The earlier unjustifiable, unprovoked fascism, greedy plutocracy, imperial overstretch, murderous paranoia and other aspects of the Dark Side get smashed, the better.

Such is the most basic lesson of the 1930s.

By 1936, fascist regimes in Italy, Japan and Germany had taken offensive actions against other countries, by invading them. What did Western “democracies” do? Nothing (for various reasons; the case of deeply anti-Nazi France, led by a Jew, Leon Blum, in 1936, was the opposite of that of the, de facto, Nazi collaborating UK and USA).

A doctrine of Russian foreign policy is that “Russian ethnicity and citizenship trump national sovereignty” That mean that, wherever there are Russians, Putin ought to invade. That was exactly the Nazi doctrine: wherever there were Germans, Nazis ought to rescue them, and invade. Conveniently, there were Germans all over Eastern Europe, all the way to the Volga.

Russian Plutocracy In Full, Version 1900 CE.

Russian Plutocracy In Full, Version 1900 CE.

I’m sure that, deep down inside, following the Czarist doctrine, Putin views the Poles as Russian.

Indeed, notice in the map above, that most of Poland is owned by Russia. The Russian empire also owned all of present day Ukraine, except for the extreme western piece that is part of Austro-Hungary, presently with one of the largest city in Ukraine, L’viv… Known as Leopolis in Latin, capital of ancient Galicia. A city with an outstanding intellectual tradition up to 1939, with its great mathematical school; some of those mathematicians, hunted by the Nazis and their Soviet allies (!) having fled to the USA, elaborated the (Teller-Ulam) H bomb design.

So here we exact identification: Putin can be identified as a classic dictator, the 1930s class. He invades countries, based on abominable theories of historical ownership. Not surprising for something molded as a KGB officer.

Starting around 1930, Stalin forcefully exerted genocide on Crimea’s inhabitants, the Tartars. Stalin even drove their language and their alphabet out. Finally he deported them all, out of their homeland.

Putin is reinforcing that genocide, with the lie that it never happened, or that, if it did, it was of no consequence, and certainly no consequence that can be reversed. (Yet Spain just repaired its unjust, total expulsion of Sephardic Jews in 1492 CE. More than 5 centuries ago. Jews were in Hispania before Christianism was invented.)

In the 1930s, the less they were resisted to, the more encouraged the fascists felt. They invaded more and more countries, in most of a decade, until France and Britain declared war.

Even then, the only way Hitler’s abominable regime kept on going is that many, in that regime, believed a critical mass of the leadership of the USA was on their side. (Hitler’s and Mussolini’s successes, in turn, encouraged the top Japanese military to engage in the worst exactions… even inside Japan. And soon, genocide. Japanese genocidal activities then fed-back to Hitler and Mussolini; it’s why it’s encouraging that China was not supportive of Putin March 3, 2014, at the UN: the PCR made a not so veiled critique of the Russian dictator’s invasion.)

Fortunately, this time, in 2014, France, Germany, Great Britain and, most importantly the USA, are on the same democratic frequency. Samantha Powers, the USA’s UN ambassador, gave a perfect discourse at the United Nations.

But for one point. The most important point.

The announcement of crippling sanctions. That’s not helped with Obama declaring that he does not want a “cold war”.  The “cold” war is past. We have a hot war. Overnight.

The expression “Cold War,” was derived from a phrase used in Europe during the late 1930s to characterize the war of nerves between Hitler and the French Republic, which was described as “la guerre blanche or la guerre froide.” Confronting Hitler was delayed all too long, because France could not attack as long as the Anglo-Saxons were, de facto, allied to Hitler.

Hard core pacifists, Nazis, pro-Nazis and Pat Buchanan said: “Oh, that was a mistake, we should have made peace with Hitler, it was all the fault of the French.” Auschwitz ‘s ashes are on their shoes, for all to see.

Hard core pacifism is a form of cretinism, in the world we presently have. It overlooks the fact that, thanks to the enormous power of technology, the evil of one man can be multiplied nearly infinitely.  That’s how Stalin, Hitler and the emperor of Japan, could kill so many. Although they were just three guys.

The social structures of this world are still tribal: France and the USA have great chiefs whom I had the extraordinary opportunity to approach. The level of security is properly astounding. Layers upon layers, many in plain clothes. Officers with nuclear weapons’ codes is in plain view. However the question comes to the fore: with so much power in just one man, what if he goes nuts?

Putin is nuts. And he commands the world’s largest thermonuclear bomb stockpile.

Angela Merkel speaks perfect Russian, and had, over the years, deeply disturbing encounters with Putin, that revealed him to be “in another world”, as she reported. Even more disturbing, what Angela reported was never denied by the Kremlin. Putin’s insanity is the new normal there.

Putin is nuts.

People will say: ”So what? Just one man, don’t listen to him. Just wait for the next guy.”

However people saying this would not understand how leadership, in other words, autocracy, works. I agree that the Leadership Principle ought to be discontinued in politics. However, right now it reigns. So Putin is Russia.

And Putin is nuts.

When one guy like that leads a country, and he is nuts, he makes the country he leads nuts, too.

This is what happened with the fascist regimes of the 1930s. Nuttier and nuttier every year. After ten years, the insanity had become mass murdering, and the leaders of Germany and Japan deliberately killed dozens of millions. Each. (Italy’s Mussolini lost the war too fast to kill many millions.)

Here is Putin, sitting in the Kremlin, having rigged all sorts of things, from elections to exploding apartment buildings (OK, there are no proofs, but that’s precisely the proof). He is leading the world’s largest country into the ground, thanks to the plutocracy he leads. Russia is indeed 70% larger than the already gigantic USA. 17 million square kilometers (Canada, the USA and China follow with around 10 million sq km). Russia has enormous resources. So why is Putin obsessed by recovering territories the Tsars used to rule?

