Brexit Vote Killing Brexit Mood

It took 13 years for the Germans of old to realize that the Nazis had lied about all too many things. It took 13 hours for the British to realize that the strident anti-Europeans produced an ocean of lies. And in that ocean Brexiteers swam, claiming they were not really lies, but something else, more substantial. But one can see them, confusing sinking and thinking. Here below will be found a sample of the sort of debate. But first:

Patrice Ayme: Brexit will NOT happen. Keep calm and carry on.

Paul Handover: “Easy to write but impossible to accurately predict. If I were to make a bet it would be that Article 50 is going to happen.”

[Article 50  can be invoked by any European State at any moment, for any reason. It starts a 24 month process at the end of which said State is not a member of the European Union anymore, come what may.]

Patrice Ayme’:  It is so incredibly obvious that there will be another vote. That’s why Labor is in a rush to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn, a notorious Europhobe from 43 years ago. The European Union did not extinguish one person, one vote. Just the opposite. Britain has been made rich, because it was the payment organized mostly by Germany to please Britain and its American owners. Now Germany feels strong enough to follow the more egalitarian French Republic rather than Wall Street and its London pet. The aim was always to construct a Union so strong that it could be not be undone by war, ever again. Those who stand in the way of that ought to be extirpated of all and any decision-making. Let England be the new Norway (Norway pays twice per capita, but had to accept Schengen! It learns of European Union policy through press release, as a common minnow would). 

The French Republic Will Be Delighted To Brexit The English Plutocracy. Break Shit All Over, Right On, Guys!

The French Republic Will Be Delighted To Brexit The English Plutocracy. Break Shit All Over, Right On, Guys!

Article 50 of the European Union Constitution, Lisbon Treaty:

1 Any Member State may decide to withdraw from the Union in accordance with its own constitutional requirements.

2 A Member State which decides to withdraw shall notify the European Council of its intention. In the light of the guidelines provided by the European Council, the Union shall negotiate and conclude an agreement with that State, setting out the arrangements for its withdrawal, taking account of the framework for its future relationship with the Union. That agreement shall be negotiated in accordance with Article 218(3) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. It shall be concluded on behalf of the Union by the Council, acting by a qualified majority, after obtaining the consent of the European Parliament.

3 The Treaties shall cease to apply to the State in question from the date of entry into force of the withdrawal agreement or, failing that, two years after the notification referred to in paragraph 2, unless the European Council[…]

4 For the purposes of paragraphs 2 and 3, the member of the European Council or of the Council representing the withdrawing Member State shall not participate in the discussions of the European Council… in decisions concerning it.

A qualified majority shall be defined in accordance with Article 238(3)(b) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

5 If a State which has withdrawn from the Union asks to rejoin, its request shall be subject… Patrice: As if it never had been a member (Article 49).

Article 238 (b): “(b) ….”the qualified majority shall be defined as at least 72% of the members of the Council representing Member States comprising at least 65% of the population of these States.”

Practically, in the case of Great Britain, it means that at least 23 European Nation-States representing at least 330 million people have to agree with the exit treaty.

Of course the preceding may as well be Quantum Field Theory for Brexiteers. They know very little beyond the minds plutocratically owned tabloids endowed them with.  They probably don’t know what the “European Council” is. Let me help among Brexiteers those of good will who can read beyond tabloids:

The European Council … is not one of the EU’s legislating institutions, so does not negotiate or adopt EU laws. Instead it sets the EU’s policy agenda, traditionally by adopting ‘conclusions‘ during European Council meetings which identify issues of concern and actions to take.

The members of the European Council are the heads of state or government of the 28 EU member states, the European Council President and the President of the European Commission.

The European Council defines the EU’s overall political direction and priorities

The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy also takes part in European Council meetings when foreign affairs issues are discussed.

Decision-making process: The European Council mostly takes its decisions by consensus. However, in certain specific cases outlined in the EU treaties, it decides by unanimity or by qualified majority.

The number for France is an under-estimate. Many places in France have local English newspapers.

The number for France is an under-estimate. Many places in France have local English newspapers.

