HUMANITARIAN NO-FLY Zones Over Ukraine: Use Missiles To Interdict Anti-City Missiles

Surely preventing the bombing of cities could not possibly offend Putin? Why not then close Ukrainian skies to missiles targeting cities? That requires only anti-missiles missiles, not pilots. One can’t argue it’s an offensive move: it prevents civilian deaths. Surely Putin will not throw nuclear bombs at us for not being war criminals?

Call that humanitarian no fly.

There would be a tremendous military advantage to engage the monster weapons Putin has been using: check if, indeed, in real life situation, the anti-missile systems of the West really work.

If we do not want to do this, we want to “slowly die” as President Zelenskyy put it after protesting Russian missile strikes in the middle of Ukraine:

A little reminder is in order: on May 10, 1940, and for the following 5 days, the French and British discovered to their dismay that, in spite of their inferior quality and inferior numbers, the Nazis performed better militarily.

The reason had to do with the fact the Nazis had been fighting a modern war, in Spain, for more than 3 years. The Nazis had trained for war by making it, the French and the British, because of their coward governments, had not. This included, and was initiated by, the government of the Jewish Prime Minister of France, Blum, who appeased Hitler in 1936. So here we had a Jew, Blum, who could have crushed Hitler, and choose not to, unilaterally in the name of peace. Well, Jew Blum is directly responsible for the death of 6 million Jews… Among a few dozens of millions innocents who died with them

The Nazis had a wireless radio in each tank, and knew how to integrated tanks and aviation.

The French and the British figured out these things by the end of the first week of combat. However, by then the Nazi army had cut the main French armies and small British Expeditionary Force, from behind, depriving them of fuel, ammunition, food and logistics. 

The US have the Patriot family of missiles and France-Italy have the Aster family. Patriot can see and intercept on 120 degrees, whereas the more modern Franco-Italian Aster sees and intercepts all around, 360 degrees, up to 20 kilometers in altitude, and 100 kilometer radius. It can intercept the Russian Iskander missile.

“MFR detection… Hostile target… Missile ready… Aster fired… Interception… Killed.” In just a few seconds, the French anti-air warfare destroyer (AAWD) Forbin’s crew detected and intercepted a supersonic target, flying at more than 3,000 kilometers per hour, a few meters above the surface.

The same Aster 30 exists in a truck mounted version.

Less ambitious is the Crotale missile, also truck mounted, made by Thales (like the Aster). Crotale moves at 1,200 meters per second (3/4 mile per second) and maneuvers at 35gs. Ceiling is 9,000 meters, and range 10 miles… Crotale VT1 covers 8 kilometers in ten seconds. In various versions, over the years, 6,000 have been sold worldwide…

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described sanctions imposed by Western nations over his invasion of Ukraine as “akin to a declaration of war”.

“But thank God it has not come to that,” he added. So is it, or is it not? Are we at war, or not? Putin doesn’t know, yes and no, Putin is at war with his own brain… So shall we take him seriously when he warned that any attempt to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine would be seen as participation in the armed conflict?

Hey, aren’t we already at war? Surely a few trucks carrying defensive rockets around Kyiv doen’t even qualify as a “special military operation”?

French made Crotale tested by the PAKISTAN-ARMY. The truck can travel 80 kilometers per hour. Once launched, the rocket covers the first five miles in ten seconds By then it goes at 1,200 meters per second and can maneuver at 35 gs, 35 times the acceleration of gravity. Why not defend Lviv and then Kyiv and Kharkiv and Odessa with these?.

Many still take Putin for what he is not: a legitimate ruler. Many also take Putin for a reasonable interlocutor. He is not. One example: Putin wrote and said, many times, and explained in elaborate fantasmagoric details why Ukraine was a part of Russia. But on 3/5/2022, at the Aeroflot headquarters, he threatened Ukraine, saying that, if Ukraine kept on resisting, it would not be a state anymore.

In other words, ten days into his war crime, Putin threatened to do to Ukraine what he had been insisting since July 2021 was the reason to attack Ukraine in the first place, destroy Ukraine as a state.

Putin is a pathological liar, potentially the most significant liar in the history of humanity. He is not reasoning, he is poking around for advantage. To prevent logic to be used against him, he tells the grossest lies. The German Chancellor, Scholtz, a Socialist, reported that Putin told him he was not attacking cities. Putin of course knows that the German Chancellor knows that Putin is lying. But Putin does this, because it forces its interlocutors to accept his logical universe. Putin is deliberately unreasonable, and uses this as an instrument to confine the debates, leaving only “solutions” he wants.

In any case, Putin’s own illogical logic can be used against him. If he claims he is not attacking cities, then, why would he object to short range anti-missile missile systems to defend Ukrainian cities from the Nazis that Putin sees roaming in his head?

Patrice Ayme

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  1. Patrice Ayme Says:

    @kiraincongress FYI: Start the No-Fly zone one step at a time, first by protecting Kyiv. France has two sorts of anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems. Mounted on trucks….

    HUMANITARIAN NO-FLY Zones Over Ukraine: Use Missiles To Interdict Anti-City Missiles


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