The Tsars ruled much of Poland, and all the way to Alaska and beyond, establishing forts all the way to Northern California. They ruled not just Ukraine, but Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, parts of China.

Putin has, clearly the agenda of recovering all that empire (but for Alaska, “Seward’s folly”, legally sold to the USA). It’s a secret agenda inside his head, a temptation, a way to make his rule indefinite. Should the West not threaten the use of overwhelming force, he will be encouraged, and will proceed further.

What Was Given To Stalin At Yalta, Putin Wants Back

What Was Given To Stalin At Yalta, Putin Wants Back

“Overwhelming force”? What’s that? First shut down all the relations with Russia that can be closed right away. If that’s not enough, keep on closing what’s next. Close the whole thing, even the Space Station. When the enemy invades, it’s too late to prepare peace.

On his website, Putin just declared his intent to invade Eastern Ukraine, not just Crimea. Talk about talking too much. We cannot say we have not been forewarned. (Let’s hope the NSA, CIA and other dark horses of the apocalypse, are finally put to good use…)

Die for Ukraine? Not exactly. But Putin will not stop. Not on his own. He has crossed a psychological Rubicon. He will not stop at Ukraine. Putin has to be shown clearly, now, that, should he proceed in his pattern of invading other countries, his regime will not survive.

A new cold war? Well, Putin rigged the last elections. In a way that makes him less legitimate than the USSR.

Indeed, Stalin’s successors had the excuse that they found a very bad system that they tried to improve: they made things better. This time is different: Putin has been making things worse. And now he wants to make them way worse, because he is a weak and desperate leader. For all his badness, even Stalin was more cautious.

Do not underestimate weakness and desperation as strong motivators: Hitler’s acts, after 1937, were all about jumping from weakness to desperation (that’s why he attacked the Jews, Czechs, Austrians, Poles, Norway, France, and finally, his ally Stalin. That’s not my own fancy psychobabble theory, we have explicit statements and discourses from the Nazi dictator to that bear witness).

By the way, “violation of international law” (Obama) by war of aggression (an invasion qualifies) is a war crime. Putin does not have a semblance of a UN mandate to invade Ukraine (as Bush had in Iraq, sort of). Vladimir Putin and his cronies should be formally informed, right away, that they expose themselves to prosecution for war crimes.

Total economic war now is better than war later. (After all, Switzerland got struck by sanctions from the EU the day after the Swiss people voted against free circulation of people in Europe, two weeks ago.)

A UN Security Council proposition ought to be presented right away  to send UN observers in Ukraine. Russia would veto it, but get even more isolated than he is now. (The OSCE, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, presided by the Swiss president at this point, is sending observers to Ukraine, March 4, 2014, but that’s not enough.)

Putin has seen all nice signs and kind discretion from the West to him as weakness. Say when Obama agreed not to install an anti-ballistic missile system in Europe: weakness. Similarly for the lack of reaction to the invasion (and persistent occupation) of part of Georgia by Putin, under Bush: weakness.

The final encouragement to Putin was Obama’s reculade in Syria. French pilots were actually inside their fully armed jets when Obama announced he has had a cold sweat, and would not send his missiles against the satanic Assad with the only language mass murdering dictators understand, high explosives. At that point, Putin understood in turn what Hitler understood early on: as long as he used force, forcefully, nobody would stop him.

This is 1936, all over again. History is repeating itself. But, for one drastic difference.

In 1936 the West was just 3 countries: France, the UK, the USA. Only France wanted to destroy Hitler, the other two wanted to collaborate with him some more.

In September 1939, France and Poland found themselves fighting Hitler  alone, plus Stalin, and most plutocrats of the USA and their tentacular corporations. The war did not go well until the USA got involved, 40 months later.

This time, the West is most of the planet, and, in particular, the USA and the EU, are fully united (and Japan is an ally). Hence Putin can, and should be, struck as vigorously as possible, in all ways. Spare him not.  Now that Putin has engaged in an act of war, albeit a small one (as of March 3, 2014; March 4th could be very different). Thus, the more force is used now, the more powerfully, the less will have to be used in this war, overall. Because it’s war. Please wake up.

We did not chose to have war in Ukraine. Putin, an apex plutocrat, did.

We did not choose to have war in Ukraine. But we can choose to lose it. If we do, we are choosing to fight the continuation of the war on less strategically favorable terms.

When tiny Athens (with only around 80,000 citizens) confronted the remarkable Achaemenid empire (“Persia”), it confronted an ultra-modern state with no less than 45% of the world’s population. Resisting Persia was sheer insanity. All proportion kept, it was if Luxembourg declared war to China.

Persia got obsessive about Athens, because Athens, tiny Athens, launched a mood that could not be forgiven, once the Spartans threw down a well the Persian emissaries (after being insulted in Athens, they made the mistake of asking Sparta for earth and water, to symbolize Sparta’s subjugation).

The Athenian army confronted the Persians at Marathon. The reason? Athens enjoyed direct democracy, whereas the empire founded by Cyrus the Great was an extremely wealthy fascist plutocracy. Athens won, and here we are, heir of the same principles. Those principles made the genius of our genus.

We are a deeply equalitarian species. Out of equality rises our superior cultural performance. Plutocracy, the rule of the Dark Side, denies giving, love, and the equality which make us possible. Thus plutocracy is a denial of our species. Only an anger great enough to destroy it, will save us, and the biosphere. And there is hope: greed is neither as natural, nor as strong as anger.

It’s time to get angry against dictator Putin. Angry now is better than very sorry tomorrow.

War makes history. Of this we must think, if we want to make history better.

