Is Trump Hatred Secretly Directed At Clinton-Obama?

If they have a choice, do individuals tell themselves the truth, or convenient, more pleasurable fiction? Of course, generally the latter, except if in life or death situations (hence the philosophical interest of harrowing occurrences…) Thus individuals can, and will, hook up with collective crazes out there, if possible: collective crazes can be most pleasurable, thrilling, encouraging. Especially hatred.

One can see this clearly right now with Trump Derangement Syndrome: many pseudo-progressives, in a mass mental action, are obsessing about Trump 24/7… it sucks up all their mental oxygen, if any… while proposing strictly nothing to progress civilizationally!  Hoping for a return to the unsuspected plutophile past, the New York Times asked:”Disgusted With Donald Trump? Do This” … And for the New York Times to propose to vote… Against Trump.

However it’s precisely because they were disgusted by the lies of the Republican establishment (especially regarding the Iraq invasion) that Republicans voted for Trump: Trump’s primary Republican campaign consisted mostly in screaming to the face of his competitors that they were “liars”. And indeed, they were. (Let’s not forget Trump was a “Democrat” until September 2009.) It’s precisely because they were disgusted by the lies of the establishment that Blue State democrats voted for Trump.

The Blue State democrats who voted for Obama in 2012 (refined studies have shown), feeling betrayed, turned to Trump 4 years later. Thus the notion of betrayal is important. It is now alleged by Trump’s adversaries, such as the dying Senator McCain, that Trump is a traitor working for the KGB. However, McCain wrote strident stuff, two years ago about “Huma” not being a traitor. Who was “Huma”?  Someone who promoted Sharia in the West (Sharia is Muslim law: homosexuals, apostates, polytheists, insulters of Islam or the prophets, and others, have to be “executed”; women are worth half a man). Blue State democrats who voted for Trump, and not the establishment represented by Clinton and her sidekick Abedin… Huma Abedin, the straighter than straight citizen, according to McCain, the one with a giant set of teeth, literal and figurative, could be seen clearly, by modest people, as someone financed by the Wahhabist establishment of Saudi Arabia, for decades.

That McCain flew to the defense of someone from a family whose family business is Saudi propaganda shows him for what he is: fully a member of the Bitter Lake Conspiracy and its ilk. (Or maybe McCain hoped to sleep with her? …That’s the only valid excuse I can imagine) Abedin’s Congressman husband, and Clinton confidante, was involved in public sex with children, and now meditates in prison: one can’t make these things up.

Surely, Trump didn’t create the US system. For example, laws abusing children are centuries old in the USA. Separating children from parents can be called an industry (I even saw a case where the officer in charge apparently stole a child. Admittedly, I don’t know all the details… But the little blonde girl was a friend of my own daughter, who still asks about her, we tried to teach her some swimming… They left the US, apparently for Europe. Although the mom was a thief (she stole some things of mine), I am not saying she was a bad mother. But I am saying that in the US system, children can be certainly taken from parents…)

So why all the rage against Trump? Why not raging about those monstrous laws earlier? Thus then, wonder: the state of being enraged is a more general neurological condition than rage against a particular individual. This is why people who are angry will often hit an innocent object. So rage can start against someone (Obama) or something (the Democratic Party) and be transferred to someone else (Trump, Putin), or something (Russia).

So the rage is here. What caused it? They say: Trump, obviously. Yet it’s clear that Trump didn’t create the situation he found: the disastrous state of healthcare, the dearth of quality employment, unaffordable decent housing, unaffordable education, unsustainable trade balances, all-powerful finance, etc.

Reagan was the big change. Although Nixon was a crook, he was small time relative to Reagan and his admirers (among them Clinton, Obama)… Ever since the plutocrats have made ever more money and the poorest, the majority of the population, ever less relatively speaking…

The culpability of Obama is immense. Contemplate financial derivatives: even the Catholic Pope condemned them (I propose that all the practitioners of this dark conspiracy should be mass-excommunicated). Obama? Que nenni!