The European Institutions are as follows:
Section 1 – The European Parliament (Articles 223-234)
Section 2 – The European Council (Articles 235-236)
Section 3 – The Council (Articles 237-243)
Section 4 – The Commission (Articles 244-250)
Section 5 – The Court of Justice of the European Union (Articles 251-281)
Section 6 – The European Central Bank (Articles 282-284)
Section 7 – The Court of Auditors (Articles 285-287)

Here is a typical opinion of a Brexiteer in response to me.  Nick Brackenbury says: “The British Tabloids don’t get a vote. Her Majesty’s Subjects do. Patrice, the vote produced a majority to leave the European Union. We shall remain as part of Europe and possibly carry on buying French wine, cheese and motor vehicles (we have two Renault). But now none-British people are no longer able to pass Laws that govern British people. Fini!”

French made helicopters and planes will also come in handy, with most of the electronic equipment of the two Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers (it’s made by Thales), not to talk of nuclear power plants on order…

Notice in passing how proud some of the British are to be “subjects”. What’s the difference between a subject and a slave? For the slave, one needs a whip, whereas for the subject one needs only a debased perverted sense of pride? Happy to live on one’s knees, in front of a man-made deity? I wrote the following rejoinder:

Her Majesty’s slaves got their minds made up by tabloids owned by global plutocrats, for example the liar Murdoch and his lying papers. Non-British people have NEVER passed British laws. Learn. Please try to stop reading tabloids and, or listening to tabloid puppets.

Some will chuckle that the term “slave” may be a bit strong, that I do not appreciate the pride of being owned by another human being whom one reveres, like the dog reveres his master, and the Briton, his queen, and his princess, and his prince. A real fairy tale, Britain, I tell you. Complete with tax evading queen.

But slavery made Britain, and, especially America. Like in the US of A. No, this is not an allusion to the Franks retaking Britain from those who had invaded it, and liberating the slaves there, in 1066 CE.

No, it’s an allusion to how English America was made: by condemning vagrants to death, and then proposing to them deportation instead of the rope. How come that did not happen in France? Simply put, France was, and, de facto, is, much more civilized: in France peasants owned their land. However small. In Britain, they did not. Instead plutocrats employed them as quasi slaves.

The Brits are still slaves, in the sense that they do not own their land. All land in the United Kingdom is still “held of the Crown” in England and Wales and other jurisdictions in the Commonwealth realms. There is no “Allodial Title” in these desperate places. Something related to having a monarch, and being “subjects”. Exception exists, for example in parts of Australia (held by the original inhabitants). Owners of houses and businesses and the like within the United Kingdom are merely granted the use of the land by the reigning monarch, and are subject to return the land to the monarch if called to do so.

Amusingly, allodium, in earlier Latin alodis, alaudes, is already recognized in the early Salic law (circa 507–596 CE). Muslim law is often more than 13 centuries late (Islam recognizes slavery, which was abolished in Salic Law just when the Islamist empire was created, circa 650 CE). Here we see that English civilization is around 15 centuries late.

Nick Brackenbury:”Patrice, I don’t read tabloids. The Vote to Leave is done. Stop being a bad loser. When we joined the EC it was a Trading Community, now it is a controlling political movement. We like one person, one vote to count, and not be instructed by foreigners. Perhaps we are different. I often think of how the Euro Group of countries have treated Greece. Soon Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland. Many areas with over 50% unemployed, no investment, no attention to the young. Junckers is a joke, we fight wars to get rid of people like him. This time it just took a vote.”

To this Dominique Deux correctly replied: “When we joined the EC it was a Trading Community”

Yup, and moving to an ever closer union, as was EXPLICITLY stated when you voted to join. Vote as you like, but those of you who keep whining that you ONLY voted for a Common Market are liars. Then as now, now as ever. Or if not liars, suckers… then as now… now as ever.”

More than 43 years ago, in a referendum, the French population, one person, one vote, voted to let Great Britain in the European Community. Then Britain’s Parliament and government joined the European Community EVER CLOSER UNION. Within three years, Britain tried to get out, conducted a referendum, and voted to stay in.

The European construction, ever since 1948 was for an EVER CLOSER UNION. The European UNION was/is just part of it. The idea was to make war between Francia and Germania forever impossible. Economics was just one of several means to achieve this. There was a complete trade union before August 1914. Did not work too well.

Tabloids, and tabloid strength minds opted to believe that the UNION was a “bloc” or a “club”. And that this “club” was just about trade. That was a total lie. It was an EVER CLOSER Union.