Patrice Aymé

Notes: I already called on expulsing Russia from the G8 (that means no meeting in Sochi). Replace him by Brazil, India, whatever. Prepare to cut off the flow of Russian gas (Oh, the pseudo-ecologists don’t like it, and Germany whines, because it’s cold out there? So why did not they push for safe nuclear power then? Meanwhile, I’m sure Obama will be happy to sell Germany coal). The G8 meeting (sans Putin) should he held in Warsaw.

Putin being crazy, that would be a bit dangerous; but the time to take risks has come. A solution is to hold the G8 in Gdansk (Danzig). When Gdansk got attacked on September 1, 1939, France and Britain sent Hitler an ultimatum. But the USA kept collaborating with Hitler. Not so this time. An unmistakable message.

US Navy cruisers off shore, equipped with anti-ballistic missiles, could provide protection.

Oh, another thing: the plutocrats around Putin have huge assets in the West. Freeze them. Including private estates on the French Cote d’Azur, and London. There are hundreds of billions of dollars of them in the EU alone. The freezing of the vast assets of Putin’s plutocrats will be humiliating, and revealing, for the whole world to see.

Meanwhile expedite a war crime inquiry in the International Court in La Hague, for “wars of aggression, and mass murder” in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Ukraine.

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50 Responses to “WAR MAKES HISTORY”

  1. Sanctimonious Merkan Says:

    “We exact ruthless identification: Putin can be identified as a classic dictator, of the 1930s class, complete with the occupation of Crimea.”

    @Tyranosopher Dictators aren’t elected. And why are you referring to yourself in the plural?


  2. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Putin is an ex-KGB thug. Anyone who trusted him in any shape or form is a moron.

    He is gradually turning Russia into a mafiosi dictatorship, with total control over police, judiciary and armed forces.
    Corruption is endemic and pervasive, economic development stagnant.

    Have you got ANYTHING in your house made in Russia? Their economy is close to serious trouble, even before this Ukraine business, which he is using to stoke up nationalism for support in annexing Crimea, which he is now doing.

    He also knows that the west is gutless, Obama having ignored Assad’s crossing of the “red line” he had set. But the Kiev government was VERY stupid to abolish the law giving Russian official language status in Ukraine: stupid and nasty.

    Countries can perfectly well thrive with more than one official language, and banning Russian was SURE to anger Russian speakers in Crimea. As things stsnd, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have been held hostage in their own land. This could get very bad very fast. Putin is a fascist thug and idiot, whereas O’Blather is just an idiot.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      We agree 100%. A rare, precious moment…Obama dug his own problem we all have now. French pilots were in the planes to strike Assad, and the USA cruise missiles were supposed to fly, when Obambi chickened out.


  3. Dominique Deux Says:

    Yes, the West is baring its fangs. Awesome. No more visas for Putin and co! Just think if we had done the same to Adolf. With no visa he would never have been able to do his little jump and prance under the Eiffel Tower.

    France and Germany have long been arguing that their main battle tanks (Leclerc and Leopard) were the best in the world. Short of pitting them against one another, now comes the best way to pick the winner… a cross-country race to Sebastopol. Very peaceful of course.

    However when the dust settles, let’s not forget that dictators’ fantasies and populations’ wishes, although distinct in nature, may coalesce. Russian speaking Ukrainians have every reason to fear their new Govt, which started by banning the teaching of Russian. The urge to belong in a political entity with your perceived peers, rather than in a minority, is a powerful one and not entirely without rationale. Similar situations are only waiting to erupt in Western Europe – think of our Flemish friends. A way to make minorities feel at home is necessary yet still to be found, even though Western Europe is marginally better at it than Eastern Europe.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Dominique: Agreed. However, one has to be careful of recent history. In the Baltic republic, the legitimate population banned many aspect of the Russian occupation, and it seems it was both necessary and efficient. I have not studied the case of Eastern Ukraine. However, I know the story in Crimea, and there the Russian case is way weaker than the vastly ethnically Russian population make it sound.

      Switzerland, my pet country, has 4 national languages. However, the population speaking them have been solidly implemented where they are for many centuries. To the point the Swizerdeutsch sometimes don’t understand each other very well. It’s not like Crimea where the Tatars were deported/decimated.

      So I know the history not. But I know the countryside in Eastern Ukraine speaks Ukrainian, not Russian. That tends to indicate that the Russian settlement maybe a Stalinian artifact.

      Your race to Yalta with Leclerc and Leopard is quite funny. A Moscou, en chantant!

      In any case this is going to change the prospect for the coming European elections. To see Catherine Ashton bare her fangs is going to bury any divagations about Britain not being in Europe. Maybe that’s all what the West needed to recover a sense of reality!


  4. Chris Snuggs Says:

    It is very sad because I am pretty sure that even a symbolic strike would have forced Asssd to rein in his airforce and negotiate seriously, thus saving many lives.

    However, in the end, the only solution is for the world to refuse to accept dictators, since sooner or later they bring massive trouble and pain. Easier said than done of course. I just hope the Chinese do not try to take advanges of Obama’s ineptitude. The danger of course is that if that happens he will OVERreact, making things worse.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I agree. A symbolic strike may have been devastating. Assad was holed in his palace. It’s not excluded he could have been killed. The Franco-British SCALP missiles, already used in Libya are devastating: immensely powerful and precise. Even better than Tomahawk. Assad’s nastiest forces are highly concentrated. That’s why they dump explosives from copters: they can’t trust the highly trained air force supersonic jet pilots, apparently (Putin can send them fresh jets as needed). In any case, the psychological shock would have devastating. But instead, the Syrian/Russian plutocrats deduced that their fellows in the West would not dare starting to kill them. (Assad is well connected in the City.)

      I don’t think that Obama overreacting is a risk. It’s more like me overreacting… 😉


  5. Martin Lack Says:

    …The international community may have just been unwilling to prevent genocide in Syria. In the face of transparent Russian disregard for truth, however, it will be found to be both unwilling and incapable.