Naturally, “democrats” can’t admit to themselves that the colored skin hero took them for a ride, favoring, for eight years all-invading tech monopolies… so that they would employ him afterwards (one of the very most profitable monopolies under Obama, Netflix, is now employing the Obamas, under secret terms; somebody else, much less famous announced his contract with Netflix was 300 million dollars; so a billion dollar contract with the Obamas is imaginable; OK, 999 millions…)

Is then Trump another name for eight disastrous years of Obama? Actually, the disaster of increasing inequality, not to say iniquity evolved over 34 years.

The voices of the past say there is a solution to anti-Trump hatred: vote for the same old same old! That would certainly feel good, and moreover, solve nothing! Alleluia!

Here is an example: human rights for children, as defined by the United Nations. All countries subscribe to them, but for one country. The USA. When Obama and his gang had a supermajority, they could easily have joined the rest of humanity, and make it illegal to separate children from parents except in really extreme cases. They didn’t. They put children in cages, and… Trump did the same. Whose fault is that? The fake progressives who campaigned for Obama? (I campaigned heavily for Obama myself, giving years of life for him: zero return!)

The children in cages crap was clear for all to see in 2014. If the New York Times wants non-voters to bother voting,  the political parties, in particular the Democratic Party, need to own up to their own mistakes and stop blaming everyone else.

So now “democrats” and other pseudo-social justice types rightly scream against Trump separating kids and parents. But why didn’t they do something when they could? Why didn’t they strike these infamous US laws and practices, separating kids from parents, when they could?

More pertinently, where is the really progressive agenda? When Obama finished his mandate, inequality reached its highest level, ever. When Obama finished, getting ready to cash in, life expectancy in the USA took its most serious dip in a century. Any propositions to fix all these problems?

Instead, a new McCarthyism has been launched. With Russia accused of “interfering” in elections. As if the US had never “interfered” in elections anywhere? As if the USA didn’t have, for decades, the practice to interfere not just in elections, but with elected officials. Was the launch, by the USA and its CIA of the coup against legitimately elected President Allende of Chile, ever prosecuted in the USA?

The rage against Trump is often commendable. However, the truth is worse: the rage is secretly directed at Obama, Clinton, and other traitors to We The People. Trump is only the name that can be uttered. So don’t vote for the same old. Think anew!

The essence of what I wrote above was published as a comment of mine by the New York Times. Only one reader recommended it: thus they know they are all culprits, and would rather avert their eyes, and their minds…

Could the troubling anti-Trump, anti-Russian hysteria agitating the USA run out of control? If one uses a strict analogy to Rome, to the Roman Republic, at first sight, it sounds fishy. However, the Roman civil war started in a way similar to the present situation.

Let me explain: in my vision of history, the Roman civil war was on and off, from say 150 BCE until Augustus terminated Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, and the Populus, following the army, gave him absolute control (to terminate strife, and repair tranquility, justice, society and economy).

How did the Roman civil war start? With an argument between the People, allied to the army, politically led by the Gracchi (who renounced their Patrician status to be elected Tribunes of the People) against the Gracchi’s own  fellow elite (who came to call themselves the “Optimates“). The argument was the same as now: inequality profited the Optimates, while reducing the status of We The People below the tolerable… Exactly what is happening now.

Suddenly, what was a purely political Roman debate versed into mass murder: the plutocrats killed the Gracchi and their supporters (more than 5,000 of the latter).

This is why the hatred deployed against Trump and those who don’t join in the hatred against Trump is so troubling. It could switch to murder. Right now, we are at the stage where, ridiculously, Trump is accused by supposedly serious pundits, of treason.

Trump interviews from 30 years ago show roughly the same ideas & moods: his mental and volitional density was created, idiosyncratically, over many decades. He really believes in his positions. When barely 20 years old, he sued (successfully!) the US government for defamation… So calm down, and debate with civility. The many unsustainable characteristics of the USA, NATO, the West, the world, the biosphere, are not caused by Trump. They have been caused by the fact the USA was led by fake progressives and fake social justice politicians. Clinton actually destroyed the progress instituted by president Franklin Delano Roosevelt for controlling banks: an astounding insanity, not to say criminality. The result was the pandemonium of 2008, solved by Obama and the BCE by giving to the wealthiest exactly what they had lost, an even more crazed viciousness: social care for the wealthiest, let the rest of the population be despised and go starving, while the richest get subsidies for their luxury electric cars, the Obama way…

No wonder there is so much anger out there. Anger is good. But only when well-directed. The Germans’ anger against their own plutocracy, in particular, was redirected against the French, Slavs and Jews, with catastrophic results.