I am no bad loser. The Brexiteers are bad winners. They are winners who can’t win. Their ship of lies is disintegrating for all to see. The Brexiteers’ win at the voting booth was the best way to insure the defeat of Brexit in the real world. Thankfully, it’s giving an opening for true Europeans to kick Britain out of the EMU (European MONETARY Union).

The fact so many Brexiteers, such as Nick above, think foreigners pass BRITISH laws, a 100% UNTRUTH, tabloid strength, is rather typical. It is actually astounding to see clever, well-informed, worldly and multicivilizational individuals such as Chris Snuggs, believing 100% such lies. On the positive side, it makes my study of fanaticism, Nazism, Jihadism, Stalinism, and other public mania so much easier.

The whole Brexit thing being such a silly thing. Britain will now leave Europe. Right. Keep calm and carry on. Sail east of New Zealand? Hahaha.

The English suffers from their home-made plutocracy… And accuse foreigners. Another of my correspondents, the English-born and tremendously educated, US biology professor Karen Eilbeck wrote:

“Reflecting on my trip back to the UK, I feel quite sad. It is easy to fly the St George cross out of your bedroom window and blame others for your state of affairs but harder to actually do some positive and impactful. Start with something small. Pick up the rubbish. When I see my home strewn with garbage, it hurts. Don’t stop to blame anyone. Take the initiative. Do something. I promise, it will make you feel better, and it will make those around you feel better and maybe everyone will be a little less depressed.”

Please read my essay especially around Martin Wolff’s considerations, which I have long written about. But now that the Financial Times says what I said, it should be right. Fix English plutocracy and its addiction to immigration of savage people and stolen, tax evading capital.

Meanwhile start by getting out of the European Monetary Union. Sunday, Iceland kicked England out of the European soccer cup. Today was the day the unworthy Cameron was kicked out of, and by, an exasperated EU. Tomorrow the Europe of 27 Nation-States meets and decides.  

On the EVER CLOSER UNION. The Ever Closer FEDERAL Union of 27 Nation-States (with Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Montenegro and Kosovo taking orders; the last two use the Euro, the former two obey and contribute).

Europe is a matter of war, not trade.

If Great Britain cannot play democratic, or does not want to, it will still have to take orders from the democratic European Union, just like Morocco does, and for the same reasons. Guess what? The time to get rid of these tax havens which have enriched British plutocracy so much, has finally arrived! And let’s see how well the City of London does, when all Euro trading is done in the Euro Zone. No wonder the French are pressing to get Great Britain out ASAP. The UK Prime Minister has been asked to get out of Brussels for the European Union meeting of June 29, 2016.

A Union with disunited lunatics having surreal visions made little sense, indeed. It also means that the French Republic is effectively ejecting Great Britain out of the European Union, without waiting for the ignorant Britons and their tabloid addicted brains, to realize the enormous extent of the tremendous error they made. Half of the art of war is the surprise element: at Waterloo, Napoleon got surprised by the Prussian army. With Brexit, the Brexiteers are surprised. To their surprise, they found that they did not want to really leave, at least not now. And it turns out, second big surprise, that France wants them out, now. 

Patrice Ayme’

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22 Responses to “Brexit Vote Killing Brexit Mood”

  1. John Rogers Says:

    ” Time to get rid of these tax havens which have enriched British plutocracy so much.”



  2. Gmax Says:

    Right on, girl! Leave no lie unturned! Is there anything Brexit es did not lie about?


  3. SDM Says:

    Article 50- will it be invoked or will there be pressure to relent? The Scots, and perhaps N Ireland, taking action to leave the UK may be persuasive. The tribalism/xenophobia drummed up in England that carried the brexit vote has been seen as leading to further breakup of the EU, perhaps with followers of LePen and in Germany also. Will Francia and Germany now work to forge stronger union than possible with UK? In other words, is not brexit a gift horse?


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I modified, complemented, the essay quite a bit. At this point, France is 100% pro-Brexit. Germany is trying to brake as much as possible, but the French are getting their way: Cameron has been expelled. The New York Times, plutocrats from hell, gave an editorial to the fascist nationalist Marine Le Pen. Today. Did not read it yet.


  4. Paul Handover Says:

    Just an update to the FB comment that appeared here.

