW3.”

  1. Clint Huxley Says:

    To Patrice Ayme: yeah I heard the interview with the French diplomat on NPR this morning – it was so random and strange I didn’t even know what to think except why the hell are we giving nuke tech to Australia – however the French ambassador said that they could have given nuclear subs to Australia also and sounded mostly insulted and snubbed rather than sounding an alarm about global security and nuclear proliferation.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      French and Chinese nuclear subs use standard NON HIGHLY enriched nuclear fuel. I alerted the French gov and presidency about the proliferation aspect, today, it will take a little while to percolate. Biden and Al will try to lie and dissemble about it, though.

      I listened to the interview, thanks for telling me about it. I found nothing strange and random about it. The US Deep State’s main business has been to stab European democracies, in particular France, in the back. NPR tried to steer towards France having no interest in the Indo-Pacific area: Deep State at work… influencing NPR…


  2. ianmillerblog Says:

    There is no explanation for why, if the Australians wanted nuclear, they could not have purchased from France – they have existing subs that work, so making more would be easy. The Australians have also made a lot of fuss about public statements about the danger of China. I am sure Xi is shuddering at the thought of Australia entering the game. Also, the Australian Prime Minister (whose name Biden forgot during a speech, which shows how important Australia really is to the US) has come out and said this will make no difference to the Australian/EU free trade negotiations. My guess is France will be sufficiently annoyed that those negotiations will not go well for Australia. Breaking major deals, breaking your word, comes at a cost.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The US is used to getting away with lies and dissemblance… It has worked very well for the USA, for a very long time…
      All my comments to this effect (put MUCH more nicely) were BLOCKED by the likes of the New York Times.
      Completely blocked.
      They even blocked comments of mine on editorials, in the NYT, by FRENCH writers won the subject ho would have been pleasantly surprised to learn something they did not know.

      The real fundamental reason is to spread HEU, weapon grade uranium, to make nuclear bomb proliferation easier and unstoppable (“US did it!”) …. and thus to CAUSE nuclear war…. The idea being that the USA will come out on top, and many others in ruins, same as 1914, 1939…

      But I saw it, I saw the maneuver, and I told Xi (also Macron)… Hahahaha…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      There is an explanation for the AUKUS nuclear proliferation treaty : the US wanted the submission of Australia…. submission which is demonstrated by Australians forced to embrace nuclear proliferating inferior submarine technology… In exchange for beaucoup bucks for Morrison and New Caledonia for Australia, or so they were told…


  3. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Arguably the French submarines, even the non-nuclear Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) are superior technologically. AIP subs are more silent than nuclear subs, because they do not have to circulate water to cool their reactors. The Suffren class of nuclear subs is hybrid, like the AIP it can run on electricity alone (that’s more silent). Plus, being smaller (5200 tons instead of 7900 tons for US Virginia class), they can hid their noise better close to the coast in shallow waters (gigantic next to China).
    Another huge advantage is that French nuclear subs used Low Enriched Uranium (at 7%). The US subs (and the derived UK Astute class) use Highly Enriched Uranium, weapons grade: one can make plenty of Hiroshimas out of that fuel: it should be unlawful, because it is a form of nuclear bomb proliferation. The US is not making it anymore, and will have to stop using it. The UK purchased 80 tons… From the US.
    So this is beyond weird: Australia decided to purchase a type of propulsion which basically tells the world it should engage in nuclear bomb proliferation (Chinese subs use LEU, like the French).
    Another amusing aspect is that the Astute British submarine is truly a Franco-American sub: missiles and propulsion are US, electronics and sonar (Thales) are French. However the UK subs are much cheaper than the US, and the French Suffren class, even more so.
    So what is this all about? It is about attacking France in the guise of attacking China. The US Deep State, as proven by the BNP and Alstom affairs wants to destroy French economic competitors. BNP was, is, Europe’s biggest bank, Alstom was the only maker of nuclear boiler, etc. In all these cases, US so-called “Justice” intervened to advance US interests, same way as against the Indians. Australia may have been proposed New Caledonia, but all it will get is annexation… Long term.