    The genie is well and truly out of the bottle in Crimea and if Putin is unwilling to put it back in again, I do not see how anyone can force him to… Provoking your enemy to attack you and then justifying your invasion when he does so is act of an evil genius. It is the abrogation of international diplomacy and, in militaristic terms, and unfalsifiable, ‘Heads-I-win-Tails-you-lose’, argument.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Martin. Thanks for commenting. It’s true that the trick of provoking an attack, then justifying one’s long planned aggression by the counter-attack one provoked, is a very old, very efficient trick. Bismarck used it against France in 1870 (with a falsified message)… Colonialists used it countless times with the Natives.

      However, it does not work once a serial aggressor has been identified. An example was the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which, ultimately, backfired (when the USA claimed to have been attacked by the North Vietnamese). When Hitler claimed to have been attacked by Poland on September 1, 1939, he was not believed by anyone (he had organized a fake attack). Then there are intermediate cases, as when the USA ambassador seemed to have encouraged Saddam to attack, with the first Gulf war.

      If Russia is hit with crippling sanctions, it will be forced. The problem is that the Europeans are reluctant. USA trade with Russia is 40 billion, the EU 460 billion. Moreover Russian plutocrats (“oligarchs” is the preferred term by MSM, being more gentle) are well integrated in the global plutocracy (like their Arab colleagues).


  6. Jon Says:

    Just curious if you know who Paul Craig Roberts, paulcraigroberts.org, is? What he says is 180 degrees opposite of your position.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Jon. No idea who Paul craightroberts is. My position is actually a sort of multiverse. That means I often find partial agreement, somewhere somehow with nearly everybody, even when the logics don’t fit globally, they can fit locally sometimes.
      I notice that today Putin claimed he had not deployed troops in Ukraine and saw no reason to do so, at this very moment. Maybe he feels he went too far too fast.

      To stop him, relentless pressure has to be exerted. One has to understand this could turn into a shooting war from one minute to the next. It’s potentially the worst crisis in Europe since WWII. Indeed, we are talking about the reversal of Yalta. So the present crisis is much deeper than the already dreadful Hungary invasion of 1956 (then Washington/Eisenhower/Dulles were allied to Khrushchev/Kremlin).

      If a war started today in Ukraine, it has an enormous potential to get very long and very nasty. As it is it’s the fulcrum of the anti-plutocratic struggle: the only reason why Russian plutocrats assets in the West have not been seized is that the levers of power in the West are accomplice to them.

      And of course that’s part of the computation of Putin and company. That’s a very similar to what happened with Hitler and the USA plutocrats in the 1930s. The miscomputation of Hitler in the 1930s was that he believed that the French republic would not switch from cold war to hot war (that’s why he had to wage war when he was sure to lose it, in 1939, instead of 1945, as he planned to.)

      The miscomputation of Putin right now is how much the oriental despot model of society promoted by the KGB/FSB Putin/Stalin/Ivan the Terrible Kremlin is hated in Eastern Europe, and how strong the pull of the democratic (!) European Union is.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Jon: I had a look. Mr. Roberts presents himself as one of the founder of Reaganomics, hence one the founders of the pro-plutocratic ideology. The revolution in Ukraine is anti-plutocratic, so plutophiles such as Mr. Roberts call it “Neo-Nazi”, at the point of a gun. Naturally.

      As I explained, real plutocrats and plutophiles in the West are 100% behind Putin.

      Putin talked real tough today, like a destroyer making lots of smoke while it retreats. It was indeed a total reculade, although his body language, and facial expression looked mean, it was clear his tail was between his legs. Let’s keep it that way. Since he is nuts, though, he could well be on the offense again by tomorrow, if he perceives weakness. The best mental model for him at this point is Adolf Hitler, or at least, Stalin, themselves. The only language he understands is force.


  7. Chris Snuggs Says:

    Well, to be fair – he has some way to go to match Stalin …. it doesn’t look good at the moment, but it could be worse.

    The problem with the Crimea, is that it almost always was Russian, at least for hundreds of years, and only got given away to Ukraine by a historical quirk by Kruschev’s gift to Ukraine (then a part of teh USSR of course) and confirmed in the chaos of the collapse of the USSR.

    If one looks at this objectively, it is only “fair” that Russia – a vast country – has an outlet to the Black Sea, which could be shared with Ukraine. The other factor muddying the waters is that though the majority of the rebels seem to have been “ordinary” Ukrainians fed up with corruption and desirous of having a bit of what Poland has had in the last few years, there are nevertheless a fair number of quite nasty neo-Nazis among the rebel ranks.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Sorry to be unfair. War is not about being fair, it’s only about making history. Indeed, it’s better if that history is just, but only struggling for good can guarantee this. Turning the other cheek will not work, quite the opposite.

      It’s only natural that Russia, the world’s largest country, by far, would have an outlet on the Indian Ocean. That’s the only ocean it does not have an outlet to, and, no doubt Putin and his apologists find this unjust.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Chris: I’m very much pro-Russian empire, and want to integrate it inside the EU (I will extend the same courtesy to the USA). However, the present Russian psychosis is imperial overstretch. At some point, Stalin killed more than 100,000 Crimean Tatars within a few days. By insisting that Russia owns Ukraine, always had, one is asked to condone a genocide.

      I’m myself maximally multicultural; I think it’s the path of the ultimate spiritual riches. A multicultural, multilinguistic Crimea, Ukraine and Russia is great.

      But Putin is, whether he understands it, or not, on the war path. He has a pattern. Read my “From Russia With Hate”, written in 2008.

      Stalin did not start as Stalin, nor even Hitler as Hitler. They developed that way. Because they were not stopped.

      If Putin is not stopped, a war with millions killed is fully imaginable. His Insufferability is the first cause of the genesis of neo-Nazism (if any genuinely so movement). BTW, Neo-Nazis threw a bomb on me in the past, and I nearly died. So I cannot be suspected of Neo-Nazi sympathies.


