France Versus Dollar Justice


In Brief: The attack of Manhattan “Justice” against French bank BNP is reminiscent of the sanctions of the USA against France in 1939… because France had declared war to Hitler. With “Justice” like that, no wonder Putin does “Justice” himself. Morality: If there is no Justice, but Wall Street Justice, it’s time to strike back at the empire.


The world is complex, so is human society, history, and explanations thereof. The Wall Street Journal condemned, once again, stridently, the sale of French Mistral ships to Russia. It forgot to mention that the USA has several times greater business with the Russian military-industrial complex. That’s propaganda, for you.

I sent a comment tying the sale of the Mistral up with the extravagant attack of Manhattan “justice” against the French bank BNP. It was censored immediately. As the sheep say, there are no conspiracies, just, stuff happens.

If Around The USA Beware About Who Is Lurking In Your Hotel Room

If Around The USA Beware About Who Is Lurking In Your Hotel Room

Thomas Piketty, a young French economy professor, made a devastating attack against the Wall Street plutocratic system in his book, “Capital in the 21 C”. The goons in Manhattan reply with calling for an 11 billion dollar fine to bankrupt BNP, just because they can (BNP violated no European or French laws, just the hatred the government of  the USA has for Iran and Cuba).

It’s time to arrest the respect those goons get. They are not any better than the clowns around Putin. I will actually that they are worse, since, as Putin himself would point out, they are more subtle. (Meanwhile Piketty ought to be careful when visiting the USA)

The presidency of Barack Obama has been characterized by a lack of punishment of the bankers that had organized the heist of 2008. How could Obama do anything? Supposed liberals such as Krugman have just been clamoring for more money for the banks: that’s how the left is defined in the USA. The rest of the USA, or at least, the USA’s Main Stream Media, is on the right of that. Giving money, ever more money, trillions of dollars in monetary base or bond buying (= Quantitative Easing, Twist), in the USA, defines the “left”.

Obama has been cracking on bankers, but only Swiss bankers. Switzerland’s banks destruction became a golden opportunity for the banks of the USA, which can now manage thousands, not to say hundreds of thousands, of new clients.

The USA is against tax havens: that’s the law. Overseas tax havens, that is. Slight problem: the USA is, by far, the world’s largest tax haven.  Delaware is, by itself, the world’s largest tax haven state, as USA Den Of Thieves pointed out. The USA legislative system is an enormous tax haven for the hyper rich.

So why so upset that BNP conducted some transaction overseas between overseas clients, using the world’s reserve currency? That’s just a pretext. BNP is one of the two largest European banks. It’s also one of the two largest banks in Europe, and one of the top five dollar clearing banks, worldwide. As the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, gigantic reserves of dollars are overseas, never to transact through regions directly controlled by the USA.

BNP had business in Iran for generations. But that’s the point. When the USA applied sanctions on Iran, it forced the rest of NATO to do the same. That devastated French industry. In particular the car maker Peugeot, the second car maker in Europe at the time. It devastated no American industry.

However, what is the difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia? Women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia. Yet, they can in Iran. Clearly a crime, in Washington’s eyes, if it’s done in a Peugeot. So Washington struck Iran, and thus Peugeot, with sanctions.

American economists such as Paul Krugman, hopefully lying through their teeth (the alternative, that they are really believing what they are saying, being worse), have claimed that the fact that the dollar is the world’s reserve currency presented no economic advantage to the USA.

Why this will to destroy France? Because, if France is on her knees, so is Europe: the European Union, re-instatement of the Imperium Francorum, is mostly a French multiplier, and is built around the principle of 1789, the FRENCH Republican Constitution of 1789 (Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité), not the Constitution of the USA of 1789 (We The People of the USA, whatever that is, friendly to all sorts of discrimination, extermination, exploitation and slavery).

OK, I am exaggerating a bit. The master does not want to destroy the slave. The Master just want the slave to abide by His law. The law of the strongest. Cyrus Vance, a francophobe in Manahattan, is the strongest. His Law is the best. Vance knows well that, this French spirit of 1789 is counter-attacking. He needs to fight back.

So he caged DSK, head of the IMF, who had the impertinence of raising hundreds of BILLIONs dollars of SDR. A word on this here, as it goes to the ugly heart of the USA centered global plutocracy.

Under Strauss-Kahn, a senior, famous economy professor, the IMF’s pursuit of financial stability called for a new world currency to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. An IMF report from January 2011 called for a stronger role for special drawing rights (SDR), to stabilize the international monetary system. For most countries, there would be many serious advantages in switching the pricing of certain assets, such as oil and gold, from dollars to SDRs. The BNP affair is a case in point.

For Manhattan “Justice” gangsters, the call for SDRs was a call for the end of Manhattan, New York, Wall Street.