We know the solutions: the first one is to get rid of the idea of giving so much power to a few, literally the power of life and death on the planet, a power no oligarchs ever had before. That they are elected or not doesn’t matter: Frankish kings were elected for nearly a millennium, still those Frankish regimes were basically dictatorships, and what we have now is closer to those than to Direct Democracy. So dislike the principle of Trump as much as you want: it is the same principle which brought us Reagan, Clinton, W and Obama, all demonstrably disastrous presidencies… even by the standards of Nixon’s reign. Nixon, was one of the two principal actors of McCarthyism, the hateful paranoia against anything resembling socialism, or even, criticism, by identifying either to Stalinism. However, once president, when he was not organizing burglaries or Christmas bombings (to persuade the Vietminh of the error of their ways), Nixon was not as bad as what we had since. Nixon created the EPA, the HMO system, etc.  Of course, I detest Nixon, and think HMOs are no good (relative to other possibilities). However, Nixon didn’t dismantle the Banking Act of 1933, as Clinton did. And although cuddly to plutocrats like his friend Kaiser, Nixon was not only doing what plutocrats told him to do, as Obama did.

Thus those who frantically hate Trump should realize their hatred should not be directed just upon the latest dictator around: what came before is what needs to be fixed. Going shrill on what Trump may do (like pulling out of the Paris climate accord in 2021…) is not constructive in the perspective of achieving real progress. And are you driving an SUV? Are you flying around the planet for tourism? If you are, hate yourself (if you have no good reason to be driving an SUV, or flying around, like Obama and his enormous entourage). Hate Trump, yet remember he gave half a million dollars to the Clintons, a few years ago. Hate Trump, but remember you may be worse.

Those who can’t examine their own lives, can’t elect the ideas and moods which should lead us. They give us a life that’s not worth living. For an inkling of what that entails, just ask the Jihadist next door, who, after all, has to live in an Islamist society, driving her, or him, to the most abject despair!

Trump Derangement Syndrome brings allegations that Russia financed the Trumps: as I said, plutocracy is one, I fully expects this. However, time spent obsessing about Trumps instead of progressing towards social justice, or a better, or simply survivable world. Those obsessed by Trumps should have been obsessed by Obamas before, when the world was given to the monopolies which now pay them handsomely!

By vomiting on Trump all day long, those with Trump Derangement Syndrome deny that we have a plutocratic problem, much deeper than one individual. TDS is a drug, an opiate for the soul:’Look, I am good, I hate Trump!’ No, you should hate history first, get to know it.

History is subtle, and has to be revisited. Take Cicero. Take Cato the Younger. Both are viewed as beyond any suspicion, the second one of the heroes of Stoicism. I claim they contributed to bury the (Roman) Republic, and I claim that, to understand what they did wrong, should inform today’s debate on what afflicts us: to be continued…

Patrice Ayme



Note: As far as I know, I invented the concept of TDS. So many of my previously politically inert friends were severely affected, switching from total political indifference to Trump hatred. It was clearly a mania, like the Tulip Bulb mania, the South Sea Bubble, etc. The funny thing is that, a few years prior, when clearly Obama engaged in an outrageously oligarchic policy, they couldn’t care less…

Here is an early use of TDS:

Wikipedia observes that the late WSJ Krauthammer took it up six months later (maybe from one of my comments to the WSJ)


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30 Responses to “Is Trump Hatred Secretly Directed At Clinton-Obama?”

  1. SDM Says:

    Even a comedian pundit with a youtube show, Jimmy Dore, has been saying much the same- Trump Derangement Syndrome is keeping people from seeing what is in plain sight. Time for a new political party as the establishment Democrats helped cheat Sanders’ campaign from the nomination. As Dore says, establishment Dems would rather lose to a Republican than win with a progressive.