    Namely that I was listening to the BBC World at One today (Tuesday) and it was pointed out by someone (I forget the name but they were qualified to comment) that the only constitional way to leave Europe was the reverse of how Britain joined – by an Act of Parliament. That Act can stand on its own two feet and does not need to be linked to Article 50.

    If when a Bill is introduced the House of Commons cannot vote decisively for it, one way or another, then it is likely that the UK would be facing a General Election. One presumes that the Tory leader who replaces Cameron would be leading a Conservative Party that was in favour of a split by Britain from the EU.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Paul: This is entirely correct. Anything else would be unconstitutional in Great Britain (oral constitution), and thus in the EU Constitution. I fully expected Cameron to refuse to evoke Article 50. Boris wanted to become PM, but he is not just fluent in French, but French-like. So I don’t believe he will activate Art. 50 either. So general elections are looming.
      Meanwhile, I boosted by essay significantly, and explains much better that France is, at this point, really pushing for Brexit, and got her way. You may find interesting to re-read the essay…

      As I already said, 2/3 of UK MPs are on record as pro-EU. So it’s unlikely they would vote out.

      The referendum of 1975 to REMAIN in the European Community was BINDING (Parliament had passed a special law to this effect). This one was not.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Theresa May will not Brexit either. She leads Boris J by a significant margin.

      And the noisy plutocrat and money changer Nigel Farage, is NOT a British MP. He was always beaten. Instead he is a EUROPEAN MP!


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      The British side is clear. Less so the EU side. One could imagine that Britain would decide it gets out of the EU, but fails to evoke Article 50. Then what? This is apparently what has half taken place. France is having none of it, and is acting as if Britain left already.


  5. Chris Snuggs Says:


    We pay 350 MILLION QUID to Brussels each week.


    The other half they spend FOR us ON us, we being too stupid to spend it ourselves. THAT IS THE MONEY paid to Cornwall. IT WILL CONTINUE TO BE PAID TO CORNWALL, BUT BY US DIRECTLY FROM THE MONEY WE WILL NO LONGER SEND TO BRUSSELS.





    • Gmax Says:

      Some Brexiters are not happy. Is there some hidden pain there? Something we should know, but they can”t admit?


  6. Nick Brackenbury Says:

    Patrice, you are beginning to sound like, ummmm, yes – Putin!

    The character and attraction of each European country is based on their sovereignty and freedom to govern their own affairs. I understand that Junckers father was in the Wehrmacht so he is decended from a quite different way of thinking. The people that are carrying out the lies and worse are the EU top self elected collective. Now 15% of their revenue is close to dissappearing. More will follow until a transparent and sensible political structure is arrived at.

    Europeans may wish to know that much of the UK population and industry have connections elsewhere from Europe and we do not wish the nature of those connections to be controlled from Brussells. We have the English speaking world of USA, Canada, Australia, NZ with many other smaller countries. We have almost 60 nations in the Commonwealth, most with quite good relations. We (used to) have strong links in India, the Middle East and Far East. We have good links within South America. Britain is a global oriented country and we wish to return to that modus operandi. Plus, of course, we want full trading relations with every country in Europe. For us, this is the minimum we will settle for.


    • dominique deux Says:

      Dear Nick, you’re entitled to any views you hold on the desirability of treaties and the like.

      But being delusional is no way to bolster these views. De-louse your world view and just forget about the Commonwealth rushing to your side, before you find out it’s just a pretty picture in your personal museum.


  7. Sil Via Says:

    Sil Via: J’aurais des questions à te poser: tu crois que le Brexit va véritablement s’opérer? Je lirai ton paper. Il doit y avoir des réponses…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Ce n’est pas sur, car la Grande Bretagne a tout a y perdre. Par contre la France a beaucoup a gagner, et Hollande semble avoir compris cela. D’ailleurs ceci me rappelle l’essai sur ce sujet precisement, a ecrire aujourd’hui. Je dirais que c’est tant mieux. (Bien que je fusse contre, maintenant je suis pour!)


      • Sil Via Says:

        Oui la France a tout à y gagner. Ça apparaît en effet. Ravie que Hollande le vois …. Soyons pour….La demo-mago-cratie a parlé (fusse-t-il un référendum mensonger, ils ont voté Brexit)
        À ce propos j’ai trouvé l’intervention de Cohn-Bendit, au sujet du référendum mensonger, superbe !