  8. anotheralionel Says:


    I have had first hand experience of Russian aggression whilst serving (as an engineer, Aircraft Artificer) on 892 Squadron F4 Phantoms, HMS Ark Royal.

    We were carrying out exercises in the Eastern Mediterranean which of course involved the frequent launching of aircraft using the steam catapults and their recovery by landing on using arrestor wires.

    The Russians had a habit of shadowing us and during one period Kotlin Class guided missile (SAM) destroyers would hassle us by steaming across the bow of Ark whilst launching aircraft and across the stern during recovery operations.

    I happened to take a photograph of one as it joined us early one morning, early dawn. Later that day as we were launching aircraft, a Phantom F4 having launched from the waist cat’ with the Squadron CO in another on the bow cat’ about to be launched this Kotlin (365 Bravyy) had misjudged speeds and distances, maybe.

    Working below decks up front on 3 deck (the Flight Deck being 1 deck) on some gas turbine engines trying to achieve one serviceable from three that were broken I was aware of the launching going on and heard the Phantom being ranged on the bow cat’ when suddenly the vibration of the ship changed – dramatically as the skipper (Captain Raymond Lygo, later the late Adnmiral Lygo KCB) put the brakes on as a collision was inevitable through the Kotlin coming across our bows – against the maritime rules of the road for Ark was showing the appropriate signals for operating aircraft and every thing else should keep well clear.

    There not being a Tannoy (public address) near the forward hangar extension where I was working and with my tools dancing up and down waist high from vibration I proceeded quickly forward into the Air Engineering Department workshop where I knew there was one. Then the emergency klaxons started to sound and then there was an almighty smash (we had hit the Russian but I was oblivious to that fact at this time) and I was thrown of my feet into the frame of a metal bending machine.

    Realising something serious was afoot I then went about attending to another duty of that day which was to ensure the watertight integrity (Damage Control State) of Juliet section starboard side. This took me down to 11 deck, heaving home all hatch clips on the way down and the same on the way back up, expecting the next smash at any time for maybe they were lobbing missiles at us. Reaching 4 deck I wound up the nearest damage control telephone (field telephone type) to inform DCHQ that Juliet Section Starboard was closed up.

    It was only then that I learned of the true reason behind the mayhem.

    If you care to read about this incident from the point of view of the Captain then his book ‘Collision Course’ is worth a look. The perspective of the CO of 892 Squadron Phantoms – who was sitting in that Phantom on the bow cat’ expecting to be launched into the blackness can be found in ‘Phoenix Squadron’ by Rowland White.

    This little cautionary tale is to point out that the cold war was not always cold, indeed the Eastern Mediterranean was a constant point of conflict (look up USS Liberty) and the Russians have a strategic interest in the warm water ports of the Crimea which have access to the Med’ and further afield. We had close encounters of the threatening kind with Soviet Sverdlov class cruisers in the Caribbean. It was the advent of these particular ships that pushed the development of a counter in the form of the Blackburn Buccaneer which formed the mounts of the other fixed wing squadron on Ark.

    The history of the 19th Century contains a number of incidences where Britain had the wind up over Russian activities in the Black Sea and the Balkans and not just the better know Crimean War of 1853-56.

    I could expand on that last paragraph – another interest of mine is history in its wider context but with a focus on Maritime history and RN Victorian era vessels, as well as naval aviation.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Extremely interesting, anotheralionel!
      Russia built the largest empire ever: more than 20 million square kilometers (OK, the British empire was bigger cultural entity; territorially, at any given moment, it was actually smaller; Britain for example controlled most of India for less than 2 centuries; whereas Russia beat China/Manchuria in the Far East about three centuries ago).

      Building that largest empire was possible thanks to an extremely exploitative, conquering, relentless, nationalistic mentality. Reciprocally, the more it succeeded, the more it was conducive to that: more territorial control than, say, mind control. It also made Russian culture more conducive and tolerant of a fascist, imperialistic government.

      This is not compatible with today’s only sustainable civilization. In particular, the Russian Will to impose itself as the successor of Rome in the Oriental Mediterranean is on a collision course with reality. However, when Putin saw Obama call off his strike, and thus the French pilots who were already in their cockpits in their fully armed planes, he deduced that the Kremlin’s boot could kick civilization around.


  9. Jon Q Says:

    Submitted on 2014/03/04 at 11:01 pm | In reply to Patrice Ayme.

    PA – I’m a little confused here. Reagan/Reagonomics are bad yet he and Thatcher managed to “tear down the wall” and bury the USSR without bloodshed. Given your essay, isn’t that what you want – a broken up and weak Russia? I suggest spending the 20 minutes listening to PCR’s latest interview on King World News. Reagan was a political outlier.

    My research leads me to conclude the USSR was a construct created by industrial monopolists and Anglo-American bankers in the late 19th century to ham string (economically) the waking Russian bear of the period. Same thing w/Germany and the Nazi’s. And look how good it worked out after WW1. Russia run by Bolsheviks. Germany run by Nazi’s. Result: mayhem and continued war which the West’s money interests profited handsomely from not to mention the destruction of the two greatest economic challengers to the Anglo-American cartel.

    To cast Putin as villain for standing up to Ukrainian Nazi’s is something I don’t understand. It’s not the USA’s business to tell Russia what to do in its backyard. We (the USA) are far too dirty to be telling any country how to run its affairs.

    I suggest you google Norman Dodd and the Reece Committee from back in the ’50′s. I listened to his interview w/Ed Griffith years ago and was suitably dismayed if this was indeed true, but could find no collaborating evidence until recently. I was able to obtain the book of the published minutes from the Congressional record. The whole agenda was brought out in public then quickly buried way back in the ’50′s…JQ


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Reagan and Thatcher CLAIMED that they “tore down that wall”. Good propaganda for themselves. Lack of blooshed happened because of Gorbatchev and his advisers.