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    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Yes, we all agree. Even Dona Brazile, head of DNC, campaign director of Gore said Clinton cheated. I have long known media types in New York (one from the age of 13!) who embarked on the Clinton gravy train… And they totally hated me for supporting Sanders (whom I find way too conservative on a few points, BTW…) After that, they decided I was a Trumpist! … And all they do now is TDS, 24/7. They have no plans in life, but TDS. No progress imaginable, but bothering Trump (who relishes personal fighting).

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  2. G Max Says:

    You sure did invent TDS! Everyone uses it now! Even Trump!

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  3. Paul Handover Says:

    Your essay was the next one I read a few minutes after reading the latest TomDispatch article, a view of Pres. Trump’s real global intentions, by Michael Klare. Link here:

    Wondered what you and your other readers made of Klare’s proposition?


  4. nathandanielcurry Says:

    “This is a homeless tent –

    somewhere near Berkeley (that I snapped recently). Next to a freeway. It seemed fitting to post today – a day before Independence day. Tara Singh, friend and advisor to Indira Gandhi and Nehru and Eleonar Roosevelt – he predicted, in the 1990s, that there would be the emergence of shanty towns in the 1st world as a consequence of industrial society undermining the value of the human being by a deviation from virtue. Man has done that for centuries through institutionalized racism and slavery. It is a cycle that repeats wherever human beings reduce themselves to casualness and whenever reverence is lost. The only thing that can reverse such trends is culture and economies and communities that serve the human being. All of that is contingent on trust. Where there is trust and right values, our humanity is not reactionary and so man can be liberated of the insecure and prejudiced mind. This is something that cannot be taught but, in the right atmosphere, it can be imparted. It is intrinsic to the human being.”

    You speak a lot of sense Patrice – and you often also rant a lot about the evil of greed and complacency and ignorance – which is essentially “plutocracy” no? How do you end the reign of Pluto on Earth? How do you end the shanty towns in America or Brazil? Surely it demands undoing fear in man. And that is an individual journey – that can be supported by reverence and wise economics. But how to inculcate that in a culture?

    How do you make American politics free of Pluto? And totally devoted to sane humanism?

    I think that’s an individual choice – to live by insecurity and so foster Pluto’s curse or to end that in oneself.


  5. ianmillerblog Says:

    As a foreigner it is hard to tell, but my feeling is that while inequality has always been rife in the US, the plutocrats did not really weird much power up until Reagan, who I gather tended to let others form the ideas rather than he himself take charge. The tax cuts he gave made him popular, but at the price of debt, and somehow things degenerated from there.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Hi Ian! Yes, indeed! This is what my graph shows. Reagan was the turning point. Reagan was a puppet, it was blatant At the time, I thought the US would wake up. But no, it went from bad to worse. Clinton dared do what Nixon himself never contemplated… and Nixon was very very bad… All the indignation towards Trump should have been directed at Reagan. However the Plutos supported Reagan. They hate Trump, because he threatens to bring the house down… The house of Pluto, that is…


      • SDM Says:

        How does Trump threaten plutocracy? He has blithely supported tax cuts for the wealthiest, doubled the exemption for federal estate tax, failed so far to initiate a single payer health system (despite campaign promises of a better and cheaper system), no major infrastructure improvements have been started, etc. So are you alluding to his unmasking of the ugly side of US situation as a threat to plutocracy?


        • Gloucon X Says:

          I agree with SDM. Trump not anti-Pluto until he starts taxing them more rather than cutting their taxes (like Reagan). Cutting taxes on Plutos at this point in history is even worse than Reagan because the plutocracy trench is far deeper today than it was back then. See this article on FDR proposing Plutos pay taxes of 100% and eventually settling for 94%.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Trump took away some toys of the Plutos (like Obama version of the TPP). He is also trying to reel in their formidable overseas tax avoidance machinery… His lowering of tax rates on the 1% is not necessarily what it looks. Last year, France fined Google one billion Euros for unpaid taxes (in Britain, it’s just a tenth of that). Google went to court and the ECJ threw out the French fine. Now the EC itself fined Google 5 billion Euros. Also the EC wants Apple to be charged more than 14 billion Euros by Ireland Apple tax avoidance is both a US and EU problem).