DSK had followed Keynes’ idea (Krugman is anti-Keynes about this, unsurprisingly). To foil Keynes, the head of the financial commission at Bretton Woods, the American goons substituted false documents at the last minute. This forgery is how the dollar became the world’s reserve currency.

And how Wall Street has now a weapon to destroy European banking.

Symbolically, only one man was criminally prosecuted for the 2008 financial heist. A lower employee of Goldman Sachs. A French citizen, of course. Tragedy is emphasized by comedy, to make it more blatant, that, whatever it is, it’s the fault of the French.

My advice? It was important to go all-out to blunt Putin’s Pluto grab. But one should remember one ought to crush infamy (“Écrasez l’Infâme”; Voltaire signed it: Ecr. L’Inf.)

This, this BNP affair, is even worse than Putin. In a way, it is the sort of mood and chronic conspiracy, that caused Putin to act the way he did.

The old Putin, say of 20 years ago, just as the old Yeltsin, was naïve: he really believed the free market propaganda oozing from Harvard, and other austere American institutions. Then Vlad found out how the sausage was made. He decided to make his own. (Hitler went down that road too, sort of.)

The Russian plutocracy, around Putin, is just a subset of the global plutocracy that individuals gravitating around Wall Street feel, and think that they direct and control.

Thus, it is even more important to smash the power grab of the USA’s plutocracy. Putin made an error, a grave error. He has to reverse it. However the system of exponentiating greed around Wall Street has been messing with the world, big time, for EXACTLY a century. (As I have explained, the White House excited the Kaiser to go to war against France in 1914, and then proceeded to make a fortune, feeding and arming the Kaiser.)

When I wrote “Mistral Blows Hard”, I argued that it was smarter to give Putin his amphibious, French made, aircraft carriers. Now, I would argue, it’s a necessity.

Be it only so that Putin can land his “little green men” in Manhattan, and go arrest the criminals there who call themselves proponents of “Justice”. When extirpating cancer, one has to exterminate its stem cells. This important, recent discovery in oncology has a morality of its own, that carries far, and wide.

Truth ought to look better than any of us. And that’s:

Ecr. L’Inf.

Patrice Aymé

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10 Responses to “France Versus Dollar Justice”

  1. Paul Handover Says:

    If I could find a way of copying a web link to here using this tablet, then you could easily read the latest essay from Paul Gilding “The Global Energy Market’s Moment of Truth.

    It underlines the power of markets and, in a very real sense, the truth they convey.


  2. gmax Says:

    Tough, but deserved! The fact that the headquarters of Plutocracy (“Atlas”) unchained is in the USA, is not in doubt. The nastiness of punishing France for having sn independent policy with Russia is laughable


  3. Dominique Deux Says:

    The much vaunted independence of US justice would seem to be capped by the prosecutors’ own dependency on any number of political masters – hopefully We, the People (through the ballot) and realistically the sources of funding for political campaigns. Which we know only too well. Mr Vance was a case in point.

    As the incestuous fvckfest between Big Money and all branches of the US Government is not about to be curbed anytime soon, the only long term solution for non-US operators throughout the world is to steer well clear from the US justice claim to universal jurisdiction – which is easier said than done, since the US are “where it all happens” on the financial front. And attempts to bypass the dollar have proven hazardous, see Mr. Vance again. Not to mention a noose in Baghdad.

    It is neat, and it works; BNP has already made it known that, rather than face being barred from the US market, it would pay the fine. No doubt requesting financial help from the French Govt – despite the fact that its shareholder structure is not especially French, only its headquarters are.

    Public opinion in France is smarting from the slap the country got from the US. But already some are wondering whether refocusing BNP’s activities towards Europe and the real economy, as painful as it would be for its shareholders, would not be a good idea after all. Of course this might require some spine in Paris and Brussels.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Agreed 100% to all, Dominique. This is a complete charade: other banks doing just the same, but Anglo-American, had no fine, or small fines to pay. Considering the hatred (the word is not too big) in higher circles in the USA against (the viewed as uncooperative) France, it’s time to focus on fortress Europe.

      Europe is big enough, and performing enough (as Krugman himself recognized recently, even about …France, see my essay on that a few weeks ago), to bark orders at the USA plutocracy. The right thing to do is to tell American justice of the noose and the dollar: fvck off. You want to bar BNP from the USA? Go right ahead. We will reciprocate in kind. It’s not difficult to find all USA corporations directly responsible of violating European law.
      … Whereas the fact that BNP is supposed to conduct war against Cuba is not, last I checked, part of USA law.

      I have a few more details in a coming essay on D Day racket, or why the USA fvcked Europe in 1939-1940, and disembarked 4 years too late, giving a few more data points on the BNP racketeering. If you have more, please show or link them here.