      I do NOT want a broken up and weak Russia. Long term, or even short term with a miracle, I want Russia to be a strong, wealthy, innovative member of the European Union.

      Right now Putin is making Russia weak and dictatorial, quite a bit like Hitler was making Germany weak and dictatorial.

      Your analysis that Anglo-American plutocrats (they were not just bankers), by supporting Lenin, Stalin and company planned to weaken Russia is on the (my) mark. Even Lenin said compatible statements (with the add-on that he would outsmart them). Same analysis with the Kaiser and the Nazis: it’s one of my main theses, I’m happy to see you share it.

      To help you, I am putting a short essay, soon to follow. Ukraine is not Russia’s backyard. Arguably, it’s the opposite. Nor is it a question of Ukraine versus Russia. It’s a question of the Republic of Ukraine versus Putin.

      I know quite a bit about Dodd, but not what you are alluding to.

      USA ambassador Dodd and the French ambassador Francois Poncet used to take strolls in Berlin’s Tiergarten, to avoid Nazi listening devices. FP feared assassination, actually. President Roosevelt removed historian Dodd, because he was TOO anti-Nazi, and replaced him with a pro-plutocrat, pro-Nazi. He did the same in London (with Jo Kennedy).

      I would be happy if you gave me a little quote about Dodd. I have lots to do.

      The dirtiest, but deepest part of USA government history, ought to be, but is not, part of official history. As long as that does not happen, democracy can’t progress significantly.


      • Jon Q Says:

        Surely, you know the EU is a construct of Fabian socialists, right? Otherwise, why haven’t the Brits and the Swiss exchanged their pounds and francs for euros?

        Re: Dodd. The Norman Dodd I mentioned was not an ambassador. And the interview was by the author of “Creature from Jekyll Island” G. Edward Griffin, not Griffith.


      • Jon Q Says:

        Oh. Dodd’s discovery was that the foundations of US plutocrats raison d’être was to merge capitalism with socialism, i.e. tax free Fabian institutions.


  10. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Re-posted as independent comment, and answered thereafter.


  11. Rollmeover Intheclover Says:

    As an American, we are tired of war. Having wasted trillions in two recently, and eyeing up a nuclear Iran as a possible third, with excursions in Africa. We think that it is time for others to solve their own conflicts. Ukraine has a sizeable army, let them defend themselves.Get the UN, get NATO, but leave us out of it. We have our own problems at home with a do nothing leadership in Congress and a Republican obstructionist Party that refuses to work with the other. Israel wants us in Iran, Saudis wanted us in Syria, Africa wants us to train their troops against terrorists. Get lost. We can’t fight everyone’s battles for them.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Rollmeover: Wellcome!
      You may be tired of war, but war is not tired of you, and wants to roll you over. For more than 2,000 years or so, Gaul, and then France (last 16 centuries +) has been independent (but for an occupation by Cossacks in 1815, the Prussians in 1871, and the Nazi occupation for 4 to 2 years; even then, the French state survived, it was not occupation by the Tatars!).

      Independence means that France has been CONTINUOUSLY at war. Since 400 CE. Really: I do not know ONE year when French armed forces were not in action, somewhere.

      Africa? Leave it to France (and Britain). A lot of the war where the USA got involved happened precisely because the USA displaced, and then tried to naively replace, France and Britain. So let those two, the direct successor states of the Frankish empire, that is Rome come back, where they belong.

      The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO/OTAN)’s largest contributor is the USA. NATO involved means USA, France, Britain, Germany involved.

      The problems at home are tied in to USA plutocracy, hence global plutocracy, hence Ukrainian and Russian plutocracies. Think global FTT, tax havens, etc. A way to hurt Putin and his cronies is to seize their assets in the West. They do control the USA media and Congress, to some extent: Reaganophiles are generally Putinophile.

      For them, and it’s a fact, plutocracy is one. The war in Ukraine is anti-plutocratic, and something similar needs to be fought all over the West.


      • Rollmeover Intheclover Says:

        There is so much involved in the case of the Russian occupation. Talk of Neo-Nazis, anti-Semitism, despite Israelis backing the new government with the West. Russia fought The Cold War fearing being surrounded by NATO. We all know now that there will be a naval base with this Western loan agreement. Imagine how surrounded they must feel by NATO. Entrapment.From the beginning I suspected my country as being a catalyst in this latest round of Empire building.

        I am ashamed of the class separation, the dissolving separation of Church and State here, the separation of the Republican Party by the Tea Party faction, of Congress from working with the Senate, getting things done for the economy, the separation of corporations and citizens by our Supreme Court being over ridden turning companies into people. The separation of people from their jobs and their homes.

        We are falling apart internally. The enemy is us. Our own kind. Bin Laden is laughing from his grave. His one strike has brought America into the Fascist regime age. To it’s knees. Our liberties, our freedoms, are all at risk. Our government corrupted by the filthy politics of the upper 1 per cent.

        I feel a bloody revolution is needed to reverse the disintegration of our nation, Sometimes I can understand the frustration of leaders like Chavez and Castro, who started out with an idea of equality for all, only to become victims themselves of the crass materialism they sought to escape from.

        As a non-practicing ex-Catholic, I can remember being told as a child to pray the Rosary for the conversion of Russia, never dreaming that the ugly head of fundamentalist Muslim theology would take it’s place. Practitioners of flagellation, a leader who was a pedophile (Muhammad), haters of women, and still hanging on to an archaic religious view that Infidels should be killed. Fanaticism.