            There are big numbers out there. Obama and his Euro accomplices went on a witch hunt (FACA, FBAR) against international upper middle class people, while advantaging all sorts of schemes of the hyper wealthy (some clearly unlawful). The result has been to advantage, paradoxically, Trump class of Plutos. But the others are laying low, while Trump is screaming that the small guys were had. One has to wake up the small guys, Trump is doing that. Torpor is the greatest enemy of the Republic. See the latter Rome, once again….


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Clinton-Obama was a mask on all things. At least Trump is dragging out the ugly. I am familiar with the situation in France, where the animal spirits are strangled, chronically, by regulations (some extravagant). Same happened in Rome/Constantinople… with ultimately lethal effects.

          Trump passed infrastructure-friendly laws (winter 2018). Good. But we have to wait. Then the Democrat controlled CALIFORNIA (great enemy of Trump, Clinton was 4 million votes ahead there), passed a similar law, SB 35 (or a similar label). Why? Because they didn’t want to look business inimical. Now there are implementation of that Trumpian law, Democrat passed, and it’s leading to judicial fighting (local NIMBYs fight to death to prevent the construction of high rise for the needy…) Trump is already a TRILLION dollar over budget balance, so he can only act legislatively on infrastructure…

          I am not saying all decisions of Trump are cuddly. Some are grotesque, but, as Benign pointed out, bones for the gullible, or smoothing treats for his supporters… Symbolic gestures, like forcing to spend on coal OR nuclear (nuclear is needed, coal going nowhere in the US, but overseas, because of cost, lawsuits…)


  6. Benign Says:

    Peter Turchin is a Soviet-raised American evolutionary anthropologist who proposes that at the bloated peaks of inequality of empires there is “elite overproduction” and “intra-elite conflict” as the billionaires all struggle to impose their will on the republic. See We are headed for more turbulence. Very interesting quantitative theory of history.

    Americans voted for change in 2008 and got a sleazy CIA-trained Manchurian Candidate. They voted for change in 2016 and got a Jacksonian democrat whose underlying agenda is monetary reform and unseating of what Cynthia McKinney calls “the Ziocons” who have dictated American foreign policy.

    Will it trickle down to the people? It will if Trump-Putin-Xi avoid stupid wars and rebuild infrastructure instead. Trump has railled against the “four trillion dollars” that W wasted in Iraq. But Trump had to placate his traditional Republican supporters with tax cuts on the rich. My understanding is that there were also meaningful tax cuts on small businesses too, however. See .

    TDS is the culmination of the Left’s identity politics that the Dem’s used to buy votes. Trump represents the only minority group in America that it is politically correct to mock: lower class whites. But America is still >70% white, and this strategy could easily backfire.

    cheers, enjoy the new Gilded Age,



    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Plutocrats fighting each other is exactly what happened in Rome as the Republic went down the drain…. Thanks for the reference will look it up… Right now the US economy is roaring… Strange and thus Trumpian, as the economy was supposed to be at the end of an expansion cycle… And the rest of the world tends to down-cycle… At least so I read…


    • G Max Says:

      Sleazy CIA trained Manchurian candidate Obama, I love that!


  7. Gloucon X Says:

    “They voted for change in 2016 and got a Jacksonian democrat whose underlying agenda is monetary reform and unseating of what Cynthia McKinney calls “the Ziocons” who have dictated American foreign policy.”

    There is zero data to back the claim that the people who voted for Trump did so out of opposition to Ziocon wars. The places that voted for Trump were the same places that voted for Ziocons Bush, McCain, and Romney. And you did a good job of cherrypicking away Trump’s boldly pro-Ziocon warmonger moves of increasing defense spending, tearing up the Iran treaty, and moving the Israeli embassy. You also left out the fact that Trump’s best demographic was white evangelical Christians who favorite pastime is wishing for their biblical-inspired apocalypse via war in the Middle East. If the economy goes south don’t be surprised if Trump finds it necessary to bomb Iran to hold on to that crazed base.