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Suffrage universel direct est excellent, car il permet des erreurs enormes. Pas lu Cohn Bendit. En general je suis d’accord avec lui, mais il creuse (beaucoup) moins profond.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Celle-Ci. Il fustige l’ambassadeur de UK à Paris.…/daniel-cohn-bendit-il…
      Et la GB. Ainsi que leurs mensonges. J’ai trouvé ça bien…. Malgré le fait qu’il vieillisse, il maitrise la rethorique.
      See Translation

      VIDEO. Brexit : “il faut recommencer à expliquer l’Europe”, analyse Daniel Cohn-Bendit


  8. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to Salon July 1.]
    True, some decisions in Brussels are no good, but Brussels is controlled by the heads of European governments (“European Council”) and the European Parliament. In truth, Great Britain is suffering of home made plutocracy. Tabloids owne by the hyper rich have persuaded the English People that it was all Brussels’ fault. As if Brussels decided everything.

    Right now France and the European government are fighting about many laws, and it’s generally France which wins.

    Great Britain, sad to say, or, at least 52% of it, had become completely deluded. Now it will be able to discover its problems are not caused by the EU, but plutocracy. Prince Charles made 20 MILLION pounds last year. He owns, among other things, 133,000 hectares… (Many US national parks are smaller… And half of Yosemite National Park… Considering the size of Britain, 2.5% of the US, that’s as if there was one American owning twenty Yosemites…)

    The UK has been sabotaging Europe, for 20 years, and no blow has been low enough.

    Here is an example:

    Two weeks before the Brexit referendum, the British press, including the BBC (!!) circulated the mad rumor that the French made the “Concordsky”, the Soviet supersonic Tu144 CRASH (according to two theories, one with fake plans, that the Soviets would have stolen, the other theory by startling the Tu144 with a Mirage…) That crash killed 8 people on the ground in Paris (including 3 children).

    When all its Euro privileges are removed, the UK economy will crash…. Not to say the English are not right to be angry. They are wrong to have the wrong target, the European UNION. What do they want? European Disunion?


  9. Chris Snuggs Says:

    2 July 2016
    Dear Mr MacKinlay
    More than a week has passed since the vote and Article 50 has still not been invoked.
    This is a betrayal of the British people.
    Of course, we are used to betrayals re the EU, which started with YOUR PM, Edward Heath:
    “There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified.” (TV broadcast on Britain’s entry into the Common Market, January 1973)
    THIS WAS A BLATANT LIE. And then came the Maastricht Treaty in 1992, when Tory MPs were physically and psychologically bullied into voting FOR it, while the Lisbon Treaty of 2007 took the abandonment of our sovereignty even further.
    ENOUGH! There is absolutely NO REASON not to invoke the article, UNLESS of course the intention is to find some way round the vote. The whole process of exiting will reportedly take TWO YEARS anyway, so IT MUST BE STARTED NOW. The excuse of “waiting to have a new PM who can negotiate BREXIT” is yet another insult to our intelligence.
    Speaking of which, the idea of Theresa May becoming PM is surreally absurd:
    1. She was a REMAINER, and one who hedged her bets; she is an opportunist who has no conviction.
    2. She thinks that Sharia Law has a ROLE to play in British life.
    3. She wants to KEEP the appalling ECHR, DESPITE her previous utterances
    4. She has done NOTHING to prevent migrants getting into Britain on lorries. WHERE IS THE DEPLOYMENT OF THE ARMY IN DOVER AND ALONG THE COAST?
    6. She allows KNOWN MURDERERS into Britain because of EU “free movement”. JUST IGNORE THE STUPID EU RULES. “We can’t.” – YES, YOU CAN – WE ARE A SOVEREIGN NATION. What are they going to do? Arrest us?
    You are presumably aware of the current vast chasm between the establishment and the people, and this fudging and prevarication will make the situation worse. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR BRITAIN. As for your party, if you go for Mrs May, you will leach MILLIONS of votes to UKIP. SEVENTEEN MILLION PEOPLE VOTED for LEAVE; you forget these people at your peril.
    Yours sincerely Chris SNUGGS


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, the lies of “Leave” and madness of UKIP are perceived to cause a climate of uncertainty. Differently from the pro-European Community referendum of 40 years ago, this one had NO POWER OF LAW. Welcome to law! Teresa May has nice shoes, so what’s your problem?


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