      Not easy to post, because I am in the high Sierra, and, supposing that barely existing Internet connection I have works a few more hours, after that I will have to put the bears in charge of communications. At least they eat people less than Manhattan based plutocratic, and plutophile criminals of the would-be “justicier” type (amusingly, and tellingly, the word “justicier” does not translate into Americanese: the concept of the over-the-top, vested interest pseudo lawman, ubiquitous enough to deserve a name, simply does not exist in the USA, where the locally elected by the biggest rancher shootist is endowed with the power and aura of Justice, ever since there were Indians, and they were best, dead).


      • Dominique Deux Says:

        Let me take advantage of your leave of absence to go off topic: you wrote

        “the concept of the over-the-top, vested interest pseudo lawman, ubiquitous enough to deserve a name, simply does not exist in the USA”

        I beg to differ: such a concept very much exists!

        It is at the heart of an uniquely American subculture, that of the so-called “superhero”, now enjoying a huge boom across cinematic audiences.

        That boom nicely illustrates a collective, subconscious yearning for prompt, iron-fisted justice; and the establishment’s response, which is to vicariously satisfy that need through blockbusters that go “ka-boom”, while firmly imparting the news that this is not meant to happen in real life, because real men do not wear leotards. Making money from it, too.

        (a parallel approach is that of feel-good pseudo-historical movies like “Django Unchained”, whose appeal lies in the extremely satisfying justice meted out to the villains in the end. But this theme of iron-fisted justice never ever appears in contemporary scripts; God forbids that crowds should gather to cheer onscreen mass hangings or “nucular” obliteration of Wall Street parasites!)

        However you have a point in the absence of a generic job designation for that kind of “super-justicier”. Hence the need to designate them with ludicrous animal or chamanic attributes.

        However there IS a word which crops up (from time to time): not “justicier” to be sure (too French), not “vigilante” (too Latin) but “Avenger”. Thus also nicely illustrating the widespread confusion between justice and revenge which pervades the whole US judiciary system (as depicted by its media anyway).

        OK, hope you escaped the bears.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          No bears so far, but I’m going incommunicado in minutes.
          I agree with what you say. What I meant is that “justicier” has a pejorative meaning in France, not in the USA, as you, precisely, point out.

          Speaking of out, I have some of my fiel out about D Day… Some, as usual, who know only official history, will tell me I’m not factual. What they would mean, is that they are…incomplete. I know the official history as well as anyone, and simply, being incomplete, it builds up the wrong, definitively erroneous, mood.

          OK, to the bears and lions! Realite’ Cherie!


        • Kevin Berger Says:

          Aaand, a nice new comment derailing…

          – From the Figaro (sorry, DD) :

          – An article, about France, as seen from mainstream super-heros comics :

          – And, just for fun, a peek into a spin-off from a mainstream 90’s horror comics book, with a professionally well-recognized writer allowing himself some liberties with a French villain… classy :

          My apologies for the dumbing down of this otherwise remarkable blog.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Kevin: Thanks for the refined compliment. However I think that sometimes it is wise not to hesitate to dumb down. The best to handle the Nazis would have been to use extremely dumb arguments against them… Because they were ready against the smart ones.

            In particular, Hannah Arendt accused the “Jewish Councils” to have collaborated with Hitler. That was correct. But their deep motivation is that they thought they could outsmart the Nazis, and this, the Nazis had anticipated. Also the French secret services tried to expose the Warburgs (American Jews who were also Nazis, some of them at least, including preparing Zyklon B and serving in Hitler’s government). The idea being that the American-Jewish-Nazi connection would then become clear, undermining Nazi ideology. That was all too sophisticated by a long shot.

            The best strategy then was to anticipate the dumbest thing. For example if it looks like extortion, it probably is (Manhattan Justice). And if it looks like an invasion, it probably is (Putin). Similarly, to stop the latter, he should be told the dumbest thing. Namely that, should he keep on trying to control Europe by military force, he would be confronted with the dumbest bestiality in turn.

            Hitler was persuaded France and Britain were too weak, being democracies, to declare war. Instead he would attack them when he wanted in… 1944/45… When the new weapons would have been mass produced. To foam at the mouth, insult him and scream in his face, the way he did it, would have been the only way to stop him (his generals would have killed him). Same with Putin (who complained on TV that he got that treatment… but then got much quieter…)


  4. DSK, Hillary, & Spiritually Corrupt Justice | Patrice Ayme's Thoughts Says:

    […] Carlton is a luxury hotel in Northern France where Dominique Strauss-Kahn (“DSK”), ex-head of the International Monetary Fund, was suspected by French “judges” to have organized an international prostitution ring. How likely did that sound? Not too much: no government prosecutor could be found to prosecute DSK about this. But the judges persisted in their search for judgment of whom Manhattan (aka Wall Street) found right to jail. Perhaps the honorable French judges hoped to qualify as honorary Wall Street Very Important Persons, or something equally worthy, in this plutocratic world. Wall Street inspired “justice” has been relentless to find that whoever looks like strong competition is in breach of the law of the USA. […]


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