  8. Gloucon X Says:

    Trump’s Tax Cut Hasn’t Done Anything for Workers.

    Mass immiseration of workers continues.


  9. Benign Says:

    Gloucon, it would be a cheap shot to call your response TDS, as I agree that plutocratization continues, as stated, with the implied immiseration of workers, marginally relieved by what small business people tell me is some actual relief.

    On Jerusalem, i view the embassy move as a bone thrown to the Ziocons while (one hopes) finally stabilizing Syria, which HRC would have already bombed into oblivion if elected. So in substance I do not find that T has made “boldly pro-Ziocon moves,” but he has *appear* like he has. The power of this lobby is immense.

    I fully expect the economy to collapse because the empire is collapsing. Based on his actions, T will *not* start a war with Iran, as he did *not* start a war with NK *nor* in Syria (where Russian-American military cooperation was key in eradicating ISIS)–but fall for the red herrings if you must. Try to see beyond your TDS.

    And the left pushes Russia hysteria to try get a war with that old bogie man. So lame.

    There is talk of major reform of the Fed, which would be amazing, as the Fed has served the banker-capitalist class for 100 years without even being audited. The looting of America by the elites has been largely facilitated by the Fed in the last ten years. Even today, the Fed is paying >$30 billion a year “interest on excess reserves” to the big banks at taxpayer expense that is pure welfare.

    Could war erupt in the next five years or so, which Martin Armstrong, Charles Nenner and others have pegged as the period with the most war risk in centuries, as the empire collapses. I do not know anyone but politicians who wants war.

    You illustrate very well, Gloucon, how the left’s stale old identity politics still work quite well. Obama worsened inequality. Trump is trying to break the structures that enabled rampant inequality, and stay out of war, and I can get behind that. But I also gave money to Bernie. Now the #GoogleGestapo is suppressing progressives of all stripes….

    We see what happens in the next crisis, in the collapse, when America is bound to reinvent itself, according to “Fourth Turning” theory.




    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      On Israel, there was a change of tone in the NYT which really surprised me. This week. I have an essay coming on that. It’s true Trump is good at throwing bones right and left, and when they knock out the one they were thrown at, even better.
      The embassy thing was decided 40 years ago or so, T just implemented it. It’s a poisoned gift as it encourages the Zionists to move boldly ahead, and thus forces Israel to do more of what it is supposed to do: be our ME watchdog…


  10. Benign Says:

    Last comment:

    “Is Trump Hatred Secretly Directed At Clinton-Obama?”

    Yes, reminds me of a story I heard from a Christian minister once who said that when a pastor cheats on his wife with a member of the congregation, the congregation will reject the next three pastors to vent their anger.

    We voted for change and were screwed, twice if you count W’s “compassionate conservatism” that fooled some people.

    See the graph at


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Good points, Benign. BTW, people rejected Gore, and opted (barely) for W, maybe because Gore, once the great white hope (when he was Senator) had turned a disappointing toothless poodle under Clinton/Rubin/Goldman Sachs…. Gore had made a huge noise against CO2 early in his VP functions, but all what people saw, is him travelling in style in Rio. Then of course Clinton destroyed the 1933 Banking Act, which brought directly the 2008 crisis (nobody in the official media talked about it, but I think We The People was diffusely aware of it, say as the perception of the formidable influence of finance…)


  11. Gloucon X Says:

    “Trump is trying to break the structures that enabled rampant inequality”

    …by eliminating the inheritance tax on billionaires…oh my, what kind of derangement syndrome allows for that kind of delusional thinking?


  12. Benign Says:

    Final final comment: Trump was outsider candidate who beat both political parties, choosing to run as a Republican because Hillary was unelectable except by graft, which was allegedly stopped. So I also despise the traditional regressive tax policies he had to support to get elected. But you all aren’t listening carefully….

    Trump is trying to take down the people who own the Fed, allegedly the Rosthschilds et al,, and who manipulate the world’s economies through the central banks. That’s the Jacksonian element.

    Let’s see if Trump can neuter the Fed, which in my view would be a major accomplishment. It has been promised through the Q boards, and will be as unlikely as Trump’s election, but he is allegedly backed by the military in this effort.


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