        It wasn’t Reagan that brought Russia down, it was a growing Muslim population that threatened to upend Communism internally, as well as the implosion of an economy due to the Cold War, Afghanistan, Cuban support, and places they tried to checkmate us. We outspent them, and now it’s our turn to go broke. Healthcare, Baby Boomers, social upheaval and unrest, and jobless citizenry.

        And Muslim crazies won’t stop with breaking up just Russia.There is a threat to the current world order that Globalism and or Colonialism cannot stop. We are headed toward another huge change in history, an upheaval that will change the shape of civilization as we know it, for the worse. Perhaps it is what is needed to slow our gradual erosion of the planet. To stop the whore of Babylon (us) from corrupting the East. The extinction of the Human species will be just another footnote in universal history. At least our cancer won’t spread to the stars. I guess they call that fatalism, but I call it justice.’Nuff said.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Long comment Rollmeover! I may repost it as an independent comment (nestled answers are unreadable). Many questions, many answers.

          Let me just address one point here (I have to run!)

          Please notice that Osama Ben Laden was RECRUITED by the CIA while he was in Turkey heading family business, in 1979.
          So, looked at it the right way, Ben Laden was a pawn in a giant conspiracy. Many contacts happened between the CIA and Ben Laden, even at a time when he was busy bombing American embassies, according to retired French intelligence officers. All the way to 2001. Ben Laden was indeed hospitalized in emirates’ hospital, for long duration, due to his kidney problems.

          So 2001 was a fully predictable event. All the more as the CIA taught Ben Laden to attack civilian objectives. Israel and France had been expecting such for decades. A similar attack had been attempted in France in 1996 (the pirates were killed by French special forces).


  12. anotheralionel Says:

    WRT US Foreign policy this book is an eye opener for many:

    Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency “>

    and for trade with Nazi Germany

    IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America’s Most Powerful Corporation

    A book with a very interesting take on the origins of WW1 is

    The Long Fuse: An Interpretation of the Origins of World War I, which I first read, library loan, soon after first publishing, I have since obtained my own copy and revisited.

    Wider reading on that latter is also useful with Arthur J Marder and Robert K Massey providing maritime strategic background, which let’s face it is one of the drivers, IMHO, of Russia’s behaviour on the Black Sea coast.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks for all those references, Lionel! I was struck, over the years, how much the real history of the world wars, at the highest geostrategic level, differed from what one can read in books.
      I have tried to write my own version, in many essays.
      However I regretted that there was no debate. Maybe I can debate with the books you proposed!


    • pvsheridan2 Says:

      “holocaust”? So from one end to the other, we’re still making $$ on the shoah business? Pathetic.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        Thanks pvsheridan for reminding me of that comment (and welcome to the comments!). Yes, well, the USA itself hardwired itself into supremacy, thanks to its more or less agent, Adolf Hitler himself. When it becomes really baffling and infuriating, as Hannah Arendt started to point out a tiny bit (and was hated for it), is that even German-American JEWS (Warburgs, say) grew their power from chomping at both sides of the Nazi-American manger before and during World War Two…


  13. Paul Handover Says:

    Terrible essay to read, Patrice. I use the term from the perspective of reading in your words the notion that nothing changes, and nothing will. Plus ca change and all that.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      With all due respect, Paul, and, in spite of my comparisons with Stalin and Hitler, as other commenters (even Chris Snuggs, on this site!!!) pointed out, Putin is not Stalin. Why? Because we are watching, and intervening on his intervention.

      Progress is not just necessary, it’s a reality. Even Stalin was not Peter The Great. Peter the Great put an executioner’s costume on, hiding his face, and actually tore the flesh of his theocratic enemies in public, with red hot pliers. He had to do the same to people who were very close to him. OK, they deserved it. Still, we have progressed since.

      Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, mais on progresse neanmoins. On n’a pas le choix.


  14. Rollmeover Intheclover Says:

    Submitted on 2014/03/05 at 7:17 pm | In reply to Patrice Ayme.

    I am aware of the Bin Laden CIA connection, and have a pic of Zbignew Brezhinski shaking his hand somewhere. I am also aware of the white van with Jewish Masaad members stopped on that day (911). I remember reading a comment somewhere that Bin Laden was surprised at our reaction to 911, not expecting such a warlike response, which was very stupid of him. But there were plans made to go into Iraq when Sadam threatened to go off the dollar for his oil.He shunned the oil cartel and was a wildcard in the Texas oil scheme of things, namely keeping prices high. And then came ICE, offshore investing in commodities like food, aluminum, and oil prices. Highly speculative, and highly profitable. Anything that Goldman Sachs has it’s hands in is a scam, a pyramid scheme, and someone is going to get burned. Goldman profited from every recession, and has even been one of the causes for the latest one.

    But back in the late 90′s there was a plan by Rumsfeld, Cheney, and others to bring us into Iraq at any cost to keep the oil flowing to Europe. That plan was a few years before 911, and was definitely pre-meditated, and WMDs was the excuse. I never saw a President so eager to jump the gun and get out of Afghanistan and into Iraq without so much as an afterthought, and he knew nothing about tribes, borders, customs, or the history of the area. And eventually * Major oil companies got their lucrative oil contracts about three years ago, and I wonder who is paying to protect them.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I see we are pretty much on the same frequency. I wrote zillions of essay on all this, as it was unfolding. It was fun to be intensely censored by the New York Times then (they still censor me heavily). Major oil companies can afford bodyguards, and to pay heftily the right guys with Swiss/Liechtenstein/Luxembourg/Virgin Islands bank accounts.
      (My father made a stint in the diplomatic service of an oil major, and met some of the most prominent real life plutocrats. One met such satanic characters, multi million check in hand.)


  15. Rollmeover Intheclover Says:

    I too have had the NYT skip some of my inflammatory anti-corpocratic remarks. There is definitely a Jewish connection there too, as anything that even hints of the slightest Anti-Semitism is immediately shut down. And I was very surprised to see this got published today. This guy said it all.