  4. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to, and published by, WSJ…]

    The UK nuclear submarines use French (Thales) electronics and French sonar. The propulsion of the UK submarines uses Weapon Grade Uranium (HEU) made in the USA. Also UK subs use the US Trident II system. So the “UK” subs are actually Anglo-Franco-American… By contrast the French nuclear subs are 100% French.

    The French nuclear submarines can switch to pure electric propulsion for greater silence, and use LEU for propulsion… In the future, some day the US will have to switch from HEU to LEU for important military reasons, including the fact HEU causes proliferation and presents a terrorist danger.

    Thus the real problem with French nuclear submarines, like the French Rafale active stealth fighter-bomber, is that they are so advanced they present real competition against the USA. So the argument can be made that the AUKUS is directed more against France than against China.

    This is not new: the US expanded against Europe in the last century, with carefully contrived behavior.


  5. Alan Sewell Says:

    Australia’s Government tells a different story than your version:
    Australia had ‘deep and grave’ concerns about French submarines’ capabilities, PM says
    By Jennifer Hauser and Ivana Kottasová,
    CNN Updated September 20, 2021

    Australia was concerned the conventional submarines it ordered from France would not meet its strategic needs before it canceled the multibillion defense deal in favor of an agreement with the United States and the United Kingdom earlier this week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Sunday.

    The first French-built submarine wasn’t going to be delivered until 2034, and the rest from 2040 to 2060. So the French weren’t going to supply the Australians anything for decades. According to the Australians, the French kept raising the price, lowering the capabilities, and stretching out delivery times. French subs are diesel-electric (WW2 technology) requiring refueling at sea. Ours are nuclear. The Australians will get higher quality subs from us decades quicker.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Apparently you assimilate “CNN” with “Australia”….

      These diesel subs were the result of Australian requirements. They are NOT World War Two technology. They can stay below the surface for nearly as long as nuclear subs, they have AIP. And they are more silent. The finalists were German, Japanese and French. AIP subs are more silent than nuclear subs… Except nuclear subs which are hybrid electric… like the French subs.

      The French AIP derived from the Barracuda nuclear sub.

      The US HEU subs will probably never be built because of the proliferation problem caused by HEU… And those US subs are not to come before 2040… The US probably will have to ask French help with LEU..


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Frantically biased propaganda pieces all over the Anglosphere.

    Here is the truth: Australia wanted an AIP diesel submarine. They bid it. France won over Germany and Japan. US does not know how to make an AIP submarine. AIP subs are more silent than nuclear subs, as they can go full electric, no water circulation.

    Now Australia presumably corrupted PM wants a nuclear proliferation HEU submarine… France makes state of the art LEU subs. US nuclear submarines are OBSOLETE and PROLIFERATING, because they use HEU, a nuclear proliferation, nuclear terrorism danger. British subs are nearly half US (propulsion, weapons), and half French (electronics, sonar).

    This AUKUS has to do with fighting French weapons sales. Grabbing New Caledonia will help…

    Biden Orders Nuclear Weapon Grade Uranium To Australia, Organizes Preliminaries For WW3.


    • Jonathan Simmons Says:

      Jonathan Simmons

      More bollocks.

      “ usa doesnt know how to make a aip submarine”- more tosh from uninformed idiots.

      You will be sayin the designed in 1992 rafale is better than the latest gen6 usa stealth fighter next .

      Oh you did?


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        The USA has long stopped making diesel submarines. Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) technology has significantly narrowed the performance gap on a new generation of diesel submarines that cost a fraction of the price of a nuclear-powered boat.
        Generation 6 planes do not exist officially… except on paper as developed by the US, UK, France and Germany. Rafale has active stealth which demonstrated its superiority in Libya, more than once… And which, in theory is superior to radar stealth on a few wavelength. Bad stealth and huge IR signature is one reason why the US dropped the F22…
        Instead of using foul language, you may be better served by instructing yourself and reading:
        Nuclear or Not? Why the U.S. Navy Doesn’t Want AIP Submarines (


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