    St Petersburg
    I’ve just read some news about signing agreement between Turchinov and WMF which provides financial help for Ukraine. Due to this, the self-named bloody Ukrainian ”government” is gifting 50% of shares of 3 metallurgical plants to the German company RUHR and 50% of shares of Donbass carbon plant to Finnish RUHR. Also, the Ukrainian gas transportation system is gifted to an American company Chevron. Moreover, there’s gonna be a NATO base near Kharkiv. SO, I guess it’s time for Russia to place some naval bases near Mexico;) We’ll see how Barry will react) actually I cant understand why many Western ppl still think the USA is not the source and sponsor of this bloody protests. The US wants to put my country on a hook through weak corruptive Ukraine. Hope that Vlad will deal with that, he is a clever man with rational mind. By the way, everybody is safe and sound in Crimea. The USA media just covers what it wants and doesnt give the whole range of events.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      It’s not because this guy says all this that it is true. Certainly, as Ukraine is not in NATO, nor applying to it, “there’s gonna be a NATO base near Kharkiv” is a lie. Moreover it makes no strategic sense whatsoever, so it’s a complete lie.

      “Vlad” and his helpers should stick to impaling people in their backyard.


      • Rollmeover Intheclover Says:

        I have read other sources , mostly independent, that the Pro-Russian demonstrations in Ukraine were financed by us. I guess I will be the first to say that I have always felt that 911 was an inside War Hawk plan to create a false flag situation to start it’s Mid-East campaign. I read that during the Kennedy administration the idea of sinking an American ship and blaming it on Cuba as a pretext to invade was bandied. Kennedy dismissed the man who suggested it immediately, or so they say. I never put anything past our government, especially since Snowden exposed the intense spying going on even on allies. Okay, I’m done my ranting.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          9/11 was not an inside job in the detail (as nutty conspiracy theorists have alleged). But that ben Laden had been recruited by the CIA to make the situation worse, is a fact. One has to look at the big picture. That’s where the worst conspiracies lay.
          In that respect, Obama is clean as the driven snow. Much cleaner than even JFK (all others in between were very dirty). This is perhaps his most positive achievement.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          How do you finance a demonstration???????????????????????????? I have done demonstrations in the past, with scary riot police on the other side, but I never realized I could make it a business… If I had been in Ukraine I would have demonstrated too, just from the heart, and get financed by “us”.


  16. Sometimes one just has to wonder …. | Learning from Dogs Says:

    […] that in mind, let’s move on.  Move on to a recent essay from Patrice Ayme: WAR MAKES HISTORY! To say it makes disturbing reading is, trust me, an understatement.  But in the context of the […]


  17. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to NYT]
    It’s simple: Putin is in violation of International Law on the gravest matter: War Of Aggression. Von Ribbentrop was hanged for that, and only that, at Nuremberg. The hour is grave, just because Russia’s dictator had to jail his entire opposition, but that was not enough.


  18. Imperial Justice Wins | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] primes everything. War makes history. That, Putin, former head of the Russian Gestapo (KGB, FSB) knows all too […]


  19. CIVILIZATION WARNED Hitler & Putin | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] As I have argued, history is basically a compendium of ineluctable complexities, avoidable conspiracies, and ultimate wars. In particular, history is not made by pacifists inasmuch as by war. See: “War Makes History”. […]


  20. Adam Says:

    I think another factor was the sheer vulnerability of Poland between the wars
    Poland was sandwiched between two hostile neighbours, the USSR and Germany, and had no defensible frontiers except with Czechoslovakia.
    Only 70% of the prewar population of Poland of 38 million was actually Polish, compared with 2.3% German and 8.6% Jewish..
    Furthermore, Jews in pre-war Poland were not assimilated…..they spoke their own language Yiddish for example, which created an additional barrier between them and Poles


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hello Adam, and welcome! Yours is well informed comment. I grimaced, though, when I read 9% or so of Poland’s population was Jewish (rather than Polish). You are right that many citizens of Poland, Polish, or “Jewish”, felt that way. But not all. The Secular ones, from Polish or Jewish origins, certainly felt that they were citizens of Poland…. Unfortunately many of those resisted, and were killed (by Nazis or Stalin’s goons).

      Right about Yiddish, etc. The Jews partly dug their own graves… And they are still at it. All too many insist to go around in highly recognizable garb.

      One can pick them up from 2,000 feet away, which is perfect if you are a sniper… Why would Orthodox Jews want to make snipers’ jobs easier? Masochism? Philosophical sniping, too? What’s the point of going around claiming one is the “Elected People”? Getting the hostility of the average population (not elected).

      This is NO anti-Judaic discourse: interesting the 160,000 Jews who were Wehrmacht soldiers often cooperated in atrocities against Eastern Jews, as they were disgusted by the over-Orthodox, Yiddish speaking Eastern Jews. Tough truths, to meditate today, as you implicitly point out.

      Thanks for the not PC, but correct statement.

      Being integrated was not enough, though: Dutch Jews were in the Netherlands since ever, yet were nearly massacred to the last. While in France, very few of the FRENCH Jews died (the population sheltered them; in my family they saved at least 100… All French).


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      In short the story of Poland is that its inveterate enemies, Russia and Prussia, dismantled it in the 18 C, in the war against… France, organized by… Britain.
      Poland was remade more or less independent by Napoleon, unfortunately the armed youth of Poland died in the ill-conceived assault on Moscow by Napoleon.
      In 1815, Poland was re-totally destroyed, the French inspired Enlightenment rolled back, and full Prussian racism applied on Poles and Jews. No wonder Jews were not assimilated.
      All this to say Hitler was no surprise, but the ultimate blossom…


  21. Bitcoin worth aud Says:


    WAR MAKES HISTORY | Patrice Ayme


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